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New Cookies on the Block


I was feeling extra festive today, so I built a gingerbread house. It came out rather nicely, and the gingerbread people love it…

Unfortunately they have family coming in for the holidays from a gingerbread house in London so I’ll have to build them a gingerbread bedroom expansion to sleep in, and also extend the gingerbread dinning room to better accommodate them. While I’m at it, it would be a pretty good idea to turn the gingerbread basement into a rec room. You know, something fun for when they have company over?

This is quickly becoming more responsibility than I was hoping to take on right now.

Writing Prompts

So looks like I will be without internet for a few days so I would love to have a few things to work on.  Send me a number and a pairing/character and I will write a short thing (or longish thing if I get carried away or if you have your own prompt feel free). 

  1. “If you’re not nice I won’t let you in my blanket fort”
  2. “I love you and your pretty voice but I just want to sleep right now.”
  3. “This has got to be the stupidest plan you’ve ever come up with.  Of course I’m in!”
  4. “I have a date with destiny.”
  5. “If you don’t stop talking I’m going to have to kiss you.”
  6. “Okay so I lied. People lie all the time.  My parents lied to me about Santa Clause.”
  7. “I have twenty pages left in my book and if you don’t shut up I will do one of the follow: scream, cry, or throw my book at you.”
  8. “You would make a terrible spy.”
  9. “You know I’m starting to see why people say we’re an old married couple.”
  10. “Do you know that was the first time you ever told me you love me?”
  11. “I may have accidentally said something and now my whole family kind of thinks we’re dating. Oops.”
  12. “I don’t see why you’re worried, my family likes you more than me.  I’m not kidding, they told me that.”
  13. “It’s three am, why are you singing pop songs into a hairbrush?”
  14. “You are my teddy bear, so deal with it.”
  15. “Is there any part of you that isn’t bruised?”
  16. “Okay so who do I have to murder?”
  17. “Who is crazier the crazy person or the one who loves them?”
  18. “If anything explodes, I’m leaving.”
  19. “I am not cleaning this up.”
  20. “Stop with the puppy dog eyes, that’s cheating.”
shallura drabble: nightmares

//inspired by my fluffy pre-relationship shallura headcanons//

She knew it would happen again tonight. He was sleeping with his back to her and Allura felt an emptiness where his arm usually hooked around her waist, felt the disappointing lack of his warm chest against hers.

Come back to me, Shiro.

They had been sharing Allura’s bed for some weeks now, and things were… nice. Every evening began with them safely on their opposite sides; Allura on the right, Shiro taking left. But as the nights went on, their unconscious (maybe sometimes just-a-teensy-bit conscious) bodies would end up meeting in the middle: breaths mingling, arms wrapped around each other — but some nights weren’t always so nice.

Allura reached out and pressed her hand onto Shiro’s back, He’s shivering. No, he’s shaking. It’s begun.

It hurt to watch as he curled further into himself— farther away from her. Her hand shifted to his shoulder and she tried to nudge him awake. It didn’t work, it never worked; Shiro couldn’t wake up from a nightmare until it released him. So Allura settled back and watched over him.

Shaking turned into writhing, silence gave way to groans and then cries as Shiro struggled with his demons. Then with a final strangled sob, he jolted awake into Allura’s waiting embrace.

Finally, my paladin… my Shiro, She trailed her hands up and down his arms in an effort to soothe him, then let a hand drift up so that her fingers brushed through his cropped hair while her palm cradled his jaw. Allura tilted Shiro’s head until his darting eyes met hers and moved forward so her brow rested against his.

Her chambers echoed with the sounds of Shiro’s panting. His chest heaved and his breaths rattled in his throat as the terror slowly subsided. Every exhale tickled against Allura’s lips and their faces were so close she could almost taste him.

No, not now. She chastised herself, Stop getting distracted by your emotions, this isn’t the time.

Even in the dark, Allura swore she could see the exact moment when awareness flickered back into Shiro’s wildly-darting eyes. She could stare into those eyes forever. When he recognized where he was, he looked at her desperately as if she were the only thing keeping him tethered to reality. As Allura held his gaze, she heard his breathing steady and knew it was over when he leaned into her touch and brought his own hand up to cup her cheek. She did not know when they both leaned back into bed, only that his hand never left her face that night, and that his arm had returned to its rightful place around her.

She was his princess as much as he was her paladin, and they held onto that knowledge as strongly as they held onto each other.

