Ten Terrifying Sleep Disorders:

  • Exploding Head Syndrome: People suffering from this are awoken an hour or two after falling asleep by a loud noise from their mind. Ranging from a gunshot to a scream, researchers still aren’t sure what causes it.
  • Kleine-Levin Syndrome: This rare disease that causes sufferers to oversleep for up to 20 hours a day has been linked to appetite. There is no known cure.
  • Sleep Paralysis: While either waking or falling asleep, the sufferer feels completely unable to move. Linked to anxiety disorders, narcolepsy, migraines, and obstructed sleep apnea, they often feel as if someone menacing is hovering over them or physically holding them down.
  • Fatal Familial Insomnia: This extremely rare version of insomnia is fatal, as the name suggests, for those suffering. Death usually occurs within six to 32 months after symptoms arise. This condition impairs the thalamus in your brain and can also cause hallucinations and loss of motor function. It is hereditary, children of sufferers being 50 percent more likely to develop the disorder.
  • Sexsomnia: Similar to sleep walking, those suffering from this disorder are able to perform sexual activity without realizing it while still asleep. It is more common in those already suffering from sleep walking.
  • Non-24-Hour Sleep–Wake Disorder: Sufferers of this disorder feel as if they are in a constant state of jet lag, constantly feeling “out of it.” They are dealing with a longer circadian rhythm which causes a 25 or 26 hour sleep/awake cycle and is common among the blind.
  • Narcolepsy: This disorder is caused by an autoimmune destruction of hypocretin-producing neurons in the brain disrupting the regulation of a person’s sleep/awake cycle. As a result, they are prone to falling asleep without warning at any time of day.
  • Somnambulistic Eating: A nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder, sufferers don’t realize they’re spending their evenings eating second and third dinners until the eventual and unexplainable weight gain.
  • REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder: Occurring during rapid-eye movement when your dreams are most vivid, this causes the sufferer to unconsciously physically act out what is happening their dreams. This type of parasomnia is thankfully treatable.
  • Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome: This phenomena of literally sleeping yourself to death occurs mostly in young men and is more common in Southeast Asian areas. The cause is unknown, but some believe the victims’ hearts skip a beat and never start back up. 

I didn’t plan this picture to show a deep eating disorder moment.. I literally just opened my fridge and realized how sad my life is.

The People Who Always Sleep

On the corner of 45th and Broadway, during his lunch break, Grey Becker abruptly fell to the street, limbs flailing uncontrollably. In an attempt to remove him from oncoming traffic, a woman tried to pull Becker onto the curb. Unable to bear the dead weight of his 220-pound body, she repeatedly lifted and dropped him. Becker felt a dull snap when she dragged his side over the curb. Finally, the woman gave up.

“Just leave him. He’s drunk,” said her male companion. The couple crossed the street, abandoning Becker, who was fully conscious, yet devoid of motor control. He knew from previous episodes that if he tried to stand up prematurely, he would collapse again.

A few minutes later, a passerby helped Becker to his feet. “I just remember being extremely embarrassed,” he recalls, adding that his embarrassment quickly turned into anger, as it usually did after such an episode. 

On this afternoon in March 2012, Becker, a 20-year military veteran and cancer survivor, was not drunk. He experienced cataplexy, one of the many symptoms of narcolepsy, a disorder he has had for the past five years.

Cataplexy is sudden and uncontrollable muscle weakness, often triggered by emotions. The result was a broken rib.

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PSA: Narcolepsy is not a Mental Illness

It is a neurological disorder caused by autoimmune dysfunction. 

It is not a psycho-somatic disorder.
It is not caused by stress.
It is not the same as being tired from depression.
It is not the same as nodding off after a night of studying. 
It is not made better with your happy-thought bullshit.
It can not be accurately diagnosed by a psychiatrist.

It is a complex neurological sleep disorder diagnosed with comprehensive studies to see how the brain goes into REM sleep.

-you and your boyfriend broke up and you are upset, though you were happily together yesterday. No, you are not bipolar.
-the guy you like doesn’t like you back, you are not depressed you are sad.
-you are nervous to go to a party with a new group of friends. this is not an anxiety attack, this is nerves.
-you tend to be quiet around people at school. you are not socially awkward, you are shy.
-you organize you room. Not OCD, just a natural urge to find organization and control.
-you daydream in class, this is not ADD/ADHD, this is called being a teenager.

-You were radiating happiness and dominating every aspect of your life. 1 week later you find yourself suicidal and lonely as you feel that the world is out to get you. You don’t care about anyone or anything anymore. This is called bipolar disorder.
-Everyday is a challenge to live through, you feel hopeless and lonely and lost motivation to continue moving through life. Weeks past, you want to kill yourself. This is called depression.
-Your heart is racing, sweat is budding from your pores, and your mind is conducting millions of concerns a second. You feel you are dying and want to call the 911 cause you forgot how to breath, however, physically, there is nothing wrong with you. This is called anxiety.
- You want to kill yourself the very second you open your mouth. Stuttering and mumbling the words barely come out. Embaressed, you find yourself uncomfortable and unable to make eye contact. This is called being socially awkward.
-You have a tickle on your brain, a mental itch, to reorganize your room. Its the same one you get every night. If you don’t do it you it’s like having the worst itch and not being able to do anything about it. This is called OCD.
-You can’t sit still in class and reading is a challenge because you don’t know how to process the words on the page. You find yourself spacing out every second. This is called ADD/ADHD.

reblog to stop our society for trying to be “cool” by labeling themselves with mental disabilities. these are struggles that people deal with daily and should not be looked upon the same as society as those who do not know what they are talking about.

Narcolepsy Stuff

I got diagnosed with Narcolepsy on Monday. I’m already getting tired of the comments people are making when I try to tell them about narcolepsy. About 5 of my family members today said something on the lines of, “Oh, I wish I could fall asleep that easily!” Or “Oh, I fall asleep really easily, maybe I should go get seen!” NoOooo. Going into REM sleep within 5 minutes of resting is very BAD and not fun. They couldn’t understand what Narcolepsy was like until I explained I’ve been sleeping 10-16 hours a day and would wake up unrefreshed. I have had moments where I just break down and cry because I’m so fucking tired or stressed because I’m tired. I’m glad I’m finally taken seriously and am on medicine trials, however it’s still a battle I’m trying to fight.