Day 28: Any record I want.

Sleep Bellum Sonno - Judge Us by How we Lived our Lives not by How we Made our Living. 🐳⚓️

I’ve done a lot of amazing things in my life that without this band, without these people never would have been possible. The walls in my room along with the walls of my heart would be a lot more bare if I didn’t choose to be a part of this group. We are only as good as our intentions, and we intend to have many exciting things to share with you all regarding new music sooner then later. Time is the great regulator, and time hasn’t exactly been kind to us on a personal level this past year, so I appreciate everyone’s patience with us and our inactivity these past months. As for Jeff and Adam, you guys know that I love you, just figured it wouldn’t hurt for a little reminder. 💙

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I can’t even really tell how much fun I had tonight. Thank you to @kakeleigh @freely_disconnected @iammatthewreid @brdly @ryansadis @jzubkovs @hannahsingleton @nicolejanelle 😘 @tanner_merritt @johnnydang and all the @obrothermusic dudes. Seriously. Thank you. Not pictured @danacama. She smells. #sleepbellum #music

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