sleep baby ;w;

concept: a sleeping Percy with his head in Annabeth’s lap while she’s softly running her fingers through his hair feeling content 

a list of things that make life worth living

- 3am talks

- the relationship between you and your best friend
- pink and orange sunlight
- fall scented candles

- chubby babies
- sleeping w someone & they instinctually pull you closer

- the smell of movie theater popcorn
- bouquets of your favorite flowers
- warm blankets fresh out of the dryer
- baking with your grandma
- clean bed sheets
- ice cream cones
- anticipation and excitement…those butterflies
- late night drives
- the ocean
- farm markets
- soulmates
- warm bread

feel free to add on

Can you say no to this face? ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )