Sleep keeps evading me!

Once again, I slept terribly last night… until I reached about 5:30 am. There was a thunderstorm and right after, BAM. I slept without waking up once until 11. I slept past a work meeting I was supposed to attend as well. Well, it’s more like a get-together of new nurses at a restaurant each month to discuss things. But this is the second one I’ve missed and I feel so stupid! Ugh!

I guess the good sleep was worth it?

anonymous asked:

On the topic of dreams, is it common for alters to front in-dream? Is this their dreams or just the hosts? If an alter falls asleep would it be them dreaming? Sorry for all the questions >.<

I don’t know how common that is, but I’ve heard it discussed often enough to at least be able to say that it’s fairly normal! It may be that there’s been an actual switch, that the dream is showing a switch because it’s used to switching and so considers that a valid element to include, that the brain is showing one or more alters in the dream just as it would show outside people in the dream, or that the sleeping brain doesn’t maintain boundaries between alters well and so any alter could have the POV in a dream. The same system may even experience all  of these possibilities at different points in time while another system may have all dreams belong to the host because the host is the “default” state. Because of this, it’s difficult to say which alter may actually be dreaming (unless you’re using outside equipment to record your sleep patterns and know by now which patterns are associated with which alters; it has been done before!), but it doesn’t really matter in any case. It’s just kind of a cool thing to think about!

-Katherine of Those Interrupted