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The Clique. (SR)


 I love your writing so much! I have a request but I totally understand if you’re too busy/or if it’s too hard to write considering the BAU team wouldn’t act like this. – The reader is new to the team however the team don’t like her (maybe she made a bad impression or replaced someone) and she catches them all making jokes about her one day, so she completely isolates herself and Spencer tries to make it up to her?

 warnings: none (kinda modified it, instead of jokes it’s talking rudely about them) thanks babe:)

 It had been two weeks since I started the new position at the BAU. The new office and especially new people were a lot to get used to. I had replaced the infamous Derek Morgan, I suspected that they didn’t want me on the team at all.

 I walked slowly and slightly slouched over into the BAU; hopefully achieving being quiet as possible. I stalked over to my desk and set my bag down as I saw everyone in the break room getting coffee. I took a deep breath and straightened out my attire. I needed to get them to like me somehow. I walked shoulders back and head high towards the small huddle. As I got closer I heard whispers of my name being called. “I hope Y/N quits.” JJ whispered into the small opening of the circle. My face felt hot and my feeling became damaged. “She can’t replace Derek. I mean it’s just not the same. She’s not good enough for this position.” Emily backfired. I stepped into the room quietly then cleared my throat. They were startled, seeing the hurt within my eyes. “Shit.” David said under his breath scratching his head. He quickly made his way out of the room to his office. JJ and Emily followed, looking down, not being able to look at my face. Spencer’s gaze lifted to mine. His eyes were nervous and sorrowful. He stood there meekly until I lowered my head and walked towards the bathroom, holding in the tears until I was behind closed doors.

A few days had passed since the humiliating experience. I had distanced myself from the team as much as I could. Even though they didn’t like me, they still always tried to include me in the teams activities after a hard day; they had to keep the nice routine for Hotch, whom had no part in the rude antics. I would always brush them off giving them half assed excuses knowing they would take it.

 We were all called in at the crack of dawn. I sighed and got dressed quickly, racing to get to the office for debriefing. Once again I slowly and quietly walked into the BAU, noticing the dark rooms surrounding me. I set my purse down on my desk and hurried to the Round-Table room, seeing it empty and dark. I tilted my head and furrowed my eyebrows. I turned back towards the bullpen to see the young doctor standing once again meekly, making him seem so small. “Oh Dr. Reid you scared me.” I told him placing my hand over my chest as I jumped. A hot streak flushed his cheeks as he looked down at his shoes. “I’m sorry, it’s the only way I knew you’d come in on a weekend and all.” He said softly still not meeting my gaze. “What are you talking about?” I questioned him. “I just wanted to apologize for what happened. The things that were said.” He said sweetly, finally looking into my eyes. “You didn’t have to. I understand that you guys don’t want me around. I replaced your favorite co-worker and friend.” I said rolling my eyes, starting to walk towards my desk to collect my things. 

 Spencer was hot on my trail following my every move. “Look Y/N, that’s not true. It was just a change and I’m sure that they didn’t mean it. Just give us another chance.” He said softly placing his hand over mine. I sighed and tilted my head back, closing my eyes. “Why are you apologizing for them. If they were sorry then they’d be the ones apologizing not you.” I replied back picking my bag up. “Wait Y/N!” He said rushing to get in front of me. I groaned and stopped as his hands were on my arms. “I want to make it up to you.” He said again calmly. “I’m sorry for what was said. It wasn’t fair to you, you are actually good at your job.” He said smiling, making me blush. “I promise this team isn’t as mean as we made it out, we’re kinda like a family. It’s just hard to see a family member go you know?” He said looking into my eyes making me feel at peace. “I guess I understand.” I said nodding my head as the smile broke out onto his lips. “How about to make it up I take you out for breakfast?” He said slinging his arm over my shoulder. I laughed and placed my arm around his waist. “I’d like to get a few more hours of sleep but pancakes sound delicious right now.”