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Hello! As stupid as this sounds I have a lot of trouble of motivating myself to get up in the morning - even if I have an alarm, and or, go to sleep early. Do you have any tips to help?


Tips on Waking Up Early

  • Set more than one alarm. This is something that I do. If I have only one alarm, I would most likely not wake up. Set alarms at different times but try to make the time gap between the alarms not too far apart.
  • Set Fast tempo music as alarm tones. I tried putting melodies as alarm tones and I just fell more asleep… Anime Openings seem to work for me. *You might have to change the song every once in a while if the effects start to fade.
  • Turn on the Light. When you get up, turn on some light. If the room is dark, you might find yourself going back to sleep.
  • Put your device with an alarm more than a feet away. This way, you will at least have to get up to turn it off.
  • Make yourself something to eat/drink. Hot drinks/cold drinks can help. I normally drink coffee in the morning. Tea seems to work as well. Hot milk is something to avoid. It made me fall asleep.
  • When you wake up and you still feel sleepy, try listening to some music. Fast, loud music wakes me up. Reading can help also.
  • Make your bed. It can help reduce the temptation to return back to sleep? *At all cost, avoid studying on your bed or a comfy beany chair.
  • When you are studying, listen to something if the silent is bothering you.
    Rainymood and Coffitivity are some alternative if music is something that distracts you as well.
  • Writing down quotes somewhere helps improve my mood when I wake up.

EDIT: Some Anime Openings recommendations:

trickytalks says: “I like the magi opening, amagi brilliant park’s op, death parade’s op and of course attack on titan’s op.”

Death Parade OP/ED, Attack on Titan OP are some of the ones that I use. Surprisingly Durarara!! endings are so upbeat and fast that I use those as well. 

Best of Luck.



Sleep and Dream Sachet

If you need help sleeping, or if your having bad dreams, you can use this and it should help level everything out. I made one recently and it really helped. By the way, you don’t have to use a sachet, just use something that you can put the herbs in and maybe a few sleep sigils that is also capable of opening so you can smell them.

What you will need:

Rosemary - For deep sleep

Lavender - To soothe and relax you during sleep

Cloves - Brings an exotic feeling to dreams (Only add 2-4)

Catnip - Brings deep sleep, also soothes and relaxes

Chamomile - Calming, relaxing, and is said to keep away bad dream

Lemon Balm - Relieves stress and anxiousness. Also helps get rid of insomnia.

Any sleep sigils you’d like to add (optional)

The container/sachet

Combine all the ingredients you would like to use and put them into the container. Smell it before you go to sleep. Also, if you’d like protection during sleep, add protection sigils or sage.

Sweet dreams!