sleep with me then

Like does anyone just sit back and think about the moment when Bellarke becomes canon? Like will the internet break? Will we hear distant screams scattered around the world? Will we see hundreds of videos uploaded of people recording themselves crying and falling to the floor in a disastrous mess? Will there be a billion edits and gif sets made that will be reblogged that many times? Will everyone suddenly have the same avatar pic of the moment? Will there be dozens of names added to the obituaries? Will I even be okay? Will I even be able to talk afterward or will my voice be gone from screeching so much? Will I even be able to see after crying so much? These are the things that keep me up at night.

Honest mood: I had a massive crush of Queen of Mars as a kid.
You know, it wasn’t really weird for me (even if i’m born female) but as a kid I decited to not tell anyone about my girl-crushes. Especially because they were always… um… really, really REALLY attractive? And for a lot of ppl “inappropriate for kids”. Such as Queen of Mars or Jessica Rabbit (both of them are still a big argue for me- Idk which one of them is prettier and sexier… Maybe they’re just equal) and that was my kind of perfect girlfriend for kiddo-me.
So I was looking for some nice music to listen while drawing and accidentally I have found this and… oh boy…
I had crush at her, but I remember when I saw this episode, I SAW HER… I was like “Holyfuck. She needs to be mine, she’s perfect, she’s all I need omg”. 
Again, I was a weird kid.
End of my honest mood. It’s 4:30AM I’m going to sleep now. BYE.

Fuck Flowers, Fuck Spring, Fuck This

Anon asked: Ok, you don’t even have to write this as a fic BUT CONSIDER. Micheal has really bad allergies or a really snotty cold. His face is red, is eyes are watery, and he won’t stop sniffling. So, he shows up to school and everyone thinks he’s crying and they’re all just like “Bro are u ok?” especially Jeremy.

You know what it’s 2 am but fuck sleep I feel productive and as someone with 25+ allergies I relate to this on a spiritual level, let’s g-g-g-GO

You know what fucking sucks? Hay fever. You know what else sucks? Spring. Everyone loves spring but Michael is a big bag of snotty suffering because of all the god damned pollen in the air. Fuck allergies, seriously. He went to bed the night before sneezing and sniffling and only able to breath from one nostril. He was too damn tired from school and more importantly socializing to actually do anything about it, so he slept it off.

But the thing about hay fever? It could last more than a day. Michael woke up with his nose itchy and blocked and his face feeling warm and gross. His eyes hurt, his head hurt, and he wanted nothing more than to curl into his bed and sleep. But his alarm was still going off and he couldn’t skip school over allergies, not with all the stress days he’s taken.

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I’m downright terrified for the future of the manga….