sleep deprevation


@talortut​ asked:  Hi! I love your blog <3 If you’re still taking requests, I would love to see some sick/hurt/exhausted/whatever Lance with the line “You’re gonna crash" from the starters. :)


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Time to play my favorite game called “Am I Hallucinating Because I’m Tired, or Am I Having an Actual Episode?” who will win stay tuned for the thrilling result

So, I drew Victor and Yuuri ... in Animal Crossing

STORYTIME! Yesterday, I decided to read a short fanfiction before going to bed (greeeat idea!). But it didn’t end with this one short fanfic, as usual. I read one fanfic after another. Long story short: I didn’t sleep. At ~4am I started playing Animal Crossing and I had the idea to design a new flag for my town. The first thing that got to my mind was Yuri on ice (because of all those Victuuri fanfics). So I thought…why don’t just put Victor or Yuuri on my fricking flag? So I tried it. And these are the outcomes~

                                         ^^^ reference picture ^^^


        ^^^ reference picture ^^^

oh, sleep deprivation is such a beautiful thing~

Me: *tired*

Me: *chronic illness effect is extra tiredness*

Me: *more tired from body trying to recover from chronic illness*

Me: *has to move around as a part of normal life which is tiring in itself*

Me: *also regularly experiences emotional and mental exhaustion, causing proper physical tiredness*

Me: *has sleeping disorders as well because of mental illnesses, meaning more tiredness due to lack of sleep*

Me: :’)


Sleep Problems: An Overview
The amount of sleep we need each day depends on our age. Sufficient sleep is critical for maintaining good health. Adults need at least seven hours a day, while teens need between eight and 10. Children who get less than the recommended amount of sleep are more likely to have behavior and learning problems. In adults, not getting enough sleep can result in lost productivity at work and increased risk for injury. Anyone who is sleep deprived is at increased risk for obesity, diabetes, and depression. You can improve your chances for a good night’s sleep by making sleep a priority. Stick to a consistent sleep schedule and create a cool, quiet, relaxing environment.