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#100studytips TALK YOUR NOTES OUT

When you see people studying they’re normally fairly quiet if not sleeping. This study method may sound a bit odd at first, but it’s a very valuable study hack. Here’s how and why it works.

1. CREATE YOUR STUDY MATERIAL. Just as you normally (well hopefully) would. Create your usual study materials extracted from your messy class and/ or text book notes. eg. flash cards, mind maps, audio notes, diagramed notes etc.

2. TIP. Make sure these study materials are chunked and categorised per topic and sub-topic. This is fairly obvious.

3. TIP. Make sure your study notes are associated and are able to answer and address a number of questions that could be asked. ie. Teacher-type questions that would be found on a test.

4. TALK YOUR NOTES OUT. Go to a private place where you won’t look like a loon. Study your notes, and then recite and talk them out aloud. Because you’re so focused on talking them out correctly, your brain naturally triggers more memory pathways in the brain. It creates a physical context and memory association to the information, which in turn helps when you need to recall that information in a test.

5. EXTRA TIP. Even better than ‘talking your notes out’ is teaching someone else the information. It has a similar effect, but it probably keeps you a lot more focused on the task, because when you’re involving someone else, you inadvertently try even harder and ultimately learn the information even faster and more efficiently.

Hope this is helpful. And happy April !! x

Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include (Pt. II)

Because apparently more people love Bat Daddy than they’re willing to admit

  • Dates – or rather, the process of planning them – are a little weird for the two of you
    • Despite him being wealthy and having had a reputation as a philanderer, Bruce is still a very devoted businessman with an entire enterprise to run. This may or may not clash with your own schedule, depending on what you do, but it is more likely Bruce’s schedule that needs the most consideration when plotting out a date
    • Then, of course, there’s your lover’s obvious nighttime job. It’s not even necessarily that he can’t take the night off; it’s just that those nights are few and far in between. Though now that he’s getting older and has a significant other to appreciate in his life, he does attempt to make more of an effort to take at several nights or so per month off.
    • This may not seem like much, but considering what he does…

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do carnists realise that slaughterhouses always kill animals using violence? that farm animals are killed using blunt force and sharp objects? do they realise their food doesn’t die by being “put to sleep”? they are literally bludgeoned and sliced to death? that slaughter isn’t humane, no not even when the farmer pinky-swears it?

Natural Hair Tips!

Hey fellow naturals! My hair is healthy, growing, and I’m loving it! I wanted to share my top 10 tips for healthy hair with you guys. I hope these tips help you on your journey to healthy hair. 😀 1. Moisturizing is key! Dry hair breaks off. Moisture keeps your hair elastic and strong. Moisturize your hair often with water based moisturizers, leave in conditioners, and essential oils. 2. Deep condition at least once a week! This ties in with number one. Deep conditioning your hair is an intensive way to replenish vital moisture. 3. Shampoo less. I shampoo once a week with a sulfates free shampoo, but some naturals only shampoo every 2 weeks or once a month. Do whatever works for you. Shampooing your hair too often can result in dry, weak hair and scalp. Co-washing (washing hair with conditioner) is a more gentle and moisturizing alternative. 4. Sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase, or wear a satin bonnet/scarf to bed. Cotton pillowcases cause friction between your head and the pillow which can lead to breakage and frizzy hair. 5. Wear protective styles. I personally don’t wear weaves, extensions, braids, or wigs, but for many naturals those are all great ways to limit manipulation of your hair. Twist outs, braid outs, and buns are also a great way to limit manipulation and styling of your hair. The point is to avoid messing with your hair as much as possible. Over styling can lead to breakage. 6. Limit heat styling. I don’t use blow dryers or curling irons, and I make sure I wait 1-3 months in between using a flat iron on my hair. I straighten my hair maybe 4-5 times a year. Heat styling is not good for your hair when done too often. It leads to dryness, breakage, and a messed up curl pattern. When you do use heat tools, use a heat protection spray and try to have the heat setting as low as possible. 7. Drink lots of water, eat as healthy as possible, exercise regularly, get 8-10 hours of sleep every night, and take vitamins. Healthy hair has more to do with what you put INTO your body that what you apply to the outside. Some good vitamins to promote healthy hair growth are biotin, vitamins C, zinc, iron, niacin, and MSM. Do some research to see what might be best for you. 8. Stop getting perms and relaxers. Anything that can straighten your hair on a chemical level is obviously unhealthy for your hair. 9. Massage your scalp regularly. Doing this with an essential oil like olive, coconut, or jojoba oil is a great way to increase blood flow to the scalp and increase circulation, which in turn may lead to faster growing hair. 10. Most importantly, be patient! African textured hair typically grows the slowest, at a rate of less than 0.9 cm a month. I know that sounds frustrating, but with a healthy diet and a good hair routine, you can see faster growth. Your hair is not going to grow an inch in a week, or probably even in a month. Focus on leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your hair, and before you know it, you’ll have the long, strong hair you’ve always wanted!

