n, pl -thies
(Botany) botany an abnormal fusion of two or more flowers

rich-poor AU with Jeon Jeongguk 

Genre: Angst, a lil’ Fluff, maybe Smut?
WARNING: swearing and also shitty writing
Words: 8.3k

Wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

That has been your daily routine ever since you could remember.. or ever since you were old enough to help your family in the fields.

Easier said than done. Work consisted of harvesting potatoes in the early morning hours only to carry the heavy basket back to your house, with humid air in your lungs and hot sun rays burning your skin.

But it didn’t just stop there. You still had to clean the potatoes of dirt and check them for insects – they needed to look appealing on the market, so that people would buy them and you could survive the winter without starving because no one wanted to buy your potatoes.

Once you completed this task you needed to deliver them, which is what you were doing right now. The heavy basket trapped the heat from your body, making your ragged “dress” cling to your skin. Luckily, you soon reached the village. The houses provided shadows, which you welcomed after walking in the summer heat for 15 minutes. 

You took a few turns until you finally reached the main street – also known as the market – and put the basket down inside the small booth your family turned into a welcoming vegetable shop.

“Hey, darling. How are you feeling?” you mother greeted you.
“Well, other than almost dying from dehydration, just like every day,” you said, with a small smirk on your face.
Your mother knew not to take your sarcasm seriously and chuckled.
“I know, honey.. But I need to tell you someth-” Your mother didn’t get to finish her sentence after a customer rang the bell, signaling that they wanted to buy some potatoes.

You decided to ask her later about it and started emptying the basket on a shelf. Once you were done you cleaned a bit and counted the money, putting it in a box behind some old cooking books, which weren’t for sale.

“Mom, I’ll go buy some groceries.. See you at home!” Your mother only replied with a short ‘yes’ before turning back to yet another customer.

The sun kept on wandering towards the horizon, having left it’s original spot after what seemed like hours.

You took some money out of the box earlier. It wasn’t much but enough to buy bread and a few vegetables. You also needed a few candles because the old ones weren’t much of a light source anymore.

You were on your way home when someone suddenly grabbed your sides, making you jump. You turned around in fear only to be met with a familiar face.

“Oh my god, Yugyeom!” you said, putting a hand over your chest, “How many times do I have to tell you to stop scaring me before my heart actually jumps out of my throat!?” You could feel your racing heart underneath your skin.

Yugyeom only tried to catch his breath after he emptied his lungs almost completely from laughing. “Obviously more than you already have.” He was now smiling at you. “I swear to god, I’ll accidentally kill you one day because I actually have a weapon on me!”

Yugyeom was your neighbor. Well, almost. He lived only a few houses away from you, but he was the only one your age in the small suburban area, which was a few minutes away from the village.
Whenever you saw him, all you could remember was the pranks you pulled on the elders – putting old tomatoes in their shoes or knocking on the door and running away-

“Earth to _________?”
He pulled you back to reality, took the bag of groceries from your hand and started walking along the path. You shook your head and jogged towards him to catch up.

“Have you heard? The lottery is gonna be tomorrow.”
The “lottery” was a yearly procedure created by the “Gifted” - the rich. It wasn’t about some game, it was about getting a job in one of the “Gifted” households.

“Why do you care? Did you apply?” you asked. You never really understood why someone would want to go there. You’d basically have to clean after someone, who thinks they’re better than you just because they were born into a rich family, and be their slave. Not necessarily your goal in life.

“No, why would I? You know what I think about them.” Yugyeom had the same opinion on them as you.
“Aw, but I would’ve really liked the dress of a maid on you.”
“Oh shut up.” He rolled his eyes. You both have been teasing each other ever since you could talk.

After a few minutes of bickering, you arrived at his house.
“Well, thank you for carrying my stuff, even though you didn’t help me with cleaning the barn last week,” you said with a cold look on your face, after taking the bag of groceries from him.

“I was busy!” He was now frowning, trying to defend himself.
“You know I’m just joking!” You started smiling.
“See you tomorrow,” you waved.
“I don’t know, why I even hang out with you.” He said, waving back with a smile on his face and shutting the door behind him.

You walked two more minutes and went inside of your own house.

It was now dark outside as you started chopping the vegetables. You made a quick jog outside to the well and pumped a few times until the basket next to it was full with water.

Back inside, you started a small fire in the old brick oven and hung a pot with a bit of the water and the vegetables inside above it.

Soon after, your mother and your younger sister, Hyeon, a 6 year old, arrived and helped you, cutting the bread.

You all sat on a table and ate. Once you were done, you took a plate with some soup and a slice of bread and headed towards the former room of your dad. You went inside and greeted your brother, Hyun-Woo, who was 12.

Your father passed away when you were still young. He seemed to have an illness, but no one was sure, what it was. You had neither the money for a real doctor from the “Gifted”, nor the necessary technology or medicine in the village to treat whatever it was.

Now, your brother was showing the same symptoms as your father.
He couldn’t handle your fathers’ death and stayed in his room ever since.  
It was once the room of your parents but no one knew if it was contagious or not so your mother started sleeping else where. But it didn’t seem to be contagious, since you always had contact to either your dad or your brother but never felt something.

