sleep talkin'


And I never saw you coming…

And I'll never be the same…




song: State of Grace 

My rev!kevedd Fanfic: All We Are

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jackcrutchie prompt: something along the lines of "you confessed your love to me while drunk but you dont remember doing that" idk

I played a little and rambled a little and got carried away but I hope this is okay?? Sorry I can’t write.

Crutchie is sick so he goes to the penthouse early but is then surprised by how insanely drunk Jack is when he comes home later that night.

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            He looks away and exhales in frustration, jaw clenching and unclenching in restraint. When he speaks the spite still has not left his voice, as much as he wills it to; its his only defense against the hurt. “Of course not. But excuse me for being wary and, for once in my life, jumping to conclusions. It’s not as though the assumption was without warrant.”

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"You have a lake house? Fair warning, I may fall asleep, do you care if I fall asleep while cuddling you?"

“Yeah, I live less than half a mile from a lake.” He shrugged when they said they might fall asleep. “Talkin about sleep is making me sleepy, too.”

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Have you ever experience sleep paralysis? I've experience it two times already and both of them were horrible. The first time involved a talking teddy bear (which is mine) followed by not being able to move my body at all for a few minutes. The other time I dreamed three times and waking up after each one of them. The third time I woke up I couldn't breath nor could I move my body. It lasted for a few seconds. I cried after I was free from both of them. I prefer nightmares over sleep paralysis.

(´◉◞A◟◉`) ouhly shit, no neveh !OAO that looks awful !

ppl told meh i was talkin’ while sleeping. that happened few times...but that’s all !

that must be sooo disturbing !sorry for u !

I remember seeing a post a few days ago basically saying to be nice to teens and adults who might be trick or treating and I know it’s not Halloween anymore but I guess I wanted to extend on that by saying, please be kind to ex-Jehovah Witnesses, especially the ones who were raised in the religion. Unlike the other Christian branches, JW’s golden rule is not to associate with ANYONE outside of their little cult. We are literally isolated from everything growing up, especially if there’s no one in your hall that’s in your age bracket.

I remember always hearing how strict Catholics are, but they have nothing on Jehovah Witnesses. Catholics have forgiveness; you mess up, you can pray, you can fix it, god will forgive you. In the Kingdom hall, you do ANY that could possibly be seen as wrong and you’re OUT, excommunicated, because now you’ve tainted yourself, and your only goal now is to taint everyone else around you; and I don’t mean being gay or having premarital sex, though they DO count.

  • If you’re seen smoking, or have a tattoo or piercing you’re destroying your “holy temple” and you’re OUT. 
  • If you so much as be seen near a non-JW party, you’re OUT.
  • If you’re seen out passed curfew you MUST be up to no good and you’re OUT.
  • If you’re seen hanging out with someone who isn’t a JW and you’re NOT trying to convert them, you’re OUT.
  • Shit, if you plan on going to college, tough luck ‘cause who KNOWS what could happen so far away from home.Those gosh darn dirty worldy degenerates will tempt you with their evil ways. Go ahead and go, but don’t you dare come back because obviously the devil already owns you.

You’re lucky if you aren’t completely kicked out of the house, ‘cause now your family isn’t allowed to even talk to you.

No one teaches you how to be an actual adult in the Kingdom Hall, because you aren’t allowed to be an adult, at least that’s what I got out of it. You’re just supposed to be a hermit, a ghost in this world. If your co-workers or neighbors aren’t JWs, tough luck, don’t talk to them.

The most damaging thing you can do to a child is isolate them their whole life, and there’s an entire religion for it.