sleek lipstick

test (sehun)
genre: fluff
word count: 779 w.
summary: sehun volunteers to be your test subject. (not really.)

A month of hard work blossomed into this sleek lipstick placed neatly on the table. It was a final project for your Chemistry class. You crafted an environmental-friendly lipstick with a shade of chateau wine to complete the set. You did all you can to execute your experiment perfectly.

And it worked. Well, not quite yet.

You had to prove its long lasting effect as a lipstick before your professor could grade your work next week. There were three stages in your research design: drink a bubble tea, eat a burger and finally, kiss a boy.

If your lipstick could withstand those three stages then your project would save your grades from going to a downright spiral.

“And where would you get your so-called ‘test subject’?” Kyungsoo questioned, his small frame leaning towards you from across the lunch table.

“The third stage is optional,” you shrugged innocently. It’s not that you were terrified of kissing another person’s lips. You just weren’t confident in the whole kiss action.

Junmyeon butted in, “But you included that in your rubrics, you can’t change it now.”

“Seems like someone wants to be kissed,” Baekhyun teased, poking Junmyeon’s sides. Junmyeon swatted the younger’s hands away. “I have a girlfriend, you freak.”

Baekhyun chomped a big bite on the burger. His boisterous munching grinded your gears. “I have one, too. As I recall, Kyungsoo also has a girlfriend and if you were to even place a small peck on one of us, you’d be dead meat in no time.”

You took a big gulp down the cola you were drinking. Kyungsoo interrupted, “I mean, the only option you have is Sehun.”

Right then and there, Kyungsoo would have suffered from the effect of a spit take to be made by yours truly. You managed to cover your mouth just in time.

“Uh, yeah, no thanks,” you cleared your throat. “Kissing Sehun would be weird. He’s the closest friend I have because you dumbasses spend most of your time with your girlfriends.”

With a sigh, you added, “I don’t want our friendship to be awkward just because of a kiss.”

“Well, it won’t. You two are platonic, right? I don’t see any problem about that.” Junmyeon replied, brow raised as if he was expecting some kind of reaction from you.

“Speaking of the devil,” Baekhyun smirked as he pointed out to Sehun striding towards your table. You were still left dumbfounded by Junmyeon’s remarks earlier.

The crowd naturally dispersed to create a path for him to walk on. It must be your bad eyesight or something, but why was there suddenly streams of light highlighting Sehun’s godly features.

“Hey, Sehun! You’re best friend would like to ask you something!” Baekhyun hollered, hands formed in a cave-like shape so that his voice would reverberate across the whole cafeteria. The whole cafeteria.

“What’s up?” Sehun greeted.

“The sky,” you rolled your eyes to surpress whatever alien feeling that’s swirling inside you right now. Kyungsoo elbowed your stomach. “Ow! Okay, fine. Would you like to be my test subject for my Chem experiment?”

Sehun sat down on your other side. “Sure, what should I do?”


“Kiss her! You have to kiss her,” Baekhyun butted in. You scrunched your face in disgust because it seems like he was waiting for this moment to come much longer than you. Wait. Scratch that.

Sehun shrugged. You were about to kick Baekhyun under the table when Sehun swept you off your feet. What seemed to be a quick peck turned out to be longer. Your entire body tensed as the other three watched in silence, shocked.

When the kiss ended, your eyes were as wide as saucers. He commented, “Hmm, cherry.”

Caressing your now disheveled hair, you said, “I’m gonna go and lay down and die for like half hour, okay? Nobody disturb me.”

As you were collecting your things, Sehun grabbed a hold of your face. Scrutinizing your features, his gaze travelled from your eyes until it stopped at your lips. His thumb gently carressed your bottom lip.

“Your lipstick isn’t as effective as I thought it would be,” he said. His eyes glimmered with a hint of mischief. “You could always make another one. I’d prefer it if we do this kissing thing at my house.”

