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Working through work stuff this morning. I keep considering writing things and then not. Mostly just feeling a little over-saturated with current events, trying to be a little mindful of how/where I’m engaging with it all right now. Just kind of feeling restless and a little blah. Might (very likely) help if our children would grant us a good night of sleep for once. It’s mid-50′s here today and we’re supposed to get a boatload of snow on Friday. Winter? Spring? Somewhere in between it seems.

Okay so I’ve seen a bunch of this circling around and it got me thinking so here is what I thought about episode 9:

It is very concerning for Viktor to return to Japan, presumably by himself. Because you think that maybe Viktor is upset, but the thing is why would he go back to Japan since he is already in his home country? Or possibly since Russia saw his entire show of kissing Yuri, he needs the escape as you can assume Russia might dislike him or his career there may plummet or he may recieve bad publicity / teasing. However, there is one logical thing as to why Viktor would go back to Japan.

The only logical thing is Makkachin.

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Makkachin is already an elderly dog, presumably 12 to 15 years old. Viktor,  as we know, loves his dog with all his heart as he sleeps with Makkachin right besides him,said good byes like you would to a family member, and literally put the effort forth to bring him to Japan. Now all of you may be freaking out as to why in the name of everything good and gay would they kill off the precious poodle as it would destroy Viktor.

But it actually makes a lot of sense why they would have Makkachin die of old age. 

I always found it curious as to why the death of Yuuri’s poodle Vicchan was brought up frequently in the first few episodes. It was a nice mention as to gauge how it effected Yuuri, but you have Yuuri constantly thinking of Vicchan, apologized at one point, and has merch of a poodle with his dogs name on it that you see in every episode.

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I think that if Makkachin were to die, Viktor would be at a complete loss with no one to console him as Makkachin was the closest thing Viktor has that we know of and Makkachin could be seen as the thing that consoled Viktor when he was stressed or upset. But there would be someone to console him.

And that someone would be Yuuri. 

Yuuri can understand very well how it feels to lose the dog you love as he lost Vicchan not that long ago. This can give a moment of bonding for the pair as Yuuri is there to support Viktor through his loss and console him in anyway possible and to also make sure he doesn’t fall into any depression Yuuri himself had experienced.

I am not wishing for any death to come to Makkachin because perhaps the Katsuki family can call and say that Makkachin went missing rather than falling ill or dying and Viktor goes to find him.

All I can say is I am almost 100 percent sure Makkachin is the reason Viktor returns to Japan.

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BTS as Air Hostesses
  • Jin: *another hostess goes to make an announcement* *pushes her out of the way* "BITCH NO. THIS IS MY PLANE NOW." *applies 50 layers of lip gloss before making announcement*
  • Suga: "Good evening everybody, I would like to announce that... Fuck it. Goodnight." *straps self into an empty seat and sleeps the entire flight*
  • J-Hope: "If you look over to your right you will see the beautiful sun. To your left is a lot of fluffy cute clouds. If you choose to look down below then you will notice that we are flying extREMELY HIGH OMG" *starts panicking and screaming*
  • Rap Monster: "-and I hope you all have a safe, happy flight" *plane crashes* *everyone dies except Rapmon* "Fuck."
  • Jimin: "We have a selection of exotic butters and marmalades but no jams. Sorry. I mean, I have jams. But this plane doesn't."
  • V: "To the little boy in seat 17B playing Pokemon Go even though he is most definitely not allowed to because *ehem* this an airplane and all mobile devices should be on flight mode... what team are you on?"
  • Jungkook: *sneaks into pilot's cockpit* *knocks out pilot and starts flying plane* "Excuse me everybody, but this is your new pilot, Mr Jeon Jungkook, but you can all call me the Golden Pilot. Thank you." *blasts G-Dragon while sipping banana milk like a boss*

Isn’t it crazy how when you were younger and people would ask what you looked for in a love, you would describe physical features? “ I want him to be tall, have blue eyes and a great smile! Tons of muscles and athletic!”

