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addict with a pen (in the isle of flightless birds)

summary; sad boy loves oceans and sea breezes and the time in between day and night, so he sits by the sea with a sketchbook and sometimes, another boy joins him and sometimes, thats okay

genre; angst/fluff (mostly angst though lmao)

word count; 3.6k (part 2)

warnings; anxiety (not specifically mentioned but hinted at a lot)

a/n: hello i am back here is the sequel to addict with a pen!!!!! i’m definitely considering a third part (much shorter though, probably around 1.5k and with short paragraphs/timehops) so tell me if you’d like that and i’ll write it ^^ also no offence to anyone named sarah omg and YES i know he’s allergic to cats but just. .…Imagine <33333 i’d also like to note that some parts of this centred around anxiety are very personal; i know anxiety works in many forms and differs extremely; this is just a personal aspect i wanted to explore in writing. 

please listen to this song , this song and this song, i got so much inspiration from them and they’re beautiful, i wrote the fic around them so i think they fit quite well with the mood and stuff ^-^



I wanna fall inside your ghost
And fill up every hole inside my mind
And I want everyone to know
That I am half a soul divided 

The nights get colder. And unlike most people, Dan doesn’t really complain about the early sunsets and the darkening of streets at 4pm; he quite likes the extra time spent wallowing and convincing himself not to go and see Phil. Mostly for the fact that he’s been to Phil’s house three times in the last four days for no apparent reason other than his need for company, and Phil’s probably getting a little sick of him by now. 

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Haru’s logic: if you ignore him, maybe his dorkiness will go away.

I don’t seem to be able to control myself and I’ve been thinking about this AU way too much. Someone help me.