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hhhgh does it still count as a quick sketch if it takes 5 hours?

dissonance [6]

summary: Turns out it’s a good thing to be in Hell. || hades!bucky barex x persephone!reader || mythology au

warnings: cuteness overload, james gets a boner, cursing

notes: I am terribly sorry for this overdue update. Feedback is always appreciated! For some reason it won’t let me do my tag list or put a gif. Will fix it when I get home and can use wifi instead of my shitty hotspot, my bad darlings.

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You always told me stars would guide me back home, but they only come out at night.

Happy birthday Bedman! 
May everyone get a good night’s sleep tonight!~ (And on the 17th for world sleep day!~ Remember, this year is Sleep soundly, Nurture life!~)


Reppin’ tragic blondes for halloween. Not really the biggest fan of the musical version (I prefer the movie’s aes) but this jacket was calling to me. Still hunting the right socks and shoes

anonymous asked:

TBH burpy Shiro gives me life?? Could you write sething with that? Like hes bloated and cant stop letting out huge burps and hes so flustered but they just. need to come out

oh my god, okay, *hides face* this isn’t exactly what you asked for because I was blushing too hard to continue this sinfully scandalous train of thought…on the other hand, this is probably the closest thing to a Voltron “crack-fic” I will ever write?? (*whispers* just practicing for dark, angsty drunk!Shiro…) 

“He’s been gone for a while.”

“Yeah, too long if you ask me.”

“No one asked you.”

“Shut up, Keith.”

“Should we go check on him?”

“I don’t like this, you guys,” Hunk took a nervous sip from his glass and set it down with a grimace. “He said it wouldn’t take more than thirty minutes. It’s been over an hour. I think something’s wrong.”

“I second that,” Keith pressed a contemplative fist against his lips, glaring at the closed door as if he could pry it open through sheer force of will. “Negotiations should have been wrapped up by now.”

“Okay,” Pidge rubbed a hand over her forehead, obviously agitated but doing her best to disguise it. “It’s not a negotiation. It’s a treaty ceremony…sort of. You guys are over-reacting. As usual.”

“Oh, like you’re so cucumber cool,” Lance interjected, glaring pointedly at the fingernail she’d been steadily biting down to the quick for the past half-hour.

All of the paladin’s heads swiveled as a loud thud echoed from behind the closed door and a chorus of chaotic laughter abruptly followed.

“Okay,” Keith snarled, hand flying to his belt. “That’s it.”

Just as Hunk was mentally preparing to restrain the smaller paladin, the door made a whooshing sound and flew open.

Out stumbled Shiro, leaning heavily against the alien prince. They were both laughing, hands clapping each other’s shoulders as if they’d been companions for a millennia. Shiro tripped down the last step and was only saved from a nasty face-plant by Hunk’s strong grip around his shoulders.

“Hunk!” Shiro smiled brightly, (once he realized who was holding him), and buried his head against the larger boy’s shoulder with a contented sigh. “Hey, I missed you guys.”

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Guys, I think I know why Keith sleeps with his belt, boots, and other gear on (Or at least, if we assume that he does; as evidenced at the beginning of Episode 2).

I was curious to see what kind of place Keith lived in when he was out in the desert, so I went back to Episode 1 to take a look at his room in closer detail.

But then something interesting caught my eye.

That couch has a sheet on it. 

Of course, it could just been a regular old prop put there by the animators to brighten up the scene, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that’s where Keith has been sleeping for his time as a hermit.

Sleeping there must not be all that comfortable, especially with boots and a belt on, but I was thinking, maybe Keith felt insecure and/or unsafe resting out in the middle of nowhere in a run down shack (I know I would be). Sleeping is one of the most vulnerable state you can find someone in. If anything happened, he’d want to be ready to flee or defend himself, especially since Keith is all by his lonesome. That’s why he sleeps with all his gear on. So he could be ready for anything.

Even though he moved to the castle-ship, he still slept with his gear on out of habit. Poor guy D:

P.S. I think this is Keith’s lunch.