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also me: have you ever stopped to think about the fact that the only time we saw adrien actually truly uncontrollably laugh out loud s1 was during the umbrella scene because of marinette and is this representative and symbolic of the freedom and happiness adrien feels around marinette and can we take this as a sign that he is incredibly fond of her and will we see more of this carefree adrien in later seasons especially once the reveal occurs and do you think i will ever get over these two

it took over four hours to sketch this thing and I am not painting it before bedtime. I’m not even editing it. Nope. This is what you get for now. If I could personally apologize to Brian and Sam, I would - their bots are harder to draw for me… I figure I’ll get it eventually, but eh. It’s ok for now.

(On a sidenote, I think y'all need to know that it’s currently saved to my computer as “robofam”)

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The 'bots on the Lost Light fighting to be considered the Best Parent to the Reader

✦ It happens because the human can’t help but be registered as a sparkling to them and their coding. Small and squishy, under the cycle of a thousand vorns, unable to properly defend themselves during confrontations, an unnerving lack of self-preservation skills - All these signs point to their programs and systems as a desperate, loud cry of, ‘Hello yes hi I’m a tiny bitlet who is small and cute and can be easily killed, please protect me.’

✦ With how different the personalities are onboard the Lost Light, there will be clashes on how to look after the human. Do they let the human choose when they get to sleep and eat or should they enforce a schedule to ensure their health? Do they allow them to try out engenx or forbid them from going near the stuff? Do they let Whirl near them at all or not? Constant discourse.

✦ For the most part, the human doesn’t really mind the coddling and the attention the crew shows them. It’s rather sweet, the ways the ‘bots try to show their affection. Rodimus gives them a Rodimus Star for everything cute little thing they do. Ratchet is less likely to snap at them during physical exams even if they’re wiggling about as he checks their temperature. Even Ultra Magnus is a bit more lenient on them - He won’t correct any grammatical mistakes they make when he talks to them. Impressive.

(For his part, Whirl tried to teach them how to reload his titty guns and how to knife fight. The others quckly put a stop to it. Party poopers.)

✦ It’s all fun and games until Brainstorm gets kinda maybe pretty jealous of how much time the human spends playing catch with Tailgate and Cyclonus. He later invents a machine that shoots out ten balls per pitching because more catching means more fun with him right???

✦ Ratchet has to yell his vocaliser into static feedback about why that was such a terrible idea to even think about after they’re rushed to the medbay. Oops.


(A/N): I really like these color soulmate au’s at the moment so take another one :)

Request: Do you can write a Wanda x female reader soulmate imagine where [Y/N] is Tony’s younger sister who’s a mutant with powers similar to Wanda’s except reader’s energy color is blue and they meet during AoU and they fight each other until they realize that they’re soulmates before they hug and share a kiss?

Warnings: none 

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    You’d never been able to see the color purple, every other color you could see crystal clear but whenever you so much as glanced at something purple it would take up an almost monotone color, a simply grey to be exact.

   For years you’d wondered if there was something wrong with you, something in your brain or eyes that wasn’t registering the color but it was when you reached the ripe old age of 16 that you truly found out why you couldn’t see purple. Soulmate. That was the only explanation, something about your soulmate had to do with the color purple and so you couldn’t see it, not until you met them at least. 

   At first the idea of soulmates had been a hard thing for you to grasp but as you aged into your twenties you began to grasp the idea that someone, somewhere out in the world Had been made just for you just as you had been made just for them; like two pieces of a puzzle or two peas in a pod. 

   As soon as you learned what a soulmate was you were bound and determined to go out and find them- whoever they were. So you saved up and spent your money traveling the world, searching for your so called soulmate. But your little expedition led you to where you were now, trapped inside a cell as scientists experimented on you. 

   "Wait till-“ you growl, biting down on one of the scientists fingers as they attempted to shove something down your throat. "Wait till my brother finds out,” You smirk despite the amount of pain you were in, some poison they put into your body no doubt. A thin sheen of sweat covered your body and it took all of your willpower to bit throw up or cry. Instead you grit your teeth through your pain, pulling against the restraints that these people had you in.

    You close your eyes as something deep settles within your bones causing you more pain than imaginable. Despite your best efforts you scream, your mouth opening widely as your cry pierces the stale air of whatever basement you were in. But suddenly you were jolting upwards, no restraints, no pain coursing through your veins. A layer of sweat covered your body and as you looked around you could see little wisps of blue energy hanging around the air. It was just a nightmare- just a nightmare. You weren’t in some dingy basement, you were in Stark tower, in your older brother’s tower. 