You kneeled down next to him, on the thin mat, which served as a bed.
“How are you feeling today, huh?” you asked.
“Not much different from yesterday,” he answered in a sarcastic tone. Your mother always said he learned that from you, since you’re the older sister and his “role model”.

You handed him the spoon and the plate and watched how his bony fingers slung around the spoon, which soon dipped into the still warm soup. You ripped your gaze away, not wanting to think about the future.

“What did you do today?” you asked.
“Played with Hyeon,” he answered, dipping some bread into the soup and eating it.
“That’s nice,” you said “I worked my ass off.”
He chuckled and finished his soup.
“Did you already take your meds, Hyun-Woo?”
“No, can you hand them to me, please?”

You brought him a glass of water and a small pill, which he quickly swallowed. It was supposed to help him with digesting food but didn’t seem to be doing a good job since you felt like his body absorbed almost no nutrients from the food.

“I wanna sleep now, sis,” he said, his eyelids almost closed. He seemed to be getting more and more tired over the last few months but said that the weather could be the only possible reason for that.

Of course, you didn’t believe him.

“Good night.”
“Sleep well,” you said, closing the door.

You slipped under the covers of the bed you shared with your sister and your mother. You remembered now, that she wanted to tell you something but you didn’t want to wake her, so you decided to ask her about it tomorrow and quickly fell into a deep slumber, already knowing you wouldn’t get enough sleep.

You awoke to a rather unpleasant tug at your hair. Opening your eyes, you could see the sun rays dancing on the wall with the shadows of leaves from the tree outside of the old house.

Moving your head up only intensified the tug at your hair, creating a dull pain on your scalp. Your eyes were met with the face of Hyeon, whose tongue was sticking out of her mouth, licking at her upper lip in concentration.

“What are you doing?” You tried to sound as friendly as possible, despite your still raspy voice.

“I wanted to do something so mommy told me to braid your hair!” You scrunched your face at her high pitched voice and told her to please stop creating more knots in your hair before standing up.

“Will you go to the village with me today? The election is gonna be today!” She tried convincing you with her puppy eyes but that never worked on you, no matter who’d do it.

“No. You know, you have to stay with Hyun-Woo. And you know that mom doesn’t want you to go there, you don’t know, what kind of people walk around there.”

It was true. You already had countless encounters with disgusting old men that looked for some “fun” or women who tried to steal from you.

Her puppy eyes were now gone and all that was left on her face was pure disappointment.

“One day, you’ll be old enough to go there yourself. So just listen to your mother and-”
“-be patient, yeah, I know.. But you’re right!” You were relieved that she didn’t throw a tantrum and smiled at her, ruffling her hair.

“I’ll go play with Hyun-Woo now!” Hyeon quickly exited the room and all you could hear were her tiny feet tapping on the floor.

You were now standing in the door, saying goodbye to your lovely siblings. “Hyun-Woo, Hyeon, I’m leaving now!” you received a quick answer of 'see you later’ and 'love you’ before you exited the house.

The air was still a little bit cold when it flowed through your lungs, a temperature you preferred over the humid and thick air from the afternoon.

The sun warmed your skin as you made your way to the village.

The potatoes from yesterday plus another basket you already prepared the other day should be enough for today.

The streets were going to be full, as always on the day of the election, so you were excited about all the customers and obviously the money. Maybe you could actually afford the new medicine for your brother without having to save even more money and not buying food.

You arrived at the shop and saw that your mother didn’t open it yet, assumed that she hasn’t been here yet and started with unlocking the door and lifting the wooden planks to present the loads of potatoes and other vegetables.

Soon, more and more customers were buying potatoes, saying that they discovered this shop today but should’ve come this way sooner, since the potatoes were of higher quality for the same price as other shops. You had a good feeling in your gut about the next time you would count the money.

The sun should’ve reached its highest point by now, signaling that half of the day has passed but the sky was covered with dark clouds. You weren’t really complaining about it since the sun was now unable to make you suffer.

Worry creeped through your body since your mother still hasn’t returned yet but you tried not thinking about it because she was obviously older than you and could protect herself really well.

As you thought of your mother you remembered her, wanting to talk to you.
Your thoughts were quickly interrupted as you heard a woman’s voice say “We ask all villagers to assemble at the center of the village. The election of the new servants for the households of the “Gifted” will start in a few minutes.”

The woman’s monotone voice then repeated itself several times to grab the attention of all people.

You also decided to go there, which was probably not the best decision since you already lost count of the number of times someone stepped on your feet.

As soon as you arrived, your eyes fell onto the big screen on the wall of the town hall and the stage underneath it. They made quite the effort, you must admit.

It was basically the only electronic device in this town and you felt a little uncomfortable, since you didn’t understand how it works and that bothered you.. And because you were almost squished to death on your way here. Obviously most people wanted to be a servant, having a bed to sleep and tasty food, also not having to worry about the next day and if they would survive it.

Everyone has now gone quiet and soon a woman in formal clothing came out of the town hall and onto the stage. She tapped the microphone in her hand a few times before she spoke.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we will now get started on the yearly election of the new servants.”

You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned around to see Yugyeom.

“Hi,” you whispered to him. He smiled at you before turning his attention back to the woman on the stage.

