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Forever And Almost Always - Part 1

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Summary: Series: Bucky is the ex you keep going back to, but what happens when one of you is interested in more than just the rebound? Chapter: You run into your ex and the pull is instant and all too familiar.

Warnings: swearing, implied smut (nothing explicit included)

Word Count: 1313

Author’s Note: Ok! Here we go! I’m kind of excited about this series. It’s been in my head for months, but trapped there through all the craziness in my life right now, but I think I’m well enough ahead to start posting. Fingers crossed I don’t get behind. :)

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Leaning forward, arching over the sleek glass bar top and spinning the credit card in your fingers, you waited impatiently for your drinks. You were more than ready for another. Another 3, if you were honest. These kinds of parties were never your scene. At first they were exciting, sure, but pretty soon they all started to look the same and you started to feel the same restless boredom tugging at the corner of every conversation, every polished smile.

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band-aid solutions

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, angst, humor

warning: slight voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, dom!jimin, oral

word count: 15k

summary: It’s said that time heals all wounds, but that isn’t exactly true and sometimes band-aids are all you have. You catch your boyfriend cheating on you and Jimin is more than willing to help you forget him.

✩ a/n: inspired by the drama suspicious partner, check it out if you haven’t already!

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holy crap ok so i just thought of an ml au fusion, and you were the first ladybug blog on my dash so here goes: what if you combined blind!adrien au, and the au where your soulmate's first words to you are written on you. so like adrien would come to school and drop something and he'd be looking for it on the ground and marinette would come running up and say something like "oh let me help" and she'd see what she said written on his arm and then he'd say what's written on her arm and she'd (1/2

(2/2) completely freak out and he’d ask what was wrong and she’d just turn completely red and shove the thiing into his arms and run off and escalate even more in her freak out (partially because of the soulmate thing, partially because he’s hot and she’s marinette). anyway, you can go about your business, i just had to tell someone


Adrien begrudgingly woke up, his incessant alarm shattering his dreams. They had been pleasent, from what he could remember. His mother had been there, safe and warm. Colors and lights had danced around him, just as they did so long ago. Adrien wondered, as he often did, what it would be like to see again.

He remembered what it was like, of course, but there was only so much to draw on. He had lost his sight at a young age, due to a chance encounter with a faulty piece of construction equipment. A bolt here, a snapped belt there, and Adrien became a sunglasses aficionado. His mother and father had sued to hell and back, getting a settlement so large they could replace most equipment in Paris twice over. Although, Adrien apparently still had to model per his father’s request, but that train of thought was a little too depressing this morning.

Instead, Adrien yawned and stretched, sitting up before shutting off his alarm. Still groggy, he tried to sit up straight, mentally preparing himself for the day. First, he had breakfast plans with his best buds, Me, Myself, and I, followed by lunch with rousing conversation from his inner monlogue, and dinner plans under the stars. Well, there could be stars. His ceiling could look like anything at this point. Interrupted, of course, by various photoshoots, home-schooling, and asking his father about public school.



Public School.


Quickly, Adrien ran through his room, pulling himself together as quickly as he could. Of course he would almost forget about school, the one day Nathalie actually managed to convince his father it wasn’t too dangerous. Under guard, of course, but that was nothing new. One of the surprisingly few benefits of having no friends over to change his room, is that he had memorized where everything was, able to walk around with confidence. Vaulting over various pieces of furniture, he scrambled together what he could only assume were the highest brands of fashion, since they had been pre-selected by Nathalie the night before, and ran out the door. Slowly, he walked back into his room, picking up his faceted cane he kept by the door. Feeling along the wall, he perused his selection of sunglasses.

“It feels like… A rimless day.” He muttered, grabbing a sleek pair of glasses with metallic bands.

Items in hand, he ran down the stairs, meeting the man simply known as Guerrilla at the door. Flipping on his shades, Adrien snapped his cane to the side, locking it in place. He was thankful Guerrilla was the one escorting him today. Of all the people in his life, Guerrilla was one of the few who didn’t think Adrien was made of glass. He didn’t take Adrien’s arm, or coddle him through life. It was a welcome change of pace, though it could get a little cold at times. Sitting in the car, Adrien could hardly keep still, esctatic to finally learn what a school was like.