Dream Guardian Enchantment Spell 🐲✨


To animate a protector of bad dreams


🌠Something to enchant (a statue, a stuffed animal, any charm)

🌠Three tea light candles

🌠Amethyst (enhances dreams, gives guardian power to enter your dreams)

🌠Lavender buds (restful sleep)

🌠Dried Rosemary (protection)


🌙 Place candles around prospective dream guardian

🌙 Anoint candles with small amounts of lavender buds and dried rosemary

🌙 Light candles and close your eyes. Imagine/visualize what your guardian would look like alive and moving around the dream world. Ask them to protect you from harm and bad dreams. (I do this in my head, but you can ask out loud, as well)

🌙 When the time feels right, open your eyes and blow out your candles

Place guardian anywhere near your place of rest.✨💕

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How about a HC of a MC that can change their voice depending on the song, ex: sad song deep/solemn voice, happy song higher/lighter voice. And the RFA +V and Unknown hearing the MC'S voice changes C:


  • he likes to listen to MC hum while he cooks or is near them in general
  • hearing them sing, however, is certainly much different than a hum
  • the first time, he almost thinks MC is playing a song on the radio
  • Because the song MC chose to sing is a sad one
  • and he was just not prepared for MC’s voice to turn deep and emotive
  • always amazed when MC finishes singing and then talks- their voice changes! It’s so cool!


  • Jaehee loves music, but the best part of it is the vocals to her
  • this is more than clear when seeing her love for Zen’s musicals
  • she’d heard MC singing a bit, but it’d always been some small mild song they heard in a comercial or something, not a real song
  • so when Jaehee and MC watch a musical together and MC knows the songs, they sing along
  • she’s surprised at MC’s voice adapting to the tone of the song and the ambience of the scene
  • compliments it a lot too


  • he and MC are the power singing couple
  • when MC randomly starts singing as they wash the dishes or something, Zen joins in pretty quickly
  • those who have heard these spontaneous duets would describe them as a chorus of angels
  • Zen’s trained voice and MC’s adaptive tone mix together super well and it makes Zen happy to be able to share a passion of his with MC
  • plus, he loves MC’s voice, so if he can make them sing just by singing himself and inviting them to join, he’s down for that


  • it’s no secret to most of us Jumin has the singing voice of a god
  • after MC asks him to one day, he agrees to sing a small fraction of a sad song that fits his voice
  • he’s a bit surprised when MC clears their throat and starts humming as he sings
  • he’s even more shocked when MC starts singing and it’s as if their voice had evolved
  • sometimes, he’ll just randomly ask MC to sing for him because he can’t get enough of their voice


  • he never turned on the audio capture on the cameras in Rika’s apartment
  • he felt like it was digging too deep into MC’s privacy
  • still, he couldn’t help it when he saw MC absorbed into something and their mouth moving as if they were speaking
  • so he turned on the audio, just for a second
  • and he heard MC singing to themselves
  • it was capturing, and even though he had promised to only listen for a second, he kept listening
  • it felt like MC was a siren, luring him in deeper with their alluring song


  • MC starts singing to him to help him sleep
  • at first he’s almost offended- does MC see him as a child of something?
  • he’s fully against the idea of being tucked in and sung to sleep
  • but MC still sat next to his bed and sang their heart out
  • he really wasn’t expecting that. It caught him off-guard
  • he also realized that he’s found a good method to sleep without much nightmares


  • as his eyes got worse, he relied more and more on sound to move around
  • MC’s singing voice is one of the best things he’s heard
  • their voice morphs so easily and realistically, V can almost feel emotions dripping off the words
  • it’s soothing to hear, and it’s a reminder that MC loves him
  • he’s not afraid to compliment their voice lots

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Could I request a Wonho & succubus!reader fic where Wonho accidentally conjures her up by accident after he finds a weird book at the library? It doesn't matter what direction you go but I would definitely appreciate it if the reader torments him with lots of teasing.

The Book:

“Yah Wonho where are you?!” Kihyun questioned as he walked around the spacious library rolling his eyes at how the elder seemed to disappear.

“Over here.” The male replied pushing the glasses up on his face. Kihyun followed the sound of the voice, walking a few isles until he was looking at the back of the male’s broad shoulders lifting an eyebrow.

“What are you doing?” He asked walking up on him seeing Wonho snap a book closed between his fingers as he gave him a boyish grin and a laugh that always seemed to make the others around him smile instantly.

“I know that we all need to contribute to this research paper so I wanted to find a book that would be related to the topic. I really need a raise at this job and I refuse to come in last again next to Minhyuk.” He sighed almost pouting as he held the green book close to him.

“How exactly do you research sleeping methods? You just- sleep. It isn’t like he is asking you to write a full-on report. It’s just to make sure that these patients will receive the right medicine when we give it to them so for that we must keep on our toes. But then again..” Kihyun pursed his lips tilting his head to the side. “I suppose minor research would help us trigger some topics about the brain.” He continued to ramble on before he stopped himself seeing how the male was spacing out during his long lecture. “So, did you find anything good?” He asked him squinting at the book noticing that there wasn’t a title on the book and it appeared to be old.

“Actually, I think I have. I’m just going to check this book out and read it back at the house. Hopefully it was something worth getting and if not, we can just bring it back tomorrow after work.” He sighed softly and both agreed to just take the book walking towards the counter.

Both Wonho and Kihyun worked in the medical field, they were more so nurses than doctor’s but they still helped prescribe medicine when needed and did lab work from time to time. Going into the job straight after college had been beneficial for both male’s earning them so much money because they were very smart with good GPA’s resting on them. And though Wonho wanted to be a model Kihyun talked him out of those dreams quickly to think ‘practical’ at least for now. Along the way the males had met a few other friends at their job who had been working there a bit longer but over some time they had become closer; something of a family. Even going so far to rent out two places side by side and allowing one other person name Jooheon to stay with them while beside them lived their other friends. The head of their office had called a meeting to discuss this new pill that patients would try and he wanted the young men to all do research on sleep methods and what it does to the body. If they had all cooperated and did well everyone would benefit and a raise would be thrown in. With more guys and girls’ eager to join their field it was in their best interest to work together to secure their spots so that’s what they were doing.

Later, that night Hoseok had emerged from his steaming bathroom with a towel around his waist showing off his smooth skin and hard abs, his other hand dried at his hair with a large white towel, the fog escaping from the hot bathroom into the cold room dispersing into the air. His eyes roamed around his room as he thought of what to do before they landed on the green book that he had checked out. It was just sitting there so perfectly in the center of his brown desk. He wanted to wait to read it, because who starts being studious at 11pm anyways? But it seemed the more he stares at the book the more eager he became to have it in his hands. Biting on his bottom lip it didn’t take him long to stand up and get next to it with three long strides grabbing it in his hand. He moved back towards his bed with it only after stripping out of his towel and grabbing a pair of boxers staying shirtless letting his hair air dry. Opening the book, he looked at the fine italic print that was typed out on the page. “Beware of the desires from the dark, such dark things can tear you apart.”

