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Taemin Han AU (JuminxMC AfterEnd) [[Please DO NOT repost this set]]
[READ THIS AU GUIDE FIRST if you have questions]

01: Taemin taking a photo with MC. Jumin wants in
02: Yoonri pulling another LOLOL all-nighter
03: Jae Keun sleeping && being pranked on
04: Jincheol ‘stealing’ the affection of Taemin’s dog
05: Seojun: “im in me mums carrrr… vrooom vrrroom”
—–Seven: “get out me car”
06: Hyun-Ae catches Taemin picking up after his dog in the park
07: ??? sent you a photo.

Drew some fake CGs for the AU – i tried ((each took 3-4 hours)) ;;v;; yes sorry I had to draw the original RFA members older ;;v;; reality bites O<-< sorry I had to watermark the heck out of it // things have been quite hectic regarding reposts and art theft ;;v;; anyway thank you so much for your interest && support ♥

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sleepover with exo


  • freezes the members’ underwear
  • just an all around prankster who refuses to go to sleep
  • sings at the top of his lungs at midnight
  • crashes after a sugar high at 4 in the morning


  • draws on the members’ faces when they’re asleep
  • “let’s tell scary stories”
  • starts massive pillow fights
  • absolutely refuses to wake up in the morning


  • too old for this shit
  • tries to sleep but always wakes up bc of jongdae’s laughter
  • screams at jongin’s scary stories
  • wins every single round of bs


  • refuses to move from the couch
  • brings a stuffed animal to sleep with, maybe two
  • falls asleep first
  • wakes up first and takes pictures of the other members sleeping


  • hogs all the candy
  • challenges pcy to a rap battle, loses
  • asks random questions when everyone’s about to go to sleep
  • “do you think fish can feel pain”


  • brings all the food
  • pillow fights with him can get violent
  • wears the fluffiest pajamas that make him look like a baby penguin
  • the only one who actually stays up all night


  • busy trying to keep his kids under control
  • “no we cannot play strip poker”
  • probably hosts the sleepover
  • won’t stop laughing at his own dad jokes


  • “let’s play truth or dare”
  • secretly helps bbh plan and execute pranks but gets away with it
  • plays “chogiwa” on repeat on the speakers
  • doesn’t fit in his sleeping bag


  • always gets pranked by pcy and bbh
  • came out here to have a good time and is honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • tries to redeem himself in another high note competition, fails
  • cooks breakfast for the group the morning after

b.a.p x hogwarts

camp halfblood!au

• choi youngjae
• son of hypnos
• cabin fifteen
• is almost always sleeping
• likes to play pranks on jaebum where he manipulates his dreams
• does not do any sort of physical activity
• can hear him from across camp singing
• is a scaredy cat
• the other boys likes to scare him when he’s sleeping
• can remember almost everything
• from ten years ago to ten days ago
• goes into the city every once and awhile to play with dogs at the shelter
• loves to play video games and spends hours on his laptop
• he actually does game battles with some of the other campers
• hides away from chiron and dionysius when it’s time for training
• takes frequent naps in the field of flowers

how you two met:

• you had insomnia actually
• it was hard for you to get to sleep and stay asleep
• some of your friends suggested going to the hypnos cabin
• you weren’t really sure but you figured you’d try
• that’s where you met youngjae
• he offered to help induce you into sleep
• so whenever you couldn’t go to sleep or anything you would go to see him
• you developed a friendship from there
• he’d sometimes sing you to sleep
• he’d even bring you to the animal shelter
• you would get him to train with you every once and awhile
• you caught feelings but you were scared he didn’t return your feelings
• so you started pushing him away and soon your insomnia was back
• “are you okay? you look tired.”
• you just looked at him because you were trying not to be obvious
• “I know you like me.“
• “what? who told you?”
• “does it matter? I like you too. now come on, let’s get you to sleep.”


