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why does your breath smell bad when you wake up?

Warning: this is gross.

It’s because colonies of bacteria have been growing in your mouth all night.

Bacteria really love the inside of the human body, and your mouth is no exception. Saliva normally keeps things under control by sweeping away bacteria and the food particles they eat. But at night, when you aren’t producing as much saliva, your mouth becomes a prime breeding ground. As the colonies grow, more and more bacteria feast on food particles and dead cells, producing a bunch of different odor-causing compounds as waste products – like one called cadaverine. 

So when you say your mouth smells like a corpse in the morning… that’s not really an exaggeration.

sleep/calm music

bc i told tori i would send her this playlist but i figured maybe some other ppl could use some nice soothing & relaxing music

  • bolded are songs with lyrics i really like 
  • italics are songs that r very pretty/calming
  1. a rush of blood to the head - coldplay
  2. a world alone - lorde
  3. all i want - kodaline
  4. all of the stars - ed sheeran
  5. all your friends - coldplay
  6. always in my head - coldplay
  7. amsterdam - coldplay
  8. another’s arms - coldplay (very very soothing!)
  9. baby blue - dave matthews band
  10. breathe - taylor swift
  11. buzzcut season - lorde
  12. devils on our side - jukebox the ghost
  13. dive in - dave matthews band
  14. done is done - twin forks
  15. don’t panic - coldplay
  16. his good side - ben thornewill
  17. invisible - taylor swift
  18. just a feeling - maroon 5
  19. love love love -of monsters and men
  20. man in the moon - jukebox the ghost
  21. midnight - coldplay
  22. never grow up - taylor swift
  23. no. 1 party anthem - arctic monkeys
  24. not about angels - birdy
  25. O - coldplay (rly relaxing instrumental stuff!)
  26. plans - twin forks
  27. secret world - peter gabriel
  28. show me where it hurts - jukebox the ghost
  29. silhouette - owl city
  30. so let us create - jukebox the ghost
  31. still sane - lorde
  32. the beauty of absolutes - ben thornewill
  33. the spiritual - jukebox the ghost
  34. wait - m83
  35. we never change - coldplay
  36. yellow light - of monsters and men
  37. yellow - coldplay