I can’t wait to wake up to you and have those lazy mornings. Where I wake up and you are beside me, sleeping peacefully. The mornings where we don’t have to rush anywhere, letting the bed pull us back in as we pull each other closer. The mornings where no matter what the weather we’re smiling together. The mornings of pancakes and bacon, dancing around the kitchen with music playing in the background. I look forward to the sweet and simple moments spent with you by my side
—  A Secret Heart
Sometimes Surviving Is Enough: 8 Reminders To Not Be So Hard On Ourselves

“Dear Reader,

I am willing to bet that you are reading this in the middle of a million other tasks that you feel like you need to do in order to feel “normal.” Or maybe you are reading this in an attempt to get yourself out of a rut or improve your state of mind while feeling depressed. Either way, I am here to help! A lot of times, we (meaning you, me, and everyone we know, honestly) feel like if we aren’t doing something, we are failing

.On the contrary; if we aren’t doing something, that might be for a reason, and we need to be in tune with why that is. You see, sometimes it is enough to just be surviving in the world—“just getting by” is totally okay, because it happens to all of us. Everyone hits a point where they just cannot keep doing whatever routine or tasks they have been doing, but we still forget to really take care of ourselves and understand that stopping or slowing down can be good for us.

And if you feel like you have been doing nothing for too long, then that is okay too! Dear reader, below I have eight ways you can remember to not be so hard on yourself when all you feel you can do is survive.”

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