Marinette’s alarm jolted her awake, almost making her fall out of bed. She was an incurably deep sleeper, so her mother had insisted on getting one of the loudest alarms on the market. How she had grown to loathe that machine. Still, she had actually woken up to her second alarm, giving her even less time to get to school.

Throwing her outfit together, she found herself once again lost in the faint birthmark along her left forearm. Everyone knew about Soulmarks, the destined first words spoken to you by your true love, but no one really ever talked about them. It was a simple fact of life, like having five fingers on each hand, or waking up just in time to be late to school. Besides, the birthmark faded after they were spoken, so if you had a mark, you hadn’t met The One, simple as that. Still, she couldn’t help but think that anyone who still had their mark felt the same confusion she did.

“And I felt so good about Rimless today.” Seriously, what the hell did that even mean?

Shaking herself out of her confusion, she ran down the stairs, dragging her bookbag behind her. With a quick breakfast and quicker goodbyes, she ran out of the bakery, making her way to school. That is, until she heard the faint ringing of the school’s bell, signifying to all students outside of the grounds that they were, unfortunately, late.

Groaning, Marinette picked up in speed, barely registering the black car pulling up beside her. As she ran, she kept her eye on the main gates. It was unlikely, but they might have instituted some new rule of locking out late students, and she would not be locked out all day. Many things would go over well with her parents, but that is not one of them. She was about to change course, climb the steps three at a time, and jump through the gates for a three point landing, until she ran full speed into a blonde boy getting out of a car. They both toppled to the ground, his bodyguard standing beside himself in shocked silence. It took the two of them a moment to actually react, each for wildly different reasons.

For Adrien, he was simply shocked that someone had snuck up on him like that. Sure, he hadn’t been fully paying attention, and he might have been a little too jittery with excitement, but he usually prided himself on his awareness. Still, this stranger had not only snuck up on him, but tackled him to the ground, all without him noticing a thing. She was like a ninja. A sneaky, clumsy, ninja.

For Marinette, her mind was working overtime, trying to grasp the fact that she had just tackled Adrien Agreste to the ground. Adrien Agreste. The same Adrien Agreste that she had seen a thousand times in her favorite fashion magazines. The son of her idol. Who she had just tackled to the ground. Whose sunglasses were now shattered a ways away. Who was trying to get up now.

Wincing through a scraped elbow, Adrien noticed a missing weight on his face, and reached up for his glasses. Feeling nothing but air, he started pushing off the stranger, trying to find one of his favorite pairs. Stunned, Marinette got off of him, still not quite sure how to process everything that just happened.

Reaching his shattered glasses, he clicked his tongue, saying, “Damn. And I felt so good about Rimless today.”

Finally catching up, Marinette rushed out, “Oh my gosh I am so sorry please don’t hate me I didn’t see you there that was my fault I was trying to get to my class and I’m gonna be late and you’re blind and I just broke your sunglasses I am SO SORRY, here please take mine.”

Holding out her hands, Marinette held a pair of white sunglasses, a floral print wrapping around its bands. With her head bowed, she caught a glimpse of Adrien’s arms, almost cradling his broken shades. And there, wrapping twice around his forearm, was a sprawling wall of text, slowly fading into his skin.

The last words to go were, “Please take mine.”

And that was when Marinette screamed.


“Choose Me” (ft. BTS)

Funny how the universe always finds a way of healing wounds and one of its greatest band-aids is time.

Three Years Later, New York City…
The scent of the air was definitely different, but the energy of New York is a different break from Seoul. You dragged your small suitcase behind you and searched for a familiar face in the sea of people who were also waiting for the other arrivals. You spot a petite figure holding up a cute card with your name on it.

She waves happily, “언니!”

You wave back and approached her with light steps. “Dachi! Long time no see!” You give her a one-armed hug which she returned gleefully. 

“Ah, you’re really here! Feels like yesterday when we were  overthinking this whole trip.” She laughed as she expertly led you through the airport. “You have to tell me everything! Aren’t you starving? Wanna grab a quick bite first or should we go straight where your boyfriend is?”

