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Uninvited. {Dean Ambrose}

Summary: Housesitting for Dean had its perks, his house was beautiful, quiet and relaxing when it came to studying compared to your dorm or the lecture hall. However, your friends convince you to throw a party at his bachelor pad only to have Dean crash the party.

Warning: Smut. Smut. Smut.

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Bucky Barnes/Reader

The Avengers tower was luxurious. The beds felt like actual clouds, there were light and sound systems in your room that you could adjust perfectly, and your apartment was so high up that you couldn’t hear the noises of the city, but still could see the stars. Your shower had been long and relaxing, as you could adjust the pressure just right. Your lights were off. You were in a somewhat comfortable position. So why the hell couldn’t you fall asleep?

Groaning in frustration, you got up and padded barefoot into your living room. The design of the whole little apartment (though it was missing a kitchen) was sleek and modern. You loved the atmosphere it set. Normally, you would feel right at home with these surroundings, and yet, you were just too worked up to sleep.

You chalked it up to still being relatively new here. You were already close to the avengers, but after an attack on your own home, they decided to move you into the tower. It was like a constant sleepover with good friends—but with a lot more weapons and fighting.

You stared at your clock for a moment. It was 11:30. Most of the avengers would already be asleep. Silently, you slipped out of your room, deciding to explore the tower more.

The level you lived on was just a hallway with two rooms. Steve lived beside you. A faint light shone from under his door, and a soft tune could be barely heard. You recognized it as an Elvis song.

You rolled your eyes. “Grandpa,” you whispered fondly under your breath before continuing down the hall.

You called the elevator, punching in the numbers for a few floors down. But the elevator started slowing to a stop a floor above your destination. You furrowed your brow in confusion. It was almost midnight—why would the other avengers be awake?

The metal doors slid open to reveal a very disheveled looking Bucky Barnes. He was clad in sweatpants and an iron man shirt, and his eyes squinted at the bright lights inside the elevator.

You hadn’t ever really talked to Bucky. He moved into the tower only a few days after you, but wasn’t much for conversation. You assumed he was getting over the traumatic experiences with Hydra—something all of the other avengers knew about, so they kept their distance. He was wary of everyone in the tower, though Steve tried to get him acclimated to living with all of them.

His blue eyes finally adjusted to the light and landed on you. You were also in pajamas.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

You shook your head.

“Me either.” He stepped inside the elevator, and pushed the button to the same floor you were headed to. There were all sorts of rooms to poke around in down there.

You sat in awkward silence, contemplating your options. Bucky didn’t seem like the type to run around an empty floor at midnight. Then again, you didn’t really know what type he was. Eventually, your boredom got the best of you, and you said, “I’m gonna explore a bit. Want to come with?”

Bucky considered this for a moment, eyeing you levelly. “Tony keeps a stash of Oreos above the fridge,” he said finally. “We’re headed there first.”

You grinned at him. “Fair enough.”


“I can’t reach them!” You whispered harshly, jumping up and down in front of the fridge. Bucky was standing guard, just in case someone came down to this floor.

“Really? It’s not that high,” he said, obviously trying to hide the humor in his voice.

“Easy for you to say. I don’t have a super soldier serum! I’m normal human height!”

“Okay, I’ll get them—”

“No! I can do this!” Stubbornly, you looked around for anything to help you. “I’ll just climb on the counter. Just a sec—”

“Don’t, it’s slippery!”

Bucky’s warning was too late. You’d just pulled yourself onto the counter when you felt yourself slipping, falling fast toward the ground. Bucky was there in an instant, catching you right before you hit the floor.

You looked up at him, a mischievous grin overtaking your features. “Hey, guess what?” You said when you realized he was still holding you.

He raised his brow.

“I just fell for you!” You snickered at the pun as Bucky titled you upright again.

“You’re ridiculous.”


Quite a few Oreos later, the two of you wandered down the halls, having explored the rooms on that floor thoroughly. 

“Hey, wait a minute,” Bucky said, lightly grabbing your arm to stop you. The contact sent a small shiver through you. You told yourself it was a draft.

