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i jumped on the bio-editing bandwagon (i didn’t really do much to anyone whose bio i hadn’t already done but the current layout stuff floating around has introduced me to COLUMNS which i did not previously realise were possible in bbcode so… basically i Moved Stuff Sideways.)

and then i thought Buffy’s column-of-stuff looked a little short.

and it’s too bad there’s no gender-change scrolls because even though i wouldn’t actually change Buffy (how could she and Maggie have baby fictionals then) it would be kind of appropriate

and then i thought ‘screw what the site actually has i already figured out how to make item-sized item-shaped images and i’ve still got that chunk of colour-swatch code floating around from those client previews a few months back i shall make a new item for Buffy.’

and then i spent three hours learning the difference between 'how canvas actually works when it comes to dynamically-generated striped not-quite-rectangular shapes’ and 'how i think canvas works’ and yes i’m aware it would have been much faster to just photoshop it but hey i learned new shit totally worth it


I now have enough money not only to buy a laptop, but a warranty as well. A goddamned WARRANTY so if something happens I’m not screwed.

You have no fucking idea how happy and relieved I am. 

You are the fucking best.

I literally was not expecting more than maybe a little help so I wouldn’t have to save up for as long, and you lot literally replaced my dying laptop and got me one with an actual warranty holy shit.

I have been worrying and stressing everytime something else goes wrong with my cheapo unwarrantied physically-coming-apart computer that I rely on for literally everything. And now, suddenly, in a matter of days, you all have erased all that worry and stress and replaced it with gratitude.

Thank you. Thank you so much. It takes a few days to move stuff from my paypal to my bank so I can order on Amazon, but I should have it sometime next week. I will post pictures when it comes so you can see what your kindness hath wrought!!!


For all my friends who are not on my dorm's mailing list, here is an example of the excitement you are missing

Hey, I need a piece of wood for something. Does anyone have one?

-> Just glue 30 sheets of paper together.

-> Maybe glue 28 together to take into account the thickness of the glue.

-> No, fold a sheet of paper in half slightly less then five times.

-> -> How do you fold slightly less than five times?

-> -> -> Four is less than five. Try that.

-> No one uses paper anymore. Use a 30 page PDF. I made one for you.

-> -> Wait, the pages are all next to each other on my monitor, but they should be on top of each other.

-> -> -> Try printing it out.

-> -> Hey, we could make a tree using a thousand-page pdf. Save the rainforests!

I am blathering about my dreams again.

The population of a small otherwordly community is watching some passing entertainment, which encourages them to eat all of their nuts, berries, etc. Once the entertainment leaves, they realize they now have nothing to plant, and are going to never have fruits and nuts again.

I didn’t go for eating everything because I wasn’t hungry, and am trying to figure out how to plant things without people going ‘LAST STRAWBERRY’ and eating them, especially since everyone is still gathered where the entertainment was and my stuff is under my seat.

Somehow in spite of it being a dream I come up with the idea of spitting out a berry in my mouth, standing up on the seat, and yelling ‘who wants to plant berries for everyone’ and then handing it to someone who volunteers. I wind up giving pretty much everyone something they can plant, and people seem pretty excited about it.

Then I get to the highly popular potatoes and am stuck trying to explain to the elders that we should have two people growing potatoes, because a monopoly might be bad, and they just think I’m completely nuts.

Short version: My dreams have me trying to explain capitalist theories to space aliens.

Kate's Guide to Making Friends

(guide not recommended for people who are attempting to make friends)

   1.   Identify person who seems cool/interesting/fun.

   2.   Attempt to think of a good way to introduce yourself/start a conversation.

   3.   Have difficulty thinking of an interesting conversational topic.

   4.   Attempt to determine whether or not you would be interesting/cool/fun to the other person.

   5.   Start coming up with numerical ratios to determine if the other person would be entertained by you.

   6.   Begin to draft a paper for a more general case of beginning friendships.      

   7.   Get bogged down on units for emotions/ numerical values of ‘coolness’.

   8.   Determine an acceptable way to compute dimensionless constants for coolness parameters.

        8a.   Decide that the calculations on emotional values should go in an appendix.

   9.   Wonder if the cool person would find said paper an interesting topic.

        9a.   No, they wouldn’t.

        9b.   It has calculus in it.

        9c.   You are bad at coming up with conversation topics.

