The progression of night for an insomniac

10pm: i should go to bed now

11pm: i’ll watch a little youtube first

12am: wow i should really go to sleep now

1am: just one more hour

2am: i need to sleep or im gonna wake up feeling terrible tomorrow

3am: my god the sun is gonna come up in 2 hours shit


5am: what is life

6am: the walls are moving and i can taste colors


What It’s Like To Have Insomnia

This is why the fuck you can’t get to sleep.

Ramadan Reinspired: Day Twenty One

Let’s treat every night like an odd night. Imagine if a bag of rare precious diamonds was given to us and we were asked to pick out a diamond each day, would we just take it out on the odd nights or do we want to keep all of them? The answer to this question goes without saying.

Moreover there is a valid opinion of by some scholars including Ibn Taymiyyah [R] that Laylatul Qadr can occur on an Even Night and there is valid evidence to indicate that.

May Allah allow us all to witness Laylatul Qadr this Ramadan. Ameen! Let us not be of those who are weeping on the odd nights behind the Imam and sleeping on the even nights under the blanket. Just 10 nights Insha'Allah! No one has ever regretted praying all 10 nights.

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