sleep over

To the youths of tumblr

Your parents are wrong. You will never be too old for sleepovers with your besties. It is 4 am. I’m in bed right now with my bestie talking about Transformers. We were cackling a few minutes ago. We are 30 years old. Sleepovers will always be the bestest thing.

The Signs at a Sleep Over and The Phone Rings

The signs were having a sleep over and suddenly a phone rings.

Virgo: The faqqq!

Cancer: *falls out of bed* that was scary man!

Leo: Which peasent dares to inturupt my sleep!

Libra: Allow you guys, hurry up and answer the phone, i need my bueaty sleep!

Taurus: *emerges from under the covers* uh huh whats going on? urgh think they brain frezz from the icecreams got to me!

Scorpio: whoevers phone it is they better answer it now or i swear to god i will choke the owner of the phone.

Gemini: its not my phone!

*everyone shuffls about looking for the phone*

Sagittarius: i think i agree to help scorpio kill this person who owns the phone! who loses their phone!

Capricorn: Who the hell calls someone at this time!

Aquarius: This is so stupid! i litrally just went to sleep! i think we should get someone to call each of us and see what phone is engaged

Scorpio: you smart little thing you

Pisces: well i shall call everyone then because i dont deserve to be awoken.

*everyone looks at pisces while pisces dialls each number*

Pisces:*dialls geminis number* *comes up engaged*

*Everyone looks at Gemini*

Gemini: i dont know where it - *puts hand in pocket* oh wait here is it, its just my mum guys *answers phone* up. okay. okay. byeee i love you too.

Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus: how. can. you. do that!!

Aries and Sagittarius: ATTACK!

*everyone attacks gemini with verious pillows… except for taurus who is throwing they left over pizza*

“I was the kid who brought over Jethro Tull to second-grade sleepovers,” says Clark, asked about the process by which she learned guitar. “They really wanted to listen to Ace of Base, but I’m like, ‘No, you’ve got to check out ‘Aqualung.” I didn’t get invited back to a lot of sleepovers”
—  Annie Clark, St. Vincent (the-forest-awakes)