“You probably know the drill already but I will still explain it to you again, just like every year. To attend this election, either you or a family member can register your name. All the names, that we’ve collected over the last week are written onto small papers. Today, we will draw 5 papers for each gender.  You must be between the age of 12 and 40 to be able to attend. The female attendants will serve as maids and the males will serve as safety guards. As you all know, this village is also called 'district 9’..”

There are 10 districts and district 1 is the biggest, district 10 the smallest. That sums up pretty much all you know about the other districts.

“If you count all selected attendants of each district, you have 100 soon to be servants. If you get selected, you will earn money, which is sent to your family. You, yourself won’t need money, since food, a bed and other necessities are provided by the “Gifted”..”

That would be the only reason for you to actually spend time in the same room as one of those moneybags.

“Now, that we spoke about all the formalities, let’s get straight to the election of the females, shall we?”

Suddenly, you felt someone tap your shoulder again, only this time, it was your mother.

“Honey, I needed to talk to you, remember? Please, don’t be mad but-”
“Kim Ji-Hye”
“What did you say, mom?” The microphone was too loud to hear her completely.
“Park Mi-Suk”
“Just a few hours ago, I-”
“Kim Hyo-Jung”

“I can’t hear a word, mom!”
“______ ______”

You immediately looked up to the woman, who just continued reading random names. You didn’t hear the other names, nor the male ones because Yugyeom was now pulling you out of the crowd, your mother following close behind.

“Are you kidding me right now?” Yugyeom was now shaking you by the shoulders.

You were still unable to talk, knowing that whatever came out wouldn’t make sense.

“You always said, you hated those bastards and now you entered the election?! And even got elected?!” He was pacing around, looking like he was about to throw his fist at someones face.

“And now you got nothing to say?!”

“I did it.” His eyes were now on your mother and you turned your head. You didn’t notice her until now.

In the distance you could hear people singing happily, because they heard their names and were now hopefully going to live a better life. You could also hear the woman say that all the people, that were chosen, should come to the center of the village tomorrow morning, where they will be escorted by cars.

Once she said goodbye, you finally realized the situation you were in, your mind racing and blood rushing.

“You knew, she hated them, and yet, you entered her name, and judging by her face, without her knowing of it?” Yugyeom had calmed down a bit by now but was still mad.

“I wanted to attend but I couldn’t have left her alone with a sick and a young child. I know it was selfish, but listen,” she now turned to you “, you would live a good life, with food and a bed and with the money we could finally buy Hyun-Woo’s new medicine!”

Your mother had a point and you knew it. But you still couldn’t quiet comprehend everything that was happening right now. You felt like you were slowly drowning in quicksand.

“I-..I think.. I’ll go.” Your eyes now wandered to Yugyeom, who was quiet and looked at the ground with crossed arms.

You knew he wouldn’t be ok with it but what mattered right now was your brothers health, not Yugyeom’s opinion or your pride.

Just Hyun-Woo.

You wouldn’t be able to handle the weight on your chest that you could’ve saved him if you went.

You wouldn’t be able to handle yet another death of a person dear to you.

So you made up your mind and went home. You didn’t really have much to pack. But you made sure to take an older family picture with you.

Hyeon was still a baby and you all were younger. Your dad was still alive. You remember saving up money for 2 years to afford a picture. You smiled at the memory.

You thought about not going but once you remembered the cold skin of your father’s hand when you held it before saying good bye for the last time, you knew that this wasn’t a decision. This was possibly the only chance for your brother to survive.

And you refused to be the reason for his death.

The night was horrible for you. You couldn’t make your heart calm down once, never mind even close your eyes.

After standing up your made your way down the stairs, seeing your family sit at the table with food in front of them.

The last time you ate breakfast together was when your dad was still alive.

You quickly took a seat next to your younger sister and started eating. You didn’t know what would await you at your new “home” so you wanted to be prepared.

After taking your last bite with your family you got your stuff and waited at the door.

“___________, how long are you gonna be gone?” Hyeon was now looking at you with teary eyes. You felt your heart break a little at this.

“I don’t know, little one, but be good to mom, will you?” You kneeled down and ruffeled her hair. “I probably won’t be here, when you grow up to be a fine woman, but take care of your older brother and mom,” you said and hugged her, trying to fight the tears back.

“Hyun-Woo, I swear to god, don’t you die on me before I’m back home!” You were now laughing a bit while hugging him and taking a handful of his shirt to not break down. You wanted to be strong for them and that’s what you were going to do.

“Mom, watch them both for me.” You were still a bit mad at her but that’s not what mattered right now. You hugged her, too, and soon your siblings joined in.

You made your way to town, your feet almost not carrying you there like they were attached to the ground in this small village. It was your home after all.

Reaching the center of the village you could already see the other elected participants.

Soon, a big black car was approaching. Nothing new, you’ve seen it a few times as a kid, hiding behind Yugyeom because of the roaring engine.

You told your mother to tell him that you were sorry and that you would miss him. The thought of staying reached your mind once again but you then thought about your brother and remembered that this wasn’t about you but your brother.

You used to watch people coming out or going inside of it. Now you were the one entering it. The inside looked just as fancy as the outside, nude leather seats with name tags on them.

Luckily, yours was next to a window.

