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You always told me stars would guide me back home, but they only come out at night.

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For the silly prompts: codywan, cuddling for warmth? Thank you!!!

Melo-za is a planet with mild temperatures during the days… and freezing nights. Thankfully, it will not be the first time they are forced to sleep in such terrible conditions and the 212th has plans in place to prevent anyone from dying of hypothermia, or even just waking with frostbite, in those cases.

The officers all sleep in the same tent, sleeping gear thrown onto the impervious tarp making up the ground, until not even the cold can seep through, then cuddling close to each other in their blacks, heat turned up, under the covers. The men are bunking up in the same fashion, only a fourth of the actual tents pulled up, to group them until it’s almost too hot in there.

Cody is falling asleep when Boil yawns.

“Is the General taking first watch ?”
Cody frowns at the question. “No, that’s Geode and Trip’s squads.”
“Then where is he ? Not sleeping alone in that cold, is he ?”

Cody realises that… he actually doesn’t know. And that would just be General Kenobi, wouldn’t it ?
He gets up with a shiver and leaves the tent, scowling when he sees that there is still light in the Command center.


Obi-Wan’s eyes widen as he takes on the sight of Cody, blacks slightly dusted with frost and shivering, as the Commander glares at him.

“Cody, what are you doing, you’re going to freeze to death !”

He manhandles the clone next to the heater set up near his untouched bunk, sitting him on it and taking the covers off to drape them around Cody’s shoulders.

“Well, I wouldn’t have had to get out, in my blacks, in the cold, if someone had been sleeping instead of burning the midnight oil.”
Obi-Wan huffs.
“It’s not that late, and…”
“Sir. It’s almost one a.m. local time and around three a.m. on the ship’s night cycle we’re still accustomed to. It’s late.

Obi-Wan sighs. “It’s… a bit too nippy for me to sleep comfortably, even with the heater. I have no desire to wake up frozen solid, or even just sore, cold and grumpy.”
“Which is why all of us have quadrupled the usual numbers for the sleeping arrangements, to stay warm, and why I assumed you were in one of the tents.”

Obi-Wan shakes his head. He knew, of course, but sleeping among brothers, and sleeping with your General in a pile aren’t quite the same thing, and he would not intrude…
Cody must read his mind, because the clone growls and moves.

With a yelp, Obi-Wan goes from seated next to his Commander to sprawled on his back on the bed, Cody pressed against his side, arms around his shoulders and the cover above them.

“Cody ?” he says -he doesn’t squeak, that would be undignified, “What are you doing ?”
Sleeping, sir.” is the growled answer. “And making sure you do as well.”

It’s useless, arguing with Cody when he’s in that kind of mood. Using Obi-Wan’s first name is a dead giveaway : the clone will not be moved.
Obi-Wan has to admit… between the heater cranked up, next to the bed, and his Commander tucked close, with the way the clones’ body temperature is higher than a regular human and the bodysuit heating function…
He’s finally getting warmer.

With a sigh and a slight use of the Force, Obi-Wan turns the lights out. He can indulge his Commander for a few minutes, until Cody falls asleep, then work on his reports on a datapad.


Obi-Wan is asleep under two minutes, cuddling close without even noticing. Cody huffs, amused, then rearranges them a little before nuzzling closer, allowing himself that little bit of selfishness as he wraps his arms around Obi-Wan.


In the officer's’ tent, there is quite a bit of snickering when, after half an hour, Cody is still not back.
“Boil, that wasn’t even remotely subtle.” sighs Waxer, turning on his side.
The other clones smirks at him.
“Not at all. But eh, if it works…”

He does have a bet riding on their superiors ending up together, after all.

