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Devotion (Part II)

Decided to kinda run with this storyline! Hope no one minds hehe. A bit of a love triangle introduced between Sirius x Remus x Aileen (OC).  Enjoy! 😘

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No sooner had Sirius’s eyes shut under the heavy weight of sleep than they flew back open again at the sound of the portrait creaking.  He remained deathly still, very aware of the girl asleep in his arms, as he watched two figures stumble through the opening.  One was half supporting the other.

“Prongs?  Moony? Is that you?” his voice came out as little more than a whisper.

“We’re here, Padfoot,” James spoke a little louder, helping Remus over to the couch where Sirius sat cradling Aileen.  In the dull light of the fire, Remus’s eyebrows knit together.  As if sensing Remus’s exhaustion, James vocalized his thoughts.

“What’s she doing here then?” James’s voice was lower as he studied the small girl curled up against Sirius’s chest.  Sirius cleared his throat softly when Remus interrupted.

“What did you do to her?” his low, gruff voice, clearly riddled with exhaustion, rung with a hint of irritation.  He searched Aileen’s face.  Sirius blinked.

“Nothing!  I mean…I was only keeping her company,” he looked down at the girl and brushed a fine stand of hair from her forehead.  Remus shifted uncomfortably; seeing his best friend entangled in the girl he’d been secretly pining over ran his throat dry.  

Ever since they’d spent an all-nighter study session together in the library, Remus wired and exhausted and Aileen patient and everlastingly sweet, he’d grown incredibly fond of her.  Although her outer beauty initially drew him, boasting waist-length white gold hair and bright blue eyes, he more so appreciated the beauty she possessed inside. She was demure, she was caring, she was witty, and she was kind.  He knew it to be a frivolous effort to pursue her romantically, though, as he saw the way everyone at school looked at her; even Sirius, who sat there now with his arms around her, glued his eyes to her whenever she walked by.  

Remus knew she had grown tired of the constant attention, so he unwittingly settled into the role of best friend, though never letting go of his hope.  He couldn’t help feeling almost betrayed; by whom, he wasn’t sure.

Sirius’s low voice broke him from his thoughts:

“She knows, y’know.”  Remus’s eyes flew open and fixed on Sirius’s cool demeanor.

“What do you mean?” he snapped quietly, worriedly.  How could she ever be friends with him again knowing he was a monster?  James’s eyebrows shot up.

“She knows about Moony? …About what he is?”  Remus nearly flinched as he was reminded of his abnormality.  Worry beat harshly through his veins.

“Sorry, sorry,” James gripped Remus’s shoulder, before meeting Sirius’s gaze. “But really she knows?”

Sirius nodded and sighed.

“Poor thing waited up for you…for us.”  Aileen’s chest rose and fell steadily as she slept on in Sirius’s arms. Remus’s breath hitched in his throat in realization; his heart softened as he gazed upon the kind, caring girl. Even in sleep, she was radiant, even ethereal, Remus thought.  She waited for me.  She wanted to know I was safe.

“Should we wake her and take her home then?” James yawned himself.

“No,” Remus and Sirius spoke almost in unison, and then looked to each other almost incredulously.

“I just don’t want to wake her,” Sirius clarified, playfully scoffing. Truth be told, he quite enjoyed falling asleep with his own perfect slice of heaven wrapped in his arms.

“She can bunk with me,” Remus piped in.  James and Sirius looked at him, eyebrows raised.  He blushed.

“I mean, I’ll take the floor.  I don’t mind…she’s stayed over before.  I wanna make sure she’s okay,” he murmured, heat rising to his cheeks.  Sirius stiffened.  Although he knew of the close friendship Remus shared with Aileen, a bit of possessiveness sparked under Sirius’s skin.  

He longed to prolong the feeling of her small body curled up against his.  He longed to continue the feeling of contentedness she provided him.  He’d never felt drawn to someone in such a way before.  Physically, she was everything and more that he normally lusted after.  But this was different, and it certainly threw Sirius for a loop. Because despite the countless nights he’d spent with girls equally as attractive, they paled in comparison to how Aileen made his heart melt.  She was perfect, he was terrified and thrilled at the same time, and he loved it.

