DIY Lavender Sleep Balm

Free People writes:

It was 3 AM and my mind had just recalled an important task for the following day. I tossed and turned, trying to find the restful sleep I had been jolted from, but it was useless: my mind now raced with to-dos, lists and errands that had to be done. While sleep hasn’t been eluding me as much over the past few months, this habit of worrying over little things right before bed — and in the middle of the night — is one I’ve never been able to break.

The next day, determined to get a good night’s sleep I whipped up this lavender-infused sleep balm. Quick and easy to make, adding a small dab to my wrists and temples is the perfect before-bed ritual to help ease my mind and quiet my frenetic thoughts. Keep a pot of it by your bed to have on hand for 3 AM wake-ups, or anytime you crave some calm in your life:

Find the recipe here.

Ashbees Natural Beauty Products: Review

Full Article available here

Because of my tarot reader activity, I had the chance to make the encounter of Ashley ( @ashbeees )vand her little store Ashbees. First of, I had a crush for this name, it’s lovely isn’t it? Then I looked a bit deeper into her products and they really seemed appealing to me! And so, I offered her a partnership: she sent me some samples for me to try, in exchange of a honest review here. Which I am about to do :)

I had the chance to get two of her products: a salve and a lip balm, that I received by snailmail well protected in a safe envelope.

The first thing I noticed was the care Ashley had put in the packaging and the containers. The products are placed into small round containers, perfectly clean and neat, with a little sticker on it with her shop name. I really loved how serious the work has been done here!

The general aspect of the products was great too, homogeneous, and without any imperfection. The containers were also completely full of products (which can sometimes be a problem, when you expect a certain quantity and end up with half of it).

Now let’s move to the products themselves (and you can see on the picture bellow that I am happily using them!):

  • The first one is the Orange lip balm (in the smallest container): the smell is amazing, real orange on your lips. The balm is not too liquid and you need to warm it up a bit to be able to apply it. When you put it on your lips, the sensation is really nice and soft. It was just hard not to lick my own lips because it smelled so good. I am a big fan of lip balms, my lips are so often dried,and just by using this one a few days I could already feel a difference! It was really incredible. Definitely a product I love here!
  • Second one is a Sleep Aid Salve. Just so you know, I  have a troubled sleep for years now, and I am looking for any natural way to make it better. So when I saw this Salve, I was immediately interested! The Salve came in quite a large container, a bit more liquid than the balm, but still easy to use and apply. And the smells!! Fantastic! Lavender and other herbs perfectly mixed together. I just regret there was not a full list of ingredients.
    I started by applying the salve right before going to bed, on my wrists, chest and nostrils. For the first nights, I did not notice a difference. Then, on the third night I think, even if I still woke up in the middle of the night and then went back at sleep to wake up at 6, at least, my sleep was peaceful, no nightmares! And two nights after, I had the surprise to sleep a complete night! From 11 PM to 6:30 AM the next day. I know it’s still early, but for me it was a huge progress! Then again, the night after, I was able to go back to sleep after waking up at 6. And it has been the same today. Something I was not able to do before!
    So even if it’s on the little things, I can really see a difference on my sleep quality… and so on the quality of my day after that! I will definitely use this product til the very end of it and keep recording my progresses!
    The only problem with this one is that the smells vanish fast, in a few minutes (this is why I apply it right before sleep and at the entrance of my nostrils, and it works very well like that).

Overall, I would give a 8/10 to Ashbees, because her products are definitely quality ones, her packaging was really nice. There were just some information missing that I would have liked to see: the detailed ingredients, an expiration date.

If you look for cheap (because they are REALLY cheap) but good quality products that are also natural and handmade, why not give a try to Ashbees’s ones? It is really worth the try!

I will continue looking for more natural products stores around for sure! Is there any you go to? Let me know!


