sleep through storms


I’m sorry about this…blame my shower this morning.


The sound of her cries woke Harry up from a somewhat-unsettled sleep. You weren’t beside him in the bed, and he always had a hard time getting into a deep sleep when you weren’t there. The unexpected storm had taken you away for the night to stay with your parents, as they were getting up in age and you were a bit concerned about their well-being (and the stability of their house). Harry was at home with both of the kids and, so far, had experienced a pretty easy night with them.

Until the storm started getting worse.

He could hear the wind howling where he was laying, and it sounded like a train was blowing past the house constantly. The sound of branches scratching down the side of the house from outside was constant and loud. His baby girl’s cries were scarcely heard above the sound of the wind, but they woke him up instantly. He knew she was probably having a hard time sleeping through the storm. He got up and stumbled down the hallway to her nursery, finding that she had pulled herself up into a standing position and was holding on to the bars of her crib as she cried.

As soon as she saw Harry, the cries increased, and she lifted one hand to reach out to him.

“Alright, love,” Harry said, padding over until he was in front of her, “Daddy’s here, don’t worry. I’ve got yeh.”

He reached in to pick her up and take her in his arms, bringing a hand up to rub her back when she instantly clung to his neck and cried into his shoulder. She was only just under a year, and hadn’t experienced any real extreme weather at this point in her life; the noises from outside were foreign and scary for her.

“The wind is scarin’ yeh, isn’t it?” he sighed, walking around the room with her and bouncing a bit to try and calm her, “Yeah, s’not lettin’ daddy sleep very well either.”

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we exist now, together

“This is a formal thank you/ to the universe for allowing/ your birth to be the biggest/ miracle of my life.” He tries to calculate the probability of you two meeting. He doesn’t believe in coincidences, so he does the only thing he can wrap his head around. Math. And probabilities.

wc: 853 // insp: possibilities by darshana suresh

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The night feels a bit cliche, something straight out of those cheesy novels he’s seen Penelope and JJ thumb through once or twice. A storm is passing through the city and the rain is hitting the window pane in a rapid pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter that is enough to lull him to sleep. The winds outside are rough, strong enough to rattle the windows, and the thunder loud enough to echo through the empty apartment.

But Spencer can usually sleep through storms, he’s braved through 36 years worth of worse things than storms. They’re almost therapeutic to him, in a way.

Tonight though, he is wide awake.

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1) Cut your hair short, shed identity like a skin, leave it tangled on the floor of the kitchen. You look older, they’ll tell you. Brighter, they’ll tell you. You think you look smaller but you’ll never say. Your thoughts are a void, don’t let them loose.

2) Wear lipstick as dark as you dare. Black attracts the light more than white ever could and you want to draw them in. Don’t spare a though for those who step too close and get pulled into the dark, they were fools for letting their hearts shine so bright.

3) Don’t smile when they say you look beautiful. Don’t smile when they say you’re amazing. Don’t smile when they say you’re everything they want, lean in closer and lie through your teeth till it hurts too much to open your mouth. Tell them they mean everything to you, only to leave when stranger starts to blur into friend.

4) Don’t keep yourself up at night. The circles under your eyes couldn’t flatter a goddess and you my dear are no goddess. Sleep through the storms as if you weren’t the one to brew them, cry off your makeup the next morning.

5) Pretend you can still see yourself when you look into the mirror.

—  How to make strangers fall in love

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♖: Having their hair washed by the other from the nonsexual acts of intimacy prompts (Annabel x Cullen because I love them!)

Thank you so much for the prompt @fereldenpeach <3

SFW - fluff / banter/ domestic - Cullen X Annabel Trevelyan for @dadrunkwriting

(ok this is very similar to my earlier piece, apologies but it really just wouldn’t work the other way around, Annabel would just turn this into shameless smut - so maybe next time? :P)


“I’m fine,” Annabel insists, swatting Cullen’s concern away with the wave of her hand. “I just need some sleep.”