   With a shaky sigh you clutch a hand to your rapidly beating heart, willing it to settle down but as soon as it began to even out a sudden crashing filled the air and suddenly there was a robot sized hole in your wall. One of Tony’s maintenance bots stands in your room, it’s eyes glowing at you dangerously. 

   "Jarvis, power down the bots-“ but before you could even finish your sentence the bot attacked, lunging towards your bed. With a scream you jumped from your bed, just barely managing to miss the bot gripping at the sheets madly. It cocks it’s head to look at you, it’s whole robot body rigid and suddenly it was coming after you again but luckily you were prepared this time and you counteracted it with a short blast of energy, sending the bot exploding. 

   You pant softly, your heart racing once again. First a nightmare and now this? What was going on in the tower? Without missing a beat you jog out of your room and down a few floors, to where Tony had been having a party. Immediately the sight of robots and avengers greets you, each one battling for dominance of the room. One look around and you knew that your team was screwed.

    ”(Y/N)!“ Tony yells over the commotion. "What’re you doing up?”

    “Believe it or not it’s kinda hard to sleep when the maintenance bots decide to attack you,” you shrug, throwing a quick wisp of energy at 2 approaching bots. “What happened here?" 

    "It’s a…it’s a long story," 

    "Well,” your energy wipes out a good chunk of the robots in the near vicinity, little wisps of blue still lingering behind. “I think we’ve got time," 

    "Let me get this straight,” you mutter as you slip on your boots. “You created an artificial intelligence, one that could destroy the world and you didn’t kill it when you had the chance?” Tony sighs as he pilots the jet the avengers were on, all of you on your way to some location, one that Ultron had been spotted at. 

    “(Y/N), it’s not that simple,” Tony begins only for you to cut him off. 

    “Tony, the world is danger because of you, got that? If you had taken some responsibility for once in your life then this wouldn’t be happening right now-" 

   "Don’t get started (Y/N),” Tony warns, gritting his teeth in restraint. 

   “No Tony, I will get started and you wanna know why? You can’t act like your age for one fucking second and-” Your sentence cuts short when the jet shifts, just enough to alert the team but there had still been movement. “Did you feel that?” You ask and immediately afterwards the jet shifts again, this time much more dramatic than before, nearly knocking any free standing Avengers to the ground. “Tony, what’s going on?” You grip his seat for support, looking out of the window to see what was going on. Your eyes train on two figures below you, one with silver hair and the other- well, the other was glowing red it seemed. “Wait a minute, aren’t those the kids from that mission?” You ask, squinting to get a better look but as soon as you did the jet shifted again, knocking right into a building beside you. 

   “We might want to get outtta here,” Tony mutters as he attempts to get a grip on his steering, trying to steer it back to where he wanted it to be. “Whatever mojo those kids have is messing with our ship and I doubt it’s gonna last long,” At his words the front of the jet slowly began to tip down, angling towards the ground menacingly. You, and every other avenger begin to slide to the front, quickly gripping onto something so you didn’t go hurdling through the windshield. “Shit,” Tony growls as he starts pressing an innumerable amount of buttons, attempting to gain control but the ship didn’t obey his command, instead it kept angling downwards, the jet rather suddenly approaching the ground.

   “Tony,” You yell as the jet angles down completely, leaving you smacking into the front windows, an almost sickly sounding crack coming from the glass. The jet seemed to be falling faster now and the glass was cracking beneath you, Tony was still trying to get control of the ship while the others were yelling commands at you, telling you not to move or to shift your weight the right way, but none of that mattered when the glass below you shattered, leaving you to smack against the ground painfully. 

   “Fuck,” You mutter, arching your back as pain surges through you. You open one of your eyes, just in time to see the jet go skidding into some building, tearing the thing to the ground. With a groan you pushed up from the dirt ground, going to make your way towards the jet when a suddenly blast of red energy hit you, smacking you against a wall of some old building. Pain crawled up your spine once again, leaving your head throbbing in pain as you slumped to the ground, all the fight nearly drained from your bones. 

   “Don’t move,” A rich, accented voice demands of you. You crack one eye open to stare at the perpetrator, none other than the brown haired girl from the mission previously. Little wisps of red energy swarm her fingers, much like your wisps of power, only an entirely different color. Another groan falls from your lips as you allow your head to slump back against the wall behind you, your body much to weak to even think about moving. You do happen to spare a glance at the wreck of jet and building and what you saw didn’t look the best; the building was on fire and as far as you can tell there wasn’t a single avenger in sight. 

   “Shit,” You mutter, opening your other eye to blink blearily at the fire. You shift just a bit, pushing your hands beneath your body to stand up when a red finger is pointed at your head. 