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Harry's newborn baby taking a nap on his tummy is something I live for, thinking about kills me

You’re trying to hurt me…

They’re both so sleepy, and his little babe is tummy to tummy with him, sleeping just like he does. Arms with the tiniest wrist rolls draped over his sides, head nuzzled up close enough to kiss. Using his belly like it’s the best pillow in the world. Harry has a film on in front of him, a cup of coffee on the coffee table, but he hasn’t taken a sip, and he couldn’t tell you a single thing about the movie. He’s listening to all of the contented little noises his sleepy baby is making as they’re lulled to sleep by his steady breathing and the gentle rise and fall of his belly. All the tiny snuffles and squeaks. Watching as they stretch in their sleep and he gears up for it to be followed by a cry, but instead the baby gives a little satisfied sound and settles back down. Harry’s hand smoothing up and down their back tenderly, fingertips drifting up and over their head, massaging tiny palms with just his thumb. So in awe of how he helped to create this sweet little creature. How they were just once a bump, and now they’re here snuggled up on him. He just wants to hold on to everything they do. He never wants to forget any of it. How soft and milky sweet they smell, how delicate their skin feels after a bath. He reaches to tickle the side of their cheek with the pad of his finger, smiling when their lips curl up in a reflexive little smirk. He can’t wait to make them smile properly, to get all of the slobbery baby kisses he can possibly have. For now though, he never wants to move from this sofa. He didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much. He was wrong. xx.

Learning To Love - Bucky Barnes

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Not my gif, credits to the amazing owner!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader (written in 1st person)

Word Count: 5693 (this is long as fuck I’m sorry hahaha)

Warnings: there is some smut at the end just fyi

A/N: I wrote this as kind of a prequel to Civil War, because I always wondered what Bucky had been up to all that time after Winter Soldier. 

Part 2

At the end of winter soldier the reader (who’s basically Tony’s adoptive daughter) stubbornly tags along with Bucky. She knows Bucky’s not a bad person because Steve had told her about him, she knows he’d doing this because of what Hydra made him. She feels sorry for him and wants to help him get rid of “the winter soldier”

*2 years ago/right after tws*

‘I thought I was supposed to lay low, how is this laying low?’ I rolled my eyes as the brunette standing next to me pulled his hat further down to cover his face. ‘First thing about running from people: don’t run, walk.’ I told him. ‘Fine, then why don’t we walk the hell away from here?’ He replied with a sigh. ‘You wanna remember who you really are?’ I asked him as I crossed my arms over my chest. Bucky sighed deeply but nevertheless nodded his head. ‘Great, then this is the place to start. Come on.’ I said as I walked inside the museum. It was less crowded today, luckily. Even though Bucky was wearing a mask half the time he was killing people, he nor I were going to risk anybody recognizing him. ‘That’s the man I pulled out of the river.’ He said pointing up at a picture of Steve. I nodded my head. ‘Everything he said was true, he was your best friend. Look.’ I said nodding down at video playing of them smiling and laughing at the camera. ‘Is…that me?’ Bucky gasped leaning slightly closer towards the screen. ‘Sergeant James Bunchanan Barnes.’ I smiled. ‘I don’t remember any of this…’

‘You will, I promise.’


‘I still think we should look for a place outside of town…You know, I let you come with me I should at least get to pick to place.’ Bucky muttered as his eyes scanned across the people walking among the streets. ‘We’re in Bucharest, Bucky. No one’s going to find us.’ I chuckled. ‘And besides, this is the cheapest place we’ll find, trust me. It’s not like I have a lot of money on me. And you have none, so…’ I added. ‘Let’s just get inside.’ Bucky sighed, scanning the place one last time before entering the building. It was probably instinct. Always being alert for threats. I scrunched my nose as I looked up the many stairs we had to climb. ‘They could’ve at least afforded an elevator.’ I pouted. ‘You chose this place.’ Bucky told me. ‘Yeah, yeah.’ I sighed as I started climbing the stairs. 

When we finally reached our floor I grabbed the key from my pocket and opened the door. ‘Home sweet home.’ I sang walking inside. It wasn’t much, the living area and kitchen we’re practically in one room. There were two doors which I assumed lead to the bedroom and the bathroom. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll make this place look homey in no time.’ I smiled. I’d placed my hand on Bucky’s arm in the process but he backed out of my touch without thinking twice. I tried not to look hurt, I get that he didn’t trust me, why would he trust anyone? But I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel a certain way. After we left the museum and began our journey away from the people wanting to lock Bucky up, he stopped talking to me. Put a wall up all around him. After a while I would get some short, rude answers but that was mostly it. He wasn’t all about me tagging along on his trip, but I was dedicated to creating a better life for this man. When he finally realised he wasn’t getting rid of me, he’d let part of his wall down. I was still the one who did the talking between the two of us, but I caught glimpses of a smile now and then whenever I said something stupid. And now we were here, from now on my first mission was to gain his trust. Which I knew was going to be very hard.