“Annabel,” he states, calmly but firmly. “You’re covered in blood…grime…and…Maker what is that?” He withdraws his fingers from toying with her hair to find them covered in black slime.

She frowns and studies his hand before throwing a shrug. “I don’t know, I killed a lot of demons, ok? How I am I supposed to keep track of which one’s goo looks like what?” She pushes lightly past him to head for her bed.

Creasing his brow his eyes narrow and he grabs hold of her arm. “Bath. Now.”

She stops and tilts her head at him. “Is that, an order, Commander?” One of her eyebrows arches.

“Yes,” he catches the little flare of mischief in her eyes and shakes his head. “But not that kind. You need a good wash then a good night’s sleep. Go,” he’s already lightly pushing her towards the pre-arranged bath by the fire.

“But I’m exhausted, can’t it-“

“No,” he cuts across bluntly. He nudges her back and she grumbles something under her breath that he doesn’t catch as she starts to undress.

Respectfully he keeps his eyes away, not that its anything he hasn’t seen before, but merely because he’s determined to do what is right by her. Bath then bed. If he watched her strip and bathe he’s not certain he’d be able to control himself.

Instead he busies himself at her desk, vainly trying to organise things that she has let spiral wildly out of control. How did she work in such chaos? He hears the soft splosh as she steps in the water followed by a weary sigh.

She had, by all accounts, closed two rifts today, killed a bear and somehow managed to ‘talk’ a stray ram back to its home. It was dark before the party arrived back, fresh from their last demon killing spree, and all looking rather worse for wear. Even Sera lacked her usual chipper greeting and instead had made a gruff ‘noise’ at him then wondered off to the tavern.

Engrossed in sorting the papers it takes him a while to notice the silence. Silence and Annabel rarely go together. His eyes snap to the bath to find her curled up, her shoulders siting just above the foamy water, with her head to one side and eyes lightly closed. Even her lips have opened slightly, the way they always did when she slept. He smiles gently and approaches, rolling up his sleeves as he goes.

Her hair is almost black when wet and is spilling out around her, still tangled with Maker knew what. Kneeling behind the iron tub he rests his elbows against it to simply admire her. Despite the heavy black marks under her eyes, the wild hair and the recent graze on her cheek she is still, undeniably, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

He attempts to wake her by clearing his throat, then huffs a small laugh at himself, what was he thinking? He’d seen her sleep through raging storms without stirring. Gently he squeezes her shoulder and her eyes dart open with a muffled cry of alarm.

“Shh, it’s just me,” he reassures her and she shuffles, seemingly realising what’s happened.

“Sorry… I did tell you I was tired…” she mumbles, a yawn escaping her as she rubs the back of a soapy hand across her eye which she seems to instantly regret with crazy blinking.

Pulling her hair gently back he chuckles lightly and pours a small jug of warm water over it. Softly he crinkles his fingertips through her locks to start removing the day’s dirt and grime.

“You know,” he mumbles as she rests her eyes at the pampering treatment. “It’s a good job it’s not the other way around, because unlike, someone, I have a little self-restraint.”

“It’s not my fault you’re irresistible,” she murmurs in reply, cracking one eye open to look at him with her trade mark smirk.

Without warning he leans over and kisses her plump rosy lips, his own highly-regarded self-restraint failing him, as it so often did around her. 

“It seems I’m not the only one,” his voice is hushed against her kiss as he pulls away. He’s still determined to do whats right and not simply what he desires and so returns to running soap through her hair.

“Can I expect to be pounced on in the morning?” she asks lightly, leaning her head back once more to relax into his hands.

Now a dark smirk creeps across his own lips. “Oh, very much so.”


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im sure one day maggie and alex will be sleeping when supergirl appears on the bedroom 'im so so sorry, i just had the worst day, its raining and im afraid of thunders' maggie cuts her before alex 'just come here already' bc thats her life now, deo agent as a girlfriend and super hero as a little sister.

