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Perfect Family [Batsis]

@hoodminter requested: “Hello, I absolutely love your imagines. Could you do an imagine where you’re Bruce Wayne’s legitimate daughter and when you were younger you would always run up to him and give him a hug when he came back from patrol. as you got older, you grew tired of being his last priority so eventually you start cutting him out of your life and he doesn’t realise until he finds out from one of your brothers that you’re married and have a child”

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1690

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[D/N] = Daughter’s Name
[H/N] = Husband’s Name



A giggle left your lips when you were attacked by your child with a hug. “Woah there sweetie, wouldn’t want to hurt yourself now would you?” you teased, picking her up. “Now, how was my princess’s first day of school?”

“Awesome!” she exclaimed happily, waving to one of her newly-made friends along the way, “My teacher is really nice.”

“Really? He seems very nice.” you noted in agreement, “Did you get into trouble?” When your daughter shook her head, you were satisfied. You helped her into the car seat seat then drove off home.

“When is daddy coming home?” [D/N] asked curiously, clearly missing her father. You smiled at her through the rearview mirror.

“He’s coming home tonight honey.” Your smile widened when your daughter’s face lit up.

“Really?!” she gasped, moving excitedly in her seat.

“Really.” you confirmed with a nod, “That means we’ll have a big dinner to welcome him home.”

As soon as you reached your house, you allowed [D/N] to play while you worked on that dinner you told her your family would have. You made sure to make your husband’s favorite, knowing that he would be exhausted. The thought of seeing his face when he walked in the door made you grin to yourself.

The day flew by in a blink of an eye and you hadn’t notice until you heard the door open and close, followed by your daughter’s excited squeal and your husband’s voice which you missed so dearly.

“Mommy! Daddy’s home!” [D/N] shouted which was accompanied by a series of loud steps and you knew that your husband was going to get tackled by a very active child.

“Hey [D/N], I missed you.” [H/N] said, giving your daughter kisses all over her face. “How was my princess’s first day of school?”

“Fun! I made friends.” she informed, “You should’ve been there.”

“I know honey, I know,” he said sadly, “but daddy had to work. I’m sorry, I tried to get home as soon as possible.” You heard your daughter ‘hmph’ but her resolve was never strong when it came to her dad.

“I know I can’t possibly make up for missing your first day, but… guess what I got you from Japan?” your husband asked cheekily.

“What? Daddy, what?!” [D/N] demanded. You finished setting up the dinner table and decided to finally go see your husband. You got there just in time to see him giving [D/N] a Snorlax plushie which made her ecstatic. You leaned against the doorframe and took a moment to take in the sight of your family.

Your small, perfect family.

You caught sight of your husband’s eyes and it was like a switch. Love, specially reserved for you, filled them in a heartbeat. “Excuse me princess,” he told your daughter, “but I think mommy deserves some kisses too.” You laughed as he slipped behind his daughter and quickly ran to you, planting a loving kiss on your lips when he made it.

“I missed you.” you whispered. As a humanitarian, your husband often flew to other countries for work. You knew he loved his work and you loved him for it, but he always rushed home because what he loved more than work was his family, especially his little girl.

“I miss you too love.” he responded, kissing your nose.

“Ewww.” [D/N] complained, making you laugh some more.

“Okay prince charming, dinner’s going to get cold.” you warned, ushering them into the dining room. You had just sat down when the doorbell rang.

“Were we… expecting a guest?” [H/N] inquired with a frown.

“No… we weren’t.” you murmured, getting up to see who it was. You opened the door cautiously and your eyes widened at the sight that greeted you.


“[F/N]… it’s… been a while…” your father, the one and only Bruce Wayne, said with a slight smile.

“It has.” you agreed, but made no attempts to let him in. “It’s late, why are you here?”

Bruce glanced at his feet nervously before answering, “just wanted to see how my daughter was doing.”