“Let’s go to a different floor,” you suggested. “Maybe one of the offices. We could scare a few late workers.” It was already past midnight, so you doubted anyone would still be there—but you were getting bored. “We’ve already explored everything on this floor.”

“Not everything.” He pointed to a small crawlspace in the wall.

“What? No way!” You shook your head.

“Scared?” He arched a brow.

“No!” You defended. “Just…I think it’s too small for your shoulders to fit. And I’m not going in alone.”

“I think you’d be surprised to learn what I can fit into, doll.” He sent a suggestive wink your way. Scoffing, you playfully pushed at his shoulder. You were glad the lights were off—you didn’t want him to see the way your cheeks heated up.

“Besides, it’s a bad idea. Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie? Going into a dark crawlspace is like, the number one way to die.”

Bucky frowned. “I don’t think I have seen a horror movie.”

You stopped. “What? Really?”

He shook his head. “I’m sure they played them at drive-ins in Brooklyn,” he said thoughtfully, “But I can’t remember watching one.”

Astounded, you instantly made up your mind. “That’s it! We’re watching a horror movie!” You declared, grabbing his hand.

Bucky stiffened. For a moment, you panicked. You remembered how he shied away from the other avenger’s attention, avoiding physical—or even social, for that matter—contact. You really didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. The night had been going so well.

But then he grinned at you, letting you lead him down the dark hallway of the tower.


“I don’t understand why we can’t just go down to the movie theatre. That’s what it’s there for!” Bucky exclaimed, shaking his head with an exasperated smile.

“I have no idea why Tony thought a movie theatre was necessary in the tower,” you stated. “Plus, it takes away from the experience! Here, hold this end down.”

Bucky grabbed the corner of one of his sheets, keeping it in place as you draped the other side across a few chairs. The blanket fort was your idea, but Bucky had brought down his own materials. He’d provide the blankets if you shared your snacks.

Standing upright, you dusted off your hands and nodded approvingly. “It’s perfect.” The conference room table had been moved out of the way, the chairs strategically placed to hold up your fort. The opening was wide enough to see the tv.

“How do we get in?” Bucky asked, eyeing the tent.

“The door’s over here!” You held up a blanket at the end of the fort. 

He took the blanket from you, motioning for you to go in. “Ladies first,” he grinned.

You complied, crawling into the tent while grumbling, “Don’t look at my ass, Barnes.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” he replied rather sarcastically.

Once Bucky had finally managed to crawl in, he looked around the fort. “What are you, some kind of blanket architect?”

“I’ve been building these ever since I can remember.” Using the remote to start the movie and turn the lights off (still a surprising feature to you), you settled in next to Bucky, nestling into the pillows and blankets you spread out on the floor. You opened a pack of candy and popped a piece into your mouth, content with how the night was going.


After a while, the movie was boring you. It was one you’d watched at least a thousand times. So, wanting something to do with your hands, you began to braid Bucky’s hair.

He didn’t flinch this time, but you saw his face twist with confusion. “…What are you doing?”

“Fishtailing,” you answered simply.

He nodded thoughtfully. “Oh.” A few moments of silence passed before he asked, “And what the hell does that mean?”

You smiled. “It’s a type of braid. Your hair is really soft, by the way. What shampoo do you you use?”

Instead of answering, he snorted. “You’re braiding my hair.”

Sitting up properly, you continued the braid, decided to make it wrap around his head. “This has got to be a real sleepover experience. Blanket fort, snacks, horror movie at 2 am, braiding hair, gossiping about friends…” You trailed off, watching his amused expression. “Actually, let’s skip that last one. I don’t want to gossip about people that can kill me.”

Bucky laughed, a smooth sound that contrasted so greatly with the man you first met a few days ago. Here, illuminated only by the tv, he didn’t look like the Winter Soldier. He just looked happy. You finished the braid, smiling at the finished product.

He sat up suddenly, earning a shout of protest when he almost knocked the fort down. “Teach me how,” he said.

He was suddenly very close, you realized. His lips were just inches from yours. You tried not to think about it.