I Almost Forgot

I Dare You…

I Didn’t Make It To My Parents

I Gave Up

I Haven’t

I Just Want To Help

I Lost My Keys

I Love You, But…

I Love You, Marks And All

I Lug Yule

I Need A Drink

I Think I Could Have Loved You

I Think I Need A Break

I Thought You Loved Me

I Want

I Want To Dance With You Too

I Want To Meet Your Parents

I’ll Be Your Waitress

I’ll Wait For You

I’m Both

I’m Fine

I’m Not Alright

I’m Not Drunk Now

I’m Worried

Ice Skating

If I Could Fly

If You Say So

Impressing The Boys

In The Mood For Baking

Instagram Model

Interview Games


Invisible Patterns In His Skin

Isn’t About Me (Smut)

It Was One Time

It’s 3AM

It’s Back

It’s Not Your Decision

It’s The Concussion

It’s Too Much

Jealousy Song

Just Admit It

Just Be Careful

Just Say You Won’t Let Go

Keep That Out Of The Vlog

Kid In Love

Kidnapping The Computer

Kiss Cam

Knight In Shining Armour

Last Straw

Last Walk Through

Late Night Call

Late Night Fight

Lazy Day


Leave The Dancing To Me

Let Me Make It More Clear (Part 2 of Floor Advice)

Let Me Talk

Library Surprise

Like… (Part 2 of Overheard)

Lion Show

Locked Out

Losing My Patience


Lost Boys

Lost Dog

Lost Phone

Lost Voice

Love Is Overrated

Lucky Number Fourteen

Make A Deal

Make Them Jealous

Managing Alone…Or Not


May The Force Be With You

Maybe Birthdays Aren’t Bad

Maybe One Day

Med Student Girlfriend

Meet And Greet Panic

Meeting The Family

Meeting The Team

Merry Freaking Christmas

Middle Of A Conversation

Midsummer Night Party

Missed Bus

Missed Premier

Missed Train

Missed Video Chat

Missing Him




More Than Us


Move In Day

My Hero

My Only Person (Part 2 of He’s Your Person)

My Sister Can’t See This!

Nap At The Cabin

Nap Time

Need A Ride?

Never Baking With You Again

Never Have I Ever

Never Let You Down

New Neighbour

New Photographer

New Trainer

New York, I Love You

New York Skyline


Nice Hook

Night Of Surprises

Night Out

Night On The Couch

Nightmare of Memories

No More Dates

No More Hiding

No More Knocking

No Mountain Climbing

No One Better

No One’s Fault

Noah To My Allie

Not Allowed To Leave

Not Exactly Quiet

Not Good Enough

Not Hungry

Not Just Drunk

Not Much Longer

Not Perfect

Not So Alone Time (Smut)

Not So Sibling Like

Not The Reaction Expected

Noticing The Little Things

Nutella And Cuddles


Of All The Flights

Of All The People

On The Inside

One Last Time

One Minute

One Night Stand

One Rule

One Shot

One Time Thing

One With Nature

Only One Year

Only Yours


Operation: Distract Joe

Our Little Secret

Out Of Place


Outfit Surprise



Passion For Books

Perfectly Perfect


Picture Taking

Pizza Dinner

Play Along

Please Come To London

Please, Never Again

Please, Wake Up - Part 1

Please, Wake Up - Part 2


Post Crash Panic

Prank Reaction (Part 2 of Prank Revenge)

Prank Revenge

Pranking Sleeping Beauty

Promise Me

Proposal Planning

Protection At The Club

Protective Pregnancy

Proud Boys

Prove Me Wrong


Pulling Away

Pulling Him Out

Putting Up With This

Puzzle Piece

Prank Wars (2/4)

Chapter 2

O N E |

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The prank war has begun in The Avengers tower, your partner is Steve Rogers. None of The Avengers are safe, mostly if you and Steve are the ones paired up.