They fall asleep just as it starts to rain, and Alex’s arm is draped over Maggie’s bare abs, her head resting on Maggie’s chest.

Maggie is drifting in and out of sleep, relishing the quiet, relishing the feeling of Alex’s breath on her neck, relishing the sound of the rain outside and how warm it is in their bed, under their blankets, with this beautiful woman’s arm strung across her stomach, her leg draped across her thighs.

Alex doesn’t stir when their bedroom door opens, but Maggie stiffens and reaches to the bedside table for her gun, blinking into the darkness until she sees a very drenched, very unhappy Kara Danvers, in full Supergirl gear, looking defeated and looking terrified and looking so, so small.

“I’m so sorry,” she says without preamble, and Maggie drops the gun and sits up as much as far as she can without disturbing Alex, without letting the covers drop far enough to show Kara that she’s not wearing a shirt.

“I had the worst day, and it’s raining and I hate flying in the thunder, have you ever been flying and suddenly the entire sky shakes, I mean it is not pleasant, and I’m sorry because I know you guys are trying to have alone time but I – “

“Just come here already, Little Danvers,” she cuts her off with a soft voice and a small smile. “And bring me my shirt, will you?”

When Alex wakes up hours later, her first thought is to call Kara because dammit it’s raining and she hopes she’s not flying anywhere. Her second thought is confusion as to when Maggie put her shirt back on, and her third thought is pure bliss, is pure I need to marry this woman, because burrowed deep in the covers on Maggie’s other side is her little sister, sleeping soundly through the storm with Maggie’s arm wrapped around her shoulder and a contented smile on her face.


Pairing: Park Jinyoung x Bam Bam

Requested: Yes! By @bamsbutt

Warnings: None 

Originally posted by kmthyngs

A/N: Hey sorry this took forever :c) I hope you enjoy it bub

Prompt: “I won’t let anything hurt you.” 

Word Count: 803

     The night sky was full of thunder and lightning, every crack of booming thunder shook the dorm. Bam Bam lie awake in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep due to the raging storm out side his window. Ever since he was young Bam Bam could rarely sleep through storms, on these night the boy usually crawled into bed with his younger roommate, but he was at the BTS dorms visiting Jungkook for the weekend. 

      Yugyeom was the only one in light of Bam Bam’s fear of the intense weather. Bam Bam was a bit insecure about the phobia, he thought that the older members would tease him about it. The boy tried to convince himself that he could make it through the night, but that only lasted for a whole half an hour. He gathered himself and his favorite blanket from back home and ventured out of his and Yugyeom’s shared room. 

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like crazy pt. 2

Originally posted by suga-com

Part 1 Part 2

The warmth of Jimin’s body next to you felt too comfortable. You cursed yourself for noticing how well your bodies fit together. You wanted to rewind the previous night so that it had never happened. You didn’t want to remember the way his lips kissed yours. You didn’t want to remember how good his hands felt. You wanted to forget everything.

But you couldn’t.

Jimin stirred next you and you shoved all of those thoughts to the back of your head. You had to pretend like everything was okay as his eyes fluttered open. He blinked a few times before a smile spread across his face. You held your breath as you felt your heart flutter. “Good morning” he said as he shook the sleep off him.

You froze as he nuzzled into your neck. This was killing you and it hadn’t even started yet. Jimin could sense your hesitancy and propped himself on one of his arms. “Are you alright?” he murmured as he traced a finger along your arm.

Nodding your head, you answered him, “I just have a headache”

He was already shifting out of bed, “Let me get you some medicine” he planted a kiss on your forehead and disappeared into the hallway.

Your phone buzzed on the table next to your bed. It was your best friend asking to skype. You picked up the call and whispered, “I can’t talk right now”

She looked at you confused, “Why are you whispering?” but then her eyes widened as she realized, “He spent the night, didn’t he?”

The redness of your cheeks gave you away. “I have to go. I’ll call you later” you snapped.

