sleep taxidermy

my sweet Great Pyrenees, the loyal guard and protector of the animals on my farm, has recently decided that the wild ra.ts MUST be one of my pet ra.ts that she has to “rescue.” She rounds them up and brings them to me, alive and in shock. i give them some water and let them back into the woods when i can, but this little one had a broken back. she passed shortly. i will be attempting to skin her sometime. this picture was taken moments before she passed. sleep easy, little one.


Surly even a vampire can develop certain fears, especially when they have experienced such things.

  • Marko can no longer sleep without the fear of someone coming in and stabbing him in the heart. Thanks a lot you Frogs Bitches.

  • Paul can no longer look at water the same again. Especially when it’s in a bathtub. You just can’t tell if its pure or if its that blessed acid. Living in a cave surrounded by water probably isn’t an easy task.

  • Luckily the cave doesn’t have outlets or any kind of electricity. Although on those stormy night where a possibly lighting storm is arise Dwayne is most likely to take cover. Even walking along the boardwalk where there is such things he would get a little nervous.

  • Any kind of animal that is stuffed will bring this horrific memory back. Especially if said animal has antlers. He will say fuck that and walk the other way. No trips to the zoo for Davey. Even those woods might make him a little nervous just because there might be a few deers roaming around.

stuffed-lamb  asked:

plush, taxidermy!

plush: your favorite childhood toy

My red teddy bear named Ted and my stuffed cow named Daisy!! I love them so much and still sleep with them today 🐻🐮

taxidermy: your favorite animal(s)

Answered!! 💗

‘An Aborted Beginning’

Created whilst listening to Nils Frahm, who is arguably my favourite artist of all time. I find that the music I’m currently listening to heavily influences my work aesthetic and this was definitely the case with Frahm’s first track from ‘Spaces’. ‘An Aborted Beginning’ will be featured in my upcoming solo show, ‘Sleep Subjects’.


mummified squirrel skull ‘vivisection’

i saw an image of this done (really badly) on a cat and wanted to try it myself

first a cut straight across the skull and face then carefully removed the section i wanted to use

next i boiled the remaining flesh and then removed it from the skull. unfortunately because the squirrel was (for culling) shot there was some damage to the bone. after reconstructing all the different parts i filled in these sections with epoxy putty on the side with the skull exposed then made up the flesh and muscle on the other.

after placing the skin and checking everything looks good i set it all with pins

will post photos of the finished piece soon