Word Count: 1,397 

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Tags: @allison-rosewood-maximoff@chrisevans-imagines 

Warning: Fluff

A/N: Glad to see all the support you guys are giving me! Love you all! I hope you enjoy ♥

Night finally came and you and Steve were in your bedroom, planning the next prank for Tony. Now, there were a few things about Tony, he was stubborn, rich and a deep sleeper. And the fact that he was a deep sleeper, gave you two the advantage for your next prank. You spoke for a while, but when you heard the whole tower fall silent, an idea popped into your mind.

‘’Steve, do we have itching powder?’’ you ask, smirking.

‘’Actually.. I do.’’ steve says, rushing to his room.

You waited there for about three minutes, when he returned he had a packet of itching powder in his hand. Steve smiled at you, it seemed that he read right through you. Your next prank was towards Tony, and it was going to be quite interesting.

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anonymous asked:

Geno doesn't like holding the sealskin until Flower points out it's better than their daughter shifting the other way around.

Geno: I’m gonna…I’m gonna vomit excuse me

Headcanon for cuddling with Gabriel:

  • Gabriel will show up at random times in the night and just slide into bed with you. He knows you won’t mind.
  • Doesn’t mind being the little spoon, but likes to be the big spoon.
  • He will most likely eat candy in your bed while you sleep. Have fun waking up and finding a dozen of candy wrappers in your bed.
  • Gabriel will let you play with his hair, and he’ll let you play with his.
  • Gabriel will probably draw on your face while you sleep as a prank. Never fear, he’ll clean you up in the morning!
  • He is more of a blanket hog than a pillow hog.
  • If you ever have trouble sleeping, he will sing you to sleep.
  • Gabriel will enjoy cuddling with you so much that he’ll try to keep you in bed as long as possible.

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Oikise Headcannons

Random headcannons for @ironnheart

1. Oikawa and Kise once met each other as children but they don’t remember each other

2. Oikawa sometimes gets jealous when other people like Kise’s photos on anything. Kise is an airhead so of course he won’t notice.

3. They once went on a date to a museum (God knows why) but they both ran out as soon as they saw the first exhibit being live bugs.

4. Oikawa once tried to style Kise’s hair while he was sleeping (as a prank) to look like a super saiyans. For two whole weeks Oikawa had to sleep on the couch.

5. When Kise met Iwaizumi for the first time, he literally thought that he was Kasamatsu and he just kept asking him a bunch of questions about what happened to the old Kasamatsu

“I know you’re lying Kasamatsu-Senpai!”

“I don’t even know who that is!!”

Blond Wigs and White Weddings

Character(s): Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,055


           “Does he still have it on?” Sam asks curiously as he peers over you and in through the window of the motel room.

           “I think he does. Geez, they’re both still sleeping.”

           “Yesterday was rather eventful.”

           “Touchè. I guess they have an excuse. You know, we’re both probably going to get our asses whooped when they wake up.”

           “It’ll be worth it.”

           Castiel has a wig on. It’s a blond wig. It’s also your fault. You put it on him last night as a part of your abuse of his drunken mindset, and Sam had condoned it. The wig is all too feminine. The tips trail down a good ways, and it’s obviously cheap, but neither Dean nor Cass had been sober enough to notice that at the time. Castiel as a human is all too easy to get drunk. Dean had taken a bit longer to reach the point of no return, but he’d gone there willingly.

           And now both of them are sound asleep in the same bed of the same motel room, and Cass is still wearing the wig.

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madhattressdelux  asked:

OKAY CONCEPT IN BOARDING SCHOOL AU BC WHAT IF,,, you know that vine where the dude tries to pull a prank on his friend/roommate who's half asleep & instead finds his friend having 👀 somebody in bed sleeping w/ them & prank dude goes like "OH SHIT." Prank dude: travis, roommate/friend: vylad, friend's buddy in bed: laurance pls & thanks absjsnsd