* Disclaimer: these products have been sent to me in exchange to a honest review, which is exactly what I did. If you are interested in a partnership, send me a message at:*

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150505 T.O.P replies to fans on Instagram 
Fan : Oppa, don’t you have a mind to take a proper selfie? kkkk
TOP : I don’t.
Fan : Sleep after putting lip balm on your lips…
TOP : What is lip balm? 
(source and trans: ShrimpLJY)

Moon in Pisces Masterpost (because I fucked up)

This is a PSA. The Full Moon tonight is in Pisces, not Aries as I previously posted! Instead of taking that post down or editing it, I’m just going to leave it since it IS a good reference for when the moon IS in Aries, but here’s some good Moon in Pisces witchery to make up for it. 

General Info

Anti-Anxiety Spell Bundle**

Kitchen Witch Ingredients for Health and Healing

Kitchen Witch Ingredients for Divination

Healing Crystals**

Herbs for Divination**


Psychic Oil

Divination Oil**

Peace Oil

Water Oil

Healing Oil**

Accepting One’s Identity Oil

Peace and Protection Oil

Inner Peace Oil

Good Luck Mystic Oil

Visions Oil

Dream Oil

Pisces Oil


Vision Incense

Sight Incense

Psychic Incense

Pisces Incense

Water Incense

Brews, Tinctures, Powders

Isis Healing Brew

Stag’s Healing Powder**

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Tincture

Bring Me Balance Honey Potion**

Enchanted Sleep Balm**

Sleep Brew

Third Eye Tincture

Clairvoyance Brew

Psychic Tea

Good Vibes Brew**

Peace Water**

Depression Tea**

Spells, Rituals

Simple Calming Room Spell**

Anti-Anxiety/Calming Spell

Basic Sleep Spell**

Simple Calming Spell**

The Devil Tarot Spell

Candle Ritual for Understanding

Spell for Chilling Out**

Tarot Spell for Self Initiation

Brigid’s Healing Spell

Sachets, Charms, Spell Jars

Anti-Anxiety Pouch**

Jar for Reoccurring Nightmares**

Sweet Dreams Sachet**

Anti-Anxiety Spell Charm**

Peace and Protection Bottle

Jar of Cuddles**

Two-for-One Moon Wish Jar**

Restful Sleep Charm Bag**

Tarot Spreads

“I Can’t Fucking Sleep” Tarot Spread**

Pisces Archetype Spread**


Lushcraft: Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil

Luschraft: Moon in Pisces Divination Bath

Lushcraft: Guardian of the Forest Divination Bath


A Little Bit Of Lovely

I’m really proud of my new labels. It’s taken a few tries but I think I’ve finally found a design that I’m proud of that suits the style and product of Lovely.

Right now I’m in stall prep mode. I’ve got another stall at Flinders Street Market in Adelaide this Saturday. So I’m cutting labels, gluing, making up extra batches of soap, etc. I’m most proud of my new aromatherapy products! It’s been super fun to learn about all the different essential oils and how they work. I’ve got two new balms - ‘Sleep Tight’ and ‘Clear Thinking’. You can probably work out what they do from the name! I’ve also made some ‘Shower Fizzies’ which you place on the floor of your shower - the heat from the shower releases the oils - so we’ve got some for waking you up in the morning, some for helping you get to sleep at night, and one just to make you feel chill. I’ve been using the ‘calm’ fizzie before I go to sleep and it’s actually working wonders.

I haven’t got a lot up in the shop yet - I’m still trying to get good shots (not as easy as it seems!) but there are still products there if you want to check them out! I have two stores now, because I’m awesome like that:

And I hope that I’m going to be at some more markets soon too! Thanks for all your positive feedback and support guys - it means a lot to me. Lovely has been an amazing outlet for my MH and every time someone buys something it makes you feel amazing! P.S. I’ve got some great DIYs coming at ya next week, keep your eyes peeled!

Emma xxoo


Let’s get real about natural ingredients that really work.

Earth to beauty: The latest skin care innovations are here and they draw their power from nature. Reap the benefits of groundbreaking ingredients that are handpicked, air-dried, and cold-pressed to unlock exceptional potency and deliver maximum results. Read on to get to the root of nature’s high-performance ingredients.  JACKIE KROPP 

External image


Extracted only 24 hours after harvesting, this patented compound is packed with cichoric acid to boost skin’s tone and promote elasticity for a firmer look.

