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Chris’ lips appreciation post

I kinda adore his upper lip. Omg Is there even such thing to be attracted to someone’s upper lip??? Like I wanna tug at it and place a small kiss on it and then he’d giggle, sucking softly on my lower lip and then ooh everything turns too hot and we’d be making out on the couch, hands roaming over each other’s bodies, hips grinding causing friction, moans and groans resonating within the room. One of his hands sneaking under my skirt, ever so softly teasing the inside of my thigh, squeezing it, calloused hands burning against my blazing skin as I’d purr into his mouth, allowing his tongue to slide in and he’d lick and suck, lewd sounds turning us on even more than we both already are. FUCK and he won’t stop kissing until I’m breathless, chest heaving, blood buzzing in my veins, both of us hot and bothered, fucking aroused. Damn, this ain’t fair.

@minervaem thought I’d add fuel to your fire.

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One To Three

Rating: Everyone!

Genre: A lot of Fluff!

Word Count: 1k

Plot: Chris and Y/N Are expecting their first Child, and it was the day they were going to find out the Gender, but when they get to the hospital, they also find out some other news.

A/N: This is  kinda late, but i was going to post it yesterday, then i ended up going out, and wasn’t home till late. I was also away for a bit, and forgot to bring my computer, but here it is now!

It was a regular Thursday morning in the house. The sun was shining through the curtains, and it was beautiful outside. You looked over to see your husband, Chris, still sleeping. You have been married for a year, and you could have never been happier. He was the man of your dreams. You were 5 months pregnant, and today you guys were going to find out the gender of your baby. You both were extremely happy when you found out that you were pregnant. You always dreamed of having a family. you adored kids, and always dreamed of having your own. Every time you saw Chris with his nieces and nephews, you saw how amazing of a father he is going to be. You sat up and walked to the bathroom to get cleaned up. After a shower you headed downstairs, to see your husband cooking breakfast. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him. “Morning Babe” Chris said, turning around and giving you a small kiss. “ and good morning to you to” he said bending down to your belly, placing a kiss on it. You smiled at just the thought of how amazing of a father he was going to be. “ I made your favorite!” He said as you walked over to get a coffee. “Pancakes?” You questioned, raising one eyebrow and bringing your coffee cup to your lips. “Pancakes” he said, turning off the oven. You to headed over to the table and started talking about the appointment. “ Do you think it is going to be a girl or a boy?” You asked taking a bite of your pancakes. “ I think it’s gonna be a boy” he answered. “ I think it’s gonna be a girl” you said, challenging him. “ But If we are being honest here, I will love him or her no matter the gender” he said with a smile. You got up and placed your dishes in the sink, and cleaned up the kitchen while Chris went to grab a shower before you left. All You could do was smile at the thought of how lucky you were. He made all of your dreams come true. When you told your family’s they were beyond exited. But the memories you will always have is the moment you told Chris. A smile grew on his face, and tears started to stream down his face. He pulled you in and hugged you. “Were gonna be parents” he said in your ear, making tears of happiness fall from your eyes.

You arrived at the hospital for your appointment. The whole time Chris had talked about how exited he was and how much he was going to spoil this baby. You have never seen him this exited, and that made you even happier. “You ready to go in and see if we’re going to have a princess or a prince?” He asked you, grabbing your hand, with a huge smile on his face. “ let’s go do this” you said squeezing his hand, walking in to the hospital.

A doctor got you all prepared for your ultrasound, and now you were just waiting for the other one to come and do the scan. Chris was sitting there one hand in yours, and the other one his knee. You two were making small talk when the doctor walked in. “ Hello Mr. And Mrs. Evans, my name is Dr. Hill and I will be doing your ultrasound today” she said with a smile. “Alright let’s get started” she rubbed the gel on your stomach, the the camera that would see your baby. Chris’ knee was jumping up and down with excitement and nervousness.  "Well, it looks like the babies are doing good, and are very healthy" she said with a smile. You let out a sigh of relief knowing that they were healthy. “That’s very go-” that’s when you and Chris realized she said babies. “Wait, did you say babies?” You asked raising an eyebrow. “That is correct. It looks like you guys will be having Triplets” she said looking at the screen. You and Chris immediately looked at each other, with wide eyes. “Triplets?” He said, in a whisper, tears welling up in his eyes “yes baby” you said pulling him close, and kissing him. The doctor spoke up. “Now that you know their are 3, would you like to know the gender?” She asked. “Yes please” you both said, wiping tears from your eyes. She turned to monitor screen towards you to so you could see the babies. “You will be having 2 baby boys, and one baby girl” she said, pointing to where each one was on the monitor. The tears that just finished falling started to return. You both were extremely exited to be having Triplets. Once to doctor finished going over some things to keep you and the babies healthy, you and Chris left the hospital. Right as you closed your door, Chris turned around and pulled you in for a kiss, the started to speak. “ We are having Triplets Y/N!” He said, pulling his forehead to yours. “So it might not be only one baby and may be difficult in the beginning, but we will be able to do this, and we will do this together. We will be out numbered already, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that my wife and babies are do amazing, and our future is bright” he said, tears falling from your eyes. “I love you so much Chris.  Your right, it’s not going to be easy, but it will be the moments in life we will remember the most. You will be a amazing father to out little boys and our baby girl. I can express how exited I am to go through this with the man of my dreams. I love you so much, Chris” you said,  tears now falling from his eyes too. You sat there for a moment in silence, until Chris started to speak up. “We may need to get some more things then” he said, making you giggle. “ and maybe a bigger house” you said,  adding to his comment. He looked at you. “Better get looking then!” He said, starting to car, and leaving the parking lot.

