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Dianakko Week - Day 5: Spellbound/Enchanted 

just your classic sleeping beauty, I didn’t really know what to do for this theme sorry.. orz     I’m super late but I’m definitely going to finish all the prompts <3  @dianakko-week

so basically I had a 20% off coupon for petco beds and my dog is like 15 and really needed a new one. so we went down there and it turned out to be the last 2 hours of the store being open at all. they’re moving and everything was 50% off. We picked out this huge fancy ass dog bed that was like $110 bc hey, half off!! and then when we got up the cashier told us they are also still accepting the coupons so !?!? fuck yes! now my old boy is all happy and sleeping in his new comfy bed and is way happier with this one :’) I’m glad we could get it bc honestly we don’t really know how long he has left. he’s really old and sleeps most of the day but doesn’t really have too bad of arthritis or anything like that but?? I’m glad he’s happy with the bed ☺️

flower cloak.

Calling out to all people on Tumblr that complain about the lack of diversity on television. 


It has a largely diverse cast in period costumes, like c’mon. 

The main female lead is Black and is in no way an accessory for the White male lead. They are equals (in fact she might have a tad bit more screen time). 

There are strong, bad ass women that really overshadow their male counterparts at times. 

*Also if you’re a fan of the enemies turned lovers trope, then you will absolutely love this. 

Please support this! We have lost some great diverse shows because of the undeserved low ratings. Don’t let this be another one.

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