Farmacy Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm

Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist & Setting Spray

External image


Known for its antibacterial properties, the blue tansy blossom is steam distilled to produce a rich blue oil that calms irritated skin and minimizes the look pores.

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

External image


Revered for its healing properties by ancient samurai, this incredibly potent strain of indigo is grown on a family farm along the rich banks of Yoshino River to enhance its anti-inflammatory properties.

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder

External image


Known as the “black Diamond of Asia,” bamboo charcoal is injected with steam to create thousands of air pockets that draw out dirt, oil, and impurities. When combined with white charcoal or Binchōtan, skin is left clean, clear, and balanced.

boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-Off Treatment

boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment 

External image


Long prized for its beauty and skin-nurturing properties, this varietal is hand-harvested as part of a 200-year-old festival in Turkey and contains essential nutrients to boost skin’s natural luminosity.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

Fresh Rose Face Mask

External image


Evolved over millions of years to handle the ocean’s toughest conditions, sea algae is air-dried to preserve high levels of skin-loving minerals that condition, hydrate, and replenish for a younger-looking complexion.

tarte Rainforest of the Sea™ Drink Of H2O Hydrating Boost

tarte Rainforest of the Sea™ Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

External image


A key compound that protects grapes and grape vines from the elements, the antioxidant resveratrol defends against fine lines and wrinkles to promote a youthful appearance.

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Eye Lifting Balm

Caudalie Beauty Elixir


Land Of Nod Shower Cocktail (Twilight Shower Gel + Sleepy Body Cream + Mr Sandman Dusting Powder + Dreamtime Temple Balm)

Oh ho ho ho. That’s right, dickheads. Cocktails are growing up. Not just for bath combinations anymore, I’ve invented what maaaaay be the very first LUSH SHOWER COCKTAIL. 

I mean. It’s a combination of Lush things that compliment each other. In the shower. People do that all the time.

But whereas a shampoo and conditioner combo is akin to a rum and coke, this is a goddamn masterpiece of showertime mixology.

See, I have trouble falling asleep at night. It’s tricky, y’know? I just lay there, staring at the ceiling, and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get over how fucking brilliant I am.

So I designed this set of products to help you get a good night’s sleep. Some of them are standard issue. Others are… more exclusive. You’ll see.

Not sold yet? I also use some of the brand new Christmas range for 2016.

Get. Fucking. Hyped.


Let’s get this out of the way.


I have a big full-sized bottle of this.

In fact… I have two.

Try not to freak out. 

See, very few of you will remember this, but waaaaay back in the earlier days of this blog, someone asked me about Twilight Shower Gel. Being the total professional expert I am, I admitted I had no idea what Twilight was. (fortunately some of you nerds were more helpful).

But I was intrigued. It looked pretty. Real pretty. Sparkly and nice purple colour, like if David Tennant from Jessica Jones took a long steamy purple piss.

So when I was given the Relax gift set (lol, as if I ever fucking stop relaxing, I’m the laziest person I know, and that’s made even worse by the fact that I’m too lazy to meet new people) I was delighted to find a small bottle included!

But it’s teeny. Like David Tennant in Jessica Jones’ teeny tiny dicklet. The character, that is, and his fragile masculinity. Not David Tennant. He has a massive sonic screwdriver down there. Uses Timelord technology in his paaaaaants

Ahem. Anyway.

The full gift costs £20. It’s a decent deal, but the other stuff in there is very ordinary. French Kiss, Butterball… it’s just a wee bit nice. A tiny bit vanilla. Sorry.

So that’s where the Kitchen comes in. You know, that Lush thing that sends out exclusive fresh products, often rare things, yada yada yada, we all have to pay more shipping and pretend we’re buying drugs on the dark net. You know the one.

They have Twilight in there every now and then. The shower gel, not the bath bomb with the same smell, I know it’s the same smell, BUT IT IS NOT THE SAME, OKAY???

So I bought a few bottles. Usually I only get one of anything, to leave more for others (I am a saint), but hey, Twilight Shower Gel is Twilight fucking Shower Gel.

And it. Is. Glorious.