Hoseok read over the lines twice something made him feel suddenly anxious. A uneased feeling if you must, but he wasn’t one to really act on such feelings. It was just a book. A very old book which explained why the pages were turning from white to brown and why the cover had no title. It was all adding up. He started to read over all the pages, some of the words he understood, some were translated to English but that didn’t mean he couldn’t read it. His eyes skimmed the page and though the book didn’t have anything to do with the brain specifically or sleeping, chapters hinted and touched on it. And it talked about this way to have enticing dreams. A way to bring your desires to you own bedroom. Of course, he was gullible for thinking such things but why wouldn’t he try it? Hoseok opened his mouth starting to go over the fine print that was in there. Once he was done reading he felt a yawn slip past his lips and he shook his head trying to shake the feeling of being tired. He knew that he had a somewhat of an early day tomorrow. Looking over at the clock on his desk he saw that it was riding on 2 AM.

He sighed ruffling a hand through his somewhat drying locks, standing up he shut the book and put it on the dresser. He moved into his closet, picking out a button-down shirt and a pair of skinny jeans he sat them in the front of the closet and shut the door stripping his towel off his waist. He moved to slide into his covers laying on his back as he gripped onto his phone and he started to play on his phone, his eyes slipped closed one too many times and he had to sloppily move to connect his phone and press it on the stand. Letting out a huff he fell into a deep sleep, taking a deep breath in and out his breathing was slow until he blacked out.


The air started to change, becoming colder as she was conjured up. She was a child of the night, and a few hours ago she had been summoned by a male who had the prettiest set of pouty lips that she had seen. She slowly was manifested in the corner of the room and she started to stand up from her crouched position. She wasn’t like most succubus’s but then they came from all shapes and sizes. She had a tail behind her, one with spikes on each side of it that fed off the pleasure of men. She had two horns on top of her head, curling slightly. She had long dark hair that frame her face and the outline of her body. Round plump breast that were nice to squeeze or so countless humans told her that. She flicked her tongue across her bottom lip as she sniffed the air she trembled in pleasure because he was much more experienced than the others she had in her time, which was a lot but he still seemed innocent. She walked towards the bed, stripping off her clothes she let them fall to the floor as she pulled his cover down from his body. She shuddered lightly looking down at him, and she spread his legs wide sitting on her knees in the middle of the bed. Gripping at his soft shaft, she pumped him slowly watching in amazement as he slowly hardened. Her tongue swirling around his tip she nibbled on the flesh, one hand moving to push up his abs towards his nipples. She watched his face contort in pleasure and he furrowed his eyebrows.

Her aura was thick and she wasn’t ready to wake him up yet, wanting to tease him more before she allowed him a sight that he wouldn’t forget. She searched his mind, picking at the girl idea type that she thought he would like the most, she could transform herself to be exactly what he wanted. Her tongue slid up and down his girth, slurping and flicking her tongue against his base she moaned low in her throat feeling the life slowly come into her body. Her warm wet mouth soon took in his shaft and she started to bob her head up and down going between fast and slow, teasing him and watching how he became frustrated and tried to buck up his hips but he couldn’t move at all. She grazed her teeth against his shaft pulling back with a wet pop. Licking over her lips, she moved to grip at his cock rubbing it against her wet folds moaning out his name, she wanted to feel him to feed more from him. She made sure his shaft was slick from her juice and moving her knees to either side of his hips she pushed herself down onto his thick dick moaning as she was penetrated. She sat there on him, a hand moved to tap at his chest. She continued to do it calling out to him until he was waking up looking at her.

Hoseok had heard someone calling his name, and he didn’t want to wake up at first- he was fucking a beautiful girl he had met at a party. And even if it was a dream man was she fucking beautiful and now he couldn’t even finish because his mind was being disturbed. Hoseok could feel his eyes slip open and he gasped not believing it. The girl from his dream was on his lap bouncing harshly on his dick and moaning his name. He couldn’t help but moan himself a hand gripping at her hips until she slapped them from her body. She moved to pin them down above his head and he groaned, whining almost because he wanted to hold her and touch her. But he couldn’t think too long because their lips pressed together in a heated kiss. She was sucking and biting on his lips and he moaned planting his feet into the mattress. He started to slam up into her a happy smirk on his lips when she started to scream out his name. They let their tongues dance together for a bit, sucking and swirling around one another’s until he needed to breathe. She pulled back and watched him, he was so impatient and she loved how she could slam down on his dick and grind back and forth slowly. She took every inch of him burying him to the hilt and he loved every second of it. He didn’t know it this could be real- how or why she got here but he knew inside of her he wanted to cum and be buried in her.