   “I said don’t move,’ Your fight seems to return at her words, an anger brewing beneath your skin at her attitude. 

   “Fuck you,” You growl as you bite her finger, hard enough to break the skin. With a yelp she pulls back, nursing her now bleeding hand. You take her moment of distraction to quickly elbow her face, a satisfying crunch coming from her nose. She falls to the ground, her head nearly spinning as you book it to the crash, hoping to get there before the silver haired guy could catch up. “Tony!” You scream as you run at the building, so close you could feel the flames licking your body. “Steve!” You approach the rubble, searching for any sight of one of your teammates but when you found none you began to grow a bit concerned. “Nat!” You cry, pulling up chunks of the building as you attempt to make your way into the rubble. “Bruce!”  Your cries stop short when you hear a resounding thud from behind you, a sound that could only be made by one object. 

   You whip around just in time to see the Avengers emerge from chunks of the rubble, Steve’s shield stuck in a robot’s body. The were beaten and bloodied but they were alive. 

   “(Y/N),” Steve chokes, his breathing a bit heavy as he does, “Take down the twins, we’ll take care of the bots,” You nod your head, an almost relieved smile overtaking your features. 

   “You got it Cap’n,” With a little salute you turn your body towards the two mutants, the sliver haired speedster helping the brown haired girl to her feet. Wisps of energy gather around your fingers as you take a step towards the two, your whole body thrumming in power.

    The two happen to look up, their eyes widening at the sight of you. With a smirk you send a beam of energy their way, thoroughly surprised when the brown haired girl counteracted it with her own beam. The two colors collide and immediately a spark fills the air, getting brighter and brighter with each passing second. You furrow your brows as you look at the sparks forming in the middle of your beams, it was a color you’d never seen before- nearly blue but with a slightly red undertone….Suddenly both of the beams become this vibrant color, thrumming as your two colors mix. And then it clicked- it was purple; this was the color you’d never been able to see before. Immediately your energy powers down, little wisps of it clinging to the air as the vibrant color soon fades, leaving you and the brown haired girl staring at each other in shock. 

   You’re soulmate was the bad guy? Your mouth runs dry at the though and you can barely find the words to speak as you come to this conclusion. Your hands shake and you feel the extreme urge to cry, something you rarely ever did. 

   “Oh my god,” You breathe out, a small tear cascading down your cheek. “Oh my god, y-you’re my-” The girl nods and it looks like there are tears of her own gathering within her eyes. Blood soaks her hands and nose and you do feel a pang of guilt knowing that you’d been the one to hurt her, your own damn soulmate. 

   Despite knowing that she was working against you, despite knowing that she was working with Ultron you find yourself running towards her, not stopping until you’d wrapped her up in your arms, your face buried in her neck. Two arms wrap around you and a warm cheek presses against your head, making you feel more alive than you ever had. 

   “My soulmate,” she breathes out, her lips ghosting along your skin as she does. “Mine.” She repeats, firmer this time. You find yourself nodding against her, your heart overpowered with emotions. 

   “I-I-I don’t even know your name,” You whisper, pulling back just enough to stare at her bloodied, beaten face. She smiles gently, wincing slightly as she does. 

   “It’s Wanda, Wanda Maximoff,” You smile as you gingerly press a kiss to her lips, making sure not to get any blood in your mouth. 

   “I’m (Y/N),” You mumble against her lips, relishing in the small breath she breathed against you. “(Y/N) Stark.” 

Day Four: Insomnia/Nightmares

Day four of @vldangstweek. It got sappy at the end lol

He never could sleep, not anymore.

He tried, he really did. Drank warm Yellmore milk, watched old movies, read older books, tried counting smeckledorfs jumping over the juniberry bushes. But none of it worked; if anything, he was left more awake each time.

The closest he got to rest anymore were short cat naps, in various places about the castle, sprawled over the couch snoring in the middle of the afternoon for a dobash or two, or curled up in the library. One time Hunk found him face down on the kitchen table snoring into a puddle of drool.

But Coran hadn’t gotten a full night of sleep since he and Allura had been woken from their cryostasis sleep.

Maybe it was because he had spent 10,000 years asleep. Coran figured that was enough to keep anyone going for at least a week. Maybe it was the need to fix the ship, keep it from falling apart, because it was “hella old,” as Lance had put it.