During the whole drive you watched the trees and tall buildings pass by, not really interested in the small talk of the others. You weren’t here to make friends, though you hoped you’d find someone to talk with during your time there.

After the car arrived at a big building you were escorted to some showers. For the first time in your life, you saw water oozing out of a small showerhead attached to the wall. Warm water was now flowing down your body and it felt like heaven.

Then you were equipped with a black pair of pants and a white shirt.

A few people then took you to a big hall where the seats had yet again name tags on them. You looked for yours and sat down. Each row was on a different level than the other, all creating a half circle around a big desk.

After all the other people from the districts entered and took a seat a woman in a tight skirt entered with jet black hair and red lips.

“I welcome every single one of you in this school. For two weeks from now on, you will all be tested and educated in you field of profession. The better your results are, the higher your rank will be. The higher your rank, the better the payment. You will have to study very hard to make it all the way up.”

She took a seat in a chair and kept on talking. “Today I will teach you all about Hangul(Korean alphabet) and writing.”

A few people started distributing small bags, which contained sheets of paper with weird signs on it, white paper and pencils.

She then wrote the characters on the blackboard and explained them, letting the whole room repeat after her as she pronounced them.

Fast forward a few hours, you were a little tired. Obviously, carrying a basket of potatoes and collecting them for hours on a field was a lot more tiring, but still, getting stuff pressed into your head and keeping it there was also not very easy.

You were assigned to rooms of ten but no one really talked. They all went straight to bed, just like you.

The second you sat down on the comfy mattress, that was several sizes bigger than your mat back at home, you felt your eyes grow heavy.

You still thought a bout the next day a little.

They said, doctors were going to check your health and that you were going to exercise but also that some of the families were going to come by to take a look at their possible servants.

You weren’t necessarily excited about meeting a bunch of douchebags with money but you still decided to give them your best effort. You wanted to earn the most money possible so that you could afford the best treatment for your brother.

You were now starting to let go of your surroundings and soon the arms of the night enclosed around your body, hugging your tired soul.

With an already well filled stomach and rested body you followed some girls to the training area.

The teacher was now a male and as soon as you entered, he whistled and made everyone run some laps.

You felt the sweat form on your body and hair sticking to your neck, despite your pony tail.

A girl, about your age, came walking towards you and handed you a towel, smiling at you. You quickly thanked her, not able to say anything more because you were having a hard time breathing.

After running, she introduced herself as Hyerin. You now got a better look at her. She had short brown hair and looked pretty fit. Her face was beautiful and she really looked like she belonged to one of the “Gifted”.

You talked a little and you found out that she was from district 4. She was sick of living a normal life so she decided to enter just for fun, thinking nothing of it. Of course she was surprised when she got elected but it didn’t really bother her, she was looking for some kind of an adventure after all.

After she was done talking she pointed towards the other end of the hall.

“Look, that’s one of the families,” she said, as she stepped closer to you, your eyes following her finger. “They once came to my district to get some special medicine there. They must be really famous, because they had a bunch of body guards with them.”

Your eyes traveled to each one of them. They all looked very handsome or pretty, like they were created in some kind of laboratory with symmetrical faces and sharp features.

One of them caught your eye, having a slightly different facial structure. He looked at each person in that room, some of them embarrassed about looking like a sweaty mess in front of these 'high horses’. Soon, his eyes were also meeting your ones but soon kept on wandering.

He was one of the most handsome ones there and was also quite tall, wide shoulders and dark hair. Next to him was a female. She looked like she was your age and you noticed that she wasn’t wearing as fancy clothes as the other people from that group. She was also looking at the other people in that room, but with more arrogance in her gaze.

You looked away, staring was rude after all. Of course you didn’t really like them but that didn’t mean you needed to be a bitch towards them. Other than that, those people could possibly be your futuristic “masters”.

The group then left but you couldn’t get his face out of your head.

After the exercise, as expected, you had to see a doctor.

The checkup didn’t show any abnormalities and you were soon able to go, relief spreading through your body.

Once you arrived at your room, you saw that Hyerin was your roommate. You didn’t even realize that yesterday and were a bit embarrassed about being so oblivious.

You talked a bit, hearing from her that apparently the family visited to talk about one of their maids and how she behaved rude and in a lewd way. You wondered if it was the girl that stood next to that tall guy.
Some heard that you could get replaced if your “masters” weren’t happy with you.
It was kind of scary to you, to think that someone could just throw you out of their house because they didn’t like you.

You soon went to bed, your muscles finally relaxing. That persons face was somehow still on your mind but you decided it was best to forget it. He wasn’t important after all.

You thought about your family and wondered if they were doing well but tried not to bother too much, or otherwise you would get homesick.

You decided to ask the next day if there was any way of contacting them and soon fell asleep, your goal clear in your head.

The past two weeks passed by so quickly that you didn’t even realize that you would only stay here for two more days. You were able to contact your family through letters, since your mom has a friend that is able to read and write.

Tomorrow you were going to be submitted to a family of the “Gifted” and the day after tomorrow, once the sun started to set, you would have to be able to know everything about your masters.