   10.   Maybe Tumblr would find it cool.

        10a.   Should I post the appendix separately and then refer to it, or just make it a big post?

   11.   Continue not to talk to cool person.

…I am bad at writing guides for things.

Ok so more life event post time

Today is my LAST DAY AT WORK! I am so so so happy.

And I actually fell into a NEW JOB! I start a week from Monday (so I get SOME time off). It’s 20 minutes from where my parents live, and everyone works 8 to 5 (the last guy was leaving at 5:30 during my interview) and I am super excited!

I will of course be dragging my roommates closer to said new job, so it’s not infinitely convenient for everyone, but eh.

The new job will also let me play with programming, which is awesome! I’m a little nervous at not knowing how to do 100% of the aspects of the job, but I have been informed that at normal companies they do things like ‘training.’

I emailed them two weeks ago, did a phone interview last Friday, went in on Monday (my 2-hour interview took 5 hours) and got the offer on Tuesday!

I am aware that there is a large luck factor here, but I am going to take about 20% credit for all this for being 'just that awesome.’

And just to keep showing I made the right decision in quitting:
- My boss insisted on meeting with me last night to finish stuff up. Every half hour between 6 and 8 she said she was ‘almost done’ and we could meet soon. (I was hoping to leave at 7 at the latest, although I should know better by now.)
- When we did meet, she told me to stop rushing to get done (can’t imagine why I was doing that…)
- Afterwards (8:30 pm) she said 'and this should only take you two hours so you should be able to do it tonight’. I told he no I was going home.

So yeah, apparently even when it’s my second to last day it’s just assumed I’ll stay way late. I even DID stay late (10:30 pm) on Tuesday to make sure some stuff got done. Also the fact that 8:00 at night isn’t seen as late is frikkin insane.

So I don’t know if I mentioned on here or not, but at the beginning of the month I quit my job. I still work there until the end of the month (they asked if I could stay an extra 2 weeks beyond my notice to finish things up), but I am currently looking for another job.

And it’s silly, but I kind of want a job I can be really GOOD at. See, when I went to quit, everyone’s response was ‘but you’re doing so well!’ but it super didn’t FEEL like that. I suspect what they meant was 'yeah this is pretty impossible so the fact that you made any progress is a god-damn miracle’.

I’d probably get bored super fast or whatever, but after that I just want a job where I can look at what I have to do and go 'yeah I got this’ and then do it and go 'hells yeah I rocked that’ and then come back the next day and do it again.

My college internships were kind of like that, even when I realized I had nothing to do and started making up stuff that might be useful and then doing them. Then again, those were internships, so I think that’s expected and now I have to do Adult Jobs which are Difficult and yadda yadda.

I know I’m being lazy, but I just want something I can be super good at for a change. I dunno, maybe I just miss being able to super show off sometimes. (Best case scenario for showing off at my current job is everyone just ignoring you.)

In Which Kate has Stupid Problems

Guess what it is 1 am and I’m stressing about how I’m gonna quit my job.

Like there are a lot of good reasons yo quit my job but money is also a thing.

I mean I did save up so I have like 2+ months to find a new job and there area bunch of places hiring in this area but

I really just wanted to get a job and do that job and come home and chill and maybe sometimes take vacation and sometimes work really really hard but then feel accomplished

I am disappointed in you, reality.

This is stupid but I drew a thing so I am going to post it anyway. I was thinking about trying to explain MTG stuff to people, and was pondering keywords and then this happened.

This* is a Seacost Drake. It has the keyword flying, which means that, essentially, it can’t be blocked by a creature without the keyword flying or reach.** The flying bit is pretty easy to envision, ‘cause it makes sense to me that Seacoast Drake would just fly over whatever was trying to block it.

This* is a Crocanura. It has reach. As you can see from the reminder text, reach means it can block creatures with flying, even though it doesn’t have flying itself. This one is harder for me, because it still seems like stuff could just fly over it, but the picture does show it going after a bird.

So then I drew a thing

which I figure is what happens when a seacost drake tries to fly over a crocanura. This is also what happens when I try to draw a crocanura from memory and my memory consists of 'it’s like a hard-skinned frog’.

*images are copyright Wizards of the Coast, as are the cards, as is the game of Magic the Gathering, art of the Seacost Drake is by Scott Chou, art of the Crocanura is by Jack Wang

**unless a card says 'this creature can block creatures with flying’, or 'creature gains the ability to block creatures with flying’ or something like that