How to use my sigils

Some people have been asking how they’re supposed to use my sigils, so I’m gonna make it clear.

First of all: My sigils are free to use. Everyone is allowed to use them. It would be nice though if you could credit me if you post them somewhere online.

Now here are the steps to use my sigils:

1. Step: Charge them
I made a post about charging sigils before. You can read it here.

2. Step: Place them
I suggest some ways where to draw them right under each sigil I post, but those are just suggestions. Most important is that you find a place that makes sense. For instance, if the sigil is supposed to work in your dreams or in your sleep, you could place it inside your pillowcase. Find something where a logical connection can be drawn.
Some sigils can be activated instead of placing them. For example a curse sigil can be burned with the hair or a photo of the person you want to curse.
Most of my sigils can be painted on your skin, but that’s not always the best solution.

That’s it! Have fun using them.

Ship Us//Josh Dun

Can you do one where the Reader is a famous actress and everybody is shipping her with Josh and one day Josh accidentally live on TV says that he loves her and then he starts to blush.Thnx


               You had just finished filming for yet another day. You were tired, had makeup gunked on your face and so many hair products sprayed everywhere you’re surprised your neck could take the weight. Right now all you wanted to do was shower then sleep for the night. You stopped at the bathroom quickly to relieve your face of the products splayed across it—to make you look more like your character than yourself. Which was all part of the job, you got to be someone else for a few months. It was a rather nice change from reality.

               “Hey!” Josh smiled, waiting outside the studio for you. This was a pretty usual occurrence. He, being your roommate would pick you up after filming, go grab a bite to eat (even if you swore up and down you weren’t hungry he’d bring you out anyway) then head home. “Ready to get going?” He smiled, which made you feel warm inside. You loved his smile; the way it could like up a room.

               “Very much so. I am exhausted.” You sighed, walking with Josh to the parking lot. You were in the middle of talking about how long of a day you had (considering you had to do one scene over, and over, and over, and over. You lost count of how many times you all filmed it) when 3 kids ran up to you guys. “Hey guys.” You smiled at them, watching as their faces turned all sorts of red as they began blabbing on about how cute you and Josh were together, and how they shipped it. Followed by praises on the work the two of you did in your respective fields, and how big of fans they were. “That’s awesome! Glad to hear you like it.” You laughed softly with them, taking their pen and scratching your signature onto one of their notebooks.

               “You didn’t hang around here all day just for signatures did you?” Josh joked, watching as they shook their heads. Promising that bumping into you was all very good luck on their end. “We’re lucky too. It gets pretty hard just to hang out with people now a days. It goes from 3 people to 300 if you aren’t lucky.” Josh shuddered to himself, mind obviously going back to times on tour when he and Tyler would suddenly be drowning in fans.

               “I would love to stay and talk more, but I am so tired.” You interjected, apologizing as you finished making your way to Josh’s car. Gazing lovingly through the window and at the seat you were about to be sitting in. Your feet longed for the relief that they hadn’t gotten one bit today.

               “I wonder why they all think we’re dating.” Josh laughed once the two of you had begun driving home. “Like we don’t come off that way, do we?” He asked, eyes focusing in front of him. The two of you had discussed this on many different occasions—both confused on why people either thought you two were dating. Or longed for it with their entire being.

               “I’m really not sure if there’s a reason. It might just be because we’re famous and hang out a lot.” You shrugged, resting your head against the glass, the vibrations of the car making their way into your skull.

               “Isn’t that a reason right there? Because we’re famous and hang out a lot.” Josh chuckled, causing you to roll your eyes in response. “That’s two even!” Josh kept laughing to himself, teasing you the whole way home.


               “Just because I mess up once does not give you the right to continually make fun of me!” You giggled, taking another bite of your cereal as Josh attempted to do the same. The two of you were currently on the couch trying to eat (Josh trying to control his laughter; because every time he went to swallow he would choke).

               “You’re perfect Y/N. There is very few things I can tease you with, so I’m going to be holding onto this for a long time.” Josh pointed a finger at you, grinning as he did so. “Filming today?” He asked, taking a spoonful of his cereal while he waited for an answer.

               “No. I was supposed to, but they decided with how yesterday went that it would be best if I took a break. They have plenty of other scenes to film anyway.” You shrugged, looking over at your friend. “Do you have anything planned?” Your heart sunk a little when he nodded. It was very rare that you got days off when Josh was at home—he was usually touring or in the studio when you had time off. Vice versa too—whenever he had free time you were off filming.

