sleep bot

me: happy new year

also me: have you ever stopped to think about the fact that the only time we saw adrien actually truly uncontrollably laugh out loud s1 was during the umbrella scene because of marinette and is this representative and symbolic of the freedom and happiness adrien feels around marinette and can we take this as a sign that he is incredibly fond of her and will we see more of this carefree adrien in later seasons especially once the reveal occurs and do you think i will ever get over these two


Family Movie Night

Whenever I did this when I was a kid my dad would go, “You’re not transparent!” xDD

The apartment’s sorta cheated to make it bigger… otherwise they won’t all fit!

koi-dog-bot  asked:

Can't sleep

I should coordinate with Juke in the event my sister shows up. He’s ride-size, and he carries me around plenty, and it’d be pretty badass to just be like ‘Sorry Fireball. Love to stay and chat but my ride’s here, ciao bitch’ and he just comes leaping out of the woods like the big wolves from that Moh-no-no-no-no… that movie, and I just ride off into the sunset on his back. 

That’d be awesome 

It’d be so satisfying too. 

…is this weird to fantasize about? I mean, I guess it sounds weird to go up to him and be like ‘So I’ve got this fantasy about riding you’ because HAH WOW that sounds .. very very different from what I mean… 

…….I’m a nerd, aren’t I. Only nerds would think this is cool. God. I’m so lame.

They’ve been at it for 12 hours since Pablo basically told them to fuck off. I can only dream to be that mad about a fictional ship one day. 😂

I’ve been in tears about that one for hours:


It’s not unusual, in the woods, to find eggs fallen from their nests. Empty duds shoved out of the way for space, nearly-hatched chicks knocked from their roost by predators; a medley of reasons can find an egg on the ground, partially obscured by weeds and grass in its mossy nest. 

It’s a little more unusual to find that mossy nest seated between the front paws of a statue, resting sedately in its sheltered space at the altar. A strange offering one might make, a single egg; but in its favor is its smooth, sparkling exterior, colors shifting slowly as the light trickles through to the altar. And it’s said certain tricksters are keen towards shiny things. 

Bad Dreams(Villain!AU)
  • *Saitama watches TV while Kin is curled up on his stomach sleeping*
  • Kin: *Starts to stir in their sleep, face tightening into a scared expression as small beads of oily tears start in the corners of their eyes*
  • Saitama: Hm? *Looks down as he hears a small whimper come from Kin. He cradles the little sleeping Genos in the bend of his one arm as he brings them up closer and whispers to the sleeping bot* If any monsters are trying to hurt my little moon flower, you better start running now because if I catch you there won't be anything left.
  • Kin: * Scared expression slowly fades, a few soft sniffles coming from the little one as Kin smiles lightly in their sleep*
  • Saitama: *smiles and nuzzles the side of Kin's face* That's it, watch 'em run, beautiful. *Goes back to watching tv as Kin sleeps peacefully in his arms*