‘I’ll do some shopping in the morning, stack up on some stuff.’ I said. Bucky only nodded, he slid his bag off his shoulder and placed it on the kitchen counter. I decided to check out the two other rooms in the house, the bathroom was small, as expected. There was a toilet, a shower that had no shower curtain (brilliant) and a sink. Dammit, not even a bathtub. I closed that door and opened the one next to it. I let out a sigh. ‘Shit.’

‘What is it?’ Bucky questioned from behind me. I chewed on the inside of my cheek as I looked at the room. There were only two pieces of furniture. A closet and a twin bed. When I didn’t respond to Bucky’s question, he dropped what he was doing and walked across the room. ‘What’s wrong?’ He asked again as he stood behind me and looked over my shoulder and into the room. A small ‘oh’ left his mouth. ‘I forgot to ask…’ I admitted quietly. ‘That’s alright, I’ll sleep on the couch. It’s fine.’ Bucky shrugged. I sighed and turned around. ‘No it’s not. It’s my fault I should…’

‘Kate. I’m sleeping on the couch. That’s final.’ Bucky said. I shouldn’t argue with him, I’ve only known him so long and he’s only just found out who he really is. He could flip out at any moment and bash my head in with that metal hand of his. ‘How about we take turns?’ I suggested with a shrug. ‘Okay.’


To say that our first night at our secret dungeon (that’s what I’m calling it now) was awkward, was a serious understatement. There was an awkward dinner that consisted of sandwiches. An awkward encounter when we both wanted to enter the bathroom to get ready for bed. ‘Oh, eh, you go, it’s fine.’ – ‘No, no, Bucky, you go. I’ll change in the bedroom.’

And now I was awkwardly standing by the window, Bucky’s eyes were fixed on the TV screen, a frown plastered on his handsome face. ‘I eh, think I’m gonna head off to bed…’ I spoke. Bucky turned his head away from the screen. ‘Okay.’ He said before looking back. ‘Well…goodnight?’ I wasn’t supposed to come out as a question, I’m stupid. This is not what I had planned when I decided to run away with him. Well, technically I stalked him and forced him to let me tag along but still. I don’t know what I was expecting, some kind of Romeo and Juliet love story? I don’t know. Bucky tore his gaze of the TV once again. ‘Goodnight.’ I cracked a smile before walking over to the bedroom and closing the door behind me. This was gonna be a long journey… I laid down on the mattress which was about a 0.5 compared to my mattress back at home. Home. Tony. Why did I leave him again? He must be freaking out. Maybe I should’ve left a note or something when I stopped to pick up some clothes… No. He would somehow trace me back here. They’d have Bucky locked up… Will I even be able to help Bucky? Is he fixable? Did I make a mistake? Oh god.

I couldn’t find sleep that night, I missed my home. I missed Tony and Pepper. But I couldn’t leave now, where would I go? If I leave what will become of Bucky? I don’t know how long I’d been staring at the ceiling, memorizing every spot on it. That’s when I heard the screams. I jumped up with wide eyes. I ran towards the window and gazed outside, expecting to see someone getting stabbed. But the streets were empty. Another scream. And that’s when I realized that sound was coming from the living room, from Bucky. I was suddenly very aware of how cold it was in here. My sleeping gear existed of one of Tony’s t-shirts that reach mid-thigh on me because I’m midget. Goosebumps covered my bare legs as I made my way across the room and opened the door. ‘No…please don’t…’ The vulnerability in Bucky’s voice made all my thoughts about leaving float away in an instant. ‘I don’t…please…stop…’

