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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Se mi lasci ti cancello)

Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey. By sdvart

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Remus Lupin and Sirius Black still asleep. How they like to sleep togheter, like the world was theirs.

- taken by Lily Evans, who thought it was the cutest thing ever, Summer of 1978

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Hullo~ may i have a scenerio where bakugo and his s/o are sleeping togheter and she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming his name and panicking after having a nightmare about loosing him And hes trying to calm her down? :3

Katsuki Bakugou

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There is blood everywhere, all over your hands, all over the ground. You look up, smoke slowly moving away from the scene in front of you. Bakugou is laying on the ground, unmoving. His beautiful blond hair is now tainted with red. His back is to you and you can see blood all around him. A villain with a blurred face leans over him, the only thing you can really see is the large, toothy grin as he raises his hand and punches Bakugou one last, final time and you can hear the sickening crack. 

You let out a scream, unable to move on your own as you plead with him to stop, begging Bakugou to get up because you know that he wouldn’t be taken down that easily. He wouldn’t let a villain get the better of him. He just wouldn’t. But, he doesn’t move. Your voice goes unheard as more blood seeps around the body. 


The yell immediately wakes him up, he almost jumps out of the bed as he hears the way your breathing sounds sharp and hollow, your hands are shaking as sobs rack your body.  He moves quickly.

“(Name), what’s wrong? What’s wrong?” He asks as his hands reach out, taking your shoulders in his hands. He’s in front of you, almost laying on your legs to get a good look at your face. Tears are cascading down your cheeks as you grip the covers. He lets go of your shoulder and wraps his arms around you, pressing your head into his collarbone as he rests his chin on the crown of your head. “It’s alright (Name), It’s alright,” He says. His own hands shaking as he rubs your back.

“I-I thought you-” You let out shaky breaths, attempting to hold back your sobs as you wrap your arms around him and grip onto the back of his shirt as though it’s your lifeline. “Gone. You were gone” You whimper out and Bakugou continues to rub your back.

“Hey, I’m here right now,” He says, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “My heart is beating, yeah?” You nod your head and he smiles, pulling away so he could lift your head. He looks you in the eyes before he presses a kiss to your lips, carefully wiping away the tears that continued from your eyes. He pulls you back into his embrace as you quietly calm down, telling him about your dream he scoffs, laughing as he says “Like a pathetic villain could take me down” A part of you is happy he had said that and you slowly nod, 

“yeah, you’re right” You say and he nods his head rubbing your back as he, once again, rests his chin on the crown of your head. 

“Go to sleep (Name). I’ll be here when you wake up”

Serie: The First... Time sleeping togheter.

A/N: Surpriseeeeeeeee! I tried to make this a little more fluffy and romantic and intended to make it as Chris’s POV. 

Warnings: Fluff


Chris’s POV

I’m delighted by her sweet scent. It’s not perfume. It’s just her. I smiled and I hold her tighter. I’m feeling like the luckiest bastard.

Her head it’s underneath my chin. She found the way to cuddle. Somewhere, we’re face to face, but her whole body is curled into mine. I feel her heart beating like the slowest and most charming melody. Her warm body fits mine perfectly.

Everything is blurry as the very first thought of the morning. I don’t remember how we ended up like this. But to be honest, the very first thing that arrives to my mind is how wonderful this is. Her hair is scattered into my arm and the pillow.

And then, the whole memories come. She was tired. We were supposed to watch a movie (not Netflix and Chill, I promise), but she ended up sleeping. So I did. I remember that I woke up almost at two. I tried to move her and she almost knocked me. I mentally checked to my y/n’s list: never ever try to wake her up under any circumstance. I lifted her and took her to my bed.

“Don’t go” she murmured.

“I wasn’t planning to, this is my bed, you know?” I came back to look at her in the exact middle of the bed. I got closer to put her under the sheets.

“Do you want to wear something else, that doesn’t look comfortable?” she nodded but didn’t move… “Y/n…” I insisted “here” she opened one eye, I’m not lying, she opened just one eye and started to strip. I felt like a foreign in my own bedroom. I tried to give her space. I tried to distract myself with my phone until I heard movements again.

I kissed the top of her head. I turned the lights off.

“Can we cuddle?” she murmured in the dark. I felt my heart racing. This was the kind of intimacy I’d never have so soon with a woman.

And we only slept. I promise. I wouldn’t intend other thing.

This might be so lame for being the very first time sleeping together, sharing a bed, without any sexual action. And no, I’m not being an asshole about it, it’s just that… with her it’s different. There’s no rush. I feel like I have the rest of my life to have different adventures and being in numerous situations with her.