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eva + vilde + sleep over

  • seeing p. chris and eva stuck to each others faces at every single moment has been messing with vildes brain but she just isn’t sure why exactly
  • maybe because eva is her friend and chris has shown he’s an untrustworthy asshole??? and she deserves so much much better???
  • or maybe maybe maybe its bc of the butterflies she has when she sees eva smile or recognises her amazing hair between all the other people or maybe its because…
  • but vilde doesn’t want to think about that. it gets too real and she’s not sure enough of her feelings yet (or of herself for that matter)
  • + there’s also the fact that eva is very much in a thing with chris right now
  • but one night when vilde has been drinking just a little bit too much and she’s the only one left at eva’s and they’re laying in her room, both taken up in their own thoughts she blurts it out
  • “i think about kissing you a lot”
  • and there’s silence and more silence and more silence
  • and vilde is starting to panic because what did she just say???????? did she really just say that????????

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Chris Evans Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: hiii i found ur account and literally in love with it, and i was wondering if you could write a chris evans imagine where you are babysitting sebastians neice (who is a complete brat) and so sebastian leaves to go out and you and chris try to become friends with his neice but she just doesn’t like you two at all. so she pulls a prank on you and hides somewhere and you two think that you lost her. sebastian calls you up telling you he’s on his way home. you can make up the rest, thank you love u!

A/N: aww, thanks nonny, i love you to <3

Warning: None

You march your way up the stairs of the apartment that Sebastian was currently living in, you had Chris beside you on the way up. You finally reached Sebastian’s door and knocked, the door swung right open, not a second passed by. It seemed that Sebastian was waiting for you, which he obviously was. After Sebastian opened the door your eyes shift down to his leg which had a young lady wrapped around it.

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Strike Two (Part 9 of Curve Ball)

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Summary: An accidental collision. Lucky shoes. Baseball lessons. As much as they might try to deny it, fate seemed to be working to bring Derek and Y/N together. But being in each other’s lives could prove to be more complicated than either one of them bargained for.

Author’s Note: FINALLY! It is here, y’all!!! I know it has been an eternity since I updated this series, but it is finally written and I couldn’t love this part more. I really hope you guys like it, please let me know! Meanwhile, enjoy ;)

As always, a HUGE thank you to my co-pilot on this series, @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales!!! She is so amazing to work with and always such great ideas!!! I can’t even say thanks enough <3

Warnings: Language; a lot of feels

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“Y/N? Are you even listening to me?” Stiles’ voice broke me out of my stare and I slowly turned my head to look at him, eyes wide and lips sucked between my teeth as I grunted out a ‘hm?’ He blinked at me several times before averting his gaze to the spot I was so tethered to only moment ago.

“Sorry,” I sighed. “I’ve just been…distracted.”

“I’ll say,” he snorts, earning a glare. “What’s up with you lately?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

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Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway. (Part E)

A/N: Part 5E! We’re so close, just one epilogue and we’re done! Thank you so much for reading, I love y'all. ❤️ You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C/5D) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist)

Chris rose with the sun while you remained peacefully asleep in his arms. A lazy, satisfied smile spread across his face when he looked down at your pretty face, memories of the night before entering his mind. Dinner had been lovely, but what transpired after had been lovelier; there was no doubt the two of you were going to sleep incredibly well on the plane after the late night you had. Chris carefully pulled his arm around from under you, detangling his legs from yours. He sucked in his breath when you stirred, rolling over and pulling the mess of sheets with you. He quietly breathed out then gently kissed your hair before disappearing into the bathroom to have a much needed shower.

You were aroused from your sleep when you heard the shower, you rolled over and realized Chris had gotten up. You smiled and stretched, sighing when you realized today was the day your romantic getaway with Chris ended. It was a bit of a bittersweet moment; on one hand- neither or you wanted to leave Rome, on the other- both were very excited to get back to your son. As magical as the past week had been, it was time to head back to where your real life awaited- where your son awaited with photos and stories from his first proper Halloween. Checkout was at 1:30PM and the flight to take you back to Boston, Massachusetts was at 4:30PM; it was only 6:50AM so you still had plenty of time.