You can see how the boys were trying to avoid eavesdropping at your conversation. Sehun smirked before he sent you a flirty wink. “That way I could help you improve your project.”

note: i never thought i’d get to write a sehun drabble cause i don’t really get osh feels but i did it!! | masterlist


***i bet y'all didn’t think you were gonna get an imagine tonight did you? 😉 I made this to where she was established and had narcotics as a income as well because they wouldn’t just get involved with a petty drug dealer selling grams ya feel me 😂💅🏽 ***

“How much was this last shipment?” “Thirty kilos.”

Jax nodded and took a drag from his cigarette while you stood and walked to the bar, heels clicking against the marble. After pouring yourself and him some Jameson, you sat beside him again and sipped at your glass, a comfortable silence falling over the two of you. It was broken after a minute by the blonde.

“You know, I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for us. I don’t feel like I’ve ever really sat down and thanked you. You really helped us out of a bind with this partner ship. We were in too deep, way over our heads. If it weren’t for you…I don’t know where we’d be. My club and I really want to make sure you know how appreciative we are for you helping us out.”

You smiled and reached over to pat his knee.

“Don’t worry about it Jackson. You guys helped me too. I needed the extra muscle.”

Nero had gotten in contact with you one day, asking if you’d be willing to do some friends of his a favor. He’d been a family friend growing up and had always looked out for you so helping him was never an issue. Helping someone you were unfamiliar with on the other hand, that wasn’t something that you liked to do. You’d worked hard for your money, hustling from a young age and working your way up the ladder to where you were now, a young woman with a couple of businesses under her belt. Coke was the most lucrative, brought in the most money at the steadiest rate. It also brought the most heat though and adding someone into the mix wasn’t what you wanted to do but Nero had pleaded. They were stuck financially and needed some support, just until they could get back onto their feet.

They’d gotten involved with a cartel and that had proved to be one of their biggest mistakes. They’d struggled to get out of the deal and had finally escaped the hold, tired and bloody. They still had stacking debts though and now they had no way to pay it back and so Nero had came to you. You didn’t hand out charity, you were too smart for that, and so in exchange for loaning them the money, all you asked was that Jax have his club provide extra protection and manpower for you. It was a small price to pay for the near 300k you’d be forking out over the next couple months to them.

You’d been working together now for about 4 months now and had quickly learned that he was a sound business partner. He kept his word, was patient and didn’t hassle you or bring any extra heat. He had some of his guys stay in your warehouse and front to provide extra protection, Happy and Tig going out as your debt collectors and enforcers, and Juice helping out with all of the money transfers through wiring. You’d all developed a steady partnership and before long, you could honestly say that they’d become your friends. You trusted them and they trusted you.


“Why don’t you just tell her you like her before your eyes fall out of your head?”

Juice looked away from you and over at Chibs and Tig who were now standing beside him, looking down at him with smirks. Juice huffed and looked away, glancing back over at you as you spoke to Jax.

“Yeah right. She’s doesn’t like me. She likes Jax.”

Chibs snorted and clapped a rough hand on Juice’s shoulder before walking around and coming to side next to him.

“They’re business partners. They’ll always interact more than the rest of us. But this deal of ours is coming to a close. You don’t wanna lose your chance.” Tig quickly chimed in. “I doubt she’ll wanna let you go though, you’re her favorite nerd. I mean who else is gonna update her flash player for her?”

Chibs and Tig laughed as Juice grumbled, growing more annoyed but the minute. He did like you but he doubted you liked him and he wasn’t about to embarrass himself when you rejected him. The guys wouldn’t let up though, throwing little jabs throughout the past week, trying to get him to ask you out. They’d been teasing him repeatedly and he was sure they just wanted for you to say no so they could never let him hear the end of it. But what if you said yes? You’d been hanging out the last few nights, having him fixing some software for you and show you how to use it for when they left and you seemed to enjoy having him around. He was so out of your league though and if he was honest, you intimidated him a bit. Your red lipstick and sleek black heels, even the way you walked oozed confidence, which was the exact opposite of him.

He was pulled out of his thoughts as Jax walked out of the room with you and smirked, seeing Juice watching you. “What’s on your mind Juicy?” The boys laughed as Juice blushed but you didn’t notice, walking over to the fancy mirror on the wall to touch up your makeup. The three of them began to push and shove him in your direction, taunting him quietly and finally he took a deep breath, walking over towards you. He hesitantly approached you, one hand grabbing the back of his neck as he looked down at the floor.