Each day you were taught on how to become the perfect maid. You knew now how to make a bed or set the table, how to cook the easiest of meals and that you needed to hold the teapot in a certain way, how to clean windows, how to greet and much more.
Once your schedule was over you studied your notes about math and Hangul(Korean alphabet) until late in the evening.

Sure, it was tiring but you still felt like you were in heaven when you let hot water run down your skin and fell into your bed with thick, clean sheets and a smell of laundry detergent.

Today, you were provided with a special dress that had white and black layers but also a white apron on top. Some women started pulling it tighter and adjusting it in some areas, making it fit your and only your body.

Once they told you that you were done, you left and made your way towards your last class in that school. It was about first aid and what to do when one of your masters got injured, the wounds ranging from small cuts to shot wounds.

You remembered a class earlier that week. It was about the safety of the houses and that it was necessary to know the map of the house and its safety equipment in case of an emergency.
It was not uncommon that intruders got into houses and stole expensive objects, even kidnapped members of the families just to get money and have a better life.

As your class ended you felt relief rushing through your body. Finally, you didn’t have to shove information into your brain and somehow keep everything inside.
It was just afternoon, the first time your class didn’t last until dinner. After you arrived in your room you noticed that Hyerin hadn’t been there yet because her bed looked all tidy and unused.

Usually, whenever you arrived first she would come in and fall onto her bed, a long exaggerated sigh leaving her lungs. Then she would wiggle around in her bed making weird noises and creating a smile on your lips.

But her bed looked just like this morning when you both left for breakfast.
You assumed she still had class and thought that it was best to start collecting you stuff and cleaning a little bit, practicing on how to make the bed look perfect.

After that you grabbed a water bottle and put on workout clothes, which you also got from the school and made your way towards the small gym in the school.

You wanted to be prepared if you ever had to leave and go back home. You would be of no use if you couldn’t even carry that basket of potatoes, after all.

When you felt your clothes sticking to your skin and your muscles screaming for a break you went to go shower.

You saw Hyerin, who was on her way to your room.
“Hey, I’ll just take a shower really quick!” you said, as she was approaching you.
“You wanna eat dinner together?” she asked, her eyes lighting up at the thought of food.
You chuckled a little and told her “Sure.”
“Kay, I’ll be waiting in our room!”
She was already a few steps ahead, waving at you.

You waved back and continued walking to take the shower that you have been waiting for since you began working out.

You felt a little bad because you started getting addicted to this kind of life style but you were sure that if leaving was your only option you would quickly get used to showering with luke warm water again.


As you sat down on a table with Hyerin, a steaming soup in front of you, she scooted really close to you. You already knew what was coming.

“So, have you heard?”
“About what?” you asked back, ready to dig in.
She got even closer now and you were certain that she wanted to talk about other people who have caused drama, her voice dropping to a whisper.
“Yuna fucked Mr.Shin just to get a few more points for her score.”

You thought it was something more dramatic but still clicked your tongue.
“Hyerin, how many times do I have to tell you, don’t say something like that..”
“What, you mean “fucked”?” She knew exactly what you meant and repeated it on purpose, only earning a glare from you.

She smiled at you and giggled a little, her finger now massaging the wrinkles between your eyebrows. You somehow couldn’t get angry at her, but this was no serious matter so you soon forgot about it.
You, yourself, had now almost stopped swearing in hopes of creating a better image in front of your masters to stay as long as possible and get enough money to save your brother, the only reason you came here.

Your mind now focused on something else than the swearword she used.
“I wonder what my score is..” you said in between slurps from your soup.
“I’m sure it’s super high, since you study all the time.”
Not knowing if you had put enough effort into your work annoyed you. The scores were kept secret until the last day, the day when you would get submitted.

“You know, if I were you I also wouldn’t study but I have to!” you said, a bit jealous of Hyerin.

She used to have a lot of contact to the “Gifted” and sometimes even talked to them. She would ask for any kind of book that they didn’t need anymore and whenever they came again, they brought new books for her.
They told her what each letter meant, she kept remembering them and that’s how she learned reading. They also brought math books and science books so she basically already knew everything that they taught you.

“Well, not everyone can be as blessed as me, to have a coffee shop on the main street,” she flipped her hair and sighed “Some are just not as lucky..”

One of her eyebrows was now arched and she raised her chin, looking down at you.

And suddenly you both broke into laughter.

“You looked so ridiculous just now!” you said, finally getting some air into your body.
“For a moment, I was afraid you thought that I was serious.”

You kept on laughing for a little while and finished your soup.

On your way back, Hyerin suddenly had the urge to take a bath and excused her, saying that she would forgive you if you fell asleep.

You were happy that she said that because once your body hit the mattress you felt the leftover energy of your body run out without even turning the lights off.

“Tomorrow might be the first day for me to actually study,” Hyerin whispered, as she leaned over to your ear to not disturb anyone around you. 

“Hmmmm, yeah, go on, brag about your intelligence.”
She then looked you in the eye, an oh-come-on look on her face.
“I hate you.”
“Love you too,” you said, smirking at her.

Both of you then turned your head to the front again.

You were currently sitting in a big hall full of chairs with soon to be maids and security guards sitting on them.

Today was the day you would get assigned to a family. You were a little excited, if that’s what you could call it. You were ready to work your butt off until you got enough money for your brother and then flip off those rich bastards.