Or maybe it was the nightmares he had when he slept for longer than half an hour, the way he saw the faces of his husband and children screaming as their planet died, the way he had to watch fire rain down on his village time and time again, the teary eyed face of King Alfor, shoving him into a pod alongside Allura so that he could guide her when she woke. The way he could no longer smell juniberries, but instead smelled burning flesh and heard the sound of a kingdom crumbling at the feet of a maniac.

He wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep, he knew that. He found Pidge awake more often than not, weary over her laptop and bags under her eyes carrying more baggage than someone her age should. He would sit next to her when he ran across her, help her with what she was working on until she dozed off, and then would cover her in a blanket and go back to his rounds.

Keith liked to hit the training deck when he couldn’t sleep, taking down bot after bot with such fury that it kind of scared Coran. He spotted him, most of the time not even telling the boy he was there, just watching from the observation deck, making sure he didn’t hurt himself. Keith was good about leaving when he was exhausted, though, and Coran rarely had to intervene.

Hunk found cooking soothing when he couldn’t sleep, and he was fairly open to discussing his nightmares with Coran while he bustled around the kitchen, making better food than Coran could ever hope to. Hunk dreamed about the Galra attacking Earth, attacking his mothers, or coming back to Earth to find that everyone he loved had died. One time, Coran found him sobbing into a bowl of goo, and he sat there with the yellow paladin, hugging him firmly until he calmed down into a mess of sniffles and eventual soft snores.

Coran rarely ran into Shiro or Allura, though he knew from their weary eyes that they never got much sleep either. He had a suspicious feeling that they had started to keep each other company when they weren’t able to sleep.

Lance almost always found his way to the observation room, pulling up the hologram of Earth and staring out at the stars as they drifted lazily through space. Sometimes he would join Hunk in the kitchen, or supply Pidge with a juice box, or, even more rare, Keith with a sparring partner, but most often he was watching the stars. He never spoke about his nightmares, but Coran saw the tear tracks down his face more than once.

He never pushed.

Coran had grown to learn that humans would close up even more if pushed to share their emotions when they didn’t want to, so he gave them space. Ask once, receive a no, ask, “Are you sure?” and then don’t continue. Just be there.

He’d had all of the paladins ask him at least once if he was okay, if he slept, because they always ran into him in the wee hours of the morning when sleep should have hit all. He always said he was fine, joked about having slept for 10,000 years. He knew it didn’t work on any of them; they were all too smart, too empathetic.

If he was honest, he was glad they were perceptive like that. Those days when he would smell something that Hunk had accidentally burned, and he would flashback on his burning family, his dying friends, would freeze and be caught in his own emotions. The days when Lance would flirt, however subtly, with an alien, or whenever they went back to the Balmera and he saw Hunk with Shay, and he would picture his husband’s cobalt eyes in his mind, filled with terror and acceptance.

On those days, they noticed. They noticed when he froze, when he slumped, when he seemed to break, and they all paused whatever it was they were doing to bounce up to him, to clap him on the back, and offer to go do something.

They started finding him at night when they couldn’t sleep, rather than him wandering in on them. Keith, asking for pointers on footwork, Lance joining in to ask questions about hand to hand combat. Hunk, seeing if he would help him translate a recipe that he had found in an old Altean cookbook. Pidge, wondering if he could help her with some upgrades to the lions.

They found him, and as a group, or a pair, or a trio, or however many were awake, they would cluster together, be insomniacs together.

Slowly, Coran found himself able to sleep longer. His husband burning turned to his husband smiling, his children crying to his children getting swept up in his arms, giggles abound. Images of the paladins, playing with his kids, laughing, joking, Lance giving piggyback rides and Keith smiling at bad jokes that Hunk was telling, Pidge teaching the eldest one things that could probably get someone arrested.

The nightmares started drifting away, coming fewer and farther between, and Coran found that he could at least get through the day again, even when he couldn’t sleep through the night.

picture this: it’s late at night, Rad is asleep, buried beneath his blanket, and Darrell has just managed to break the window open.

which he then procceds to noisely climb though, because he’s a robot, and doing stealthy stuff when you’re made out of metal is a CHALLENGE, okay- and yes, Darrell might just have tripped himself over, dropping down with a racket and a half, and Rad is up before he’s even really awake, ready to GO, and he squints furiously out into his pitch-black room, and-

it’s Darrell. Darrell who’s flailing his hands from a pile of tangled limps, and the only light is the moon shivering through the disturbed blinds, and the glowing odd-ends on Darrell’s body, and it is late, okay, and Rad has another full day of work tomorrow, and Darrell is whining like an especially displeased puppy and they’re not even FRIENDS, really, but maybe they’re something and it is too late for this

so Rad scoops Darrell up with his levitation beam, and Darrell squeaks like a surprised rubber ducky, and Rad snorts, tired and amused, and drops Darrell down beside him.