“Love, who is it?” [H/N] called, walking into the hallway, but he froze when he saw you with your father. “Oh…” You turned around to glance at [H/N], flashing a gaze that plainly said ‘help me’ and you expected him to help you, but instead, your husband said, “we’re having dinner, why don’t you come in Mr Wayne?”

You sent your husband a look which he returned with that shit-eating smile that made you fall for him.

“Oh… will you be okay with that, [F/N]?” Bruce questioned, knowing fully well of your hostility. You kept staring at your husband, who was pleading for you to let your father in, when you sighed in defeat.

“Yeah,” you muttered reluctantly, “yeah I’m okay with it.”

You stepped aside and allowed your father into your home and your husband, being… your husband, greeted Bruce wholeheartedly.

“It’s an honor to meet you Mr Wayne, I’m [H/N]… [F/N]’s… uh… husband.” [H/N] extended his hand for a handshake which Bruce returned.

“Call me Bruce.” your father stated. [H/N] led Bruce into the dining room and you followed behind while also trying to muster up the courage to sit through a dinner with the father you hadn’t seen face-to-face in five years.

“Daddy, who’s that?” [D/N] asked, staring at Bruce. Your husband ruffled your daughter’s hair affectionately.

“That is your grandpa.” he answered.

“I thought I already had a grandpa.” she said, referring to your husband’s father.

“This is your other grandpa sweetie.” you said quietly. “Dad… this is [D/N], my daughter.”

And after you took a seat, the dinner began.

Your husband’s voice was faint from your position on the couch downstairs. As he was reading bedtime stories to your daughter, you sat in front of your father.

Bruce Wayne had changed over the years. You had always seen him in the media, in magazines and newspapers, but seeing him in person made you realize how much he had aged. He wasn’t young anymore yet he still had a certain strength to him.

“Your daughter looks just like you when you were her age.” he started, his eyes conveying his sadness and regret.

“I didn’t think you’d remember what I looked like.” you responded coldly. “You were always too busy.”

“I know,” Bruce admitted, “and I’m sorry.”

“You’re half a decade too late dad.” you said harshly. “When did you notice that I never visited, that I never called or even tried to communicate with you? When did you notice that I wasn’t there anymore? And when did you realize I had my own family?”

Bruce hesitated to answer which was already enough information for you. “I… Dick told me a month ago…”

You shook your head in disappointment. “And you didn’t even notice before that…”

“I’m sorry [F/N],” Bruce apologized, “I know I disappointed you.”

“Yeah, you did.” you agreed, but when you saw how genuinely miserable your father looked, you calmed down, but that didn’t mean you were through. You were far from through. “You know, I loved you, dad. I loved you so much. I used to… wait for you to come home every night and hug you and I refused to sleep until I get to do so.” A smile ghosted your father’s face as he recalled the memories. “I loved you with all my heart, but you never loved me with all of yours.”

Bruce nodded, accepting your statements as they were true. He didn’t love you enough and he regretted that. All he wished was to be able to turn back time so you were given the love that you deserved.

“I know that I missed your life.” he whispered, “your first concert, your high school graduation, your college graduation and… even your wedding and your child, which I didn’t even know about… I missed so much.” He reached out to hold your hands. “And I know that I can’t do anything to change that. It may seem like a lie coming from me, but I do want to be part of your life, and I understand if it’s a little late but I’d rather start late than not start at all.”

You stayed silent through his entire speech. “What I’m asking you, really, is… give your old man another chance [F/N].” Bruce continued, “I may be the world’s worst father but I still want to be a father.”

You let out a small laugh but the tears in your eyes betrayed the expression you were trying to give off. “You know… you had your entire life to prove yourself and you didn’t. I forgave you time and time and time again and for what?” A few tears fell. “Empty seats at every important moment in my life. Being brushed off when I greet you every time you come back. Being cast aside for my other more talented siblings. I hated that feeling, that feeling of being completely nothing to my own dad. I hated it! So no, I don’t want to give you another chance!”