You could hear Chris singing in the shower; it was hard to make out what song it was, but his voice made you smile nonetheless. You stretched once more before you got out of bed, you scooped Chris’ shirt off the floor and slipped it on so you weren’t just wandering around in your underwear. As much as that would’ve delighted your husband, you wanted breakfast and you couldn’t receive room service without some form of clothing. You grabbed the room service menu then returned to sit on the edge of the bed to peruse the breakfast menu at your leisure. It was your last breakfast in Rome for- God only knew how long so you wanted to order something memorable.

The shower stopped running while you were on the phone, you looked up as Chris came out of the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. “Good morning,” he smiled then leaned over to kiss you on the cheek. “I thought you would’ve joined me in the shower, but clearly I wore you out last night.” He teased you and you tried not to laugh as you pointed at the phone.

“That’d be great,” you nodded as you spoke to the receptionist, “thank you so much. Yes, we’re in the penthouse suite. Mm hm, room number four-two-seven.” With that, you hung up and rolled onto your stomach. “One final room service breakfast before we go home and have to cook what we want to eat.”

“Drats,” Chris clicked his fingers, smiling when you laughed. “If I’m being honest though,” he said as he pulled a pair of Calvin Klein boxers on. “I kind of miss our pancake mornings, the way Jack would clap and giggle when I flip the pancakes.” You smiled; it was pretty cute. “But hey, this time tomorrow-” he pulled a pair of Under Armor shorts on. “We’ll be doing just that.”

“Yup,” you smiled, shuffling so Chris could have his spot on the bed. “I miss our little bug.” You told him, pouting as you sat up and leaned into his open arm. “As nice as the past childless week has been, I miss being a mom.” He chuckled softly, kissing your hair. “Who would’ve thought I’d ever say that, huh?” You looked back at him, giggling. “Remember me when you first met me?”

“Yeah, but I saw past that tough exterior,” he smiled. “If you really disliked kids as much as you said you did, then I would have never made you have Jack.” You rolled your eyes because like that child lover would give up having children for you. “Don’t roll your eyes at me,” he tickled you and you squirmed, laughing. “I’ve told you a million times, you’re all I’ll ever need.”

“But you’re really glad I don’t dislike kids as much as I said I did, right?” You quizzed and laughed when he nodded. “For the record, so am I.” You smiled and pecked him on the lips. “I don’t think I can imagine a life without Jack anymore, he’s so precious and God- I love that boy.”

“Me too,” he nodded, smiling. “And I can’t wait to see and hear what he got up to on Halloween.”

Your face fell a little when you thought about having to face your son after lying to him about how you had to go because it was for his dad’s work; you may not have known going in, but you did now and you felt horrible. You could’ve been there, but instead you were off having the time of your life with Chris; talk about mother of the year.

“What’s wrong?” Chris quizzed with narrowed eyes when he saw your face.

“I don’t know, I guess I feel bad about lying about this trip being a work thing,” you admitted, pressing your lips together when you met his gaze. “The moment I see Jack’s face, I’m going to feel like a complete monster.” He sighed; he knew your guilt would surface, if he was being honest- his was too. “We’re going to need to make up for this somehow, you know that right?”

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded. “We’ve got those annual passes for Disney World, right?” You nodded, smiling when you remembered; it was your saving grace. “I’m sure we can slot something in over the holidays, I think Carly wanted to take the kids before Christmas. We can all go together as one big, happy family, I’m sure he’d love that.”

“Somehow I feel like you’re going to love it more.”

“Sounds like a win win situation to me,” he said then laughed when you did. 

• • • • • • • • 

Your flight landed at Logan International Airport in Boston at 8:41PM; a little bit behind schedule, but got you home nonetheless. The airport was a lot busier than you’d both expected, so hats and sunglasses were used to get you through without attracting a mess of fans. You were both tired and ready to get home to see your son, the last thing you wanted was to be stopped and asked to take photos.

Chris hailed a cab and helped the cab driver load the luggage into the trunk while you got into the vehicle, clutching the renaissance painter teddy bear you got Jack from a flea market in Rome. You yawned as your husband and the cab driver got back into the car; it pulled away from the curb and you were on your way home.

“Homeward bound,” Chris whispered into your hair when you leaned into his open arm. “Sleep,” he instructed, knowing how tired you were after your restless flight; you were a frequent flyer, yes, but not all your experiences were smooth. “I’ll wake you when we get home.”