               “Interview today. A Q & A type of thing that Mark thought would be cool. It’s going to be livestream though.” You saw Josh’s face fall a little. Though he came off as outgoing and playful—he was rather shy with live interviews. He had nothing to focus on more than not looking stupid in front of the camera (though you fought him that never once did he look stupid). You were happy Tyler was going to be there with him though; after a few questions you knew he would loosen up and get back to his playful, natural state.

               “If it’ll help you at all, I won’t let you know I’m watching.” You offered, receiving a small laugh from the drummer. “I’ll say I’m not going to watch, then go on under a funky screen-name so you won’t realize it’s me.” You smiled at your friend, who’s eyes screamed a silent thank you (considering he was trying to swallow a mouthful of cereal).


               “Okay, next question! This one comes from “Funkyusername”. It says” Tyler started, reading over your question before he spoke. “Where do you guys find inspiration from when preparing for shows?” You watched as both boys pondered for a second. Tyler making a silly joke you didn’t quite catch and Josh automatically saying your name. “Y/N?” Tyler teased, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at the drummer.

               “It’s not like that!” Josh laughed. “She’s just awesome, she makes me feel like I’m at home—even halfway across the world. When she sends me those “Good luck” texts I feel like I can do it, you know?” You watched as the comments blew up with people who shipped the two of you together.

               “Next question is from JoshDun’sHun. Sorry but that title belongs officially to Y/N.” Josh laughed, eyes widening a slight bit when he realized what he said. Though he continued reading—face bright red as he spoke. “What’s the situation between Y/N and you? How come the two of you aren’t official yet?” Josh sucked in a breath, obviously trying to find a way to make up for what he said prior.

               Sorry but that title belongs officially to Y/N. What does that mean?

               “Josh just hasn’t asked yet. I know for a fact that she would say yes if he asked.” Tyler shrugged, trying to scroll through the comments—though the question on everyone’s minds now was “do you love Y/N????”. Tyler smirked before looking over at his bandmate. “So Josh, do you?” When the drummer nodded awkwardly, face a bright shade of red you felt your pulse speed up. Your hands shake.

               Josh had feelings for you.

I’m all alone!!

All my friends are very tired and hopefully sleeping and I’m here aaaaaallll by myself! Cause I’m trying to stay up till 4am again to try to finish this story :) so while I’m working on it and being lonely and productive! I would like to say how amazing and wonderful and nice everyone is!!!

@atomiktaco is really talented and adorable and nice and I wanna give them so many hugs!!! And they’re sick right now so they need lots of love and cuddles!!! So I will try my best to give them all the love!!!

@jiminy-krispies is really nice and kind and really fun to talk to and perfect for making evil backstories with and I always really love talking to them!! They’re trying to fix their sleep schedule right now so they need hugs and support and maybe a little nagging! Just a little!

@angstphilosophy is really cool and they draw awesome stuff and they ‘try’ to be super tough against demons but they’re too cute and all the demons just wanna hug them!!! (I know I certainly do anyways ^-^)

@tintas-galhadas is super awesome and talented and amazing at coming up with angst!!! Like really really good!!! And I always love reading their stuff cause it’s so cool!!! And they always like to tease jiminy which is very fun to watch :)) they deserve lots of affection and hugs too!! Cause even edgy people need cuddles!!!

@ask-shaula in #61
That’s last drawing for today. It’s 12pm (or am? I always forgot. It’s 0:00 right now) I shall go to sleep. Have a nice day guys.

It’s weird coming home after a looong ass day on top of a looong week at work (like 10 consecutive days)

and seeing all the med students posting about studying. 

I hated studying and being a student, while I was a student.
(less so by final year, where I’d mastered the art of minimal studying and maximal relaxation if possible as a student). 

But right now, I really wouldn’t mind long hours or a full day at the library. Just chilling with the books

Residency is not what I thought it would be.
Everyone says it’s hard. 
It’s hard in ways I never would have imagined.

Some days or weeks I’m so exhausted I can’t remember how to feel anything. 

the floor just seems really nice to sleep on

Sleepless Nights with BTS

Hello~ how would bts react if their gf had not been able to sleep for a couple days (I haven’t slept in like two) BTW your blog is so great you’re so nice and your reactions are rlly detailed and cute thank you for your hard work<<<3333

This anon made me really happy!! ^^ I love you anon <3 let’s be friends!