“Don’t even say a word, dude,” he says and throws one arm over Darrell, and he’s warm yet cool, metal and heat, and Rad wraps their legs together, snuggles in.

and Darrell is staring wide-eyed and shocked and kind of confused, and Rad is?? already doozing off??? somehow? and this is MOST DEFINITELY not what Darrell snuck in for, but-

Rad’s breathing is even and soft, and he’s warm, and it’s… nice.

so he stays like that. lying beside Rad and staring at his peaceful face, and not even thinking. just looking, pressed in close, and eventually he forgets what, exactly, he was sneaking in for, and just lies there, cuddled in with Rad and contently doozing

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Could I get headcanons for TFP Breakdown + Knockout, TFA Prowl, MTMTE Drift, Fort Max, Rodimus (and whoever more you'd like to add yourself)? Human!reader (crush or s/o) is sleeping and the bot gently nudge them with a finger to wake them up, but human instead grabs onto the finger and nuzzles into it, softly mumbling and still asleep. Reactions? ^^

K so I’m guessing Breakdown and Knock Out are a poly request? This is super cute tho oh my g o d

Breakdown/Knock Out/Reader (TFP) 

  • Knock Out is the one who tries to wake you, and is a bit caught off guard when you grab him instead of waking up. Breakdown thinks you’re absolutely adorable and insists on filming you mumbling in your sleep as you cuddle against KO’s finger even more. Knock Out is not impressed and just stands there looking down at you disapprovingly until you wake up. Breakdown is trying real hard not to giggle.

Drift (MTMTE)

  • As soon as you grab his finger and nuzzle into it he freezes, then relaxes once he realises you’re not waking up. He settles for watching you and listening to your mumbles instead, trying to decipher your sleep talk. He thinks you’re adorable when you do this.

Fortress Maximus (MTMTE)

  • Max doesn’t even poke you, he just starts inching his finger towards you slowly, so he doesn’t hurt you, and then you latch on as you roll over. The poor guy is scared stiff for a solid 5 minutes and doesn’t dare to move in case you get hurt. Once he’s sure you’re not gonna wake up suddenly he’ll move so that he’s sitting down, his finger staying in the exact same place the whole time. He’s actually very flustered, this is the closest thing to a hug you can give him so he’s gonna make the most of it until you wake up.

Prowl (TFA) 

  • When you first latch onto his finger he’s torn between waking you up like he planned, or letting you continue to sleep. He thinks on this for a while, staring at your sleeping face and smiling at your mumbling. His mind starts wandering to what you could be dreaming about, how peaceful you look, and how it would be a shame to disturb such beauty. He decides he’ll wake you up only if you start having a nightmare.

Rodimus (MTMTE)

  • Rodders was planning on tickling you awake, but as soon as you grab hold of his finger and cuddle up to him, still asleep, that plan goes out the window. Instead, he tries to scoop you up while you’re still cuddling his finger so he can hold you against his chest. Then he uses your sleeping form as an excuse to get Ultra Magnus to leave him alone. He can’t write reports without waking you, after all, and everybot knows that humans need more rest than Cybertronians. He also thinks it’s really cute when you start mumbling in your sleep. He’ll tease you about it when you wake up.
You can’t sleep (Bot X Human! Reader)

Optimus: After hearing that you couldn’t sleep, Optimus went Alt mode and quickly rushed you into his cab. He began driving around in the middle of the night as you laid on the cab bed. You fell asleep under the warm sheets with Optimus telling you about his day. 

Ironhide: Ironhide had found you walking around the training area in the middle of the night. He transformed into his alt form and activated his Holoform after you explained you couldn’t sleep. You fell asleep with him playing softly with your hair.    

Bumblebee: Bumblebee would always welcome you to sleep in his alt form without a second thought. You slipped into the back seat of his alt form, the seats already warm and cozy. The sound of his engine slightly running and the random songs he played caused you to fall asleep.  

Jazz: You flung out of your bed realizing, Jazz hadn’t told you goodnight or gave you a goodnight kiss. You were tired but you weren’t going to give up until you got what you wanted. After finding the music loving-bot, you quickly gave him a kiss on the lips. “G’night lil’lady.” He chuckled, watching your small form curl up on his servo (hands). 

Ratchet: When Ratchet found out you hadn’t slept in the last 48 hours, he pretty much flipped and forced you to go to bed. To make sure you didn’t sneak out, he wrapped blankets around you tightly and even stayed in the room. In the end you weren’t the only one who got much needed sleep.