sleep over

To the youths of tumblr

Your parents are wrong. You will never be too old for sleepovers with your besties. It is 4 am. I’m in bed right now with my bestie talking about Transformers. We were cackling a few minutes ago. We are 30 years old. Sleepovers will always be the bestest thing.

I really love these question things so here are some I thought up! Feel free to send me some *wink wink nudge nudge*

1. What thing made you the maddest in 2015?
2. Any relationship regrets?
3. Do you wear makeup? If so, what’s your favorite brand?
4. How many concerts have you been to? What bands were they?
5. What are some quirky habits that you have?
6. Describe your perfect date.
7. How many states have you been to? Which ones?
8. Who’s your favorite British celebrity?
9. Who’s your favorite American celebrity?
10. Favorite song (of all time)?
11. Favorite song (at the moment)?
12. Baths or showers?
13. Current tv show obsession?
14. What are your top five fandoms?
15. What are your top five favorite movies?
16. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
17. Who are your top five favorite youtubers?
18. Do you write? If so, what do you write?
19. First fictional character crush?
20. Least favorite social media?
21. Democrat or republican?
22. Favorite birthday memory?
23. What are names that have a negative connotation to you?
24. If you could change your own name, what would you change it to?
25. Dream job?
26. Would you rather live in a big city or a small town?
27. Were you born in the same city that you are living in now?
28. Do you have any siblings? Or anyone that you think of as a sibling?
29. How long have you and your best friend known each other?
30. Do you have any other blogs?
31. What are five things you like about your body?
32. Recent unfortunate relationship stories?
33. Is your username different from when you first started your blog? If so, what was your first username?
34. Favorite blogs?
35. Hot weather or cold weather?
36. Hot coffee or iced coffee?
37. Guilty pleasures?
38. Do you like anyone right now?
39. What is/was your standard grade in English class?
40. Do you know any foreign languages? If so, which ones?
41. Who was the last person you talked to face to face?
42. Do you have a type?
43. Favorite time period?
44. What’s your second favorite color?
45. What is/was your worst subject in school?
46. Favorite time of day?
47. Night owl or early bird?
48. Favorite quote?
49. Do you brush your teeth before or after you eat breakfast?
50. What’s your sexuality?


‘Eternal Sleepovers’

New series of commissions wrapped up for some friends and collectors. Each is for a newlywed couple they know- a revisit to last year’s Love Jones series. These articulate the life/home/world the newly married will build together for the rest of their days.  

Each painting is 7x7 in watercolor and ink on rives bfk. from top-

'it will stand with us’

'lets never leave’

'olympia valley’

'throw in with this lot’

'tippecanoe hideout’

'mischief tent’

if you or yours are looking for a commission for the holidays, I’m potentially able to do a few before the end of the year- drop me a line if you’d like to know more.