“Uh, hi.” “Hey Juice.”

You glanced over at him through the mirror and smiled before you continued to move a piece of you hair.

“I was just wondering if, uh, if you would like to maybe go out for coffee or lunch or something sometime.”

At that your smile fell and you turned around, facing him completely with a cautious look on your face. His eyes widened and he backtracked immediately.

“I mean you don’t have to of course, I was just thinking. You totally don’t have to if you don’t want to. Even though you know that, I’m just saying.”

Juice cringed, his face and ears going red in his embarrassment as his brothers snickered from behind him. You continued to watch him, your face as stoic and intimidating as ever until you smirked.

“Do you like me Ortiz?”

He opened and closed his mouth , not knowing which answer was the right one and before he knew it, you’d taken the extra 3 steps that put you nose to nose and you repeated your question, this time lightly grasping his chin to keep his eyes on you and not the floor.

“Do you like me?”

He didn’t trust his voice so he simply nodded and your smirk broadened, your fingers slipping from his jaw. You nodded as well like you understood but said nothing and laughed, Juice feeling like a complete idiot. Of course a girl like you wouldn’t want to go on a date with him. Why would you? He tried to will down the redness in his cheeks as you walked away from him, back into your office, the guys standing there trying to stifle their laughter. He watched through the glass walls as you pulled your purse from your desk and walked back out, over towards the exit. Before you walked out though, you looked back at Juice over your shoulder.

“Well come on. I thought you were gonna take me on a date?”

Glancing over at Jax, Tig and Chibs, he saw that their jovial smiles had all disappeared and they were now looking with dropped jaws. Juice grinned widely and jogged over to you, holding open the door as the two of you walked out.

“Yes ma'am.”


FOTD: Christina (lastlips)

Eyes/Brows: Barry M Brow Kit, Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black, L'Oréal Paris Miss Manga Mascara in Waterproof Black

Face: Sleek Crème To Powder Foundation in Toffee, Sleek Face Form Kit in Dark, Sleek Blush By 3 in Sugar
Eyes/Brows: Barry M Brow Kit, Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black, L'Oréal Paris Miss Manga Mascara Punky in Black, 2true Easy Guide Kohl Pencil in White, NYC HD Colour in A Kiss On The Hudson
Lips: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Vamp

Sleek Lipstick in Coral Reef- £4.99

I received this lipstick in my Glossybox, and couldn’t help but wear it none stop. That has to be a good sign, right. When I first looked at the colour, I thought to myself, oh god this is a hideous colour, and why would anyone wear it. Yet I’ve worn it none stop, just in the house, for two days. I couldn’t wear it outside though, it’s not a colour I’d feel comfortable wearing in public. I personally don’t like wearing lipstick out and about, because it draws attention to my mouth, and my braces, so I prefer to wear pale transparent pinks, and clears, then draw attention to my eyes. I definitely wouldn’t feel confident enough to get away with wearing this colour. If you’re more on the daring side, I’d definitely recommend this colour though, it’s really cool.
So lets get down to the details. Firstly, I absolutely love the packaging. You can’t go wrong with matte black in my eyes. The colour is an orangey pink colour, well, like coral, quite obviously, and you can see the colour in the photos above. It has a very moisturising feel to it, and glides on beautifully. It’s very easy to work with. It’s very transferable mind, I have orange lip marks on all my cups. Even though it transfers onto everything, it still managed to stay on my lips well. After three hours, I’d say I needed to reapply it, but only a very thin layer. I did drink and eat during this time. It doesn’t dry your lips out at all, which is a bonus for myself. There’s not much of a smell to this lipstick, I’m a fan of flavoured lipstick and lipgloss, but I’d rather no smell then that horrible typical lipstick smell. I think it’s very good value for money, it doesn’t feel cheap, it feels like a more higher brand lipstick. I’d definitely like to try out their other colours, maybe when I have my braces off I’ll feel more comfortable wearing bolder colours.

I’d give this lipstick a 6/10

Hope you enjoyed!