sleep now becky

listn folks…. i don’t even ship jonathan crane/becky albright that much. or in a romantic sense. but we need to, those of us who think about the possibilities in any way shape or form, admit that we have failed in a great & fundamental way. i am talking, of course, about the fact i haven’t seen one solitary artwork, fic, post, devoted to the parallels to cinematic masterpiece Labyrinth (1986). seriously, come on. dude with powers of some kind who thinks he’s hot stuff hangs around making a girl’s life miserable for a bit, then pops over to go ‘join me and rule stuff maybe’ and she’s like ‘heck no’ and he’s like FINE, I DIDN’T EVEN MEAN IT but then probably hangs around longer being depressed that it didn’t work out 

to be truly, perfectly honest, some of my ability to see the similarity might lie in my desire to see Becky saying ‘you have no power over me’, also Jon in glam rock outfits looking stricken by ennui (question: is batman Hoggle? or Ludo? Didymus? I’m feelin Hoggle because he makes Jon feel insecure just by existing). that aside. becky and jon Labyrinth au, make it happen