How naive we all were. How unknown to heartbreak and loss we were. What it felt like to have the air sucked out of your lungs, a pit in your stomach. The constant puffy eyes from crying and the loss of sleep. The repeated questions running through your mind from the lack of closure. Most of all the way it would make us feel as a human. The self doubt and self consciousness that we aren’t good enough to love. That we are too much of a person or too little. That maybe we didn’t have the curves in all the right places like the girls in the magazines do. That maybe if we just changed ONE thing it would have made them stay.

Now that I’m older, when someone asks me what I look for in a love, I tell them that I just want someone who will love me the way I deserve to be loved.



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I WILL NEVER FORGET HER // A Farewell Rucas Fanmix (LISTEN)

01. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Sleeping At Last
Even though my life before was tragic, now I know my love for her goes on.

02. God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton
A divine conspiracy that you, an angel lovely could somehow fall for me.

03. Right Here, Right Now - High School Musical Cast
Where you are is where I should be too.

04. Shouldn’t Be A Good In Goodbye - Jason Walker
If I never had you I know that I still would’ve mourned you.

05. Anywhere But Here - SafetySuit
I’d rather be anywhere but here without you.

06. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Acoustic) - ZAYN
I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home.

07. If I Could Fly - One Direction
If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you.

08. Wings - Birdy
I just wanna be by your side if these wings could fly.

09. Beside You - 5 Seconds Of Summer
My heart wants to come home. I wish I was beside you.

10. Can I Have This Dance - High School Musical Cast
Even a thousand miles can’t keep us apart ‘cause my heart is wherever you are.

11. All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran
I can see the stars from America. I wonder, do you see them, too?

Stressed Out

Word Count: 1,520

Characters: Wendy Corduroy, Stanford Pines, Stanley Pines (mentioned)

A/N: I kind of wrote this quickly to get my mind off of things. Also, I haven’t really seen anything over Wendy and Ford bonding or anything, so - I kind of whipped this up? Dunno if it’s considered ooc, but - we all know Wendy’s pretty stressed all the time, so I thought some comforting from Ford would be a good thing to write over? Oh well, hope you guys enjoy reading! ;v;

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Believe In You

Okay!! I’m back with another request!! This one came from a wonderful anon!! I hope you enjoy it, darling!!! 

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Pairing: Dolph Ziggler x Reader
Summary: Tonight is Dolph’s Title vs. Career match against the Miz. Leading up to it, you had a fight that had put you guys in a funk. 

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You were on edge.

Your boyfriend Dolph had decided that it was a good idea for him to put his career on the line against the Miz. If he won, he’d win the Intercontinental Championship and keep his job, but if he lost…

You didn’t even want to think about that right now. Tonight, Dolph was set to face the Miz and you had literally been losing sleep over this day. You were terrified at the aspect that he could lose tonight and that’s the last thing you wanted for him. He loved wrestling and it would kill you to see him lose this.

You once made the mistake in voicing your worries to him about this match.

“Dolph, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, this is a big thing for you to put on the line.” You said after you had finished pacing.

“Of course I’m sure, Y/N. If I can’t rise to the occasion for my career? I don’t deserve to be here.” Dolph replied as he removed the tape from his wrists.

“But I mean, what’s your plan if you lose?”

Dolph paused for a moment. His eyes went from his wrist to you.

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Really really really quick sketch before sleep, more Steven Universe…and a bunch of things to think.

My life is a bit…hmm…messy? Upside down? People around me can’t see it but I think it’s best the way it is, I know I’m really great in stay inside my shell and would be good to talk to some friends about what’s going on, but…I just don’t want it, not right now.

Feeling a bit melancholy, a bit lonely, a bit…thoughtful.

she wants to say ‘i love you’
but she keeps it to ‘goodnight’
because love will mean some falling
and shes afraid of heights
she wants to run and kiss him
But she keeps to a simple “hi”
Because what if he rejects her
And then she would lose her mind
She wants to stay forever
But she knows he’s no good
Because he does some bad things
And she knows she never could
She wants to be okay
But she know it won’t happen
Because love doesn’t treat her right
And she’s stuck in this madness
She wants to go to sleep
But she knows she won’t awake
Because the medicine is all gone
And it’s now twenty five past eight
She wonder would he miss her
But she knows he doesn’t see
Because he left without a warning
And now she goes to sleep
He wants to hear I love you
But now he can’t get a goodnight
Because he fell in love
And she was scared of heights
He wants to run and kiss her
But he can’t do that anyways
Because she is still sleeping
And she won’t wake up today
He wonders why she did
But he now remembers why
Because he left without a warning
And now he begins to cry
He wants to reverse time
But he knows he cannot
Because his love is now dead
And at twenty five past eight his mother heard a shot

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Last movie you saw: The Lego Batman Movie

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Last show you watched: The Clone Wars

Last book you read: Brisingr by Christopher Paolini

Last thing you ate: A gluten-free blueberry muffin, which………actually was really good???? (Maybe I’ve just been so deprived, idk.)

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be: I’m pretty content where I am, but I wouldn’t mind being in Paris. :)

When would you time travel to: Victorian England

First thing you would do with lottery money: Pay off my student loans

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day:  Daisy Johnson

Time right now: 4:15am Shhhhh…..night shift sleep schedule, remember? ;)

you can trust me (to let you down) || sumin + tabi

he sits down beside sumin without even saying anything for the longest time, not really sure what to even start a conversation about. he’s not entirely sure if words or sentences are even a good idea right now, considering how sad she looks. maybe she doesn’t think so, but if anyone at this school knows what sad looks like, it’s choi fucking seunghyun. he lives his life in the realm of sadness, eats breakfast there and sleeps there. he wants to help sumin but she’s been so closed off this past year, so many things must have happened to her.

he doesn’t know what though, and he’s not sure he would be able to fix anything if he did find out. he’s not really good at anything, can’t even stand to watch girls cry, which is why he’s sort of hoping she doesn’t. she probably won’t though, she doesn’t seem like the crying type. they’ve only had a few brief conversations all year, but each one has been pleasant enough and he just wants her to know that he’s here for her if she ever needs him. when she looks over at him, he tries to tell her that through his eyes, tries to let her know that she’s not as alone as she thinks, that maybe his hands are really big and weird, and maybe he’s not the most attractive guy in the room, but he cares the most. he puts a hand carefully next to hers resting on the table before them, wanting contact but not sure if she does. “you seemed lonely. i just wanted to tell you, you look really lovely in your dress.”



Dani hadn’t been able to sleep at all no matter how much she had tried once she had woken up from her nightmare in a panic. She knew that she wouldn’t have been able to, but it would have been nice if her body could have proven her wrong. The only thing that was helping her right now were the drugs and nicotine in her system, but with the long day ahead of them, it was even harder to be in a good mood. “Are we stopping for coffee soon?” Dani asked while Santana pulled out of the motel parking lot. “I need a really fucking big coffee.”

“Stay” -GOT7 (Moriagatte Yo album track) English Translation

The day we met, we were waiting at the bus stop at the same time

It was morning, and you caught me running, trying to smooth my bed-hair with my hand

Even now I can recall you saying “Good Morning” with a laugh

There was a feeling of closeness despite the distance between us

“What is this feeling? It’s warm”

Ahh, such a day became an important part of the past

I’ll be right here, like this

It would be good if time managed to stop

Against my will I’ve cried over it often

I’ll be right here, like this

After completely becoming an adult, if you swear you have no regrets

I wonder if that’s enough?

I am finding the life now

Things like “this is sad” or “this is useless” aren’t worth worrying about

The thing to remember is why I liked only you

Even now telling you wouldn’t seem sufficient enough

While trying to fall sleep in my room during those days

No matter how lonely, there was also love this way

Your smile may no longer be in front of my eyes

But this year again, I’m thinking back to you

I’ll see you when I see you

It’s not even that I can’t say my heart’s never made mistakes

Or that it’s always been wise

I’ll see you when I see you

Is it bad if it doesn’t have this kind of ending?

Just one more time, the you that was waiting at that place, on that day…

I wanna see you

Someone I get to meet incidentally in every day life

Things that might seem trivial, I want to be able to share them with you

If I have that, I won’t need anything else

How many times did I say I wish I could see you, but I couldn’t be heard?

Even to the photo album, “Goodbye” is something that can’t be said

I’ll be right here, like this

Against my will, I’ve cried over it often

I’ll be right here, like this

After completely becoming an adult,

if you swear you have no regrets

I wonder if that’s enough?

I’m finding the life, now

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He saw how upset she was but he didn’t know what he could do about it. There was nothing he could do about it, he supposed.  ”Okay,” he agreed when she said she was going to sleep. That was probably the best thing for her after all.

He left the room then, fairly sure she didn’t want him there. He wanted around the house a bit, finally settling on sewing in the living room. He really needed to get a second spinning wheel and but it in his house here. Because really sewing wasn’t dong a good job at helping him right now. Though he supposed nothing would. Not after everything he’d done. 

The passing demon returned to her bedroom to sleep with her lovely wife, after that long day, she’ll need a good night sleep. If anything, she was still pissed off from hearing what had happened. How some poachers took away her family like that, if they were here right now, the passing demon will do more than polite violence to them, as she went to sleep.

The passing demon was only woken up a number of hours later by a sweet smell, a smell that she knew was coming from the kitchen, looks like the promise was kept, the passing demon normally would hate to be woken up, but this time, being woken by food wasn’t such a bad thing. As the passing demon made her way to the kitchen, still in her sleep wear, the other was family after all, so she didn’t mind if she saw her in them.


Taking a day off was something really uncommon in Ethan’s life, but his direct boss had told him that every worker had to take a certain amount of time off and he couldn’t be the exception. Just like with his vacation, where the University had to force him each year to take a few days off. He would usually use those days for a road trip with his brother, go up North and visit the family, and he didn’t mind, at all. But those were planned trips and not unexpected days off like the one he was experiencing right now. He felt a little lost. He could be at home reading a book, playing some piano, making sure to rest, even get some more sleep, but his brother always insisted about how he should do things out of his comfort zone, and he decided today was a good day to try it out… Except he was already regretting it. Ethan wasn’t a social guy, he wouldn’t start a random conversation out of nowhere and he just didn’t know what Nate expected him to do. So while he contemplated the many ways of doing something different that day, he had ordered a coffee and  was sitting alone in a table,, almost hoping something would happen that would force him go back home… That until someone caught his attention.

  • says: im fine
  • means: what is this video that they are going to post maybe it's Phan maybe it's FFNAF4 but that would be on DanandPhilGames on AmazingPhil so I'm very confused and also why am I up at 4 am being freaked out anything I should be sleeping for the terror that will become of me when I watch the video. If it was spon they would have tweeted about it by now. Dan was freaked out at the Live Show so it could be serious. I hope it's good news or else i will not only be crying for an hour, i will be crying for eternity. please do not be Bye Internet no that would not be okay they are the best thing right now please please just be happy even if it's a denial-phan video it still means their happy. just be nice to them okay whatever happens they deserve our love. hell theyre probably watching all of this go down. happy shitstorm thursday everybody.

I never ever thought I’d have this many followers. You are so incredible, it hurts, in a good way. I’m smiling so much right now. (And I would take a better photo if it wasn’t 9am and in the woods. Plus sleeping in tents isn’t the most beauty boosting thing.) I could just pour my heart out here, but battery is running low and I need to get back to scouting. So many hugs from the smoke and dirt smelling scout. Love you.

Hello everyone, 

Been so busy with the new baby. Jason and I are lacking sleep but we are still in awe of this tiny human we brought into the world. We can only hope we give her a good life and prepare her for things to come. 

Sophia is taking to breastfeeding more and more. From reading about it, I thought it would be harder but it seems I’m lucky so far. 

We have had loads of family stop by and we’ve had such wonderful support from them and my co-workers. 

Loving life right now.