“He can wait. I need some food in my system.” You chuckled, while you did miss him, food comes first. “So… How’s New York? You look like you’ve adjusted pretty well over the year.”

Dachi shrugs pompously and you ruffle her hair. “I’m still me but if it weren’t for your English lessons, I would’ve evaporated.” She hails a cab and you quickly give directions to your boyfriend’s shared flat where you will be staying for the next two weeks. “There’s a really great pizza place near the flat. You should eat nothing but New York pizza today. I’ll treat you!”

You laugh and look out the window, suddenly recalling how your strange friendship with Dachi began. After the whole ruckus, Dachi had gone back to school and established her fame as a genius pianist in the university and Jin, being the nosey pants that he was, assigned you to cover Dachi’s story for one of his final student council projects. You learned then that she was just young and prone to stupidity and that you were being petty for harboring a grudge against a person who only loved to the point of insanity.

Apologies were made, introductions were properly redone and the rest was history. 

You were so lost in the memories that you hadn’t noticed that you’ve arrived. 

“You have a key, right?” Dachi asked as you two ascended the stairs. She left you to grab something in her flat which was only two floors above your boyfriend’s. 

You took in the idyllic room, remembering his strict instructions not to open the blue door on the right because that was his roommate’s room and go to the white one on the other side instead. Twisting the door open, you smiled at the immediate sight that greeted you. The room was simple and bright, much like his personality. On the bed was a bear wearing your shirt and a bouquet of peonies. 

You set your bags in a corner and went to his desk,. Finally recognizing the background, as you stood by it, that you’ve seen through countless video calls. Framed pictures of your selcas with him and that one artsy shot of you looking at each other taken by Hoseok’s girlfriend. You invited yourself over to the bed and took out the card from the peonies.

‘Ah… I have to say something romantic, but I want to see you as soon as possible, so get out of the house now.’ It said and you laughed like a lunatic.

“Y/N-unnie, let’s go! We’re going to be late.” Dachi’s voice rang through the apartment and you immediately grabbed your carry-on bag to meet her in the hallway. You linked your arms with her as you descended into the streets of downtown New York once more and though Dachi frowned at your choice of pizza, she chatted animatedly about her life in New York and her stint as a pianist for the New York City Ballet Orchestra as you both walked towards your next destination.

“Oh, by the way, Yoongi sends his regards. I guess it’s his way of saying, ‘Hi, I’m fine. Hope you’re doing okay.’” You cut through her story about missing japchae and k-pop. You saw how she tried to hide the blush that crept on her cheek. It was undeniable that she was still crushing on Yoongi after all these time.

“D-Did he really say that?” she sputtered out as you crossed at an intersection.

“Gosh, you’re so cute.” You remarked and she shot you a look before you finally said, “Yes! He’s sending his regards, but I hope you don’t get your hopes up ‘coz he’s dating someone.”

“Wh-Who said I was getting my hopes up?” she huffed and let go of your arm pretending to be mad as she walked ahead of you.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled under your breath, pulling out your phone to send a quick text when you bumped into someone, briefly losing your balance until the other person steadied you.

“Y/N?” His deep voice was as alluring as he tried to meet your eyes.

“Namjoon! What a coincidence, I was just about to text you.” You both exchanged a friendly embrace before pulling away to take in each other’s appearance. He was in a dapper suit with his signature glasses and sleeked back hair. “You look great!”

“Really?” He averted your gaze easily, the way he always did when he received compliments, and flashed you a dimpled smile when he recovered. “Thanks, so do you! It’s great to see you here in New York, Y/N and congratulations on landing that job by the way, I knew you’d get it.”

“I wouldn’t have gotten it without your help, Joonie.” You laughed, the old nickname immediately surfacing without a hint of awkwardness.

“What help? It was pure coincidence, but makes me think how small the world is. When my girlfriend saw your resume, she simply asked me out of chance and how can I not put in a good word for you after everything we’ve been through?” he shrugged, taking a sip out of a coffee cup that he’s been holding.

“You mean how I slaved under your office during senior year, Mr. President? You know what, looking back, you do owe me a few things.” You teased and he easily snickered along. “Anyway, let’s catch up soon? I’ll be going to the company to sign a few papers on Monday anyway.”