I walked towards the sofa, the TV was still on. Bucky was on the couch, his shirt on the floor next to him. My eyes widened slightly at the sight of his shirtless torso. Holy moley did he look like something that came straight of my fantasies. His broad chest was rising and falling heavily. I frowned when he started muttering words under his breathe, I couldn’t understand them, because it was in Russian. I jumped and squeaked when another scream left his mouth. I quickly crouched down on the floor next to him and shook his shoulder. ‘Bucky? Bucky! Wake up!’ I called. It didn’t work, he just kept twisting and turning in his sleep, muttering things in Russian. If he didn’t wake up he was going to wake the neighbours… I assumed we had neighbours… ‘Bucky!’ I called, a little louder this time, but it didn’t seem to help. I bit my lower lip before deciding to do this the hard way. I got up from my crouching position and jumped onto the couch, placing each of my legs on each side of his waist. ‘Bucky!’ I yelled shaking his shoulders once again. ‘Bucky wake up!’ I yelled. His blue eyes shot open, within a second I was across the room against the wall. I coughed for air as I pushed my body up with my arms. Bucky was looking around the room before his gaze landed on me. His eyes widened and he jumped up from the couch. ‘Oh my god, Kate! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry.’ He rambled as he hurried towards me and helped me get up to my feet, not keeping his touch on me for longer than necessary. I forced a smile onto my lips. ‘It’s fine, I shouldn’t have…’ I shrugged. ‘Did I hurt you?’ He questioned. I shook my head, still smiling. ‘No, I’m fine.’ I lied. ‘Okay…well, thank you for waking me, I guess…I’m sorry.’

‘You don’t have to apologize Buck… It’s fine. I’m gonna go back to bed, okay?’ I said. Bucky nodded before walking back towards the couch and sitting down. I walked across the room but instead of entering the bedroom and walked into the bathroom. I closed the door before turning towards the mirror and pulling my shirt over my head. I turned around and looked over my shoulder to see the purple mark forming across my shoulder blade.


‘I’m glad you decided to tag along today.’ I smiled as I pushed the shopping cart forward. We’d been here for about 6 months now, I got some small jobs here and there to get us some money, and I was finally starting to see glimpses of a new Bucky. Or maybe the old Bucky, I couldn’t know because obviously I didn’t know him back then. ‘Yeah well, I’m kind of tired of sitting around that dump all day.’ Bucky replied with half a smile. ‘Hey! I did my best to make it homey!’ I pouted. ‘But you’re right…it’s still a dump.’ I shrugged causing Bucky to chuckle. I lived for moments like this. Once I was fully comfortable around Bucky, even though he was still way behind on that, I allowed myself to let my guard down and act like I normally would at home. Which included doing stupid things and saying stupid things. I noticed Bucky would crack a smile or on a good day even chuckle when I did something like that. It was rare and I treasured every single time it happened. I once even got him to laugh when I walked into the wall. Sometimes I do or say something stuff like that just to see that smile of his. ‘Do we need milk?’ Bucky asked, stopping the cart and so also me. ‘With the amount of cereal you it? Hell yeah.’ I said. Bucky reached out hand and placed two bottles of milk in the cart. ‘Mommy, look, that lady got hurt.’ A high pitched voice spoke from behind me. I turned around to see a little girl and her mother. The mother shot her daughter a stern look before looking at me, she lowered her gaze to where her daughter must’ve pointed earlier and raised her eyebrows. I looked down to see my shirt had ridden up a bit so the bruises along my hips were visible. You could clearly see the fingerprints in the bruises. I looked up at the woman with slightly widened eyes. ‘It’s not what it looks like.’ I chuckled awkwardly. I know what she was probably thinking. I allowed those unholy thoughts to enter my mind for a split second, oh boy. ‘What’s going on?’ Bucky questioned as he appeared next to me. The woman looked at him, back at my bruises and back up at him, she shook her head and muttered something under her breathe before walking away. ‘What happened?’ Bucky asked, still confused. I quickly pulled my shirt down and searched my brains for a lie. Bucky noticed my sudden action and raised one of his eyebrows. He reached out one hand to lift my shirt up again. ‘Kate…’ He gasped looking up at me with wide eyes. ‘Are these from me?’ He asked. I nodded with a sigh. ‘How many of these do you have?’ He asked. I shrugged. ‘It’s nothing, let’s just go.’ I said pushing the cart towards the check out.