First, the lady that talked on stage back at your home village, made an introduction, saying something about how amazing it was that we more or less learned so much in such little time and then some men distributed papers in the hall.

Once you got yours, you realized that these were your points and on the bottom it showed a number, which had 'SCORE’ written above it in thick, cursive letters.

484 out of 500

You suddenly smiled, knowing that your efforts weren’t a waste of time.
Hyerin then almost crashed into you to look at you paper.

“No waaaay! You have two more points than me!”
“Ha! Regret not studying now?” you asked, feeling really good about yourself.

“Nah, I mean, I was lazy the whole time and was almost as good as you so “Ha!” right back at you.”

You squinted your eyes at her and she stopped smiling.
You then stuck your tongue out and she held her heart.

“Dear god, stop that!” she said as she was hitting you with her paper.

The woman then said that you should come to the front now to one of the tables that had your district number on a paper glued to them, and that the men standing behind them would hand you a folder with information about your family that has already been chosen for you.

As it was your turn your heart started beating at an unhealthy pace and your breath got shorter.

“__________ __________.”

Your voice sounded normal but your mind was a mess.

Did your hard work pay off? Will you get a good family? Will you make enough money to pay for your brothers treatment?

“Here you go,” he said and it made you shake your head to stop thinking and start doing something.

You took it and quickly rushed to your room, not thinking about waiting for Hyerin right now.

You sat down onto your bed and laid the folder next to you.

It wouldn’t matter if you opened it because you wouldn’t be able to tell if the family was good or not by their name anyway. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

Suddenly, Hyerin burst into the room.

You could see that she got a good family by the way she wouldn’t stop smiling while her eyes were tracing the letters on the first paper of the folder.

“Oh my god, you won’t believe it! I got family Kim!”

You just looked at her, not being able to say if that was good or not.
She saw it by the way you looked at her and continued talking nonstop

“They are super rich and their son, Kim Namjoon is known to be super smart. He reads a lot of books, just like me, and maybe we can bond that way and we’ll start dating and then get married and have – Hey, you haven’t even opened yours..?”

“Ah, yeah, I just.. I don’t know? A name wouldn’t be helpful anyways..”

Hyerin saw how helplessly confused you were, not knowing what to do or rather, not even knowing what held you back from opening it.

“Listen,” she said, sitting down next to you and putting a hand on your back in a comforting manner, “I don’t know, why you’re here or what your goal is but I know that you want to get money-”

Your eyes shot up to hers in shock

“You talked in your sleep that one night, but that’s not the point. What I meant to say was that with your score there is no way that you would get a worse family than mine and mine is already bomb so.. What are you waiting for?”

You knew that she was right, but you also didn’t want to be disappointed.
Still, you slowly reached for the folder and put it on your lap.

You slid a finger under the binder and pulled it off.

The soft feeling of the paper under your fingertips reminded you that you came here two weeks ago, never even seen a book and now you were even able to read. You have to be able to read to understand what the recipe says so that you can cook for your master who will pay you for your hard work and that your brother might live happily with the medicine you bought from that money.

So you gave yourself a push and flipped the first page.

“J…Jeon?” you said, looking up from the paper just to be met with Hyerins face.

Her eyes were ripped open, glued to the paper, and her mouth slightly agape.

She then looked at you with the same expression.

“Holy shit.”

“W-What? Is it bad?”

She then jumped up and grabbed you by the shoulders.

“BAD?! ___________, the Jeons are basically on top of the food chain. They’re one of the richest families known!”

Your jaw dropped and you felt like you were on drugs. You couldn’t contain your happiness and jumped into Hyerins arms, ugly laughs and screams filling the room.

An older woman than burst into the room and said something about how loud you were and that you were disturbing other people who were trying to sleep.

You then looked at each other and started laughing again, this time only a little more quiet, though.

You fell into bed and started talking a little.
“Tomorrow will be the last day, huh?” you said.


The atmosphere that was so refreshing a few minutes ago was now replaced by sadness.

Different families would mean no more Hyerin.

“We can write letters, now that I can read..” you said, trying to stay positive.

“Maybe even call each other if we’re allowed to.” For Hyerin, it seemed like no big deal for you two to stay in contact.

“You know, in the beginning, I never wanted to make any friends here.. but with you it happened so naturally and so fast..”

“I know, it’s 'cuz I’m so awesome!” She propped herself up by her elbow and held a peace sign to her eye. You both giggled at that.

“I’ll still miss you though.. and our stupid laughing!”

“I know.. Me too.”

You smiled at each other, a little sadness in your eyes. You would definitely remember Hyerin. But soon she yawned, making you yawn too. Seeing this, you made really ugly faces, yawning and laughing at the same time.

It was already a little late and you both decided to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be tiring. It was you last day, after all.

'The family name is Jeon. The family members consist of a father, Jeon Sang-Ook, a dead mother, Jeon Jung-Yoon, an illegitimate son, Kim Seok-Jin, an illegitimate daughter, Kim Eun-Ah, and another son, the youngest, Jeon Jeong-Guk.
Preferred names are Sangook, Jin, Eunah, Jungkook

That is what you have been repeating in your mind ever since this morning.