Suga: He would wake up yet again, feeling you twist and turn in bed, unable to sleep, for the second night in a row. He would sigh, a little annoyed that you woke him up, but would push his feelings aside because right now you needed him, and his sleep could wait. He turned over to face you, his eyes still not fully open, and you’d shoot him an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t sleep” You’d whisper, caressing his cheek with the back of your hand.

“It’s the second night in a row Y/N, something must be worrying you. You know you can tell me everything right?” He whispered back, leaning into your hand, and pushing your hair away from your face.

“I’m just stressed. College, work, extra assignments, it’s all getting to me and I just can’t handle it anymore” you confessed, voice shaky and weak as a couple of salty tears rolled down your cheek. He looked at you with sad eyes, and very gently he leaned towards you, and kissed your tears away.

“Jagi… Don’t cry… If your job is stressing you just quit. You are living with me; I can support you until you are done with college so you can concentrate on that. That’s not a problem. How about we go on holiday? After your exams I mean, just the two of us? Let’s go somewhere” He told you, playing with your hair as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Really? Just us?” You asked him, your lips beginning to curve upwards into a smile.

“Yeah, where would you want to go?” He asked you, and you thought about it for a minute, giving him the exact name of your dream holiday location. After this, he began planning it all out for you two, with your head resting on his chest, until your breathing slowed down, and he knew you had finally managed to get some sleep.

Jimin: “Jagi are you sure you are okay?” He would ask worriedly at his laptop, after an hour of the both of you Skyping he still wasn’t convinced. The quality of your camera wasn’t the best, but he could still see the purple circles begin to form under your eyes, and your skin look paler than usual, but without the glow that accompanied it. You could see his brow begin to furrow with concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine…” You lied, not being able to look at his face on your screen, and he knew you were lying.

“Don’t lie to me Y/N. I can see something isn’t okay. Tell me baby, what’s wrong?” He’d ask you, concern laced around his words.

“I just haven’t been sleeping much for the past few days” You told him, although you knew it was a bit of an understatement, since you hadn’t slept at all for days now.

“Why baby?” he asked you, a sad and worried look taking over his eyes.

“I… I can’t sleep without you here” You told him, a blush creeping onto your cheeks. You saw both an overload of cuteness, and a flash of guilt and sadness battle for dominance of both his heart and his facial features.

“Jagi… I will be there tomorrow… Just hold on for one more day. I promise you tomorrow you can sleep in my arms” He told you, and you smiled honestly for the first time in weeks since he had left.

Rap Monster: he would be worried once he saw your state, completely exhausted but yet nervous, with dark circles under your eyes, and slow movements of your body, as if it had suddenly become twice as heavy. At first he would be unsure what to do, he would consider buying you sleeping pills, but he was sure that wouldn’t be a good idea in the long run. He would be cuddling in bed with you, noticing how after three hours you still hadn’t managed to relax yet, when he finally decided it was enough.

He pushed you gently so you were lying in bed on your back, and he straddled you, rubbing your back with his large hands. You groaned in pleasure. He could feel just how tense you were as soon as his skin touched yours. He kept rubbing his hands down your back, pressing his thumb down, rubbing circles into your skin, making all of your stress come undone, and dissolve away into his touch. You sighed, your eyes fluttering shut, and soon your breathing became heavy and slow. After a couple of minutes, he nudged you with his hand, and chuckled, removing the loose strands of hair from your face. You had finally managed to get some rest.

Jin: He would go into full eomma mode. He would come home late from practice, finding you crouched over your text books, highlighter in one hand, and pen in the other, with the desk light pointing straight at the paper. He’d hear you groan in frustration, as you tried to remember all of the information, and he would become angry.

“Okay that’s enough!” He scolded you, as he took away the pen and highlighter away from your hands, and closed your books. Ignoring your cries.

“You haven’t slept for days, I know this test is important, but your health is more important to me. How do you expect to do well if you cannot even concentrate on the exam paper because you are so tired? Come to bed with me” He would tell you, giving you a stern look that you did not dare to question. He dragged you to the room, pushing you towards the bed, and undressing himself as you followed suit. He lay down in bed, and patted to your side of the bed. You happily complied, snuggling up against his chest, as he rubbed soothing circles onto your back, whispering sweet words in your ears until you finally allowed sleep to take over you.