Once we were back home I placed the milk in the fridge. Luckily Bucky hadn’t brought of the whole thing from back at the store. ‘I’m gonna go change real quick.’ I said making my way towards the bathroom. I stripped down to my underwear and let out a scream when the door suddenly opened and Bucky walked in. ‘What the hell, Bucky!’ I yelled. He didn’t say anything, he just looked at me. In any other situation I would’ve felt violated if not harassed, but Bucky didn’t care about the fact that I was half naked, at least it didn’t seem like he did. He was looking at the many bruises that covered my body. I know I should’ve learned from the first time I woke him from a nightmare. But I couldn’t handle him suffering like that. ‘I don’t want you to wake me anymore…’ He whispered, not able to look away from what he did. ‘Bucky…I don’t care. I know you can’t help it. I just don’t want you to suffer.’ I sighed. ‘I will not hurt you anymore. You came here to help me, this can’t be how I repay you.’ Bucky replied with a shake of his head. ‘If I have another nightmare, you just throw things at my head but you stay away from me. You don’t know what I could do to you.’ He said and with that he left the room.

But when his screams filled my ears again that night, I jumped up and ran towards the bedroom. I ran inside and practically threw myself on top of Bucky. ‘Bucky! Wake up! It’s just a dream! Wake up!’ I yelled. He gasped for air as he jumped up. Instinct told him I was the closest threat, I let out a grunt as his fingers dug into the flesh of my bare thighs ready to throw me off. But he didn’t. I watched his gaze soften and so did his grip. ‘I thought I told you not to wake me.’ He frowned. ‘You told me to throw things at your head. So I did.’ I shrugged. ‘Me.’

‘Katie…’ He began with a shake of his head. My breathe skipped at the sound of my nickname. He’d never called me Katie before. Not once. It was always Kate. He noticed my sudden reaction, and then himself seemed to realize to pretty compromising position we were in. Yet he didn’t move away, or push me away. For a few minutes we just sat there in silence. Bucky still seemed to be recovering from his dream as his naked chest was still rising and falling heavily. ‘Do you think you’ll be able to go back to sleep?’ I asked him, my voice sounding rather hoarse for some reason. ‘I don’t know.’ He replied quietly. I nodded. ‘Do you mind if I try something?’ I asked him, careful not to push his boundaries. ‘Okay.’ He replied with a slight nod. ‘Okay.’ I breathed and climbed off him so I sat next to him. ‘Sit up.’ I instructed him. He did as I told him to, he sat up straight and I moved over so I was sitting behind him on my knees. Only two months ago Bucky wouldn’t even touch me unless it was necessary. Now what the hell am I doing? ‘What are you doing?’ He asked me quietly. ‘Trying to help you relax, you can always tell me to stop. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or anything.’ I said. ‘Okay.’

I took a deep breathe before allowing myself to run my fingers through his brown locks. He stirred at the touch at first, causing me to freeze. ‘Bucky?’ I questioned. ‘I’m fine. Keep going.’ He replied. I ran my hand through his hair again, twisting a lock around my finger and releasing it again. I repeated this action with one hand while the other casually ran through his hair, massaging his scalp. I smiled when I literally felt Bucky melt under my touch. I wondered how long it had been since someone took care of him like this. I leaned down and pressed a feather light kiss to the top of Bucky’s head as my hands travelled lower to his shoulders. I couldn’t help but feel a certain way when I felt his muscles under my hands. Bucky let out a sigh as I rubbed all of the fear, stress, tension, whatever it was, out. He leaned back against me, pressing his body to mine as I continued to kneed his shoulders. ‘Is this okay?’ I asked, the last thing I wanted was to push him or make him uncomfortable. ‘Yes…please don’t stop.’ He whispered. My jaw dropped when I heard a strangled moan coming from Bucky’s mouth as my thumbs reached a certain spot across his shoulder blades. The sound stirred something in my stomach, I bit my lip to hold back any sound.