Bruce nodded sadly. “I understand–”

“But no matter how much I don’t want to give you that chance…” you continued, “a bigger part of me still wants you in my life…” you wiped your eyes as tears began to cascade down your cheeks, “because in the end, I’m still a girl who loves her dad with all her heart, and I can’t bear to lose my dad.”

Your father brought you into his arms and allowed you to cry on his shoulder but the very action only caused you to cry harder because you couldn’t recall a time where he embraced you like this. You felt him kiss your head and stroke your hair like he should’ve done years ago.

And you never wanted to ever let go. You loved that feeling, for it was a feeling that for the first time, your father loved you with all his heart and he wasn’t letting go.

What you don’t know is that I still giggle–fourteen months after you broke up with me– whenever I tell people stories about you. Stories about how we were as a couple and how we were as friends. You also don’t know that not a day passed without you popping in my head. I wanted to talk to you so bad even if it meant relapsing of feelings possible for me. I don’t really care anymore. It happens. It will happen. And I am done. I am done getting hung up on you. I am done telling stories about you to people who constantly remind me that all I am holding on to are fading memories of a person who does not exist anymore and a love that  is long gone. I am done losing sleep and getting consumed by the unnecessary thoughts of you and your lingering ghost.

You will probably never know any of this, but I am done. I am done fighting for a love that will never be good enough for you.

—  is this good bye?
Bump in the Night 1/2

Co-written with valnixyrie

Beca jolted up in bed and looked out at the empty room. Something had just crashed to the floor. Again. For the third night in a fucking row. But she had actually made sure that everything was in a secure place this time before going to bed. Because of course there had been a rational explanation to things falling off if they were near the edge. And that’s what she had convinced herself it was, because she was an adult and didn’t believe in ghosts. Except now there was literally no other explanation.

She swallowed hard. Did she go check it out or did she stay right here under the covers where it was safe? But if she got up it might eat her. If she stayed in bed, it would definitely come for her. There was really no winning in this situat- CRASH.

Beca was up and out of the bed within the second. She shuffled through the apartment in her sock feet and pj shorts, leaping over the coffee table as she went. She managed to reach the front door in record time. Beca scampered out the door and slammed it behind her, yelping at the offending noise it made as it shut. Well, that was one way to make friends with new neighbors. Or not, either way, it was loud as fuck.

She looked around. Shit. Now it was the middle of the night. She’d succeeded in locking herself out. But then again, hopefully that meant the damn ghost was locked in. But she was still in her fucking pjs with no way to get to her stuff until morning when the super would actually let her in and not be a bitch about it. Great.

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Jarida Modern!AU:Kisses of Surrender

Disclaimer: “I do not own Rise of the Guardians, Brave, or any other Disney/Dreamworks/Animated films. All rights belong to Dreamworks, Disney, etc.”

I swear to you not, I am working on Chapter 4 of  “Stupid Cupid” and my smut. I just felt like making more drabbles was all ;3;. This oneshot though DOES contain some heavy SEXUAL content xD. I always make oneshot drabbles where it leads Jack and Merida hooking up, or somewhere close to hooking up. I wanted to make one where they’re ACTUALLY already in a relationship. It was a challenge, a challenge I accepted! Let’s see if I can make it work :3.

Kisses of Surrender

“Okay, Jack and Merida, this will be your tent,” Kristoff said, directing them to the orange and blue shelter.

“Why are we sharing a tent? Shouldn’t it be split between the guys and the girls?” Merida asked skeptically. 

“Oh come on, we’re all in a relationship!” Anna explained, almost sulking from the redhead’s words, “Even Elsa and Hans are sharing a tent!”

“For a camping trip, it seems like nothing more than one mass orgy,” Jack added, which caused Merida to flinch.

Anna waved her hand,  “It’s not like we’re kids anymore, it’s only natural. I mean, what are orgies anyway? I’m sure it’s something you do inside a house,” She soon giggled, holding onto Kristoff’s arm who was stunned by her obliviousness, “Besides, when you’re in love, you can’t help wanting to be together.”