The drive was a few hours and you fell asleep within the first fifteen minutes, Chris had slept on the flight so he wasn’t as tired as you were. When the cab got close, Chris texted Scott to let him know that they were in the area and that he should open the door. It was 11:39PM when Chris woke you up, informing you that you’d reached your beautiful home. You got out of the cab and smiled at the three men that had helped with your son while you were away with your husband.

“Both your boys are asleep in his room,” Scott told you, referring to Jack and Dodger. “Here,” he took your bags from you and you smiled gratefully. “Let us handle the bags,” he offered, beckoning his head at Sebastian and Anthony; they both nodded, smiling. “The two of you go see him. Just try not to wake him? It took a lot of effort to put him down, really don’t know how you two do it on a daily basis,” he chuckled.

“Got it,” Chris chuckled, slapping the guys on the back as he walked past to join your side. “Thanks, guys. We definitely owe you big time,” he said and you nodded in agreement. “If you ever have kids of your own, we are at your disposal.”

The two of you made your way upstairs to your baby boy’s room, you quietly opened the door and peeped in. His Mickey Mouse night light illuminated his room, which was empty; neither Jack nor Dodger were present. “Oh my God,” the teddy bear dropped with your hearts. “Where is Jack?” You asked Chris and he shook his head, his lips parted in shock. You were both so tired that it didn’t occur to either of you that he was somewhere else in the house, the first thought was as you said out loud, “our son is missing.”

“Scott, where is my son?!” Chris cried out, scrambling down the stairs.

“We shouldn’t have gone away,” you mumbled to yourself, feeling your eyes well with tears.

“Mama?” A child’s voice laced with sleep turned your head and you let out a huge sigh filled with absolute relief. “Why are you crying?” He quizzed when you scooped him into your arms, hugging him tightly. “What’s wrong, Mama?” He asked, wrapping his arms around you.

You heard footsteps hurrying up the stairs; Chris led the troop. They caught sight of you with Jack in your arms and all let out a sigh of relief in unison. Chris walked over, wrapping his arms around the both of you and kissing the back of Jack’s head. Dodger padded out of the room, nudging his nose against your leg and you looked down at him with a smile.

“Is that for me?” Jack caught sight of his teddy bear which was still lying on the floor. Chris pulled away and picked it up, passing it to him when you loosened your hug. “Oh wow,” he grinned, hugging it to his chest. “Thanks Mama, thanks Daddy.”

“Where were you?” You asked Jack, running a hand through his sleep disheveled hair. “Uncle Scott said you were asleep in your room, where’d you go?” You asked then answered your own question when you saw him smile. “Were you watching interviews in our room again?”

“No,” he giggled. “I knew you and Daddy were coming home tonight. I wanted to wait up, but Uncle Scott wouldn’t let me so I pretended to be asleep then hid in your room when Uncle Scott went downstairs.” He looked over at Scott, giggling when his uncle scoffed. “I wasn’t actually asleep, Uncle Scott. I was pretending so you’d go downstairs.”

“Yeah,” Scott chuckled in disbelief, “I don’t know how you two do that on a daily basis.” You and Chris chuckled at that. “He is a bigger handful than we’d expected.” Jack giggled when you tickled him. “We were discussing earlier and we wouldn’t be surprised if you told us you lied about the trip being a work thing to get some alone time. Right, guys?” He looked back at Sebastian and Anthony, who both nodded.

“Um…” Chris pressed his lips together.

“Yeah, about that…” You bit back your smile.

“Oh my God, seriously?” Sebastian chuckled.

“We’re going to make it up to all of you,” you quickly told them then turned your attention on your son, “especially you, buddy. I’m so sorry we missed your first proper Halloween, we really wanted to be here.” Jack just smiled, completely indifferent to the truth his uncles had just discovered. He had a lot of fun with the guys and couldn’t care less that you’d missed Halloween.

“I guess we’ll be expecting another Evans baby in nine months then,” Anthony teased and you blushed even though that wasn’t at all true or the reason you went away to Rome. You’d both decided to wait to have another so you were extremely careful when it came to sex and contraception, or so you thought. “Are we hoping for a girl this time, Mr. and Mrs. Evans?”

“I’m going to have a sister?” Jack gasped.

“No, you’re not,” you and Chris both shook your heads.

“You might,” Sebastian told him and his faltered smile regain momentum.

“As careful as you might’ve been,” Scott smirked, “you would’ve slipped up somewhere.”

“Okay, no,” Chris chuckled. “Stop it, guys. We’re not having another baby, not for awhile anyway.”

“Yeah,” you agreed, “our hands are already tied up with Jack, we don’t need another just yet.”

Scott, Sebastian, and Anthony shared cheeky grins then turned back to the two of you and said in unison. “Guess we’ll know in a couple months, won’t we?”