“Yeah, sure! Just let me know. I’m busy with transferring to the new firm and all that, but I can make time.”

“Okay, see you around.” You passed by each other, but when you were a few paces ahead, you turned around and called, “Hey, Attorney Kim!”

He turned to look at you with an amused smile at his newfound nickname, “I’m not an attorney yet!”

“You will be!” you held up your best ‘fighting’ pose and he shook his head in embarrassment. When he already pivoted on his way, you said in the sincerest manner, “Thank you for being my friend, Namjoon-ah.”

Suddenly, you felt Dachi grab your elbow and drag you in the opposite direction, “Let’s go! You’re so slow.”

In a matter of moments, moments that didn’t prepare you at all for the sudden influx of emotions, you were sitting in front of a stage where hours later, a huge winter gala will be held. Dachi winked at you and beamed as she sat on the piano bench. The lights dimmed and the music played for the rehearsal of one of New York’s finest dance companies. Your heart was drumming a faster rhythm than the piano accompaniment and your fingers were twitching in anticipation until finally, you saw him.

With his silver hair and fair skin, his dainty fingers… all clad in black as he flew onstage where he always felt like a thousand miles away and yet, you knew that’s exactly where he belongs. He didn’t belong to you, he never did. You were someone whose hands he held along the way and when the time came, you were the first to set him free.

And yet there you were because you said you can wait. When the music came to an end, he didn’t even spare a second and jumped off the stage, barefoot and short of breaths. He closed the distance between you in three, easy strides and gathered you in his arms to kiss you. You tried to meet him halfway, launching yourself towards him and wrapped him tight in your embrace.

His kiss was as sweet as that first drunken night years ago and your veins sung for his name as you both inhaled each other’s scent.

Park Jimin, Park Jimin, Park Jimin… your head went completely white and only his passion-colored name was imprinted in your thoughts as he kissed you deeper, his tongue caressing yours in an urgent manner. He would not have pulled away if the dance company and the orchestra hadn’t started applauding. Most of them hollering in disbelief at how cute, bubbly Jimin was locking lips with a girl they’ve never met before.

Goosebumps covered your arms when his eyes met yours. “Hi.” He barely said in his sweet tone before he went in for another kiss. “Y/N, my Y/N, you’re here.” He chanted against the crook of your neck as held you close. “I missed you so, so much. I can’t believe you’re finally here with me.”

You could tell from the way his voice cracked that he was close to tears while you were already shedding them. “You’re so clingy. We just haven’t seen each other for one and a half year…” You muttered against his chest. “…one and a half year that felt like it was 10.”

“I know, finally.” He kissed you again then kissed your forehead. “Finally, I’m right where I belong.”

“Here in this hall?”

“No, with you.” You laughed at his cheesy remark, but your heart swelled at the thought that he was longing for you as much as you were longing for him. “You’re home, my own personal home.”

“Welcome home, then, love.” You smiled and he wiped your tears away.

“I’m home.”

And when the lights, the music, the glitter and the noise of New York City died down that night, you only listened to the sound of each other’s heart as you lay in bed, skin to skin, lips to lips.

You chose a path and you were glad that it led to that one exact moment in the lifetime of moments you wish to share with Jimin.

End of Epilogue.

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxJimin

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven TwelveThirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

a/n: Hey lifetime of moments anon, I finally used your phrase! Lol here’s the epilogue I had the idea to make it longer and more comprehensive, but I guess this captured what I wanted to tell.  Not my best to be honest, but… ah, I don’t have excuses. byeeeee

Lily of the Valley

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Character: Percival Graves

Prompt: (Special)

A/n: I dunno why that was the only decent gif I could find of a lily but it was so sorrt about how out of place it is.

You stormed through the front doors of MACUSA, throwing down the hood of your coat as you quickly walked to your desk. It had been a rough morning and you’re alarm clock hadn’t gone off, almost causing you to be late for work had you not sprinted like your life depended on it.

Aparating was always an option, but it wasn’t something you liked to do as if often made you incredibly nauseous or left you with a headache you couldn’t get rid of for days.