‘Thank you, doll…’ That nickname did erupt a moan from me. I quickly smacked my hand over my mouth. Shit. I carefully looked down, Bucky didn’t seem freaked out. If anything, he was smiling. ‘I still got it.’ He chuckled causing me to gasp and smack his shoulder. He laughed as he turned around to face me. ‘I like it when you laugh.’ I admitted shyly. He smiled and held my hands in his. ‘Thank you, for everything.’ He said. ‘That’s okay.’ I whispered. My heart was pounding at maybe a hundred miles per hour, and got even faster once he started leaning towards me. ‘You can tell me to stop, doll.’

‘Please don’t.’

He smiled and closed the gap between us. He seemed hesitant at first, but soon grew more confident and pulled me closer. ‘You’re quite amazing, you know that?’ He muttered.

One year ago

It was 4 o’clock in the morning and I was fast awake. The sun was far from coming up. I didn’t want to sleep, I wanted to be awake. The weight of Bucky’s arm around me was prove that I wasn’t dreaming. Even though this had been going on for about four months, I still couldn’t believe it. True, it went unbearably slow. We kissed, it had gotten more heated once or twice but he never wanted to take it further. I never asked why, I always knew I was going to need to give him time. I was more than glad to have come this far. True enough as a young woman I did have my needs, and I knew Bucky did too. But the size of this apartment didn’t really allow me to take care of stuff myself. I shouldn’t be thinking about it, the more I thought about it the worse it got. Any healthy young woman would feel the same way living with Bucky. I mean, come on, he is truly a gift from the gods.

A small noise from Bucky caught my attention, he didn’t have the major frequent nightmares anymore, not since I stayed with him at night. Though once in a while a nightmare would occur. But when I heard my name roll of his tongue, I knew it wasn’t a nightmare. His grip around my waist tightened and I felt his hot breath on my neck. I squeezed my eyes shut, keep it together, keep it together… A strangled moan left his mouth and I bit hard on my lower lip trying not to make a sound. ‘Katie…’ He muttered and scooted even closer. My once pounding heart, now stopped. He was hard. Shit. Really not helping Barnes. I buried my face into my pillow as he started moving his hips, looking for some kind of friction. I was slowly losing my mind. Did I mind it? Hell no. Did I want him to pin me against the wall and fuck me relentlessly? Hell yes. But was he also fast asleep? Yes…

Nevertheless he was in need of some help. And help me God so was I. I turned around and moved so I was straddling his waist. I moved my hips along with his, a long needed friction I happily welcomed. I leaned forward. ‘James…wake up.’ I suddenly felt his hands ghost over my bare thighs and when I pulled back I was met with his blue orbs. There was so much lust in his eyes, he could have me undone with one look. ‘Am I dreaming?’

‘Not anymore.’ I smiled. ‘I need you, Katie.’

I moaned loudly. A growl sounded from the back of his throat as he suddenly sat up capturing my lips with his in a heated, passionate kiss. ‘I need you so bad, doll.’

‘Then have me.’ I replied breathlessly. I was down on my back in no time. His lips and hands all over me, driving me insane. ‘As much as I like this shirt on you…I fear it’s gonna have to go…’ He muttered as his hand was already pushing the material upwards. I giggled childishly as I struggled to get it over my head. ‘Now this seems rather unfair…’ I smirked as I was now bare before him wearing nothing but my panties while he was still in his shorts. I used my leg to flip us back over and he looked up at me with surprised eyes. ‘Gotta have them thighs of betrayal.’ I winked before wrapping my hands around the hem of his shorts and pulling them down.

I didn’t mean to ogle him the way I was. But I just had to admire him for a moment as he laid here naked before me. Pure muscle under tanned skin. ‘Doll, this isn’t gonna last long if you’re gonna keep staring at me like that.’ He said and I quickly removed my gaze, blushing. ‘Katie…’ He whispered causing me to look back up at him. The look in his eyes had me ruined. It was almost pleading, as if he was suffering, and I was the only remedy. I gulped and collected all my courage as I got off the bed and stood in front of him. He looked at me confused. I smirked before turning around and letting my hands roam over my own body. I swayed my hips as I slowly removed the last piece of clothing I was wearing. ‘Doll, please…’ Bucky moaned behind me. I couldn’t see his face but I knew he was a mess. I turned around grinning. ‘Tell me what you want, sergeant.’ The new title ruined him completely, barely able to form words. ‘You, Kate, for the love of god please…’

I moved back onto the bed and straddled his hips. A silent moan left my lips as I lowered myself onto him. ‘Fuck, baby.’ He groaned as his fingers dug into the flesh of my thighs. Seeing him like this underneath me, bare and vulnerable, made me realize how much I loved him. I smiled and moved my hips faster, Bucky began to match my trusts, bucking his hips every time I came down on him.