“Teach you how?” You asked, internally wincing at how your voice wavered.
He smirked, just the tiniest bit. “To braid. I’ll do yours.”

You grinned up at him. “I’ll show you.”

You took a small strand of your hair and separated it into thirds, demonstrating it for him. “Just cross it over into the middle each time. Like this.”

He nodded, studying the strand before moving behind you to start the braid.
“So, over one to the middle…” He trailed off, sounding lost.

You giggled. “Here. I’ll help.” You rested your hands on his, guiding him through the steps.

Your felt his breaths on the back of your neck as he concentrated, trying once again not to think about how close he was. A small shiver ran down your back. You hoped he didn’t notice.

You didn’t realize how hyper-focused you were, because when a scream sounded from the film, you jumped with a startled yelp. However, with Bucky’s hands still in your hair, you didn’t get too far. The tug on your hair sent you falling backwards, straight into Bucky, who happened to be leaning on one of the fort’s support chairs. The whole thing collapsed on the two of you.

You groaned, your head still in Bucky’s lap. He lifted the sheets and looked down at you, quirking his brow in amusement. “You alright?” He asked, unable to keep the humor from his voice.

You nodded with a sheepish smile. “Guess I was just distracted,” you mumbled. “Sorry I ruined your braid.”

He leaned forward, hovering slightly above you. “I don’t mind,” he said, moving closer to you. “Truth is, I had a sister. I already knew how to braid.” He didn’t look the least bit apologetic.

You scoffed, feigning indignation. “You think you’re smooth?” You said, amused.

“No,” Bucky answered, so close you could feel his breath on your lips. “I know I am.” His hand moved to cup your face as he leaned down farther, finally closing the distance between the two of you. The kiss was slow at first, hesitant—but after a moment, you worked up enough courage to deepen the kiss, only breaking away from him to sit up properly.

When the two of you finally pulled away, breathless, Bucky rested his forehead against yours. The sheet was still wrapped around the two of you, keeping you close, and the movie credits were just coming to an end. You giggled at the absurdity of the situation. Here you sat, in a collapsed blanket fort with the winter soldier, who still had your braids in his hair.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

You shook your head. “Just…haven’t had a sleepover like this before.” He chuckled, gently lacing his fingers with yours. You yawned, slouching slightly. “It’s already around 4 in the morning,” you said, a sleepy smile overtaking your features. “Want to just stay down here?”

He untangled the two of you from the sheet, returning your grin. “Fine by me, doll.”

You settled down into the heap of pillows and blankets, sighing contentedly as Bucky’s arms wrapped around you. You fell asleep almost instantly.


“Where the hell are my Oreos?” Tony stomped out of the kitchen, eyeing the avengers in the lounge. “Which one of you took them?”

Wanda put her hands up defensively, the rest of the group simply shook their heads.

“Maybe it was Bucky. Or Y/N,” Sam suggested.

“Speaking of which,” Nat asked, “Where is Y/N? We were gonna go for a jog.”

Tony, who had begun sulking back to the kitchen, froze in front of the door to the conference room. “Oh my god. Cap, at least your friend is warming up to one of us.” He immediately took out his phone, snapping a few pictures.
Confused, Steve made his way over to Tony, raising his eyebrows in disbelief when he saw the scene before him.

The other avengers crowded around to see you on a nest of blankets and pillows, curled up in Bucky’s arms, sleeping peacefully. There were snacks all around you and an old case for a horror movie. Bucky’s hair was still in braids.

“Bucky was good at charming the ladies,” Steve said, shaking his head.

Tony cupped his hands around his mouth, ready to shout something to the two of you, when Natasha cuffed him on the back of the head. “Just let them sleep,” she said. “We can humiliate them later. I don’t want to have to deal with both of them being grumpy.”

“Fine,” Tony groaned. “But next time, they need to get their own damn Oreos.”


Created By NynaeveDesign

Pacific Heights Kitchen

Created for: The Sims 4
Ample natural light and a splash of pink adds interest to the otherwise monochromatic kitchen, featuring sleek cabinets and a center island.