J-Hope: He would wake up in the middle of the night, and feel a rush of cold air beside him. He would look to your side of the bed and notice it being empty. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and stood up, not even bothering to put his boxers back on. He saw light coming from your living room, and quickly but quietly shuffled towards the room. He saw you on the couch, curled around a pillow, eyes wide and red from lack of sleep, watching a movie that he could not even recognize.

“Babe come back to bed…” He would whisper, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

“Hobi! Did you wake up? I’m sorry, I just couldn’t sleep, and I didn’t want to bother you…” You told him, shooting him an apologetic look.

“You know… There is something we could do back in bed, that would surely tire you out enough to help you sleep” He told you with a suggestive smirk plastered on his face, as he trailed his index finger up your arm, and you grinned, quickly getting up and giving his full body one hungry look, before darting towards your room, with J-Hope hot on your heels.

V: He would watch you sitting in your living room, a stressed expression creasing your forehead, and he would sigh, he knew exactly what had happened. You had argued with your family once again, because they didn’t accept your relationship with him, and tried to convince you to leave him once more.  He knew you struggled, you loved him with all your heart, and you didn’t want to leave him, but it hurt you to have your family upset with you.

He rushed to the kitchen, and prepared you a hot drink, before he walked over to you on the sofa.

“Here, drink this” He told you, handing you the cup before wiping away the tears on your cheeks with the tips of his fingers. You nodded.

“You know… I love you. I’m sorry your family doesn’t like me, I don’t know what else to do, but I’m happy that you are here. I love you, and I promise I will always take care of you, and love you the best that I can. They’ll have to accept that eventually” He told you, and you looked up at him, eyes glistening, and a smile tugging at the corners of your face.

“You mean that Tae?” You asked him, a playful look in your eyes.

“Yes, of course I do” He replied solemnly. You smiled at him, and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down with you onto the sofa. He spooned you, holding you close. He spent the rest of the night singing love songs into your ears before you fell asleep, a smile still on your lips.

Jungkook: He wouldn’t know what to do when you told him you hadn’t slept for a couple of days. He would be worried, and sad, but he couldn’t come up with anything to help you fall asleep. He tried making you some tea, but that didn’t make you any sleepier. He tried counting sheep for you, but you still twisted and turned in your sleep, so in the end he just gave up.

Instead, he helped you build a fort out of sheets in your living room, with pillows acting as protective barriers, and hid in it with you, while you played videogames. If he couldn’t help you sleep, he would stay up all night with you to keep you company. He was tired, he was aching from practice, but he couldn’t bring himself to let you suffer your insomnia alone. So you both stayed up all night, watching movies, challenging each other to videogames, and eating popcorn until the early rays of sunshine shone through your window, onto both of your sleeping figures curled up against each other. You had finally found your peace.

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based on this request (x) // warning: swearing 

You opened up your geography book. All you had in mind was how nice it would be to take a nap right now. You’ve been up all night since your best friend Nick kept you from sleeping. He watched the season finale of The Walking Dead and his favorite character died in the last scene, so he seemed to think he could keep you awake all night to tell you what kind of bullshit the finale was. Something like that was more likely typical of you but now you know how annoying it is. 

And now, you had your least favorite class, so it would be the perfect time to take a nap if you wouldn’t sit in the front row right in front of the teacher. Your teacher called out the pairings for the next bigger project you would be doing. Secretly you hoped to work with Nick but you knew that your teacher wouldn’t let that happen. He already sat you on different seats, far away from each other, so you stopped talking during the lessons. “I decided to make things easier, you work together with the person who’s sitting right next to you” your teacher announced insanely proud as if he had the idea of the year. 

You glanced at your partner Alex. At least you had somebody nice. Alex was a football player but he was probably the nicest that ever existed in your school. “So, seems like we’re going to work together” Alex smiled at you. You smiled back at him and nodded. 

While you had no problem to work with Alex, Nick eyed you two like he was ready to kill Alex on the spot. Even if this was just a science project. The guy right next to his best friend was a god damn football player and you two would probably work together after school at home. Nick didn’t even want to imagine what could happen. The idea of Alex and you together made him wanna puke. Not because he didn’t allow you but because you two looked the perfect couple. Alex was the perfect guy for you; tall, popular, polite and protective. And you looked the perfect girl for him; natural, nice, helpful and extremely good-looking. This wouldn’t end good. 

