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swanfire appreciation week // day 1: moment you fell in love with them

“go, we got lucky.” “…we?”


Percy Jackson and the Olympians character headies thing.

Some of the characters from each book (excluding all monsters )
for keeping track on them and also stop reading for 2 hours between books

im so happy i started reading this serie 


A lil fun Color Palette Challenge I did this week 
This was super fun, thank you everyone for participating!

At some point got the thought that if someone were to get Conn drunk he’d probably ramble on about stupid dragons and magic stuff, stuff face with biscuits then pass out in an awkwardly cat-like place/position. And of course dumb self thought that’d be funny as a doodle with the usual condescending sarcastic Rowan heh. 

sad-sad-detective asked for modern!Garrett sitting on a rooftop.

I took some liberties and decided to stick to the modern Garrett from my previous drawings which is based on doriantoofabulous because people seemed to like it and because he makes such a good Garrett and is a great cosplayer in general. And also because I’m 100% sure that modern Garrett should look a bit differently from the original. Because you know, different fashion and all.

Because I don’t want to clog up a nice post about nice women with my ramblings…

I just watched some Uncharted gameplay and honestly? The running and jumping reminds me of playing HP2 a bit. But really, it looks great, and like a game I’d like (also like a game I would die in a lot because I really don’t play a lot of shooting games).

One thing I want to know though… are there actual zombies in this game series? Because this guy I watched playing saw dead corpses and started talking about them and I wanna know if that was because he’d played Uncharted 2 and 3 before this one and there were zombies in those, or if it was just a generic ‘zombies are in everything so maybe they’re in this game’.

Question is open for everyone but kinda aimed at @beltsquid since they went into my tags on my post and started telling me about the awesome women in the series

Otome Contest~ Round 1: Childhood friends

Of course, I’m going to do Tatsuro and MC

Still waiting on that sequel .-.

  • Rafe: *Holds Avery's coin in the palm of his hand*
  • Rafe: All of me...
  • Rafe: *His grin widens and his eyes become starry*
  • Rafe: Loves all of you...
  • Rafe: *Tips of his fingers trace along the edge of the coin*
  • Rafe: Love your curves and all your edges...
  • Rafe: *Touches the dents and rusted spots*
  • Rafe: All your perfect imperfections...
Music Tag

Rules: Shuffle your music and write down the first 10 songs. No skipping (or else)! Tag 10 people.
I was tagged by @puste–blume thank you pal!:D Ihaven’t done this before so yeah haha

1- Dragon Racing - John Powell (HTTYD OST)

2- Coming Home - Cheeseburger (Superjail song haha)

3- …Hakuna Matata

4- Mercury - Sleeping at Last

5- Thief - Imagine Dragons

6- Dream - Imagine Dragons

7- Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle

8- You are Welcome - Lin-Manuel Miranda/Jordan Fisher (Moana ST)

9- Sweet Dreams Are Made of This - Eurythmics

10- Reason (From HxH)

I will tag @hyuugazeldichan @amaterasu-red @littlemangalover @disastrousanimx @citymetro @autistic-fullmetal @not-a-webaloo @fantasyninja26 @worldwithinworld @addicted-2-color if you want to do this :)

How do the Nordics sleep

It’s always a pleasure to start out a blog with odd questions~

Norway: Mostly stays in one place once asleep, though moves around a lot when trying to get comfortable, when having a nightmare he thrashes a lot and tends to roll around. During a normal dream he may drool or even smile slightly through his sleep.

Iceland: A blanket thief and once he falls asleep will cling to the nearest person or pillow. During a nightmare he may bury his fingernails into the person or pillow he’s clinging to. When having a dream may mumble a few odd things in an assortment of different languages.

Finland: moves a lot in his sleep, when having nightmares tends to mumble or even yell out odd sentences, if having dreams tends to speak jibberish. Quite the talkative sleeper.

Sweden: Stays still for the most part, though any person nearby makes a good snuggle pillow. Doesn’t really change when having a dream or a nightmare, though he may cling a bit tighter to whomever he happens to cling to.

Denmark: moves around a lot in his sleep, constantly changing position, if snuggling someone and he feels the need to flip over, he will occasionally take the person with him. During nightmares he yells in his sleep or even makes movements to swing at the air. During dreams he tends to smile a lot or even drool.


Progress pics of my TKB cosplay~ pose look familiar? :3 the white detailing isn’t entirely finished yet, @mehrstimmige and I ran out of ribbon about half way through but it will be finished by next weekend, most likely! I feel so epic wearing this. 💖ヽ( ҂`Д´)ノ💖