• The 2nd house represents value, usually of a material kind, and therefore the material in general. Food comes under this bracket. Look at planets in the 2nd house in particular, but also the sign on its cusp.
  • Jupiter represents joy and excess, and food is important here! Look at its aspects to get an idea of eating habits.
  • The 5th house is about pleasure and so can give a clue to comfort eating and consumption of alcohol and pleasure foods. Look at the planets in it.


  • Neptune rules dreams and illusions, so light, dream-filled sleep and how you relate to that can be influenced by aspects to this planet. In the same way, look at the 12th house.
  • The moon and Cancer are all about Circadian rhythms and the night time, so they’re very useful for predicting sleep patterns.


  • Definitely look at the 6th house as it rules health, and also routine. The two are intrinsically linked. Saturn shows limitations and can be very useful for predicting mental and physical stress.
  • Jupiter can help here too because it’s about excess, but resilience.
  • Mental health is a bit more tricky, but look at the 8th house and your moon placement for a clue to it. Aspects to Neptune can affect this too.
  • Excessive Gemini or Virgo in the chart can result in stress, anxiety, and frail health; Mercury-Saturn affiliations especially.