A house with three levels and a basement, and 12 – no 15 bathrooms…? Ah, damn it..’

You somehow couldn’t get the number of bathrooms into your head and you have been struggling with this ever since this morning. But other than that, counting in one or two seconds to think about it, everything else was engraved on your mind.

Where the security cameras were, where the kitchens were, the entrance, the eating hall, the bedrooms, everything.

Since you had been studying the whole day you were quite confident and repeated a few facts two or three times for the last time and started packing your stuff after that.

It wasn’t much, just some shampoo and a toothbrush, your notes, workout clothes and casual clothes.
Lastly, you put the picture of your family on top of your stuff and closed your backpack.

Looking at the clock with your folder in hand, you walked out of the room for the last time.

Your steps towards the entrance were slow, because you still had a few minutes left. As you reached the door your eyes met Hyerins and you walked over to her.

“Hey, sorry I left a little earlier this morning, I study the best when I’m outside.”

“Seriously? I don’t really care, where it is, it just needs to be quiet.”
You looked around a little, most of the participants were leaving now.

“When is your driver gonna come?” you asked, turning your head back to Hyerin.

She was about to face you but her eyes were now glued elsewhere.
“Apparently now.”

You turned around and saw a black car with a man in front of it. In his hands was a sign with Hyerins name written on it.

You quickly turned back to her and hugged her.
“C'mon, you have to go now.”

“I know. Don’t forget to contact me, okay?”

“You, too.”

Her hug tightened for a second and then she let go of you.

“Bye,” you said, looking at her as she walked towards the car.

“Later,” she waved now, smiled a last time at you and then entered the car.

Your eyes still lingered on the car a little bit, already missing her, but you soon looked in another direction.

There was now a lot of whispering around you and before you could wonder, why, your eyes found yet another sign, this time, your name was on it.

You grabbed your stuff and walked towards it, the people around you, mostly girls, saying your name or the family name of your masters. You couldn’t understand anything else they said but you didn’t even want to hear it.

So you just got in, the driver now greeting you.

“Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Jung Hoseok and I’m one of the drivers of the Jeons.”

He flashed you a big smile, which invited you to introduce yourself, too.

“Uh, hey, I’m ________ ___________, and I’ll soon be a maid of the Jeons..?” It still sounded a bit odd to you and he seemed to notice that, laughing a bit.

“Don’t be so nervous, I won’t bite. But I know that it’s a little uncomfortable in the beginning, I was like that, too.”

You quickly opened up to Hoseok. He was really funny and open, making it just as easy to like him as with Hyerin.

Hoseok came here at the age of 17, and worked there for 5 years now, making him 22. 'Older than the son and the illegitimate daughter of master Jeon,’ you thought.

“But don’t be surprised if they talk to you in a rude way or informally. Age doesn’t matter if you’re a maid. Even the guests that have children at the age of 7, everyone won’t care how old you are.”

“I’ll be prepared, thanks to you.”

You drove for one or two hours and you looked at the folder from time to time. Finally, you were able to remember how many bathrooms they had. It made you feel a little better but as you got closer to the house, seeing it on Hoseoks GPS, you couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. What if you would snap one day and be so upset that you would be sent back to your family? Would you have enough money by then? How were you going to –

“We’re here.”

Your eyes darted to Hoseok who was already exiting the car. Now you were really nervous.

You got out and straightened your apron a little. You looked up and almost fell over.
The size of the house was indescribable.

The map didn’t do justice to it and you wondered, how many maids you would need, to clean that whole place.

A lot.

As you entered the house through a big door with Hoseok, you felt your heart drop.

From the door to the stairs was a long, blood red carpet with maids and security men alined. Everyone was now looking at you and you felt pressured to make a good first impression so you bowed, deep and long.

“N-Nice to meet you. I’m _________ __________ and I’ll be one of the new maids working here..”

You lifted your head and looked at about 16 maids and 16 security guards, the slightest bit of blood rushing to your cheeks as they all just said something along the lines of “Hi” or “Nice to meet you too” and left afterwords to continue their work.


Hoseok guided you to your room through endless corridors and fancy looking rooms, with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and statues decorating each hall

Even your room was more luxurious than the one back at your school and that was already more than an average ambiance.

“You’ll be sleeping here. Showers are just down the hall. If you need something just come to me, I’m just a room above you,” he said, as he pointed his finger towards the ceiling.

“Thank you, Hoseok.”

“Oh, and also, tomorrow, one of the other maids will wake you and the other newcomers up, around six. They’ll show you everything and stuff..”

You nodded.

“Okay, I’ll get going now.”

“Bye,” were your last words that you spoke that day.

You moved your stuff and put your clothing in the closet, got ready for bed and laid down.
The bed was a little softer than the one at the school, giving in under your weight.

It had a different smell, probably some really expensive laundry detergent. That smell was now your lullaby and you felt your body relax, drifting to sleep with yet again more worries in your heart.

AYYYYYYYY, nice to meet you.
I’m very excited to post my first writing on here. But also anxious, 'cuz English isn’t my first language but I still try, OK?!??
Also, excuse my endless amount of commas, I’m still not sure where to put them.

