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Tip if you live with room mates or parents:

Make your bedroom your SANCTUARY. Make a place you want to go to at the end of the day to relax, having a dirty room is so stressful. And I get it, you sit there and stare at it, but don’t tackle the clutter because it’s overwhelming. My advice, just start somewhere. Even if it takes you a few days. GET RID OF STUFF YOU DON’T NEED. Minimize your belongings. (Read DO LESS by Rachel Jonat. It has seriously changed my view on organization and clutter and has opened my habits and my mind to minimalism) I donate all of my unused but salvageable goods to thrift stores, because keeping them around to try and sell them can cause you to continue to be overwhelmed.
Then, once you’re room is cleaned, let your bed be your bed. It’s for sleeping and lounging only. Try to get a good desk for homework and study.
Then for decorations
GET COZY SHEETS, CANDLES, FAIRY LIGHTS, drape tulle or tapestries along your walls or ceilings with push pins or command hooks. (Small Holes in walls are easy to fix by yourself btw, just do a quick google search.)
Get a cozy comforter and comfy pillows. If you have an uncomfortable mattress, get a comfy foam mattress topper (@ target for $12) to help. Keep a little tray that you can lay your night time goodies on. Mine has a lavender pillow spray, a wide tooth comb, water bottle, Vaseline (I put it on my lips, lashes and brows before bed), and my notebook in case I have any wild ideas I want to jot down during the night.
Keep a catch all try by your door. Lay your keys, sunglasses, watch, etc. there, so you know where they are when you’re rushing out the door. Also, have a place to put your purse. If you can’t put a hook on the wall to hang it up, get an over the door hook hanger from Walmart. (I love this thing because I keep my purse, school bag, fave Nike hat and umbrella there, and I always know where I put them.
Use things like white boards, calendars, and pin boards to keep yourself organized, and design yourself a motivational vision board.
ORGANIZE YOUR DRESSER. Keep socks, undies, bras, tights in the top drawer, then shirts, then pants. But if you can, hang up tips that you know will get wrinkles easy.
Put a cozy rug in your room to keep your feet warm, but don’t forget to clean it, because if you have pets it will start to stink.
Keep clutter off your bed and DIRTY CLOTHES IN THE HAMPER. I don’t care if you need 3 hampers, idc if you need 3 hampers for dirty clothes and 2 for clean clothes, just KEEP THEM OFF THE FLOOR.
Play some chill music while you just hanging out. Light your candles, sit back, and enjoy your beautiful chill room.

Witch Tip #3

Try not to dry flowers in places you normally lounge or sleep. Since you’re pretty much waiting for flowers to loose all of it’s life forms and shrivel up, it can give the room a bad energy. Try drying herbs/flowers in places you don’t normally hang a lot of time around, but still make sure it’s suitable for drying things. If that’s not possible, a routinely cleansing and charging of the room will help. 


This is Spectre Boo, but he responds to Dickhead more then his real name. He’s constantly graceless and unflattering but he’s only immobile long enough for pictures when sleeping or lounging.

13.02.17 | 10.22am | spread for last week as inspired by La La Land, a musical whose songs will just not stop playing on repeat I my head, thus resulting in this; on another note, last week began very productive, and ended not quite so, which means that I’m trying to cram as much of the work I laid out of the weekend that I didn’t get around to doing then or before this post, in the next 2 hours before my lecture starts y a y

How many nights has Oswald been sleeping on that couch waiting for Edward to return home. How long do you think it took for him to start drinking himself into a stupor as it was the only way he could silence the thoughts in his head, to silence his anxiety and never ending worry.

How many times do you think Oswald has woken with a start, asking if Ed has returned home, only to find himself alone. Oswald continued sleeping on that lounge despite being haunted by his deceased father. He stayed there. He waited. He waits.

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Okay, so I just did an impromptu half-assed leg wax too because I’m so lazy and can’t be bothered to make an appt, drive to the wax place and yadayada for an our hour out of my life and I’m also too anal to shave between waxes because it fucks up the works. Basically don’t look at my calves because I ran out of wax. I’m sure no one will notice.