I could see he was holding back, letting me control the pace. ‘Buck….let go. Please…’ I begged. He groaned and flipped us back over before ramming back into me. ‘Oh god!’ I actually screamed and I was certain our neighbours would not be happy with us. My hands clawed at his back as he chased the release we both so desperately craved. ‘I love you, doll. So fucking much.’ He whispered in my ear. I wanted to reply, telling him that I loved him more than anything in this world. But I couldn’t speak as my orgasm washed over me, depriving me of words. Bucky collapsed on top of me, I lazily ran my hand through his hair as we both tried to catch our breathe. ‘I love you too, James. I love you.’ I muttered after a few minutes. He looked up at me and his blue eyes looked surprised. ‘You do?’ He asked. I smiled and nodded. ‘Yes.’ He grinned childishly and sweetly kissed my lips before laying down next to me and pulling me close to him.


‘I can feel you staring. Staring is rude.’ I muttered, still half asleep. Even though my eyes were closed, I knew Bucky rolled his eyes just then. ‘Are you okay?’ He asked me. ‘Of course I am.’ I replied burying my head deeper into my pillow. Why is he such a morning person. ‘I hurt you again… you’re bruised.’ He whispered as I felt his fingertips ghost over my bare thighs. ‘I don’t mind. These are different.’ I shrugged. ‘They look exactly the same to me.’

I forced myself to open my eyes and look up at him. I sighed and propped my body up with my elbow. ‘They are different. These are the kinky kind of bruises, they’re cool.’ I grinned. Bucky shot me a glare. ‘You know how I feel about hurting you.’ He sighed. I smiled slightly and leaned forward to press my lips to his. ‘It’s okay, Bucky. I’m fine, I’m happy.’ I told him. ‘I just have one question you though.’ I said laying back down. ‘Was that your first time since the 40’s?’

‘That bad ha?’ Bucky chuckled as he also dropped his head on his pillow again. ‘No, you idiot! I was just wondering…’ I shrugged. ‘I don’t think sex was on HYDRA’s list for things they wanted the winter soldier to do.’ Bucky said as he reached his hand out to play with a strand of my hair.


“Eleven Wakandans were among those killed between a confrontation between the Avengers and a group of mercenaries in Lagos, Nigeria last month.” I sighed as I dragged my gaze away from the screen. My friends were once again on TV. They were going after Rumlow, and they got him, but not without casualties. I faintly recognized the girl who blew up half a building, I saw her once or twice during the whole Ultron thing. I knew her name was Wanda, and that she lost her twin brother in Sokovia. I wanted to go out there and help them…But I couldn’t. I hated myself for leaving them without saying goodbye or anything, but they somehow would’ve figured out where I went and with who. I wouldn’t be surprised if Steve already figured it out, I know for certain he’s looking for Bucky. But he doesn’t want to be found, so I help keep it that way. They could also think I was dead, it was a pretty long fall I must admit.

But nothing broke my heart more than watching the press conference they did not so long after the whole thing in Washington. We had just arrived in Bucharest. Seeing Tony broke my heart into a thousand pieces.

“She’s not dead. I searched that whole river myself. She’s out there. I don’t know whether someone has her, or whether she ran away, but I will find her. I will find my little girl.”