In this chapter is literally almost no Jeon-action going on and I’m really sorry about that but oh bOI get ready for the next one..? Or the one after that because I unsually rush things and then I rewrite the whole thing because I wanna write good stuff but it’s reall hard for me??
Idk, please don’t hate me ;-;

21st of October 2016

Zomg Jinki really is coming to my country to film eat sleep eat!!! Omg should I go to the airport to try and catch a glimpse of him?! I’m so excited!

I’m also headed to Korea on Korean air flight on 2nov… hehehe what if he takes that same flight as me back home? 🤔 *fan girl dreams*

Even if I dun get to bump into him during filming I’m looking forward to the episode featuring my country! 😂


A pharmacist (in regards to my nearly tearful-statement, “I’m so poor,” at my relief of having to pay only $3 for my anti-psychotic meds), asked me if I was going to school full time (I am, and I was wearing the polo from the grocery store I work at), and then told me she was really proud of me and I’m doing great.

That was…more validation than I have gotten from my parents in my 22 years of life.

[Unrelated, but I’ve been poking around terminals and Fallout 4′s dialogue for Institute-related things, and with at least two synth characters in the wasteland, there’s emphasis on them fitfully sleeping/not sleeping at all.  So I don’t know if that’s something across the board or what and only adds to the eternal mystery of how synths even work.]

Hi, I’m @halo-therebuddy , and  I struggle with depression, self harm, and poor self esteem. All I want to say is to keep going, no matter how hopeless things might be. Nobody was actually meant to be here, so why not enjoy it? Drink a little more coffee, sleep in a little more, eat that donut. You deserve the world, yes you! Indulge a little, and smile, because it looks amazing on you. 

Thank you to everyone who is helping, or helped me with my recovery of  PTSD, Chronic Depression, Self harm, suicide, and anything else. 



Headcanon: Robert won’t leave Aaron’s side in the hospital, and Aaron starts feeling a little smothered by the attention and a bit guilty about scaring Robert so badly. Aaron tells Robert to go home and take care of himself: shower, sleep, and eat something decent. But the way Aaron says it triggers Robert to flash back to Aaron stuck in the car and he completely breaks down. From then on, Aaron stops nagging Robert to go home, but does ask Vic to bring him meals and Liv to bring a pillow and blanket.

Guys, I am going to tell you something about me you might not know. I have struggled about it for quite a while and I thought I should tell you. I am addicted to pudding. It’s bad. I eat pudding in my sleep. I eat pudding in a tree. I eat pudding in a pudding. I feel bad, but this is who I am. I. AM. ADDICTED. TO. PUDDING. AND I AM PROUD.

Yes, Mother, when you ask me “what time will you be done with your work today?” and I reply with “I could work all day” it does indeed mean that I have so much to do that were it not for the need to eat, sleep, and occasionally give my brain a bit of a rest, I would work endlessly, probably straight through until next Wednesday.

anonymous asked:

but u cant deny that mentally ill ppl do have a different (and way more realistic) view on this world.... i mean ever since i became severely depressed i realised all we really do is eat sleep work and die. everything is meaningless


❣Headcanon❣ - Part II

Part I


He traveled with him in all Greece and he watched Rhadamanhys becoming a broken person, desperate and furious. Valentine never complained of anything and he did everything possible when ever he could to allow them to sleep and eat, supporting Rhadamanthys in every decision and always treating him like the king that he was supposed to be.

Slowly, during their infinite travels, they became close and intimate, growing to men together and spending every night learning about things that the other didn’t know. All the situations that they passed through, all the problems, all the nights spent hugged because cold, all their intimate talking, created a deep chemistry and attraction but especially a need for each other.

After years of wandering, they stopped. Valentine managed to convince Rhadamanthys to leave the past behind and to start a new life together with him, far from all that harmed him. Or at least Valentine thought so.

Rhadamanthys started to recover and in a way to accept what happened, they started to live a peaceful life together somewhere, but really shortly after settling, Zeus ordered to Rhadamanthys to leave and marry. The god convinced Rhadamanthys easily, reminding him who he was, that living like a normal person was ridiculous, and he reminded him what he always wanted to do in his life: to devote himself to an important cause. Rhadamanthys didn’t oppose and he accepted immediately the task to create a kingdom that will follow the laws of the gods, breaking their relationship and leaving Valentine behind.

He ordered him to stay away and to start a life far from him, telling him that he was with him only because he didn’t have other choices, making Valentine understands that there weren’t any feeling between them, literally destroying Valentine’s heart, hopes and desire to live.

Even after some time far from each others, Valentine didn’t succeed to forget his lord or his feelings, and even if Rhadamanthys’s words hurt him deeply, he really could not believe them, and so after finding the courage necessary, Valentine started a travel to reach his lord in Boetia.


Ryan Behr


Fight the stigma

-You’re not alone

  • Roughly 20 million Americans suffer from depression every year.

  • Depression is found in over 8% of adolescents at any time.

  • 1 in 4 young adults will have an episode of depression before the age of 24.

-What you can do

  • Get in a routine-don’t let depression take over your life.

  • Set goals.

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Exercise and eat healthy to make yourself feel better.

-Who can help?

  • National suicide prevention- 1-800-273-TALK

  • Schedule a general check up with a physician.

  • Talk to your counselor at school, or a teacher you are comfortable with.