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after whatever wild events lead them to finally confessing their love for each other and kissing and their enemies dying they probably stay in bed for a week. they come home and its like, this whole new thing they need to adjust to, sleeping in the same bed- its not even a question but it’s still new. so there’s this moment of like, i guess this is my bed now too- and they fall asleep for like 16 hours or more, waking up and sleeping for more hours back and forth and only getting up to go to the bathroom or get water- mrs hudson likely brings them a bit of food here and there. truly after what theyve been through they deserve it. they just spend 4 days sleeping and lounging and kissing and talking. they haven’t even had sex yet- that’s a whole new leap that they want to do right- but after a few days they probably finally feel rested and also a little bit very smelly and gross, so they take their first shower together. it’s so intimate and nice and it feel amazing to be cared for like that, scrubbing each other up after all this. and then they like, emerge from their shower and hibernation feeling brand new after all has happened to them. a rebirth. a new life together.

I Put A Spell On You - Chapter 2 (Trixya)(Peach)

A/N: Hey guys! Thank you for all the positive feedback so far. This chapter shows Katya and Trixie getting to know eachother more; I want the series to be a bit more of a slow burner to try and make it seem a little more realistic, so I hope you’re in for that ahaha, hope you enjoy :) - Peach 

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#659.5 - As Bunnelby age, their large, shovel-like ear develop faster than their limbs, eventually becoming as dexterous as their hands, though much stronger. They sleep or lounge most of the day in complex underground tunnel systems, which they spend all their energy expertly expanding. Their passion for excavation has made even wild Bunnelby a common sight helping at construction sites.

Named: Bunnelby - ? - Diggersby

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Dating Sam would include:
  • Always hearing Dean say one of two things, “Go get you some Sammy!” or “God, get a room.”
  • Wearing his flannels to sleep in or to lounge around the bunker in
  • Sharing interesting facts after getting caught up in some lore
  • Him getting you to try new, healthier foods
  • Going on morning runs together
  • Cuddles on rainy days while sipping on coffee
  • Reading a series of books together and freaking out together when something amazing and shocking happens.
  • Protective!Sam coming out to play when a jerk at a bar doesn’t know when to quit
  • Him afraid to get too close because he’s afraid to lose you like he lost Jess
  • Leaving flowers on Jess’s grave together
  • Him being very dominant and passionate in the bedroom
  • Begging Dean together to get a dog
  • Puppy dog eyes that cause you to melt
  • Running your fingers through his hair
  • Him reaching you things off high shelves
  • Being carried over his shoulder or bridal style
  • Him comforting you on bad days
  • Being total dorks together
  • Long hugs
  • Large hands swallowing yours when holding hands
  • Binge watching an entire TV show series together on Netflix
  • Hugs from behind
  • Pranking Dean
  • Slow dances in the bunker
  • Him apologizing relentlessly after an argument between you two
  • Breaking up fights between Dean and him
  • Calling him moose just to annoy him
  • Him teasing you by holding objects up high so you have to ‘reach for it’

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Breakfasts delivered on a silver tray to your ocean view rooms, a leisurely stroll through a lovely aquarium, shop strolling, with complementary wine, cheese, and crackers closely followed by tipsy glow in the dark mini-golf and arcade games.

Tell me something that makes you happy and I’ll respond with something that makes me happy…

….I would have to say that doing all these things with you made me rather happy, Qrow.


I’m not sure if I’ve shared Pippins latest quirk with Tumblr… The rats are certainly not allowed on top of the cage. However, pippin bested our attempts at barriers, and relentlessly found her way all the way up. After continuously fighting her on this and removing her immediately, we decided to just let her go up there so she would get bored and not be intrigued anymore.

Wrong again, parents! Low and behold, she goes up there just to lounge. She climbs the cage, plops her adorable self down, and just lounges for extended periods of time, enjoying her secret hideout and looking down at her ratty kingdom.

Every night, without fail, when Pip is done playing she goes up there to lounge/sleep.

Another fun quirk: she can’t get down by herself, so when she’s ready to come down she stands at the edge of the cage staring at dad until he comes to get her.

Sometimes if we take too long, she knocks things down to get out attention.

Precious lovebug.