“Alright!” James stretched.  “As long as we have a plan, I’ll be going up now myself.”  With another yawn, James ascended the stairs to their dormitory.  Sirius cleared his throat and slowly adjusted his grip on Aileen, standing quietly.  Remus stood quickly, and winced in pain.

“I’ll take her, it’s okay,” he said through gritted teeth.  Sirius snorted and shook his head.

“Mate I might need to carry you to bed too.  Really, I’ve got her.”  Remus considered it and finally nodded stiffly, following Sirius as he carried the sleeping girl into their dormitory with Remus muttering “be carful’s” and “gently’s”.

Squeezing past Sirius, Remus hurried to his bed to pull the covers and sheets back.  Though sweat trickled down his forehead from the suppression of the pain that radiated throughout his body, he nonetheless busied himself with making the bed perfect for Aileen.

“Okay, lay her here,” he directed Sirius, ghosting his shaky hands over Aileen’s body as Sirius reluctantly lowered her into bed.  Satisfied with how the covers situated around her small body, Remus let out an exacerbated chuckle.

“She’d be furious to have us making such a fuss over her,” Remus smiled tiredly and, for a moment, his exhaustion and irritation evaporated, and he was lost in the radiance of the girl tucked away in his own bed.

Sirius lingered, gripping the bedpost and looking over Aileen unsurely in his friend’s bed.  She yawned softly and rolled over, completely unaware of the stir she’d caused between two of the best of friends.

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for the clexa drabbles, in case you're still looking for another: before heading to mount weather at the end of season two clarke and lexa find themselves the last ones awake around the campfire one night

The crackle and pop of the flames grows quiet as the blaze dies down, becomes small and faint with the dwindling night. Clarke stares into the flickering glow from her place at the fire’s side, seated on the cold ground with her back pressed against a large stone. Everyone else has slipped away, returned to their tents to sleep–their heads heavy with the coming war and their stomachs filled with charred meats and moonshine. 

Clarke can’t sleep, can’t even bring herself to think about lying down and letting the world slip away, no matter how tempting the thought seems. There is too much to consider, too much to toil over, too much to swallow down and live with. Clarke wonders if she will ever sleep soundly again, if the world can ever truly be left behind after it has been cracked open to show all its horrors and all its haunts.

“You should rest, Clarke.”

Startling, Clarke shifts in place, looks up to find Lexa seated across from her and to her right, partially encased in shadow. She hadn’t even realized …

“I’m not tired,” she says, rubbing her gloved hands over her face.

Lexa pushes up off the smooth stone and slips around the fire to settle into a spot nearer Clarke, but not so close that they touch, not so close that they can feel the heat of one another’s bodies adding to the heat of the slowly dying fire.

“You are.” Lexa locks her gaze onto the fire as she says the words, and Clarke fixes her own gaze on Lexa, on the way the flames reflect in her light eyes in the dark.

Clarke nods weakly. “Yeah.”

They sit together in silence for what seems like hours, though Clarke thinks only minutes have passed given the way the fire still burns, small but alive. She wonders if Lexa is tired, if Lexa would rather be curled in a ball on a pile of fur blankets in her tent right now, if she stays only for Clarke, only for this.

“Sleep comes easier with time,” Lexa whispers, pulling Clarke from her thoughts. She turns to meet Clarke’s gaze in the dim light. “Never easy, but easier than now.”

A gentle sigh escapes Clarke’s lips as she leans back more firmly against the stone at her back. She hasn’t spoken to anyone about her nightmares, about the things that torment her until her eyes struggle to remain open, until her body is stretched and battered with yawns that she forces down and contained because being exhausted and awake is sometimes so much better than haunted and sleeping. She hasn’t told anyone how she struggles, and Clarke thinks maybe it’s better that way, but Lexa knows.

She is haunted, too, and despite the weight of such a truth, Clarke finds it comforting–to be so thoroughly understood, to not be alone.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping too?” Clarke asks, and Lexa gives one slow, simple nod. “Why aren’t you?”

“As I said,” Lexa answers quietly, “never easy.”

When she turns back toward the fire, Clarke watches her a little while longer before turning her head as well. As her eyes lock onto the flames again, she hears a soft sigh release next to her, and Clarke thinks maybe Lexa finds it comforting as well.