Tips for Staying Focused when Revising for Exams

I find it ridiculously difficult to get into the zone for the kind of intense study required for finals preparation, maybe more so than a couple of my friends here (@studytillblurrr @wannabeproductive). So I’ve compiled a couple of tips that really help me stay focused that I haven’t seen on studyblr yet: 

1. Use parental control apps on your own phone: Regardless of the physical location of my phone, I will always find a way to spend the whole day on social media. If you’re like me, the best way to not get distracted is to download a child control app (I use OurPact and it schedules hours where you cannot access ANYTHING: literally everything except the most basic functions disappears, including camera and safari).

2. Write the heading of your next section when you finish: When working through practice questions/making notes, I always write the heading and a line’s worth of text for the following section. the next time you open up your book, it’s less intimidating to start - kind of like lowering the barriers to entry (for econ nerds)! 

3. Break up your to-do list: I study in three/four blocks per day, so I write my to-do list in three or four segments with spacing. This also makes tasks seem more manageable than a scary looking 10+ item list. 

4. Sleep whenever you’re tired, but use a HIIT timer: So this might only be useful for polyphasic sleepers, but what I like to do is set the first timer for 20 minutes, and then do a recurring timer every 5 minutes. I guess this probably will only work for light sleepers, but it’s so good!! I can go back to sleep for “five more minutes” as many times as I like without feeling guilty, and its basically impossible to sleep for more than an hour because the noise becomes annoying.  

You slept with me last night,
In my bed for the first time,
Covered in my blankets,
Pressed against my pillows,
Wrapped around my body.

You surrounded me
And everything in my bed,
Imbuing my mattress
And my very soul
With your scent and presence.

It was a cold night
But you were wonderfully warm,
Pressed close to me as we slept,
Arm around my waist
And my hand resting on yours.

I smiled as I slept,
Feeling safe and secure
In your arms,
Feeling happy for once,
And hoped the night would last forever.

But you got too warm,
I guess.
My cold room was too warm
And you slipped out of my bed
To sleep on the floor.

I spent the rest of the night shivering,
Clinging to the blankets
That still carried your warmth,
That still felt like you,
In a desperate attempt to sleep.

I couldn’t fall back asleep,
And my eyes were open when you left,
Staring at the ceiling
As you closed my door
Without a parting word.

My eyes burn now,
My head is pounding,
My throat is dry,
I am alone in my bed
And beyond just tired.

I want you to come back,
To curl around me again
And keep me safe and warm
As we sleep,
As we dream together.

—  just please come back to me, for I am tired and miss you already

Exercise Increases Levels of Hunger Promoting Endocannabinnoids, Even When You’re Sleep Deprived

A research group at Uppsala University has investigated how levels of endocannabinoids – which target the same receptors as cannabis – are affected by short sleep duration, and whether acute exercise can modulate this effect.

The research is in Psychoneuroendocrinology. (full open access)

Sometimes Surviving Is Enough: 8 Reminders To Not Be So Hard On Ourselves

“Dear Reader,

I am willing to bet that you are reading this in the middle of a million other tasks that you feel like you need to do in order to feel “normal.” Or maybe you are reading this in an attempt to get yourself out of a rut or improve your state of mind while feeling depressed. Either way, I am here to help! A lot of times, we (meaning you, me, and everyone we know, honestly) feel like if we aren’t doing something, we are failing

.On the contrary; if we aren’t doing something, that might be for a reason, and we need to be in tune with why that is. You see, sometimes it is enough to just be surviving in the world—“just getting by” is totally okay, because it happens to all of us. Everyone hits a point where they just cannot keep doing whatever routine or tasks they have been doing, but we still forget to really take care of ourselves and understand that stopping or slowing down can be good for us.

And if you feel like you have been doing nothing for too long, then that is okay too! Dear reader, below I have eight ways you can remember to not be so hard on yourself when all you feel you can do is survive.”

Read more here.

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mondays exhausting even for ferret frends. 

see ? i wish i would escape to dreamland like this furry frend! 

chasing mice ! sleeping in flowers! hope all humans seeing have good dreams as well!