You made it to your desk and almost immediately slumped down into your chair, covering your face with your arms as you leaned foward onto your desk. Despite going to bed at a relatively decent time you still felt exhausted.

You were about to fall asleep again whenever you heard the ever chipper voice of Queenie sing out your name.

“Looks like someone’s got an admirer!” She beamed setting something down on your desk with a soft thud.

You looked up in surprise to find a large bundle of white lilies sitting in a sleek glass vase.

Now wide awake you sat up in your chair and admired the flowers. “Who are they from?”

“Dunno.” Queenie said as she looked around the flowers until she found a card, opening it eagerly. “Just says from your secret admirer, how mysterious.” She said dramatically.

You laughed and plucked the card out of her hands, opening it whenever she had walked away.

Only this time whenever you lifted the front of it the letter moved around and appeared to make a whole new message.

“Enchanted this for your eyes only, can’t ever trust all the nosy people around here. Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day and I wish you well ~ P. G”

The letters were in neat cursive and a penmanship you weren’t familiar with, but whenever you caught sight of the initials you about choked on your saliva.

You quickly shut the card and looked up, and whenever you did you met the very gaze of Percival Graves watching you from across the room.

The heat crawled up the back of your neck and you waved at him, noticing the small smirk on his face before he turned and started walking away.

And with that you shoved the card into your desk cabinets and busied yourself with your work.

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Hi there! May I request an imagine about Saeran in college while also meeting MC there? I'm really curious to see what you think he'd major in, or what clubs he would join, and how he would get to know MC :)

Hellooo~ Boy, do I love Saeran!! <3 Let’s see what I come up with… I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted? >_<


Saeran Choi secretly looked forward to college. He could finally live away from his annoying brother, after all.

He had a major in Pre-Medicine. There had been one year in his life where he caught a severe virus, and had to live in the hospital. It wasn’t a bad experience, truthfully. Saeran really enjoyed learning about the different fluids and pills he had to take, always asking his nurses to explain what effect they would have on him, as well as how it processed in his body. When he had to choose what to major in, he had been unsure, but when his eye caught “Pre-Med,” he knew he wanted to work in the medical field.

Alternatively, I’d say maybe psychology, in order to learn about himself, rather than to become a therapist to help others. Still, something medical.

Can’t you just imagine Doctor Saeran Choi, with his sleek glasses, hands in his white lab coat, casting you a sideways glance out of concern as he jotted down your symptoms? “Hmm, do you have a fever…?” he would ask in his gentle, almost timid voice.

Although he knew that he should concentrate on his studies, he had been recruited on the second string for the soccer club, and he found himself enjoying it much more than he expected. When he played, he found himself smiling more than he’d ever smiled in his entire life. Interacting with the other members, protecting each other, teasing each other… it was the first time he made friends all by himself. The first time that people really liked and befriended him for who he was, and didn’t overlap him with his brother.

You would be the one who recruited him to the Astronomy Club. “The stars…. They’re always out there, shining brightly even when the clouds shadow their light. I want to learn the names of all those courageous stars, and all their friends too,” you had said. You truly, wholeheartedly admired the stars, and couldn’t help but ramble about it when recruiting members.

Saeran had immediately felt a connection with you. Though he would never voice his opinion, he also admired the stars for the same reason. His childhood wasn’t exactly pleasant, but he related to the stars. Every obstacle in his life was merely a dark, passing cloud. But he would be like a star, persevering to be recognized for his strength in the vast darkness.

He only went to the club for you. To see you. To watch you smile around your friends. To get closer to you. He’d walk you to your bus stop even though it was completely inconvenient for him, and make excuses after the club to make you stay even a little bit longer with him. “MC, can you explain that to me again…? I couldn’t really understand, sorry…” he’d ask, blushing.

He’d also make the first move. “Hey… this coming Thursday, there’s a meteor shower late at night… I know you have class on Friday afternoon, but… would you still like to watch it with me?”

You grinned. “Dr. Choi~ If I get sick from staying up so late with you, will you take care of me?”

It had only been a joke, but the look in his eyes was so serious and determined, you ended up being the one to blush instead of him.