Finally, she moved to let his wrist go and Hoseok was quick to flip her over, he spread her legs wide and started to pound away into her insides. Her warm wet tight insides. Her large mounds bounced up and down and he moved to suck on her nipples trying to give each one attention. The bed shook as the male fucked into her and the mattress was squeaking from the springs giving out. Both bodies had sweat glistening on their skin and he moved to rub at her clit circling his hips as he rutted into her. It wasn’t long until he felt his dick throb inside of her and he moved to grip at her hips instead slamming her down on his shaft as he cried out, not being able to think too much about it he came inside of her his hips thrusting erratically and at the same time he could feel her walls tighten around him and the sticky warm juices slid onto his dick. He moaned moving to kiss up her chest and lay on her too tired to think about anything else. His heart started to slowly calm down but as she played in his hair, Hoseok was sliding back into deep sleep and unable to question her like he wanted.

Hoseok rolled over in his bed and sat up quickly looking around his room. No one was there, he was alone and he was confused. He would have believed it was a dream, but looking down at his sheets he saw that there were cum stains and the book he had on his dresser was now gone.

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Can you please do Hanzo, Reaper (Pre-fall or not you can choose), and Lucio with a female s/o that can't sleep, and can only get to sleep when listening to something? (Music, talking, asmr, rain sounds you know.) And what they would do? Head cannons would be preferred. :D

Yes I can! I’m like that honestly. Can’t go to sleep without music or the fan on. Silence just makes me really restless. 


  • Somehow you never ended up telling him about your night habits
  • It was something you should have mentioned to him
  • Except you didn’t want to bother him
  • After all, just because you slept with noise didn’t mean that he did, and you felt Hanzo would force himself to deal with noise at night just to make you comfortable
  • Sooooo you didn’t tell him
  • The two of you finally decided to have your first nights together
  • And for five nights, you had the worst sleeps
  • Hanzo wondered if perhaps he was doing something wrong
  • Was he snoring? Was he very restless?
  • One time though he caught you taking a nap with music on and realized that at night the room was very silent
  • So later that night, Hanzo tried something
  • Taking his phone, he turned on a soft Japanese lullaby that he used to listen to
  • You were kind of surprised and blinked at him
  • Giving you a look, Hanzo told you he had caught you napping and you looked rather embarrassed
  • You insisted you could sleep without noise but he would have none of your protests
  • So pulling you to his chest, the two of you fell asleep to the sound of soft japanese lullaby’s
  • And cradled in his arms, you and amazing sleep


  • Honestly, he doesn’t like silence either
  • That sounds probably a bit weird
  • But have you ever just laid in bed and been able to hear your heartbeat in your ears?
  • Well, he doesn’t like the silence because he can’t do that
  • And with silence, comes the ability for the mind to wander in every which direction
  • Usually it brings up the most painful things
  • So Reaper has gotten into a habit of listening to music at night
  • Sombra put together a playlist he liked for him
  • The first time the two of you sleep together though, he doesn’t mention this
  • And neither do you
  • Neither of you want to ruin the night together by mentioning something that is so necessary and yet could be a huge convenience for the other person
  • And yet, both of you are up most of the night
  • In the morning, Reaper is gently stroking your back with his claw
  • “You hardly slept,” he growled, eyes closed and his mind kept drifting but it just…it just wouldn’t sleep
  • “Neither did you,” you mumbled, having noticed how awake he was. 
  • With a sigh, Reaper finally sat up and admitted the secret
  • With shock, you stared back at him before confessing that you also listened to music at night
  • Slowly realization came onto you both
  • Turning on the music, Reaper decided that his morning duties could wait another eight or so hours
  • And the two of you ended up sleeping through  most of the morning
  • The only times you both don’t listen to music at night is when its raining. You both love the sound of the rain on the roof at night