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Yes, finally! The next part is the epilogue. X

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"Yuuri joined Viktor in his, noting that the button for the floor he was staying on had already been pressed" I wonder if Chris misunderstood this subtle action of yuuri not pressing any button, thinking the two of them are going to have at it like rabbits, like 'really, guys?! It's the short skate tmr, and you two are already gonna sleep together? Luckily I drop my care package of condoms and lube to Viktor earlier today."

Let’s just say the ‘sleep well’ that Chris tossed over his shoulder when he got out the elevator was 100%  sarcastic 


He didn’t wake me up. Again. Even though he’d promised he’d wake me he didn’t. I’d woken up and had to go to the bathroom and that was when I saw him sprawled across the bed. I smile softly then spot his tie on the floor in the early morning sunlight. I grin and look over at Chris’ sleeping form. He always had been a heavy sleeper, and I’ve always wanted to try this. I slide his hands up slowly and then gently tie the tie around his wrists. He groans softly and I hold my breath, waiting to see if he’s going to wake. He doesn’t.

I slide the blankets down and take his dick in my hand, running my tongue across the tip of his dick he moans. His eyes stay closed and I watch his face as I take the head of his cock into my mouth. Rubbing my tongue along the underside he inhales sharply and his eyes open.
“Morning baby.” He chuckles deeply, his voice rough with sleep.
“Mmm.” I hum and he groans.
“Why don’t you untie my hands and let me feel you.”
“Oh no.” I say pumping my hand slowly up and down his dick, “You promised to wake me up when you got home and you didn’t.”
“You looked so peaceful.”
“Excuses Evans. Excuses.” I chide enveloping his cock with my mouth again. I take him all the way to the back of my throat and Chris lets out a long groan.

I pull my mouth from him then pull off my own pajamas, also known as one of Chris’ t-shirts and a pair of underwear. I crawl up his body, kissing each of his tattoos as I move up toward his mouth. I straddle his waist then kiss him deeply. He lifts his head and I feel him pull against the tie at his wrists.
“Baby let me touch you.”
“No. Do you need to use the safe word?”
“No.” He growls and I laugh softly.
“Okay.” I say kissing his jaw, then slide my hand between my legs. “You wanna taste?” I purr his eyes fixed on my hand.
“Yes.” I slip my hand into his mouth and he sucks my fingers. “Please.” He growls, “I want to taste you.” I straddle his mouth and his tongue darts out, swiping down my center.

I grab hold of the headboard as Chris continues his assault on my pussy with his mouth. It’s taking everything I’ve got in me not to hump his face in an effort to get closer to him. One of my hands catches a fistful of his hair and I tug gently causing him to growl.
“Oh god Chris.” I moan he chuckles softly and I slide off of his face back down toward his cock. It’s moments like this I’m glad I’m on the pill, I’ve never been very good and putting a condom on and as much as I miss Chris’ hands on me I don’t want to untie him quite yet.
“You should untie me.”
“I will if you say the safe word.” I promise lining his cock up with my center.

I slide down onto him. Slowly taking him inch by inch and I can tell I’m driving him crazy. Chris likes it fast and hard usually it’s loud messy and I cum more than once. Today though, I’m still sleepy, not quite ready to start the day like usual, I want slow, I want to spend more time feeling him buried in me. I swirl my hips then move up off of him before thrusting back down.
“Fuck you’re so tight.” Chris moans. I lean down as I take him back in, my chest brushing his then kiss him. I taste myself on his lips as I continue to slowly ride his cock. I pick up the pace a tiny bit, knowing it’s what we both want. I feel his arms straining against the headboard and I pull my lips from his.
“Don’t break the headboard Evans. I like it.”
“Untie me.”
“Not yet.” I say with a grin down at him thrusting down sharply onto him.
“Fuck.” He hisses. His eyes closing as he lets out a groan. I love the face he makes when he cums. His jaw unhinges, his eyes close and his head drops, his entire body stiffens for a second the only thing moving is his cock, pulsing inside me.

I want that. I want it now. I reach between us and rub my clit as I move faster, taking less care with going slowly. I’m close, Chris knows and starts to raise his hips as much as he can to meet me thrust for thrust.
“I love watching your tits bounce while you ride my cock. You’re so fucking beautiful. I love having my cock buried in that tight pussy of yours.” He growls. “Fuck me with that pussy.” I whimper softly as my orgasm hits, I shake as my muscles clench around his cock. “Say my name.”
“Chris.” I moan. He loves when I say his name as I cum. “Mmm.” I hum dropping my head down to his shoulder. Now it’s his turn and if I’m lucky I’ll cum again too.
“Let me fuck you.” He groans his hips doing tiny thrusts into me.
“No.” I slide my hips up then snap them down taking him deep inside me.