“You fucking better!” she shouted as you hung up the call.

Jimin re-appeared in your room seconds later. A glass of water and the pills in his hand. “Here you go” he said as he passed them off to you.

He didn’t get back in bed, but instead started to get dressed. You didn’t say anything as you watched him get dressed, “I have office hours in 30 minutes” he assured you. He buttoned his shirt and walked over to the bed.

You forced yourself to smile as he leaned down to kiss you, “I had a lot of fun last night” he told you.

“I did too” you said, trying to sound convincing.

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general drunk headcanons

Laf is the definition of the party don’t start till I walk in

Peggy hates glitter, because she spilled it in her carpet once and it never came out

Theo Jr. was really short when she was little and Burr let her stand on his shoulders

Mulligan started a body-pos clothing line, and only uses real models

Someone called Laurens’ freckles ugly one time and Hamilton broke his nose

Angelica is a fall girl at heart and would die for berry tones

Martha Washington is basically the mom of the entire cabinet and has put Hamilton and Jefferson on timeout

Eliza went through a goth/emo/scene phase and she regrets it to this day

Philip doesn’t throw and catch food in his mouth because he choked once and it was the worst feeling

Peggy started wearing heels at 15 because she was sick of being the small one and now she’s basically Catwoman

Hamilton could sleep through a bulldozer (if you convince him to sleep), and the only thing he can’t sleep through is a storm

James Madison is a firm believer in “kiss it better” and Jefferson loves it

Maria is a gamer girl and she DOMINATES

George Washington doesn’t understand slang but he uses it anyway (“that cabinet meeting was shook guys” “….mr.washington…”)


Title: Siblings

Characters: Dean, Sam, and Sister!Reader

Word Count: 626

Warning: Umm….too much fluff???

Request by @frick-you-im-a-princes said: Could you do a Drabble were the reader is the brothers little sister and it gets really cold one night so she asks if she can sleep with dean? And dean happily agrees because he is somewhat cold as well.

A/N: I really hope you like this!! Enjoy!!

Worst thing about the bunker? Stone. It’s so freaking cold it’s ridiculous.

What else is the worst thing? Older brothers that always wear five million layers and never get cold.

Coming into the kitchen wrapped in a blanket you shuffled your fluffy sock covered feet to the cabinet to grab a mug for hot cocoa.

“Y/N you look like a hobbit or an Eskimo or something.”

“And whose fault is that?” you snapped.  

The boys looked at each other. Dean threw his arms up and left, not really wanting to deal with you when you’re cranky.

“Alright, let’s hear it,” Sam groaned, “what’s got your panties in a wad now?”

“The fact that it’s freaking Antarctica in here! Can we please just turn on the damn heat or something?!”

“I’ll fix it.”

Shuffling back to your room with your cocoa through the library Dean couldn’t help but poke fun at you.

“Heading back to your cave?”

“Oh shut up butt face, at least it’s warm.”

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Where There’s Lightning (Wonwoo)

Wonwoo mega fluff 

Request: “Wonwoo scenario where he’s calling you because he knows you hate thunder and ye”

Word count: 836

A/N: This was requested by my friend basically just because I’m a scaredy cat and im afraid of thunder and she made me imagine wonwoo being like this to me and i died.

Originally posted by wonwoogyu

You generally preferred the fall. Moderately warm days and chilly nights were the perfect combination for you, plus stepping on crunchy leaves was probably the highlight of your days. Another definite plus of the fall was that it didn’t rain as much as the spring did. You didn’t have anything against rain in general, but once it went beyond light showers and into thunderstorm territory, you started to get upset. You’d always been afraid of thunder, and no matter how much you’d grown up, whenever you hear the deep rumbling through the sky you can’t help but shrink into yourself. At first your boyfriend Wonwoo teased you about it, but soon he realized that the only thing that would help you through is comforting words in his soothing deep voice.

