Cinderbug- Miraculous Cinderella AU 

WHOA- I didn’t expect that last post to get so many notes! So many I had the overwhelming urge to make a quick finished version. The post is directly referenced from Disney’s Cinderella and the limited color palette was chosen to make things go alot faster

Thanks everyone !

Ventus Appreciation Week - Day 2 Favourite Quote-

“I’ve become a part of their heart, just as they’ve become a part of mine. My friends are my power…and I’m theirs!

I squealed when Ven said this legendary quote…. I’m not the only one right? It’s a pretty obvious choice, but its damn memorable. So I had to do it for today. :)

“Don’t let those bands you listen to or those men on the posters on your walls get to you, they’ll make you depressed”

Yeah because obviously black veil brides is depressing.pierce the veil is depressing. Of mice & men is depressing. Sleeping with sirens is depressing. Motionless in white is depressing. Bring me the horizon is depressing. ALL TIME LOW IS FUCKING DEPRESSING. YOURE RIGHT! ITS NOT LIKE THE MUSIC I LISTEN TO GIVES ME HOPE OR HAPPINESS OR ANYTHING

ok but Luke would be such a whiny and needy boyfriend. like he’d come home after a long day at the studio and he’d just flop on your shared bed and a low “baaaaaaaabe im so tiiiiiiiired. heeeeeeeelp” would come out of him and you’d just be like “ok luke. i’ll be there in a sec” but he’s whining and “no baaaabe. come nooooowww” and you’d just be like fine ok so you’re in the room and he’s topless with his sweatpants hanging low and lying on his tummy and he’s drifting in and out of sleep bc your boyfriend hasn’t been sleeping alot lately and you just take it on yourself to sit on his butt and lay on his back with your arms wrapped around his waist/torso and a little “i love you lu” would come out of you and you’d press a little kiss on his left shoulder blade. and he’d just hum a little and he’d grumble a bit and “can you give me a massage pleeeaaaase” and of course you would give the massage. and then you’d just whisper “feelin better?” and he’d just nod and you get off his back and lay next to him and you’d just whisper back and forth like “how was your day” to “have we seen the newest spongebob movie babe?” and he’d kiss your forehead and “i love you, you know” would come out in a low voice from him and you’d just nod and “yea i know. i love you too babe” and before you know it, you look over to see him sleeping and his face would be nuzzled in your neck and you just kind of wrap your arms around him and :-( 

by the time ventus wakes up, terra could still be norted and aqua could still be missing. who the heck is going to be there for him, and to answer all of his questions? yes, it will probably be mickey(bc mickey knows everything) but what it its lea? technically, lea is the only one he will recognize(aside from sora, who he doesnt really know). imagine ven waking up, lea seeing him, and they have this moment where “woah, i remember you.” and lea is the one true person who can help ventus


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My random list of favorite costumes

               Sandor’s armor (42/??)