Lavender. Tonka vanilla (hey, I like some vanilla). But what sets it apart is this maltiness that covers the whole thing. I swear to god it makes my mouth water faster than when I accidentally stumble across porn on Tumblr (accidentallyyyyyy). And the smell stays on you for ages, which is a major win, especially when it’s such a lovely scent.

Ugh. And then there’s the glitter. Don’t even get me started. I love me some shinies.

Sparkle motion, motherfuckers.


Oh? What’s that you ask? Is it time for the Christmas stuff yet?


Jacka-Clause is coming to town, baby. And I’ll be sliding down those chimneys extra smoothly this year, thanks to this nifty body lotion.

I’m not usually a fan of body lotion. I don’t have particularly dry skin, and it all seems a bit like a chore. You lube up your entire body, then end up wiggling around in bed like a worm covered in butter. It gets very sticky and moist. And if the sticky part of that sounded sexy, I sincerely hope the moist part of that description deflated your hard-ons faster than Donald Trump’s campaign can ‘whip out that Mexican thing’.

You know, the more I look at Mike Pence, the more he looks like the nasty sergeant in a sci-fi film who doesn’t listen to reason and then is the first victim of the alien attack.

Except instead of not listening to an earnest and scrappy group of protagonists, he chooses not to listen to women. Any women. At all. Or LGBTQ people. Man, fuck Mike Pence. But not if you’re a guy, he’ll write a bill to punish you or anyone like you.

I digress.

Sleepy is pretty inoffensive. Usual stuff in there - cocoa butter, etc. But it shares the tonka and lavendar infused maltiness with Twilight, giving the scent even more stickability (yes, that is a word). And the oatmeal in it makes for a very soothing rub if you have sensitive skin.

It’s also quite a light moisturiser, as they go, so leaves you wiggling damply for a little bit less awkward time. Yay.


What?! More Christmas shit?! Ohhh yes, I’m filling your stocking right up this year.

Um. Or something less sexual. Idk.

But yes! I love their dusting powders. They’re so soft and lovely and glitterrrrryyyyyyy oh my god the sparklesssss.

So I was very excited to see this come out for Christmas. It matches the other scents perfectly (tonka, lavender), but with a little kick in the form of benzoin resinoid (I dunno what it is either, apparently it’s a natural gum from Laos, and it smells scrummy). 

It… it looks like cocaine.

Unfortunately, because it doesn’t have the cornflower of a previous Christmas dusting powder (First Snow, look it up, omg), it’s not quite as soft as it could be. But the ylang ylang Oil (still can’t get over that name) and lavender oil make it soft enough. It looks like this when you start rubbing it in.

And then…


I am Sparkles. I am.

Not quiiiiite sure why you need to sparkle in bed. Do I need a reason? If you sparkle and nobody is there to see you sparkle, do you sparkle at all?

Yes. I sparkle for me.

I sparkle for me.


Ugh, this review has taken so long to write. I keep trying to click on the downloads folder to put more funny gifs in here, but I always accidentally open the Trash, and I think it’s because my laptop wants me to go home and be with my people.

Hey. I will never give up on my Lush dreams. It’s a garbage can, not a garbage can’t.

So, finally, this lil badboy. You can only get it from Lush Spas, at least, that was the case - not so sure they even have it there anymore. There’s no page on the UK site - I had to link to another blog in the section heading above. But it’s good.

No idea if rubbing balm on your temples (or wrists) helps. I tend to put it under my nose so I can smell the, yup, you guessed it, lavender, jasmine, chamomile. The usual suspects.

It’s a bit… weaker than the other products. Makes sense, you only put a bit on, and I’ve been nuking my nose with lavender all fucking evening. 

But it’s a great excuse for a little massage as you crawl into bed, the devastation that is your bathroom lying in your wake. 

I am Ozymandius, king of showers, look upon my cocktail, ye mighty, and despair.

So. Did I sleep better?

You know what? Yes. Yes I did. 

Somewhere along the way, my body just shut down and I slept for hours. Peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. All that lavender just snuggled me up and carried me away - to the Land of Nod, in fact.

Maybe it was all that stuff.

Or maybe it was taking 4 sleeping pills before I got into bed.

We may never know.

I said, we may never know.

Keep the spirit of Christmas alive.