Day 1: Alex and you met to talk about your project. Everything worked perfectly out and you two were glad to get it done as fast as you could. Yet Nick didn’t reply to all of your texts the whole day. Maybe he was busy, you thought to not bring yourself down. 

Day 2: Normally Nick was always earlier at school and came to your car as soon as you parked because you got the morning coffee for both of you. This morning Alex came instead to tell you he wouldn’t made it to your meeting today because he had an important football training. You told him it was alright and ended up giving him the other coffee since Nick never came. In the afternoon you called him at least five times but every time the mailbox answered. 

Day 3: Alex and you worked on your project at his house. His dad invited you to stay for dinner since he wanted to grill. You texted Nick if he wanted to meet up. If he only had answer, you had deny the invitation but in the end you stayed there and had a good time with Alex’s family. 

Day 4: Nick didn’t came in the morning to your car and you shared your coffee with Alex again. You cancelled your meeting with him since you wanted to know what was up with Nick and drove to his house, only to get told by his mother that he wasn’t at home, even though in his room was the light on and his car was standing in the driveway. 

Day 5: Nick was ignoring you the whole day, even when you tried to talk with him during P.E. You drove Alex home and picked him up later to drive through the city and take photos at the best places for your project. 

Day 6: Today you brought the second coffee especially for Alex and not Nick. He invited you to the next football game and you happily thanked him for the invitation. You met Nick at your lockers today during lunch and eyed him for a second. He didn’t waste one glance at you. Suddenly you felt like you should stop caring about this bullshit if he was acting like that. 

Day 7: Your mom firstly asked you about Nick and why he hasn’t been in your house for a while now. You told her that he was busy. With a accepting nod, she told you how much she liked Alex and that he would make a great boyfriend. You smiled at little and your heart hurt. You missed your best friend. 

Day 8: You went to the football game Alex invited you to and cheered for him. It made you feel better than you felt yesterday. 

Day 9: You couldn’t focus during your projects and apologized more than thirty times to Alex. He said everybody has a bad day here and there before he left you alone, so you could get some rest. All you did was looking at old photos of Nick and you. 

Day 10: You had enough. If he really needs to ignore you then you at least deserve a good reason for that. You drove to earlier to school to catch him. You hide a bit away from his usual parking spot and walked fast to it as soon as he parked his car. Nick rolled his eyes as he saw you but you didn’t care. You grabbed him by the wrists to stop him from walking away. 

“Are you fucking serious right now?” you almost yelled at him and tighten your grip. “Why are you ignoring me?” 

Nick glanced firstly at your hand around his wrists and then at you. “Could you please let go of me?” he asked annoyed. 

“No” you exclaimed. “Because you will only walked away again like you did the whole last week. What is wrong with you? Have I done something wrong to you or why are you acting like an asshole?” 

You didn’t meant to call him an asshole but you were more than angry at him. You two were best friends since a life time and now, suddenly he was ignoring you. “Answer me” you begged him angrier as wanted. 

“Why don’t you just go back to your boyfriend and stop annoying me!?” he asked you. 

You frowned. “What are you talking about?” 

Nick freed his hand out of yours before he turned around and walked away. “Go back to Alex, Y/N” 

You sighed and ran in front of him to stop him with your whole body. “Please Nick, stop walking away from me and talk to me. You’re my best friend, remember?” your voice broke. 

Nick glanced at you as you continued talking. “Are you acting so weird because Alex and I are working at the geography project together?” 

Nick didn’t answer but you knew it was the reason why. “There’s nothing you have to be jealous-” Nick cut you off. “I’m not jealous!” 

“Of course” you replied. “Seriously Nick, there’s nothing you have to be jealous at. Alex and I are just friends and he knows exactly that I’m not interested in him. Actually he told me that he was kind of terrified to still work with me because you’ve been looking at him like you want to kill him” 

A laugh escaped your lips. “I’m not dating him and I don’t want to date him” 

“And why do hang out with him so often?” Nick asked quietly. 

You smiled. “Because you stopped hanging out with me. He was just being polite”

Nick stay silent but you grabbed both of his hands into yours. “Back to normal?” you asked him. 

A smile grew on his face. “Back to normal, I promise” With that you leaned forward and hugged him tight. 

