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14 Romantic Comedies Directed by Women to Watch for Valentine’s Day

Austenland dir. Jerusha Hess
Bridget Jones’s Diary dir.Sharon Maguire 
But I’m a Cheerleader dir. Jamie Babbit
D.E.B.S. dirAngela Robinson
Desperately Seeking Susan dir. Susan Seidelman
Enough Said dir. Nicole Holofcener
Just One of the Guys dir. Lisa Gottlieb
Love That Boy dir. Andrea Dorfman
Obvious Child dir. Gillian Robespierre
Puccini for Beginners dir. Maria Maggenti
Saving Face dir. Alice Wu
Sleeping with Other People dir. Leslye Headland
Something’s Gotta Give dir. Nancy Meyers 
You’ve Got Mail dir. Nora Ephron

anonymous asked:

Which disney couples would you choose for tvd couples?

I’m doing dynamics and couples.

1. Stefan and Elena. I am giving them two:

Aladdin and Jasmine.

I choose Aladdin and Jasmine for SE because the Aladdin and Jasmine issues were all about circumstance, she was a princess, he was a peasant and he lied to her about it but they both understood each other on an emotional and spiritual level because they both felt trapped by their conditions and they were both at heart good people. Stefan is a vampire, Elena is a human, those circumstances plus Katherine etc. give them issues, they both understand the meaning of loss and they were both dead inside until they met each other and their understanding/connection never dissipates. Also Jafar is Damon. And Katherine.

I also give Stefan and Elena, Phillip and Aurora

Leaving out the creepy non-consensual kissing, I give Phillip and Aurora to Stefan and Elena because Stefan would slay a dragon for Elena and has done so in other ways on TVD, whatever dragon stood in the way of him and Elena or Elena and life, he slew it. Also Phillip is heroic and chivalrous much like Stefan and when Philip hears Aurora sing he has to meet her, when Stefan studies Elena, he has to meet her. Also  Maleficent is legit Klaus searching for Aurora/Elena.

2. Damon/Elena are Gaston/Belle

3. Caroline/Tyler = Nala/Simba

I chose Simba and Nala for Forwood because Caroline is pretty self-assured when she’s with Tyler and she doesn’t really stand for Tyler sort of going with the flow with regard to the sire bond and not standing up to Klaus and that’s like Simba running away not to challenge Scar and Nala being like, so when you’re ready to be an adult let me know.

4. Klaus and Caroline are Esmeralda and Phoebus

I just feel like they have the same sort of banter/contention/attraction thing happening.

5. 1864 Katherine and Stefan are Meg and Hercules

I gave Meg and Hercules to 1864 Steferine because Katherine, like Meg, is supposed to be world-worn and I believe Katherine, like Meg, was so taken aback by the fact that she fell in love with Stefan and like Hercules, there was a sort of purity to Stefan.

6. Damon/Bonnie are Mother Gothel and Rapunzel

I mean, in terms of plot, they’re obviously very different dynamics but in terms of toxicity and the fact that Damon consistently uses Bonnie and then guilt trips Bonnie when she doesn’t help him and does things like write crappy ass letters that somehow enable Bonnie to forgive him is very much like the toxic and codependent relationship between Mother Gothel and Rapunzel.

7. Bonnie/Kai are Naveen and Princess Tiana

I think the hostility and the attraction are very similar vibes.

That’s all I got right now.