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Can’t Sleep

Request: So this is a request for avengers x reader where the reader hasn’t been sleeping well (you could choose why- nightmares, medical reasons, etc. up to you) and one day it’s so bad that she passes out and all the avengers freak out.

A/N: Fem!Reader. THIS IS YOUR DAILY REMINDER TO TAKE A BREAK AND EAT SOMETHING. TBH, I need that reminder, too, after how this week is going.

Warnings: None. Does unedited count?

Word Count Total: 414

Short Imagine #101

Title: Can’t Sleep

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The Sleeping Tonic

The petite woman drew her cloak tightly around her shoulders to fend off the biting chill of rain that pelted the top of her carriage as it rumbled along the path towards her new home. Spotting a light in the distance, the woman squinted her eyes to make out the shape of a large manor house. Perhaps this was her destination…
As the carriage circled around the front of the mansion, the brunette drew her cloak a bit tighter around her shivering form, the carriage driver opening the door for her to help her out. Trudging through the rain, she sat her trunk down and knocked on the large wooden door, praying for an answer. She wished so badly to escape this hellish storm that tore at her arms and face like icy claws. Hearing the soft click of the door latch on the other side, she perked to gaze up at her new master. “H-Hello. Are you Lord Soren?” She asked, her voice soft and sheepish.

Imagine cleaning Thranduil’s injuries after he returns from battling the Serpents of the North


“They are nearly at the gate.” Your apprentice Oron announced as they came in. The king had lead a small group of dignitaries and guards to the north on matters of business, but had encountered a terrible fate. A pair of dragons. You did not yet know how severe the damage might be, but the company was due to return any minute. “King Thranduil!” Oron gasped as a team of elves brought the limp figure through the door.

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140527 All About Nana Update

Trans: Hello~ I took this picture when we went camping for Style Logㅋ

Everyone’s sleeping sweetly right?

I’m jealousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Sleep is my tonic.. (restore health, strength, well-being etc)

Because we’ve stopped promoting we haven’t been able to see each other..

You all missed me right..?


Me too~.

Eat well and don’t get sick

I visit here a few times every day to check^^

This place is my healing zone~

You can’t leave….ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

From now on let’s stay together

I love you♡

I’ll come back again

Time For Bed

Tonight’s sleep sponsored by:

  • Burt’s Bees Tummy Butter - long-lasting belly lube
  • Wish Garden’s Sleepy Time Tonic - because my brain doesn’t like to shut up
  • Whatever filter is used in our refrigerator to filter water. I get really thirsty at night because I sleep with my mouth open, and sweat a lot. Sexy, I know!

Apparently I am all about product advertisement today. Oh well.

Midwife appointment tomorrow! Wooo! 

Octo-bear take II.

Revisited this… “Shirokuma of the Sea”.  Such a majestic beast deserved more than a quick pass.  Well, I also just felt like drawing some of my favorite sea creatures.  Although, I forgot to put the derpy box-fish.  hmm.

Did you know that sharks will go into a sleep like state, or tonic immobility, when flipped upside down?  Just learned that a few weeks ago. Wow.  Some orcas have actually learned to flip rays (shark cousins) and sharks so they eat ‘em proper.  I put my pancake and eggs to sleep before I eat them too. 

So there:  in honor of Shark Week, that shark is not suffering or dead - just asleep.

Reeling Through the Midnight Streets - Prolouge

TITLE OF STORY: Reeling Through the Midnight Streets
AUTHOR: cheers-mrhiddleston
GENRE: Angst, Romance
FIC SUMMARY: An AU Only Lovers Left Alive universe. In the London spring of 1719, Adam’s remedy shop receives a customer that will change his life.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: No warnings. Sexual mentions but nothing explicit.
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: So, hiddles-and-a-cuppa-tea and I may have spent our entire day yesterday talking about our accidental creation. And that’s not an exaggeration. I love her to death and I love the universe and OC we’ve created and expanded upon. We are so excited to share it. Please send feedback!!

Adam sighed his last human breath at twenty-nine years old.

But as he did, there was no regret, no remorse, at what his life had been.

Instead, there was peace. Hope. A vision of what would be.

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