I keep up the quick pace our bodies smacking together. I’m so fucking wet that he’s almost slid out of me twice as I pound our bodies together.
“I’m going to cum.”
“Yes.” I huff, “Cum in my tight pussy.”
“Fuck.” His brows furrow, mouth drops open in a silent cry as I feel him cum. His cock throbbing between my legs. I reach up above him and untie his wrists with a tug on one part of his tie. One of his hands finds my clit and starts to rub. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you only came once.” He says his eyes opening.
“Oh fuck.” I whine as his thumb rubs expertly over my clit.
“Cum for me.” He whispers sitting up so our bodies are pressed together. I rake my fingernails across his back as my breathing picks up.
“Oh god. Oh fuck. Oh. Oh. Ah. Chris.” I breathe into his ear as my second orgasm rushes over me.
“So damn sexy.” He mutters pulling his cock from me. “Shower?”
“Then breakfast?”
“Naked?” I laugh his hands roaming my ass.
“Sounds fun to me.”

I think what I love most about these The Talk videos with Chris and Adam is how much fun they were clearly having with the whole thing!

It’s easy to see what good friends they are, and it was nice seeing Chris so giddy and relaxed during a joint interview with someone else! Thank you universe for these priceless gems … :o)

24 Days of Christmas: Best Present *Chris Evans x Reader*

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Day Twenty-Four

Summary: I wrote my friend Julia ( @juliagolia87 / @promarvelfangirl) a thing over kik ‘cause I’m a nice friend, lol. And then it turned into something real, we just like Chris with a beard, okay? Don’t judge.

Note- Seems fitting to start and end it with Chris, I had a Romanogers thing with possible Winterwitch but reading it back, it was terrible so I deleted it and now I have this. 

Day Twenty-Three

Chris slowly blinked his eyes open, the alarm clock on his bedside table reading 6 am, he gave a gentle sigh because no matter how much older he gets; he can never sleep in on Christmas. It only happens one day of the year, yet for the beginning of the month you’re preparing and then the day arrives, it happens in a blink of an eye and before he knows it, it’s New Year. He liked being up as easy as possible, to spend the whole day being Christmas-y.

He turns over and you’re lying with your back facing Chris, sleeping peacefully and Chris’s eye catches the window, it’s snowing which is usual for Boston and fitting for Christmas day. Chris wraps an arm gently around your waist, slowly pulling you to him and you make a little sound in your sleep before turning to bury your face in his chest, trying to sleep for as long as humanly possible.

Chris smiles as you tiredly blink your eyes open, groaning as you peeked up at the man-child, no matter how many Christmas’ you spent with Chris you’d never get over how early he wakes up. It’s like his body and mind is in sync with Christmas, you didn’t mind too much but you weren’t exactly a morning person, not even on Christmas morning.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispers with a grin and you can’t help but smile and mutter it back to him.

You glance back up at Chris, he’s content with laying in bed for a few more minutes, his face has a permanent smile upon it. Your lying across his chest, you bring a hand to lazily smooth through the hairs on his face that he’s been growing since he last filmed as Steve Rogers, you preferred bearded Evans. You had nothing against shaven Chris, it was still your Chris but for some reason, you didn’t know why but he always looked a little cosier; a little warmer when he had a beard.

You scratched softly as he hummed lightly, eyes falling shut for a brief second before they open again, blue eyes shining even in the dim snowy lighting from the window.

“Well, at least, one of us would have been up if we had kids right now!” You chuckle lightly and Chris lets out a hearty chuckle before wrapping his strong arms around you, pulling you closer. “God, you’d be getting them up, I know you, and you’d definitely do that.” You poke his chest accusingly.

He nodded in agreement, “Unless they have my enthusiasm, which means, they’ll be getting up at the time I was when a kid,” you wait expectantly, “around five in the morning.” You groaned as he laughed, “How my mum dealt with me, I don’t know.”

You push yourself up on your elbows and lean over to give Chris a gentle, soft kiss, you feel his beard tickle against the bottom of your face as he deepens the kiss with you. He gentle rolls you over, so you’re now laying underneath him, Christmas morning is usually spent in bed; not that either of you minded that, it was a nice way to kick start a holiday, in your personal opinion.

You spent mid-afternoon at your parent’s seeing your own family, you exchange presents with one another, your little cousins loving Chris who plays with them, and he even brings Dodger along who is everyone’s favourite dog. He also gets a few slices of turkey from your mother because she can’t help but spoil Dodger, much like Chris who gave his doggy-child a stocking and a few extra presents.

You then travel to the Evans household, his older sisters answering the door first, smiling and hugging you both. His parents are in the kitchen, cooking up a storm but they stop briefly to wish you a merry Christmas and hug you.

