It’s 2am.
You are miles away
Curled up in your bed
With the sheet thrown haphazardly across your waist.
You have earplugs in to drown out the world
While you drift in and out of sleep.
Do you ever roll over looking for me,
I wonder?
Do you miss the familiar weight of my hand
Strewn lovingly upon your chest?
Or the feel of me nestled against you
Our hands and feet entwined?
I miss the beat of your heart
And the twitch of your hands
As you fall into the arms of the night.
I long for the gentle way your body seeks out mine
When we move in our sleep.
I have learned the cadence of your breath,
Can tell the exact moment you fall asleep
And the moment when you are roused from your dreams.
Will you dream of me
I wonder?
My every dream,
Waking or asleep,
Are of you and you alone.

© Courtney Turley 2016

catifrey  asked:

So, girls, another question since I'm a sucker for cuddles in bed. :3 What would be the guys' favourite sleeping positions with the MC?

Shou: As long as you’re in his arms, he’ll be happy. He knows he might be too hot to sleep with, but he’d rather kick off the covers than let you go. Sleeping with him is like being in a tangle of limbs. 

Tatsuya: Whatever you want to be honest. He’s happy to oblige. He doesn’t mind whatever position it is, as long as he can touch you.

Shinji: He tends to sleep on his back most often, so it would usually end up that he’s your pillow. He doesn’t mind if you use his arm or his chest to lay your head on. If you do end up with your head on his chest though, he will always end up wrapping his arm around you to pull you closer. 

Takumi: He’s going to back hug/spoon you. He’s never letting you go, even if it gets hot. You’d better learn to deal with it.

Hikaru: He’s fine with sleeping alone if you want. But if you want to cuddle with him, he’ll pull you to him and wrap you up in his arms. If he’s feeling playful, he might not let you go, but normally, he will, although a bit sadly…

• “Sleep”
Matsuno Choromatsu
I woke up in the middle of the night because I suddenly have a strong urge to drink milk… 😅 and now I can’t sleep… 😭
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So I just drew this of @therealjacksepticeye .. Or should I say Anti-Septiceye hahah

It’s the first drawing I’ve even attempted in a loooong while ! Haven’t drawn properly in about a year or so. I’m actually extremely pleased with how it turned out !! :D

(Put a little effect over it to define it a little, not sure which I prefer yet so have both :P)

It took a little over two hours to complete.. It’s currently 4am now in Ireland, began around 1.30/2am, because who needs sleep !?

(Also, please don’t repost this. Reblog/like if you want, it’s appreciated greatly! Just please don’t steal it :’) thank you)

anonymous asked:

is there any way i can help my significant other who experiences sleep paralysis regularly?

This seems like something you’d need to see a medical professional about. You can get over-the-counter sleeping tablets with valerian root extract, which could help (might help to relax them and ease the transition into restful sleep). However, if the paralysis is regularly causing them problems, I would definitely suggest seeking professional help as well as any other remedies you may try.

> Smudge

While you seek professional help with your partner, some little things you can suggest they try that might help a bit would be making a dream pillow filled with soothing herbs such as lavender, keeping grounding stones near their bed like hematite or amethyst, and having a cup of chamomile tea before bed. Most of all though be there for them - sleep paralysis can be quite scary and your support will help them greatly. 


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