sleep like crap

The look your older brother gives you when you screwed up big-time.


6.03: okay…

Happy Birthday to me \o/


turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio

English, Spanish, and the Language of Love.

Paring: Stingue

Words: 2,745

Summary: After screwing himself over by not studying, help in the form of a friend of a friend comes to save his ass, but Sting finds himself wanting to know more about his new teacher than his actual work.

A/N: It’s 2am and this was meant to be really short but it’s actually the longest thing I’ve ever written whoops. Idk if there’s spelling mistakes but I hope you enjoy this 


For the first time in a while, he didn’t actually want to be. Well, the physical kind of fucking was still on the table as always, but being fucked for the test tomorrow? That’s a kind of fucked you never want to be. He glanced down at his phone before clicking the power button, the bright light of the screen illuminating his room, slightly blinding him as his eyes tried to adjust. Inputting his password, he opened up his texts to find a barrage of messages waiting for him in the class group chat. With hope in his heart, he quickly opened up the chat to see if anyone had replied to his plea of help for notes for tomorrow. But of course, they decided his idiocy of choosing to watch cartoons in bed instead of study quite hilarious. 

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