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x favorite book: the help
x favorite flower: carnations
x favorite scent: lavender and cherry blossom
x favorite color: orange atm
x favorite animal: otters
x coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: lemon tea
x average sleep hours: like 6+ ?
x cat or dog person: both
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Rhyiona (not sure I spelled that right):

1. Who is the early bird/ Who is the night owl? they will both sleep for as long as absolutely possible. fiona forces rhys to get up first
6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day? rhys shakes fiona awake in the middle of the night. “we would never have met if i didn’t get demoted to janitor,” he says. “that’s nice,” fiona says, “i’m going back to sleep now”
7. Who sweats the small stuff? like in a weird way….. fiona??? “you can do this thing i can’t” small stuff gets to her. rhys is just way better at so many things, mainly because he grew up on a civilised planet, and had an education, and did all those things that develop basic skills that fiona never got. she sweats it.
18. Who is a cat person/ Who is a dog person? i feel like neither exist on pandora but fiona would 100% love dogs and rhys would really love cats. not that they’d dislike the other animal. let them get a pet
19. Who loves to call the other one cute names? rhys does it sometimes and fiona mocks him for it So Much but she actually loves it ?? why did she mock him ?? he’s not doing it anymore this is so depressing ?? she’s gotta find some way to tell him she actually liked it 
21. Who has an obsession (over anything)? this is so wildly vague. they’re both quite obsessive people but rhys more so than fiona i think
23. Who asks who out on the first date? fiona asks rhys i’m calling it. but it wasn’t supposed to be a Date
24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener? they’re both talkers. shut up. pay more attention to each other. (they pay so much attention to each other it’s kinda gross
27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower? fiona takes long showers and rhys sings i’m calling it
28. Who is the book worm? fiona can’t read and rhys has everything digitally scanned into his brain. suffice to say, neither
29. Who is the better cook? hdsgjkdsl fiona’s dealt with Base Ingredients her whole life and something tells me sasha was better in the cooking section of their lives but RHYS has never cooked a meal in his life, everything has been provided to him, whether by parents or canteens or whatever he’s just ??? what is a saucepan
31. Who is more affectionate? rhys, openly
32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation? they probably never actually Mean to have long conversations but it just happens. they click pretty well
33. Who would wear “not guilty” t-shirt/ Who would wear “sin” t-shirt? rhys in the “not guilty” fiona in the “sin”. easy.
34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt? RHYS IN THE “IF LOST RETURN TO” SHIRT AND FIONA IN THE “YOU CAN KEEP HIM” SHIRT
38. Who likes to star gaze? answered this!! but i said rhys
41. Who cries during sad movies? rhys. lowkey fiona
45. Who is more likely to get drunk? rhys is more of a lightweight if this is what this means……but they’d both happily GET drunk
48. Who loses stuff? fiona loses rly random things but rhys loses the same few items, consistently, like every day
49. Who is the driver/ Who is the passenger? fiona drives def. or sasha if she’s there
50. Who is the hopeless romantic? rhys ?????? but like fiona Loves it??

Craig: Thanks. I’m okay. A little drained, but otherwise. I actually got a lot of messages like this, and I wanna thank you guys for like… helping me. It’s been kinda nice to have people to talk to. So, thanks for that. And for 700 followers, I did not expect that one! hah…
Craig: So, I’m at Clyde’s house right now. He sort of demanded that I spend the night on his couch after my stupid break down earlier. Um… I’m sorry about that. I don’t usually… cry. So, yeah. Sorry… 
Craig: But I can’t sleep, so more questions and stuff would be cool. 
Craig: And, uh. Thanks again. 

LOYAL || Mafia!Seungcheol [Chp 7: Epilogue]

BLURB: In which SVT is the Robin Hood of mafia gangs and you’re the gang leader’s little sister.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, romance, family

WORDS: 743

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (pt. I) | 6 (pt. II) | 7 [Epilogue]

You wouldn’t leave your room for the next few weeks. You didn’t want to eat or shower or talk to anyone. You only woke up to avoid the headaches you get from sleeping too much.

Somehow, you knew it was entirely your fault. If you hadn’t gone with Chan Woo, if you hadn’t defied your brother’s orders, he would still be alive right now.

You would still have your oppa…

It killed you every day that you had killed your own brother.

You hated how the gang was so nice to you. They tried to comfort you and cracked lame jokes and brought you food as if you deserved their love. Couldn’t they tell what a monster you were? How could they be so kind to someone who killed their own brother? You hated it so much that every time someone tried to enter your room or talk to you, you would throw a fit and fling stuff at them.

That never stopped Seungcheol, though.

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