Watched 'Almost Famous’ the other day and I loved it so much that it’s 1am and i’m making film journal pages because what’s better than realising that your sleep pattern is screwed up and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it (other than make film journal pages and cry) :-))

Me: *tired*

Me: *chronic illness effect is extra tiredness*

Me: *more tired from body trying to recover from chronic illness*

Me: *has to move around as a part of normal life which is tiring in itself*

Me: *also regularly experiences emotional and mental exhaustion, causing proper physical tiredness*

Me: *has sleeping disorders as well because of mental illnesses, meaning more tiredness due to lack of sleep*

Me: :’)

Could you imagine waking up to this every day..

A) I’d never want to get out of bed

B) I’d probably become an insomniac because I wouldn’t want to close my eyes.

Ok that’s kind of creepy isn’t it but I have genuine jealousy for the person who gets to wake up and see that beautiful face everyday! #dead

She is truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the privilege to look at. She’s also super talented and a dork. The full package really…

AMC are lucky and smart.

JRoth is an idiot!

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Studies show that only 20% of teens from the ages of 11-17 get the recommended amount of sleep. On school nights, nearly half of them sleep for fewer than eight hours. Research shows that sleep deprivation affects a whole range of mental activities, including the ability to pay attention, verbal creativity, abstract thinking, decision making, retrieval of long-term memories, and overall mood and motivation… Sufficient sleep, it turns out, is crucial to assimilating new information.
—  Wendy J. Ponte- “Excessive Homework Strains Family Life”


So, I’ve been seriously going nuts over here by reading, taking notes, and theorizing while reading other fandom theories and OMG, GUYS.

Ok, so there is this really interesting theory about Solas/Fen’harel and Falon’din/Dirthamen.

So if that theory has any truth and we know that in the time of Arlathan the fade and the physical coexisted, what if Solas was originally a SPIRIT? Or at least did not originally have a physical form?

Here’s a quote from Cole during the Trespasser dlc:

“He did not want a body. But she asked him to come. He left a scar when he burned her off his face.”

What if Solas originally did not have a physical form but became physical at someone’s request? This leads into the second part of this theory:

What if Solas was originally a servant of Mythal? What if he learned how to remove vallaslin by trying it out on himself first?? “He left a scar when he burned her off his face.” WE KNOW HE HAS A SCAR! It would also further explain why he gets so angry at the inquisitor if they choose to drink from the well.

Here’s another quote from Cole:

“Bare-faced but free, frolicking fighting, fierce. He wants to give wisdom, not orders.”

So he freed himself from servitude under Mythal and began rebelling against the false gods. However, from the sounds of it, he missed being his spirit self.. Which seems to have been very similar to a SPIRIT OF WISDOM. Maybe that is why he was so close to the spirit of wisdom in All New, Faded For Her? Bc they were so similar? Bc, other than Mythal, she was his oldest friend?

Interesting also, that the spirit of WISDOM became a PRIDE demon.. hmmm

Another quote from Cole:

“The guardian spirits stayed. Not bound but biding. Because he asked. He knows how to speak so spirits listen.”

Perhaps the reason he is able to converse with spirits so well is bc he used to be one?

One last quote that may pertain to this theory is a party banter between Solas and Cole if you decide to make Cole more human:

Solas: How do you feel, Cole, now that you dealt with the Templar?
Cole: I don’t know. He hurt me… hurt the real Cole. I’m angry at him.
Cole: I can’t let that go. I have to become more, let it make me real.
Solas: You may well become fully human, after all. I never thought to see it.
Cole: When did you see it before?
Solas: I did not say that I had.
Cole: No, you didn’t. It’s harder to hear, sometimes. Sorry.
Solas: Good luck, Cole. You have taken a difficult road.

I just can’t bring myself to believe that Cole actually misheard Solas, there. I think he picked up a bit of his thoughts mixed in with his words and then, being more human than before, got confused when Solas denied it. 

Is it possible that the spirit Solas saw become flesh was himself?


Cole: Bright and brilliant, he wanders the ways, walking unwaking, searching for wisdom…
Solas: I do not need you to do that, Cole.
Cole: Your friend wanted you to be happy, even though she knew you wouldn’t be.
Solas: (Sighs.) Could you… if you would remember her, could you do it as I would?
Cole: He comes to me as though the Fade were just another wooded path to walk without a care in search of wisdom.
Cole: We share the ancient mysteries, the feelings lost, forgotten dreams, unseen for ages, now beheld in wonder.
Cole: In his own way, he knew wisdom, as no man or spirit had before.
Solas: Thank you.

I definitely think that Solas was more than just a talented Dreamer. Or that the time of the ancient Elvhenan saw dual-entities *cough* Falon’din/Dirthamen *cough*

Feel free to explain to me why I’m wrong as I’m sure there are a million over-lapping codexes and such that I’m forgetting about. I just had to get some of this out of my head. hahaha