  • When is this man not listening to music?
  • Heck, the man IS music
  • Usually he likes to listen to a wide arrange of songs at night
  • The habit stems from when he was a child
  • His father would sing him to sleep and play music on his ipod for him
  • Ever since then, Lucio has never been able to sleep in silence
  • Not unless you drug him of course
  • It makes him think up possible new songs while he drifts off to sleep
  • At first he thinks about not telling you
  • After all, what if you don’t like sound at night?
  • But honestly, he can’t not tell you
  • Its such an important thing to him that keeping it a secret isn’t an option
  • When he tells you, you find yourself relieved
  • Although usually you preferred ASMR sounds at night, music was also okay
  • Lucio was equally as open to your choice of sleeping methods as you were to his
  • So some nights you both would listen to music
  • Other nights you would do ASMR sounds
  • It didn’t matter as long as you were curled up in each others arms
  • And as long as there was some kind of noise in the room

Another veteran of snarky online commentaries and obligatory comedy reviews, the Upright Sleeper admittedly looks the part of a Very Silly Thing. It seems like what the Jigsaw Killer turns in for the final exam in balloon animal school, and it looks like the first purchase you’ll make the next time you have to Weekend At Bernie’s a dead body around the city. It doesn’t look like a thing that you’d use seriously, ever.

Travel pillows are a universally accepted way to catch some sleep during your preferred method of transportation (unless you’re driving, in which case stop reading this column and pay attention to the road). They’re also the goddamned worst. Inflatable U-pillows have a ridiculously narrow comfort zone that’s almost impossible to estimate as you inflate them. You’ll generally end up with an uncomfortably rock-solid one that brings your neck naught but the gifts of pain and unnatural angles. If you attempt to deflate the thing a bit – which, in most models I’ve tried, creates a sound not unlike loud farting – you’ll usually go too far the other way and end up with the limpest, least stylish neck warmer in the world. Memory foam ones are slightly better, but those things heat up like Chris Evans in his more misguided superhero role, and you’ll more often than not wake up with a torrent of neck sweat escaping the infernal apparatus all the way to your ass crack.

The Upright Sleeper, on the other hand, just keeps your head up. Sure, it looks like a torture device, but let’s face it: No one gives a shit about how you look during the long kinds of travel that prompt you to pack a sleeping device in the first place, least of all you. I’ll have six of this thing right now.

5 Hilariously Dumb Products (That Are Actually Super Useful)

Griffin McElroy Sleeping Method
  • Jenkins: So you're all set on blankets.
  • Magnus: We actually need extra pillows. I sleep with a pillow between my knees and between my elbows and behind my head and under my feet.
  • Griffin: Ok, so we're gonna do this now huh? We're gonna air this out now huh?
  • Travis: I subscribe to the Griffin McElroy sleeping method.
  • Griffin: I need to build myself a fucking exo suit of pillows and I'm not like proud of it. Yeah I am embarrassed about it. And it makes trips with my family a living hell.
  • Travis: A pillowy hell.
  • Justin: You go in a room you're sharing with Griffin and you look for a pillow and there's just none there. He's absorbed them all.
  • Griffin: Yeah, I need them for strength and energy.

tfw someone hails Rhaegar for preparing for the Others and you’re like “….the fuck?“

Rin & Sousuke Help You Fall Asleep...
Free! Sugar Cake Voice CD
Rin & Sousuke Help You Fall Asleep...

Won the Free! Sugar Cake SouRin Voice CD, so I wanted to share it with you guys because it’s hilarious~

*hip hop music playing, Rin turns off the music*

Rin: Hey why are you still awake? Don’t you have practice tomorrow morning? What? You can’t sleep? I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll be here till you sleep. 

Rin (to himself): Err…but then if I just stay here without saying anything, it’ll be kind of awkward uh…

Rin: Ah, how about we count sheep? All right, 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep, 5 sheep, hmm, kinda boring just counting sheep. I got it, let’s count sharks! 6 sharks, 7 sharks, 8 sharks, 9 sharks, 10 sharks, 11 sharks, 12 sharks, 13 sharks, 14 sharks, 15 sharks

Sousuke: That doesn’t help at all! Do you really think you can fall asleep with that?

Rin: Sousuke!

Sousuke: I was watching you. You’re so awkward it wouldn’t make for a good sleeping atmosphere. If I wanted to help someone sleep, I wouldn’t do that. Your method would just make it harder to fall asleep.