But right now, I’m breathing her magic and captivating scent. Feeling every inch of her body. And knowing that I’m going to love this girl for as long as I’ll live.

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It's not specifically stated in your Vaderwan verse if Anakin has allowed Obi-wan his use of the force. The way Asoka was just now able to surprise him in his own room makes me wonder if he can't actually feel the force right now. With that in mind: What would happen if Obi-wan and the twins were attacked by those who are opposed to Anakin and the Empire?

Anakin tried not to feel anxious as Obi-Wan was trailing behind with the kids, talking softly to Leia as she demanded his attention. He looked warm each time the blond looked at him, warm and open and tender in the sun.

Obi-Wan is great with the twins. It makes Anakin wonder…

Obi-Wan was falling further back, lifting Luke up on his arm before doing the same for Leia despite the fuss she put up.

It was enough for Anakin to smile even as he turned his focus back on Tarkin as they continued walking towards the Senate dome. He didn’t normally bring Obi-Wan and the kids with him but Leia had wanted to see the dome and Obi-Wan wasn’t one for denying either twins such trivial things.

The Force seemed to stutter, Obi-Wan unaware as he had been cut of it for weeks and months now, but Anakin can feel it and instantly reaches for his saber hilt, the red blade lighting up the air.

Its not enough.

A lightsaber is never enough to protect against a bomb.

It sends everyone flying and Anakin has a second to notice Obi-Wan curling around both twins before the man cries out in pain, shrapnel embedding itself into the Jedi’s leg, up his side and in his back. The beige outfit instantly turns bright red.

And so does Anakin’s vision as people with blasters tries to circle them. There’s a small part of his mind that sounds suspiciously like Padme and Obi-Wan, telling him that he shouldn’t hurt them.

But the dragon underneath his skin hisses in anger, can smell Obi-Wan’s blood and hear his rasping breath.

He tears them apart, feels justified in tearing them apart because Obi-Wan is bleeding and his kids are screaming and he will not accept any threat to what he is building.

He will accept no threat to his family.


The kids were asleep against his chest, wearing fresh clothes.

The others had been thrown away, covered in Obi-Wan’s blood. Luke has a death grip on the lapels of Anakin’s shirt and Leia’s face is buried in his neck, her soft toy in her arms.

Except for bruises they were unharmed, thanks to Obi-Wan.


Anakin lifted his head to look at where Obi-Wan was floating in the bacta tank, the sight painfully familiar from the years of war they had gone through together. He stood slowly and settled both kids down on the bed in the hospital room, tucking them in together and watching them latch onto each other with their primary comfort gone.

He then turned back to the tank and stepped closer, placing his hand to it. Inside the tank Obi-Wan twitched a bit but continued to sleep his drug induced rest.

Only hours before he had woken up to Obi-Wan watching him in bed, green eyes a mix of confusion, fondness and profound sadness.

Now the other was in a bacta tank, injuries slowly healing.

He let out a sharp breath as the door swished open, Ahsoka arriving Commander Cody in tow.


“Nothing. They covered their tracks well, but I have a squad looking into it.” Ahsoka glanced to the twins, breathing out quietly when she saw them sleeping togheter before looking at Obi-Wan. “…How is he?”

“Healing.” They watched him float before Anakin turned to Cody. “I want the perpetrators found and I want them…” He wanted to say killed, he wanted to say executed, how dare they attack him and his family. But that soft voice that sounded like both Padme and Obi-Wan called out again. “And brought to justice. Do I make myself clear Commander?”

“Yes sir, we’ll handle it sir.” The trooper saluted, leveling one lingering glance at Obi-Wan before turning and heading for the doors, looking faintly confused before it was shaken off and he hurried along.

Both Ahsoka and Anakin watched him go before turning back to the tank. “…The chips are still functioning then.”

“Yes. But I had Obi-Wan removed from the order.” Anakin grunted. “He will always identify as a Jedi.” He breathed out. “…I think I need to give him the Force back.”

“Is that wise?”

“If he wanted to hurt me, he would have done so ages ago.”

“He could leave, take the twins, run. We know there’s a resistance now.” Ahsoka argued quietly.

“He could leave. But he’d never take the twins, he knows what they’d be in a resistance. Bargaining chips.” Anakin’s lips pulled back in a snarl before calming. “He almost died today Ahsoka. If he had the Force, he would have protected himself and the kids. He choose to protect the twins because that was the only choice he saw…”

Ahsoka looked down then at the twins and then back at Obi-Wan. “…I don’t want to see him dead.”

“Good. Because I want you to keep an eye on him when I can’t. To see what he does when he has the Force.” Anakin caressed the tank. He adored Obi-Wan, loved him…but he knew better then to fully trust him.