Im glad vylad is doing what he loves JCJCJFJ

vmin Headcanons
  • Kisses. Lots of em. Whenever wherever.
    • Kookie refuses to go with them anymore because of it
  • Dates at playgrounds
  • Playing pranks on sleeping Yoongi
    • “Tae why is Yoongi shooting death glares at us?” “Don’t ask just run”
  • Stealing food while Jin’s cooking and feeding it to each other
  • Tae can’t resist buying Jimin things
  • late night talks about their future 
    • Hobie starts tossing pillows at them around 3 am
  • Jimin wearing Tae’s clothes
  • Jimin supporting Tae 2000% in anything he does
    • “Jungkook, you can take your loud chip eating ass outta here. I’m trying to hear my darling’s soap commercial . 
  • Tae talking nonstop about Jibooty
    • “Like dammmn, that ass would make Kim K’s ass jealous” “KIM TAEHYUNG HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO STOP TALKING TO JUNGKOOK ABOUT MY ASS”
  • Tae’s into some kinky shit
  • Whispering sweet things to each other on the phone
    • “ChimChim, I didn’t wanna fall in love, not at all. But at some point you smiled, and, holy shit, I blew it” “… did you get that from a tumblr post” “… maybe… but I meant it” “.. I can’t believe I’m in love with such a dork”

I only have you

Being 5sos' opening act would include:

- “If you ever get tired of your band, you can sleep in our bus.”


- “Why did I even agree to come on this tour?”

- Having sing offs with Luke

- Calum hugging you when you’re homesick

- Michael being super obsessed with your band

- Drawing on Ashton’s face while he’s asleep

- Making fun of each other in front of the fans

- Literally you can’t go one concert without them trying to embarrass you in front of the audience

- Them getting kind of jealous when you fly your best friend out because you’re not spending as much time with them

- Writing songs together

- Michael texting you to order pizza

- “Michael, why are you texting me? I’m literally right next you.”

- “So is that a yes to pizza?”

- Looking at dog pictures with Calum when you’re bored

- “Luke, does your mom know you’re doing that?”

- “Ashton, if you hit me one more time with your drum stick, I will shove it down your throat.”

- Having approximately 20,000 embarrassing pictures of each other on your phone’s

- Never wanting the tour to end because spending all day with them is the best thing ever

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anonymous asked:

Dating Felix (RvB) would include?

✧ Felix is still very much an annoying butt. He just cares a little more when you’re angry because of it and usually he’ll leave some kind of present outside your door the next day that he probably stole.
✦ Felix takes it upon himself to teach you how to throw knives. He’s hard on you, but only because he wants to know that you can take care of yourself if he’s not around.
✧ The more you compliment him, the better of a mood he’s in.
✦ Felix is insanely jealous. Poor Palomo learns this the hard way.
✧ He’s always got your back in a fight. He may be a little too defensive of you in a fight, because you would like to actually fight instead of Felix shielding you from everything.
✦ Locus similarly has your back. You won’t admit it to Felix, but people are a lot more intimidated by Locus suddenly appearing behind you than by him.
✧ PDA, lots of PDA. Most of the mercenaries have seen more of you two kissing than they’ve ever wanted to. The only ones brave enough to interrupt you are Locus and Sharkface.
✦ Felix always has an arm around your waist whether it’s while you’re walking around or when you two are sleeping.
✧ You two prank everyone, especially Tucker.
✦ When/If you do get hurt Felix is unnervingly calm about it. At least until he figures out who hurt you.
✧ Lots of fighting. Most of it’s over stupid stuff and you two make up pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s just so Felix can make you mad because he thinks you’re hot when you’re mad.
✦ Felix loves attention so the more you give to him the more you get back. Just don’t ignore him because he will try to get your attention (sometimes in inappropriate ways).
✧ Felix tries to get you to get matching tattoos with him and the first time he asks you say no. He begs for a while, but finally admits that it’s your choice. Regardless of whether you get one, Felix gets several and almost cries, much to your amusement.
✦ Almost every movie you two watch is either a horror movie or has something to do with space. Most of the time it’s pretty gory, too. The gore doesn’t bother Felix, but if there is a jumpscare you can bet that he’ll be in your lap momentarily.