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Day and Night

At six o’clock Kinshirou woke up to sunlight seeping through the curtains, bathing the room in a soft glow. Yufuin lied generally to his left, asleep, sprawled across the mattress. This was all a bit strange to Kinshirou. Not waking up early, or the fact that Yufuin was still asleep. Kinshirou preferred early mornings, and of course, at six am, there would be no reason to think Yufuin would be anywhere close to awake. The fact was, it was unusual that Yufuin was in his room, and his bed, no less. Although that was attributable to quite a bit of bargaining. Yufuin had promised to spend the day with him, but claimed that “the day” didn’t officially start until noon, and then blathered on about time being a subjective experience, which Kinshirou fundamentally disagreed with. Then, Yufuin had insisted that they have a “lazy day”, and Kinshirou hated that on principle. Finally, they had agreed that Kinshirou would pick the day’s activities, and after they’d completed his itinerary, they would retire to Yufuin’s house to do absolutely nothing.

‘It’s not nothing, President, it’s relaxing. Don’t be so dramatic.”

At any rate, then Yufuin had protested because Kinshirou didn’t trust that he would wake up on time of his own volition. Which he absolutely would not. It was perfectly logical that Kinshirou make sure Yufuin was up and ready to go on schedule, but Yufuin had put up such a fuss that it probably would have been easier to call the whole thing off entirely.

Of course, Yufuin being Yufuin, he had to be insufferable and suggest that if Kinshirou wanted to wake him up, he should be allowed to stay the night. He knew Yufuin had made the offer thinking that Kinshirou would back down, but Kinshirou hated having to concede to Yufuin for any reason whatsoever. And so, to subvert expectations, and to ensure that he got his way, he had agreed.

He still wasn’t sure if he had won or lost in that instance.

And now, here they were. Well, Yufuin was dead to the world, so maybe “here” wasn’t exactly the right word. He slept like someone without a care in the world. For all Kinshirou knew, he didn’t have any cares. Every once in a while, Kinshirou thought it might be nice to live like that, and then he would remember that Yufuin was a disaster, and the moment would pass. For the most part, Yufuin remained on his side of the bed, except for one hand resting against Kinshirou’s head as though he had been petting his hair while he slept. Funnily enough, Kinshirou had dreamed that his hair had grown impossibly long, and Yufuin had asked to touch it. He’d also called Kinshirou “Rapunzel”, but that wasn’t an important detail.

Yufuin did look quite at peace while he slept. The sunlight accented the gold in his hair, and he looked very inviting lying there. Kinshirou still had time before he had to wake Yufuin and start the day’s festivities. He could always lay back down, and Yufuin was never one to shy away from physical contact. Exactly how close was he allowed to be? What was the acceptable amount of touching?

Trying to wake up Yufuin now to ask would be pointless. He’d have to be content with the hand in his hair.

Next time, he would ask about the specifics of body contact in advance.

…Not that there would be a next time.

(He sincerely hoped there would be.)


At two o’clock En woke up to moonlight shining through the windows, visible even though the curtains were drawn, giving the room a pale glow. The President lied to his right, asleep, bundled tightly in the blankets. This was going to take some getting used to. Not waking up in the middle of the night, or the fact that the President was still asleep. En was used to odd waking hours, and the President usually went to sleep before nine o’clock like an old man. Just the fact that the President was there in the first place, sleeping in the same bed. Honestly, En had taken the President for a prude, and hadn’t thought he’d seriously consider letting anyone stay the night. En would almost take it as a bout of spontaneity, or early onset dementia, but they’d actually spent a long time trying to work out this arrangement the day before.

In typical Kusatsu fashion, the President had wanted to do something especially boring and entirely too early for En’s liking. En suggested a free day to relax and unwind instead.

There was a very vocal disagreement about this.

In the end, En agreed to do “actual things” with the President from nine am until five pm, as if social interaction were some kind of day job. In return, the President agreed to just relax for the rest of the night. Of course, the President had to be difficult about everything, and held up negotiations because he wanted to adhere to a strict definition of time. En’s argument that time is just a human construct created to impart meaning to the natural progression of the world and bodies therein was quickly and unfairly shut down.

‘Nine o’clock means nine o’clock, not 10:45, Yufuin.’

En would have argued, but his definition of nine o’clock was probably closer to noon, so that wasn’t an argument he was likely to win. The President threatened to set him an alarm, or worse, to come be his personal wake up call. En wanted to avoid this fate at all costs, and so he had countered with the only offer that he was sure the President would reject; that the President could wake him up only if En stayed the night at the President’s house.

The fact that he had accepted was still a mystery to En.

The President sighed softly in his sleep. His hair shone silver in the moonlight, fanning across the pillow in delicate strands. En wondered if it would be okay to touch him while he slept. He was a pretty tactile person, but the President was not, and since he was clearly already embarrassed about sharing the bed in the first place, En hadn’t actually got around to asking whether or not he would get punched in the face if he tried to cozy up to him during the night. Fortunately, the President was a light sleeper.

“Hey, President,” En whispered, “can you hear me?”

The President scrunched up his face in his sleep. En wished he had his phone on him.

“President. Kusatsu.”

“What?” the President replied, voice barely audible.

“Will you freak out if I touch you?”

“I’m asleep.”

“Kusatsu, can I touch your hair?”


“You sure?”

“I already said okay, leave me alone.”

“Are you gonna remember this tomorrow?”

“Remember what?”

“That I asked you if I could touch your hair.”

The President sighed and made a half-hearted shushing motion with his finger. “I like it when you touch my hair.”

En laughed. “Yeah? I do too.” He ran his fingers through the President’s hair slowly. If he were feeling romantic, he would say that he lulled the President back to sleep, but he knew for a fact that the President was asleep the second he stopped talking. It didn’t really matter. This was good enough. He’d actually like to do it again sometime. Maybe he’d invite the President to sleep at his house tonight…or maybe he’d give it a little time.

He had quite a few hours before the President’s day of mandated “fun”, and he hoped he’d be able to get a few more hours of sleep in before then. But for now, he’d be content with this.

He was also definitely going to make fun of the President for wanting his head to be pet like a cat, but that was a given.

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