Rin: Okay fine. Since you said that, I definitely won’t step down now. Let’s have a showdown with who can make the other fall asleep first! I’ll let you listen to a sleep method you’ve never heard before! Let me hear what you got!

Sousuke: *snickers*

*dubstep music plays*

Sousuke (in a beautiful sparkling voice): 16 sharks, 17 sharks, 18 sharks, 19 sharks, 20 sharks, 21 sharks, 22 sharks, 23 sharks, 24 sharks, 25 sharks, 26 sharks

Rin: His power is too great…and it’s such a nice voice…and this delicate breathing that would resonate even into my dreams…

Sousuke (in the background): 27 sharks, 28 sharks, 29 sharks, 30 sharks…

Rin: YEAH that’s how you gotta do it, Sousuke! All right it’s my turn now!

Sousuke: *snickers* So you’re gonna give it your all, eh? But I won’t lose!

Rin & Sousuke: Huuuaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Rin: 1 shark

Sousuke: 2 sharks

Rin: 3 sharks

Sousuke: 4 sharks

Rin: 5 sharks

Sousuke: 6 sharks

Rin: 7 sharks

Sousuke: 8 sharks

Rin: 9 sharks

Sousuke: 10 sharks

Rin: HOW WAS THAT?!!!!! I’m doing my best to make YOU fall asleep, so you better fall asleep NOW!

Sousuke: AND TOMORROW MORNING, we’re gonna come and ask you who did a better job at making you fall asleep! Okay, close your eyes now!

Rin & Sousuke: GOOD NIGHT!

Translator’s Notes: It is now canon that Rin likes Sousuke’s voice omg.

Also! I’m selling a TON of prizes won from the Free! Sugar Cake Kuji including the SouRin Voice CD, so if anyone’s interested, please check out my post here

Motherhood is not a competition:
By Naadira Chhipa
You have had morning sickness since day one of your pregnancy yet your cousin has never experienced morning sickness throughout her pregnancy, Alhamdullilah Allah has blessed both of you with pregnancy.

You have just had 12 hours of intense labour and delivered naturally yet your sisters have all had c sections, Alhamdullilah Allah has given all of you the status of a mother.

You have given birth to a girl baby and your best friend gave birth to a baby boy, Alhamdullilah Allah has blessed both of you with a healthy child.

Your baby started sleeping through the night since she was three months yet your sister in laws baby is two and yet to sleep through, Alhamdullilah Allah has blessed you both with the patience and strength to sail through different tests.

You chose to breastfeed while your friend chooses to bottle feed, Alhamdullilah Allah has given sustenance and filled the bellies of both your babies.

You chose to use a regular diaper yet your sister in law chooses to use cloth diapers, Alhamdullilah both your babies are hygienically clean.

You chose to co-sleep yet your neighbour chooses not to, Alhamdullilah both your babies are well rested.

You chose the cry it out method to sleep train yet your sister chooses to rock her baby to sleep, Alhamdullilah both your children will learn to sleep soon.

You chose to only feed organic food to your child yet your best friend chooses to feed her child whatever she has made for the rest of the family, Alhamdullilah both your children have food to eat.

You chose to home school your child yet your sister in law chooses a public school for her children, Alhamdullilah may all our children be successful Muslims and human beings.

You chose to only dress your child in branded clothing yet your best friend dresses her child in hand me downs, Alhamdullilah both your children have clothing.

You chose to have just one child yet your best friend chooses to have five, Alhamdullilah you both are blessed with the status of Jannah under your feet.

Motherhood is not a competition.We are all trying to be and do our best for our children.We should never think that the way in which we raise our children is the best method and the only method.There are millions of mummys raising their children differently yet successfully.Instead of comparisons, insults, gossip and belittling we should motivate, encourage, inspire, unite and celebrate motherhood.If someone you know is ‘mothering’ differently to you do not take it as a personal insult to yourself and retaliate rather wish her well and support her efforts.A new mummy is very sensitive and is always second guessing herself which leads to her questioning her motherly skills, we should be considerate and always praise her for being the best mum she can because we are all trying everyday to be the best mother we can be.

Let us not not be divided by motherhood but rather united in this beautiful journey.