Merida rolled her eyes. “Just because Jack and I hooked up, doesn’t mean we have to be like any of you lots.”

Jack shoved his arm lightly into hers. “Merida, let’s just give it a chance. I doubt any of these guys are willing to change their minds. Who knows, it could actually be fun.”

She wrapped her arms around herself, keeping away the chill that ran up her spine. It was already nightfall, and you can already hear the forest come to life with the sounds of insects and owls. The moon was full, glowing brightly with the twinkling alignment of stars. Hiccup added more wood into the fire, keeping them warm throughout the night. It wasn’t like she was against the idea of splitting tents with couples, but it was a whole new experience all the same. It wasn’t a secret that their friends’ were sexually active—they all have been in a relationship longer than she could remember. Her and Jack had only been dating for a year, but there was a lot missing. They never even shared a bed before—like literally—never! So the thought of actually sleeping next to each other seemed almost unreal. In someway, she felt terrified, even vulnerable from the idea—and if there’s one thing Merida didn’t do, it was that. 

She looked up at Jack, noticing the look of sympathy in his eyes. However, the fact he was biting his lips also meant his support on the idea. He wanted them to share the tent together—to experience what it would be like for them. Maybe he was right—maybe it could be fun? Not like it could hurt. Besides, despite his character, she trusted him.

She sighed, pinching her nose with defeat. “Alright, fine. I’ll give it a try.”

Anna brought her fists up, and giggled with glee. “Yes! Thank you, Merida!”

“Just don’t blame me afterwards when I decide not to do this tomorrow night!” she exclaimed.

“Some thing tells me, you won’t.” Anna winked at her, stunning everyone.

“Eww, no,” Merida said, squinting with repulsion.

Jack seemed offended by her reply—for someone who was his girlfriend, she sure knew how to treat a guy’s ego.

Eugene soon clasped his hands together behind them. “Well, our tent is ready, so Rapunzel and I are going off to bed now to sleep.”

“Sleep…right~,” Jack melodiously inquired, containing a ghost like grin.

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Jackson,” he said.

“I’m just thinking the obvious,” he answered, chuckling lightly under his breath as the older male walked off towards his girlfriend.

Kristoff put an arm around Anna’s shoulder. “We should be heading off to snooze land ourselves.”

She agreed, smilingly brightly. “Goodnight, you guys. Try not to stay up too long,” she said, entering inside her tent with Kristoff close behind her.

Merida called out, feeling sort of foolish now for agreeing with the whole thing. “Just try not to keep us up by rocking the earth!”

Jack covered her mouth from the crude reply. “That’s enough you.”

She lightly took his hand away, pursing her lips in defiance. “Don’t give me that, you were thinking it too. I just beat you to it first in saying it.”

He gave a crook grin, laughing shortly afterwards. “Whatever, your highness.” He then bowed, stretching his arms out to the side towards the direction of “their” tent. “Shall we?”

She gave him a menacing glare, pointing her finger at him like a mother scolding a child. “Jack, if you try anything, I swear…”

He took her hand, gently squeezing it. “Relax, okay? I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do…as tempting it may sound.”

She slipped her hand out away from his cool grasp. “Let’s just go to sleep already.”

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you said you’d never go back to the badlands, but here you are.
there’s only an old sign so you know where you are.
it used to say something else, but you can’t quite make out what.
the slightly faded red paint reading, “welcome to the badlands,” is so much more prominent. “enjoy your stay,” is written underneath in smaller letters.
and you take a breath, and step forward.

you get sick when you come back. everyone does. some say the badland’s way of testing you, to see if you’re worthy enough to return after you left. the badlands doesn’t take kindly to betrayal.
you thrash in the bed that you found, sweat dampening the sheets. you hallucinate dead children, your sister among them, with hallowed out eyes, and devils the likes of which god wouldn’t have touched.
when you get over your sickness, you look through your journal. there are names written over and over, chants in languages you’ve never learned. you throw it out at the soonest possible opportunity. you’ll get a new one soon enough.