Chris settles into the living room, instantly playing with his nieces and nephews new toys they’d gotten earlier in the day, he couldn’t wait for them to open his presents from him; if there’s one thing for sure, Chris loved to spoil his family and you were no exception to that, but he loved seeing his little nieces and nephews faces when they opened presents.

Dodger was running throughout the house, new toy in his mouth and squeaking it, rather loudly and Chris’ dad wasn’t slowly losing his mind at the sound. Dodger eventually settled on Chris’s lap enjoying the toy in the living room, as you stayed in the kitchen talking to Chris’s mum and sisters.

“I thought Chris would have asked by now,” Shanna shrugs gently with Carly beside her nodding in agreement, “it’s his favourite time of the year, he’s a massive romantic nerd, I was sure it would be this Christmas.”

Lisa, his mum, laughed at her daughters and you just rolled your eyes. It’s not that you haven’t thought about it, you’ve both talked about your future, heck you did so this morning. Kids from the beginning were discussed, Chris always told you he wanted to be a dad, and it was a life goal at this point. He wanted as many, as you’d allow, which by default was as many as he wanted.

What yourself or Chris’s female family didn’t know was that he was showing his dad, brother and brother-in-law’s the ring he had picked up a month ago. Scott and your sister had helped picked it, it wasn’t too flashy but it was extremely pretty, it was a princess cut with two little diamonds either side the main diamond.

Once dinner was done and eaten, yourself and Chris finally gave the presents to everyone, opening yours in return. Chris was right, watching his nieces and nephews open their presents is so heart-warming, and you always get baby fever when around them. You cursed his sisters for having such wonderful kids.

The TV was on but no one was really watching it, except the kids; Chris claiming the Grinch is a classic and must be watched by the children, even if they didn’t understand the in-depth storyline. You were sat on Chris’ lap, enjoying Chris’s mum and dad talk about their children at Christmas time, how Chris was always the one to wake the rest of the kids up. It became a job no one asked him to take over.

“Y/N, can you get me my phone from my coat? I forgot to text Mackie and Downey,” you sighed with an eye roll, he kissed your cheek and watched you leave the room to his coat on the hook in the hallway.

Fishing inside his pockets you didn’t find his phone, but a small box, a Tiffany & Co. box to be exact. Your heart picked up in speed, hammering a mile a minute, you turned around and walked back into the living room where his whole family were still chatting. Chris grinned nervously when he locked eyes with you, his mum and sisters all gasped in shock at what you’re holding, his dad and brother plus the in-law’s all smiling.

“I know it’s cheesy of to me, I asked your dad this morning if it was okay, and I wanted it to be special! Christmas is my favourite time, and I can’t picture spending my favourite time without my favourite person… you.“ He was about to talk again but you beat him to it.

“Yes!” He sighed and smiled softly, you extended the box to him almost jumping excitedly which caused Dodger to wake up and jump up at you, you petted his head as Chris opened the box and presented the ring.

He placed the ring on your finger, kissing you softly and you giggled pulling back, tears already welling up in your eyes. Ignoring your small comment of, ‘your beard tickles’, he leant back down and kissed you again causing his nieces and nephews you all say, “gross”.

That was by far the best present, so far, in all the years you’ve been together.

You got your own back on his Birthday when you wrapped up a positive pregnancy test for him.  

(And that’s all folks, unless I have a bonus tomorrow, I may do. Anyway, hope you have a good Christmas/ weekend. Eat lots and have fun. Love you all - Rosalee)

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in the midnight hour

someone requested a chris thing welp here ya go


It was nights like these when you were reminded of just how much you loved Chris. Nights when the only light came from the small night light plugged into the outlet on your side of the bed. Nights when neither of you could sleep, so you’d kiss instead. Nights where you would take a little more time with each other.

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Snowed In: Part 3 (Final)

Originally posted by yellowrose543

Part 1    Part 2

Summary: Chris and reader have breakfast and have a little fun before you head home.

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 1775

Author’s Note: Special thanks to @emilyevanston and @theycallmebecca for reading and fixing any issues in this last part for all of you!

You woke to the smell of food. You stretched and sat up with a huge grin on your face thinking of the events that had transpired last night.

Getting out of bed, you grabbed a shirt off the floor and headed downstairs.

Once you got downstairs, you saw the tv was on playing Home Alone from the night before when you two were watching it together. You smiled as you walked past on the way to the kitchen.

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Starlight, Starbright

Summary: This is a special birthday present for my rock co-parent, and one of my closest friends @poe-also-bucky!!! I hope you enjoy it pumpkin spice latte, autumn leaf princess, pumpkin pie, ice cream sundae fairy!

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,113

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

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Sebastian on Chris at Weibo (x x)
The first question, based on the comments, is: who’s more handsome, Chris or you?