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Night Moves

They go to bed just as it starts to rain, and Harry’s arm is draped over Niall’s bare stomach, his fingers gently tracing Niall’s abs until he falls asleep, his head resting on Niall’s chest.

Niall is drifting in and out of sleep, but he isn’t really bothered by the fact that he wakes up every now and then. He’s used to it, and tonight it’s not so bad.

He’s relishing the peace and quiet, relishing the feeling of Harry’s curls on his chest, relishing the tickling feeling of Harry’s warm breath against his skin, relishing the sound of the rain against the windows and the sound of the wind that’s whispering in his ear and how warm it is in Harry’s bed- their bed. He’s relishing in how good it feels to be in the arms of the man he loves, cuddled up under their blankets.

Suddenly the peace and quiet is disrupted by the sound of thunder, and it’s a really loud crack, almost like the sound of a whip being cracked. Harry doesn’t even stir, not even when the door to their bedroom suddenly opens, but Niall stiffens and reaches to turn on the lamp on his nightstand, squinting his eyes against the light until he sees a very sleepy, very unhappy Olivia Styles standing in the doorway, looking terrified and so, so small.

“I’m scared,” she says, her voice wavering a bit, and Niall immediately sits up, careful not to disturb Harry. He makes sure he doesn’t let the covers drop too far, because Olivia definitely doesn’t have to be traumatized by the sight of Niall without his pants on.

“Daddy always says I don’t have to be scared, but I can’t help it,” she whispers, padding over to the bed. Niall doesn’t immediately react, thinking hard of something he can say to make her less scared, but he can’t really think of anything.

“Just come here already, Little Styles,” he settles on whispering, his voice soft and a small smile on his face. He opens his arms, motioning for her to come closer. She immediately throws her arms around him, burying her face in his shoulder like he’s the only one that can keep her safe right now, and if Niall’s honest, that feels pretty good.

It’s amazing, Niall thinks, how he didn’t even know this little girl a little over a year ago, and now he loves her to bits, and he’s planning on getting married to her dad in the near future. He holds Olivia
close, muttering something in her ear that he’s not sure she can even hear, but
it seems to work, so he doesn’t really care.

“You know the thing about thunder?” he whispers. “Right now, a giant is very, very hungry, and because of that, his stomach’s rumbling really hard. That’s the sound you hear.”

“It is?” Olivia asks, leaning back to look at him with wide eyes. Niall nods, and she seems to be convinced that what he’s just said is true. It must be, right, when Niall says it’s true?!

“You know what? Why don’t you go get your bear, and you can come sleep in our bed?” She nods vigorously at that, already on her way to her room. Niall carefully slips out from under Harry, getting his pants from where they’re laying discarded on the floor.

When Harry wakes up in the morning, his first thought is to check on Olivia because it’s raining, and why hasn’t she come to him? His second thought is confusion as to when Niall put his pants back on, and more importantly, why. His third thought? It’s pure bliss. He looks over at where his daughter is burrowed deep under the covers on Niall’s side, sleeping soundly through the storm with her arm slung across Niall’s stomach and a serene smile on her face, and the only thing he can think is that he needs to marry this wonderful man.

The Sound of Thunder

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 276


   A sudden noise startles you awake. Your head snaps up at the sound, and you let out a breath when you recognize the fading sound of thunder and a steady pattering of rain on the roof of the Impala. Lying beneath you, Dean stirs at your abrupt motion while keeping his eyes closed.

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▏Storms ▏ Woohyun ▏ϟ ▏

Request: Can you write a extreme fluff for Woohyun? Anythings fine, I’ve just been having lots of Woohyun feels lately haha

Comments: Don’t know if this is really ‘extreme fluff’ or normal fluff, but I was out of ideas and tried my very best with this greaseball :P Hope you like it!

            The rain beat against your window and the lightening cackled, lighting up the very dark room for just a mere two seconds before it went back to darkness. Then, the pattern would repeat again and again for the majority of the night, and you eventually found yourself jolting up at a particularly loud roar from the sky.

