sleep in school

As I am (attempting to at least) fall asleep I can’t help but mentally calculate the time difference and how Dan mentioned they had to wake up at an ungodly hour to make their train to Edinburgh.

So now I’m thinking they’re on that train, completely buzzed with drowsiness. Their morning coffee tasted upon their lips fading as their eyes weigh heavy and their shoulders are so incredibly warm. They secretly lace fingers that somehow helps Phil’s motion sickness. The rhythm of the train tracks and the patter of the rails sync up with their hearts. They forget they’re cramped in a seat with backpacks under their feet. They forget what exactly they’re going to Edinburgh for. They sit in perfect mulled silence meditating in their own breaths. Feeling each other’s warmth as if completing a whole.
They’re content with all their accomplishments. And a shy smile leaks across their faces as they can feel a blanket being placed upon their lap. Feeling the morning sunshine dance across their skin as it peaks out from the England grey of the clouds momentarily.

That, is peace, Comfort, And safety.



and I drew Daniel from Camp Camp! Sooo this was the first time I tried to draw anything like this… uhh meaning not drawing any line art and only using those colors I picked… 

There’s different ‘versions’ of it… just some shading shit.. like cold shadow and warm shadow and both in the same pic……

uhh bye I’m tired

sohotthateveryonedied  asked:

(Omg just found out you're doing this and that's so awesome I love getting to see your art!!) Hi Percy, how are things going with Annabeth?

Annabeth: Things would be going fantastic if he would STOP PUTTING FISH EVERYWHERE. 

Percy: Hey, I’m a son of Poseidon. What did you expect?

my life

what in self deprecation
what in sleep deprivation
what in endless education
what in constant irritation
what in too many obligations
what in test preparation
what in awkward situations
what in exaggeration
what in no organization
what in no communication
what in too much information