Jet Lagged (Part 1)

Rating: NSFW smut, mature
Summary: Chris Evans x Reader inspired by the exhausted look Chris had towards the end of the press tour. Chris has some sleepless nights, some of which you share. As his body clock adjusts to back home, you decide to make the most of his sleeplessness. 
A/N: this one’s on me. I’m bored, I should be studying, and this idea was plaguing me so I had to write it. I hope you like it :) Also; a huge thank you for @writingcreatingstorytelling for letting me ramble on about the ‘booty call’ dream I had AND for helping me with this fic! ILY!

“Babe?” You hear the whisper of his voice in the darkness of the room. “Y/N?” He says your name softly, quietly, as if it was the holiest of prayers. You blink slowly, your brain gradually coming to terms with the fact you’d heard his voice, that he was here, that he was finally home

You looked up and when you saw him you smiled, pushing your comforter to the side and scrambling out of bed and to the doorway where he was waiting, into his arms. He wound them around you, holding you tightly. You buried your face into his neck, then quickly leaned back, “I’ve missed you,” you told him, cupping his face and pressing your lips to his. 

You break away and continue to hold each other tightly, Chris kissing the top of your head and saying, “Not as much as I missed you. Do you know how hard it was? It would’ve been so much easier if you were there with me.”

You stayed close to him and ran your palms over his broad chest. “I know, baby, I know how it is. C’mon, let’s get you to bed. You must be exhausted.”

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anonymous asked:

I'm so happy I'm not the only one who ships climbing class as a QPR! Do you have any headcanons for it?


  • Chris and Josh have regular sleep overs every weekend to do homework together and play video games. They sleep in the same bed in a T-shirt and trunks and don’t give a shit if they sometimes wake up snuggled up closer than they should.
  • (Lesbian!Beth headcannon) Beth would sometimes walk in on them just talking in bed/drinking/getting high together in their underclothes and shout “Gayyyyy”, to which Josh just shouts back “Booooo you lesbo”
  • The Washingtons are so used to seeing Chris half-naked around the house that they just stop questioning it.
    Chris: (walking out topless) “Oh, good morning Mrs. Washington.”
    Mrs. Washington: “Morning Chris! Want some breakfast?”
    Chris: (Grabs milk from fridge) “Thanks, but I’m good.”
    Josh: (walks out in a T-Shirt and underwear) “Hey mom.”

  • During a drunk night, as they were talking about their sexualities, Chris and Josh decided to try and kiss to see if they feel anything. They ended up bursting out in a fit of giggles cause it was so weird to them and they suddenly realised how drunk they were and this was so silly.
  • Chris and Josh smack each others butts and wink at each other and act as if they’re in a relationship in public just for shits and giggles.
  • They’re often mistaken for a gay couple when they hang out, but they do nothing to say otherwise. If a homophobic bigot harasses them, they’ll just kick their fuckin’ ass.
  • They say “I love you, bro.” to each other more than they’d like to admit.
  • They send each other funny valentines day cards ironically, though they’ve done it for so long that it’s become pretty much unironic.
  • They’ve pinky promised each other that no matter what, they’d stay together. They’d joke about being grumpy old grandpas together. They’d imagine being at each other’s weddings as the best man.
  • When they had sleep overs in primary school, Chris would wake Josh up in the middle of the night and ask him to lead him to the bathroom (since he’s blind as a bat and a little afraid of the dark, but he won’t admit to that). They would hold hands and Josh would sleepily take him there and sit with his back against the door waiting for him to finish.
  • It’s become such a habit that they’d still do this til this day.
  • After Beth and Hannah’s disappearance, Chris spent a lot of time with Josh to take care of and keep an eye on him. He’d almost be around seven days a week, sometimes sleeping over when it got too late and he didn’t have the energy to drive back. 
  • During those days, it was Chris who lead Josh around. It made Josh feel grounded and easier having him hold his hand.
  • Behind closed doors, they were a lot more open with their feelings and they’d often rant to each other without being bro or weird about it. Chris was the only person Josh felt he could openly cry in front of (and he has, many times) and vice versa.
  • During the events of the game, before Mike came to take Josh and lock him away, Chris was the one who woke Josh up from being unconscious. He held back tears and anger and shook him, heartbroken, demanding answers as to why he would do this to him.
  • Josh only kept on saying sorry, without interruption.
  • After the police had informed Chris of Josh’s fate post-game. Chris broke down, locked in his own room, with Ashley sitting on the other side of the door. The room was cold and empty. His cries bounced off the walls. He felt like there was no one he could openly cry to, not anymore.

stileshowls  asked:

do you have any specific routines? if so, what are they ?

get up, cry over chris, work, cry over chris, eat lunch, cry over chris, work some more, cry over chris, play with my dogs while simultaneously crying over chris, have dinner, cry over chris, watch some tv, cry over chris, stay up really late and cry over chris, sleep then repeat