Set includes:
Kitchen Counter
Counter Island
Kitchen Cabinet
Kitchen Shelf
Range (wall and freestand version)
Range Hood
Dishwasher (wall and freestand version)
Kitchen Sink
Bar Stool
Food Print

When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 14*

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*You watch Seunghyun’s troubled expression and you feel an intense guilt. You reach forward and stroke his face*

[Y/N] Seunghyun… I’m here… with you

*You put your phone on silent and try to change the subject*

[Y/N] Should we… go make some breakfast?

*Seunghyun smiles at you and kisses you lightly*

[TOP] yeah… I’ll go buy some coffee

*Seunghyun slips on some outdoor clothes and pulls you into an embrace*

[TOP] I’ll be back in a bit

[Y/N] hurry back *you murmur*

*After Seunghyun leaves to go buy coffee, you wander into his sleek kitchen and look through the cupboards*

[Y/N] I guess I could make pancakes…

*You start preparing a pancake mix. About 10 minutes later you hear the apartment door open and close*

[TOP] Y/N? *he calls*

[Y/N] I’m in the kitchen… *you call back*

*You hear Seunghyun’s footsteps getting closer and then he wanders into the kitchen acting cutely*

[TOP] I bought the coffee

*You smile as he hugs you from behind… you always forget how tall he is. His arms wrap themselves around your waist and he kisses your neck gently*

[Y/N] I don’t know why you bought coffee… You have some in the cupboard-

[TOP] oh… I wanted to buy you these…

*You turn around to see Seunghyun with some pretty flowers in his hand. You feel a smile growing on your face, you blush and your heart flutters*

[Y/N] yah! stop being so cute! *you push him gently*

*Seunghyun grins and puts the flowers in a vase*

[TOP] what are you making?

[Y/N] Pancakes… is that okay?

[TOP] of course

[Y/N] they’ll be ready in a few minutes… go sit down… i’ll bring them in

*Seunghyun walks away cutely and you grin as you turn back to cook… although you couldn’t ignore the heaviness in your heart… you check your phone… another text - [Where are you? Call me. ~Ji]*

*You finish cooking and plate up the pancakes. You walk into the living room and see Seunghyun on the sofa*

[Y/N] Seunghyunie *you call*

*He looks up at you with anticipation… you hand him a plate and sit down next to him. After you finish eating, Seunghyun takes the plates to the kitchen. He returns and drapes himself over the arm of the sofa with a smirk*

[TOP] that was almost as delicious as you…

*You spend the rest of the afternoon watching movies and cuddling on the sofa… you suddenly look out of the window*

[Y/N] oh… it’s starting to get dark… I should probably head home…

[TOP] do you have to go?

[Y/N] yeah… I have work tomorrow… plus I need to shower and change my clothes…

[TOP] …you could wear my clothes *pout*

[Y/N] *giggle* no Seunghyun… I don’t think I can

*After a short debate with Seunghyun about the fact that you need to go home… you gather up your stuff and head for the front door*

[TOP] do you want me to drive you home?

[Y/N] no… I could use the walk to be honest…

*Seunghyun leans in and kisses you goodbye*

*You walk home in the dim light and try to comprehend what has happened in the last 24 hours… You feel guilty… You’d never wanted to hurt Jiyong… You’d never meant to let things go so far with Seunghyun. You’d been angry and felt neglected… Your mind was a mess and your heart was confused.*

*It starts to rain heavily and you let yourself get wet. You walk the streets to your apartment but you stop before you get to the front door… a figure is sat in the doorway*

[Y/N] Jiyong?

*he lifts his head up and looks at you*

[GD] where the fuck have you been?

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

[CREDIT to the gif owners - I do not own these gifs]

Kylux Bagel AU

Look. Things happen on the KBB chat. Spirits are high, enthusiasm abounds, and things happen. Namely, A Bagel au.

So without further ado, here goes:

The Bread Basket Beatdown.

The sleek, modern kitchen was of first order. Chrome refrigerator and dark stone table counter, upon which rested Kaletin Phasma. A greater kale shake there never has been, magnificent as she towered over the many Stormjuicers. Her tall and sleek glass stood firm and solemn, purposefully ignoring the conflict happening just a few inches to the side.

