Children of the Gods: Hypnos, Greek God of Sleep

The realm of sleep is where these demigods hold the greatest sway. With soft brushes of their fingers and soothing, soporific whispers the children of Hypnos offer slumber and peace. Look for them as your eyelids grow heavy, or as dusk settles upon the land like a comforting blanket. Their persuasive lips weave hypnotic thoughts, while a harsh snap of the fingers may just as easily bar sleep from any who have misjudged them. 


October 19th - Ostensibly asleep, but wide awake and studiously ignoring me, this spendid striped character spotted in North Walsall presumably waiting for their owner to come home. Snoozing on a garden wall, with a clearly well-used carpet atop for comfort, this seems like a regular haunt for a watcher of the world.

What lovely markings and what a delightful puss!