         You leaned back against the headboard and panted heavily, glancing at the window. The storm hadn’t lessened at all since you closed your eyes a couple hours ago, and it didn’t seem like it’d lessen any time soon.

         “Stupid storm,” you muttered as you lay back down and attempted to fall back asleep. But of course, as soon as you shut your eyes, the storm roared once more, and it scared you even more than last time.

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The signs waking up in the mornings





The Littlest Winchester - Stormy Weather

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 598


   Dean isn’t bothered by storms. Thunder and lightning have never been enough to even make him nervous. He sleeps too lightly to dream through them, but so long as it’s not preventing him from getting the few hours of sleep to which he feels entitled, he doesn’t mind a good storm. If nothing else, it gives him an excuse to remain indoors. His four-year-old daughter, on the other hand, is terrified of thunderstorms. They set her trembling and make her restless and tearful.

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Name: Chibimaru
Birthday: February 2
About: Chibimaru is a little, high energy shibainu boy pup who loves to take nature walks along the river and eat milk cookies (especially bone-shaped ones). He worships the dog Kuusuke, who can sleep through a thunder storm! That’s incredible!

Stormy night

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale x human!reader
Warning: kinda mention of “night terror” and burning to death, but still keeping it fluffy
Summary: It’s a stormy night and Derek disappeared
A/N: it went from “damn, it’s going to be pretty short” to “omg, is it ever going to end?”. That’s the longest fic I wrote so far. O.o

Usually (Y/N) could sleep through any storm no matter how loud it was. But this time she woke to growling thunder and…Well, she couldn’t really tell what it was. But she couldn’t shake the unsettling feeling of something feeling off.

So still half asleep she started to feel around, only to find the sheets beside her cold. That’s when it hit her: Derek wasn’t there. She glanced at the clock on her bedside table only to realize it was still night, just around two o'clock.

She decided to wait some time for him to return. But the minutes passed and he still wasn’t back. Even under the warm blankets she could feel the chilly air. (Y/N) knew Derek wouldn’t get cold, but she still worried about his well-being. So deciding to search for him despite the cold, she slid to the edge of the bed with a groan.

Slipping a hand from under the blankets and reaching for her fluffy slippers under the bed, she set the warm blankets aside pulling on one of Derek’s shirts as fast as she could.

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so many people have asked for this, so here’s my opinion on the whole “but tronnor can’t be real bc troye doesn’t love connor as much as connor loves troye”.

first: everyone needs to understand that different people express love in different ways- they have different love languages.

connor is very open and likes to express his feelings in the form of words on social media, like tweeting love quotes, his personal thoughts atm, reblogging love related things etc. look through connor’s twitter and tumblr and you’ll see a lot of signs that he loves and misses someone (when they’re apart). yes, we all established that. 

troye is more reserved about his feelings on social media. you barely see him tweet his feelings, it’s usually just updates about his day or his current music vibe. it appears troye must be an emotionless robot then?? no. troye expresses his feelings in his music. his lyrics are a good reflection on his current emotions, and based off what he’s given us we can gather some basics.

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  • “And I wanna sleep next to you / and that’s all I wanna do right now. I wanna come home to you / but home is just a room full of my safest sounds / so come over now / and talk me down.“ (x)
  • "Only fools” (x)
  • “The kind of boys I have feared my whole life / I’ve got one looking dead in my eyes / and then to my lips / hands on my hips / (in between sips?)” (x) **
  • “Loving you was sleeping through the storm / but i don’t feel like dreaming anymore” (x) **
  • “Leave this blue neighborhood / never knew loving could hurt this good” (x)
  • “Wild x2 hey!“ (x)
  • “Cause when you look like that, I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad” (x)
  • “Tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease” (x)
  • “You take my breath away / you know I’m bound to choke" (x)

(** = potentially but not certainly on the album)