Said conflict to place in bread basket made of thin iron wires in which a stack of different breads was artfully displayed. Of course, as is necessary for all artful display, some breads must be in the bottom of the pile while others rise to the top. And therein lied the problem.

“Careful, Ren,” Brogel Hux hissed, “that your poppy seeds not interfere with the display of Supreme Leader Toast.”

“I want that toaster,” Kale Ren sneered back. “For your sake, I suggest you let me get it.”

From his place right next to the poppy seed covered abomination, Hux fumed - it let out the pleasant odor of baking bread. Of all the indignities he could have suffered, sharing the surface of the basket with Kale Ren was the worst.

Barely bread at all, that one. A pretzel who covered itself in poppy seeds, calling itself savory when it was anything but. Though Hux knew a thing or two about low origins, he at least had no hidden sweetness within him.

Muffins were quite savory indeed.

“Yes, you’ve spoken of that toaster often enough.” Next to him, Kale Ren bristled. It made one of his poppy seeds fall off. “I will not have you compromise the entire bread basket in your foolish quest for toastiness.”

“You know nothing of the dark crust!” There it was, the systematic outrage that occurred every time the grilling device was mentioned with anything other than the utmost respect. “You do not know the crunchiness it brings!”

“Ah yes, crunchiness. Careful, Ren, it is but a step away from being burned to a crisp. Though you would know all about that.”

“Darth Baker is not yours to mock!” Anger came off the once-pretzel in waves. It made a few more poppy seeds fall off. “He has gone deeper into the ways of the toaster than anyone else.”

“Yes, that was quite evident,” Hux deadpanned.

Kalo Ren bristled some more, but instead of screaming again he draped himself in pride, and his few remaining seeds. “Supreme Leader Toast agreed with my pursuits. If you question his judgement, I suggest you speak to him.”

Hux paused at that - which for a muffin meant he stood even more still than usual. Threats from Ren were not uncommon, but this one did make him think. Why did the Supreme Leader support Kale so much? He had hardly earned his place in the bread basket, and was much too unstable - those poppy seeds just kept falling off.

Kale Ren took his silence as victory. “Your jealousy makes you petty. You petty patty.”

“Jealous?” Brogel Hux sneered. “Hardly. I simply do not appreciate sharing my basket with someone of such high fat origin, Bun Solo!”

If bread could glare, and if it could die, then Hux would have died on the spot. More than anything else, Ren hated when his origins were mentioned. To be raised among such people as Ham Solo or Puff Dameron, so decadent and indulgent. Shameful.

Hux fully believed in the whole-grain, disciplined diet this First Order kitchen pushed forward. 

He was proud to be a part of Starchkiller.

“Kale Ren,” Brogel continued mockingly, “what I joke. You could never be as healthy as a Kale.You are nothing but a pretzel, pretending to be a bagel!”

“You’re hardly any better. A muffin. You don’t even have a hole!”

“I don’t share your petty ambitions!” Hux retorted, though it was a lie. One that left a bad taste in his mouth - like burnt toast.

A muffin will only ever be a muffin. Though Hux had dreams of being German black bread, they would never come to pass.

Still, he could do all in his power to be part of a sensible sandwich.

“Don’t lie to me,” Kalo purred. “You have every ambition.”

The sudden shift in tone was surprising, so much so that Hux was at lost for words.

Ren chuckled. “So easily flustered,” he continued, shining brown surface gleaming in amusement. “Should I be flattered?”

“Do as you wish,” Brogel replied, even as he felt his buns burning - which ironically, made him one step closer to having that slightly charred look Ren so craved. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

That was a lie as well, he was flustered. To be perfectly accurate, he felt like a complete loaf.

But it had been a long time since he had ever shared a package with another grain-based product. And in this new perspective, the sudden glimpse of glazed surface underneath a veil of poppy seeds no longer seemed sloppy, but rather… enticing.

Kale chuckled once more. “As you say.”

He said nothing more then, turning his attention back towards the toaster. Hux stood next to him, left to stew in one uncomfortable truth.

He was toast.