The screams that sounded through the small apartment I was currently standing in ripped my attention from those painful memories. I dropped my coffee mug and run into the small bedroom. I threw myself onto the bed. ‘Bucky! Bucky, hey it’s alright! Bucky? Wake up baby, it’s okay! You’re safe!’ He jumped up, almost knocking me off the bed in the process. His eyes quickly searched the room scanning it for threats like they always did. It was a habit I was not yet able to get out of him. I bit my tongue trying not to show the pain as his fingers dug into the flesh of my arm holding on for dear life. It must have been a really bad nightmare, the last time I got bruised after waking him up was over a year ago. ‘Buck?’ I whispered. His big frightened eyes found mine. ‘You okay?’ I asked him. He shook his head. ‘This one was different…’ He muttered, his eyes scanning the room once more. Normally his nightmares were memories of his time with hydra, memories of how they tortured him to create the perfect obeying killing machine. ‘What was it about?’ I questioned. His hands let go of my arm, I quickly moved them so he wouldn’t see the marks he’d left. He always hated himself for that. Instead his hands went around my back to pull my body closer to his. I crawled onto his lap which seemed to have become my usual spot for whenever he was upset. Whatever made him feel better. I draped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his brown locks which I knew he loved. ‘They…were here. They found us. There were so many of them…I heard them come in, then I heard you scream…they killed you. They took me…’

‘Shh, baby, it’s alright. We’re safe. It was just a dream…’ I whispered. ‘What if they do find us?’ He asked pulling back so he could look at me. I could tell the thought genuinely scared him. I smiled and gently cupped his cheek in my hand. ‘Then we’ll run. I won’t let them get you, James.’ I whispered. He smiled slightly and nodded. ‘Come one, I made you breakfast.’ I said as I climbed off the bed and made my way back to the living room and into the kitchen. ‘What happened?’ I heard Bucky question, he was probably watching the TV. ‘This Rumlow guy I don’t know if you remember him from back in Washington… they went after him. They got him, but a butload of other people got hurt in the process. King T-Chaka of Wakanda was not pleased at all. His people were killed on foreign grounds.’ I sighed as I turned around and walked towards him with his plate full of food. ‘Now they want them to sign this thing called the ‘Sokovia accords.’ It means the avengers will no longer be a private organisation. Instead a united nation’s panel will decide when and where they are needed.’ I said. ‘Will they do it?’ Bucky asked me. I shrugged. ‘I know Steve won’t. I don’t know…’ I sighed lowering myself onto the couch. Bucky took a seat next to me. ‘Listen… maybe you should go.’ He said. I turned my head to him confused. ‘I’m not gonna leave you.’ I frowned. ‘You should at least go figure out what’s going on.’ He shrugged. I sighed and shook my head. ‘They’ve done fine without me so far. I honestly don’t think me being there would make any difference. Besides maybe giving Tony a heart attack.’ I chuckled.

I shook my head again. ‘It’s too great a risk. I can’t let them find you.’


I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel on top of my head to dry my freshly washed hair. I found a note on the door form Bucky saying he went out to get some food. I smiled and made my way into the living room. Something on the TV caught my attention so I raised the volume. “A bomb hidden in a news van destroyed the UN building in Vienna. Over 70 have been injured, at least 12 are dead including Wakanda’s king T-Chaka. Officials have released a video of a suspect who they have identified as James Buchanan Barnes. The Winter Soldier. The infamous hydra agent linked to numerous acts of terrorism and political assassinations. Anyone who has information..”

The rest of the sentence died off as I threw my towel across the room and ran towards the door making my way outside. I know today was the market I always used to go to, so I figured Bucky would be there. It was only a block away. I arrived and looked around the herd of people. I sighed in relief when I noticed Bucky with the paper in his hand. I quickly ran over to him. Of course the cover of the paper was an article about the Winter Soldier bombing the UN building in Vienna. He looked over at me and he knew that I knew. ‘Come one, let’s go get our stuff and get out of here.’ I said grabbing his hand and dragging him with me. ‘Can they find me here?’ He questioned looking around worriedly. ‘Trust me, they’ll find out. We have to move.’ I sighed.

‘You go ahead, I’m gonna go dump my phone.’ I said, Bucky nodded before running up the stairs. I went back outside, dropped my phone on the ground and jumped on it a few times making sure it was dead. I checked my surroundings, but everything seemed clear so I quickly ran inside and up the stairs. ‘Okay Buck. Just like we practised…We move fast and we…Steve? Oh crap.’

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