there’s a girl with a haunting smile and dark shadows under her eyes that you see outside your apartment sometimes.
you know where she comes from. you came from there, too. only you didn’t end up nearly as bad as her. when your sister died, you could still leave.
and you did. you can’t decide if you regret it now.
of course, it meant you got away from this place.
but you don’t think you really lived. not at all, in all those years you were gone.
and here? you’re living every second. every cell of yours is alive and on fire.
for the first time in years, you’re alive.

you slept with the girl with the haunting smile. you never learned her name.
if you had to guess, you’d call her the badlands incarnate, or some kind of deity, sent from above to save your soul or take it.
in the drugged out haze you were in, it almost felt good. right. like you were home.
you hadn’t felt like that since you left.
your friends from back home message you, telling you that this place can’t be good for you and to come home.
you ignore their messages. you feel better in the badlands than you have in years. the badlands are your home.

the badlands give, and the badlands take.
the girl you’d seen, with the dark eyes and haunted smile is gone. the badlands have taken her.
you knew you shouldn’t get attached. the badlands always takes everything you love away.
you didn’t love her, but she reminded you of the person you used to be.
you didn’t love her, but you loved the idea of her.
you didn’t love her, but you fucked her.
of course, you’re still here, so you never ended up like her. you were stronger than her.

there are things in the badlands that whisper to you. they never shut up, and so you never get any peace inside your own head.
you’re used to it.
there’s also the hissing chorus of the winds when it runs through the abandoned buildings and shattered windows. it’s always the same.
your friends from outside tell you its the city, all the bad memories getting to you, but you don’t know why they say bad. your memories are anything but.

there were train tracks, where you went when you left, and you’d walk down them for hours, never able to  decide if you just missed the endlessness of the badlands, or if you just wanted to die.
you’re still not sure.
you kept your head down, you made friends, you tried your best to forget about the badlands - forever.
but you just couldn’t get it out of your head.
so you came back, hoping to silence the whispers that your sister’s death was your fault, the whispers that you left because you ran away from your guilt.
you came back to see everything again, to be glad you had left, and, instead, you found just the opposite.

the girl with the haunting smile shows up in your dreams sometimes. she’s always more malicious there, like something’s twisting her into something dark.
you fuck there, in your dreams, and you think for a moment that you love her, but then you wake up and realize that she’s gone, and not sleeping beside you.
you can’t get her out of your head. she’s another ghost, a member of the chorus of pretty girls in your head.
your sister is one too.
they’re with you, everywhere. forever. they’re haunting you.

the only time they leave you alone to think is when you’re high.
when you discover this, you’re higher than a kite on anything cheap you can find.
you need some peace and quiet for once.
it can’t hurt you too bad, right?
the badlands wouldn’t let anything happen to you.
why would they?
they need you to function, and you need them.
you don’t know why you ever left.

there’s cheap booze at the corner store that tastes like blueberries.
you think it drowns out the sour taste you always get in your mouth when you lie.
you lie a lot these days, but mostly to your old friends. you tell them you’re coming back, but you know you won’t.
you won’t leave again, because you know if you do, you can never come back.
it’s okay, though, because you don’t want to leave. why would you?
you tell them that you’re coming home, when in reality, you’re already there.
you know that you belong to the badlands, and the badlands belong to you. you are finally home.

—  my entry for back to badlands, about a girl who left the badlands once, only to come back and find herself home

if things scare you make them cute. monster under your bed? yeah, but all it does is tuck your blankets around you and worry over whether you’re getting enough sleep. ghosts haunting your house?? sure, but they’re just really happy you have the same music taste that they once did and will say “bless you” after you sneeze, even if you can’t hear them. psychopathic cannibal overlord living next door to you??? uh that’s a little