He chuckled, looking at you with shy adoration in his eyes, “…Is that a yes?”

little reminder { hamilton x reader }

You rarely got to visit Alexander at his office, so the fact that you had a spare moment in the day was a big deal. You figured you would surprise him. Hopefully he wouldn’t be in his office too late and you could go home with him at a decent hour. If not, you’d simply head home by yourself. The drive there wasn’t long. He worked for Senator Washington and oversaw all of his speeches mostly. He worked alongside his campaign team too.

You parked your car in the parking lot, slipped out of your car, and grabbed your purse. You shut the door promptly then turned, heading towards the huge office building happily.

You started to reach for the door handle but someone beat you to it. You looked up to see a tall man with curly hair and sleek glasses looking down at you. You let out a small thank you and slipped through the open door. You headed over to the front desk and smiled politely at the receptionist.

“I’m here for Alexander Hamilton. I should be on his list. If not, I might have a badge.” You said, already reaching into your purse.

“Oh, you’re fine. Go on up, sweetie. Do you know the way?”

“A refresher might be nice.” You admitted shyly. This place was huge. You didn’t want to get lost.

“I’m on the same floor as him,” The same man that opened the door for you said. You turned to get a better look. “I’ll take you if you’d like.”

You recognized him as Mr. Jefferson. You’d seen him on the news occasionally when he was making statements to the press of Washington’s behalf.

“That’d be great, thank you.” You gave him a genuine smile and he nodded.

“Right this way.” He hummed and together you walked toward the elevators. He pushed the button and you glanced at your phone. Already, Alex was texting you. That receptionist must have relayed messages quickly. He said he would meet you by the elevators and you gave him a quick yet satisfactory response.

“Are you a friend of Hamilton’s?” Jefferson asked, keeping the door open as you walked inside the elevator.

“Um, girlfriend, actually.” You said, a blush creeping in.

Jefferson seemed surprised at this. “Oh, you’re the one in the pictures on his desk.”

“Yeah, that’s me.” You laughed softly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. You hadn’t been in Alex’s office long enough to see how he decorated it. When you helped him move stuff in, the walls were bare, the desk empty, and barely any furniture inside. He did all of the unpacking on his own so to hear that he incorporated you into his office was sweet.

“Um, I just wanted to say that you’re doing great work here. Especially for this district.” You quickly changed the subject. “It’s good that you’re getting involved and listening to the people.”

Jefferson smiled widely. “Your boyfriend doesn’t always agree.”

You chuckled. “He’s always ready to fight.” You noticed which button he pushed and the elevator continued to move up. “So Washington’s whole department is on the fifteenth floor?”

“Mmhmm. If you make a left, you’ll hit my office. Hamilton’s is to the right. First door on the left. Washington’s is dead center if you absolutely can’t find anyone. Usually Angelica’s up and about though so if you ever do visit again, there’s a good chance you’ll see her.”

You didn’t know what to do with all of this information so you just nodded. Jefferson chuckled.

“It’ll make more sense when we get there, love. Don’t worry.”

You managed a smile. “Thank you, Mr. Jefferson.”

“Call me Thomas.”

The elevator stopped, let out a soft hum, and opened. He let you step out first and the memories of your boyfriend’s excitement on his first day came rushing back to you.

“I didn’t get your name.” Jefferson mused, looking like he was about to leave, but changed his mind instead. “It’s only fair.” He cracked a smile.

“Oh it’s -” you started but never finished.

“(Y/N).” You turned around, hearing someone else call your name. You quickly spun on your heel and looked behind you.

“Alexander. Hi.” You smiled and quickly rushed to greet him. He kissed your head and looked you over, sliding a hand around your waist protectively.

“Find everything okay?” He asked, rubbing your back.

“Yeah, Thomas helped me.”

“It was nice to meet you, (Y/N)” He smiled at you and then nodded curtly at Hamilton.

“Thanks again.” You called after him, then looked back to Alexander. He frowned heavily and his fists were clenched. He bit his lip hard and watched Jefferson go. 

“Hey. What’s wrong?”

“He has the nerve to be flirting with you and is always making my life that much harder-” A series of curse words fell out of his mouth and you glared at him. He didn’t even notice. “He disagrees with me just to disagree!” he went on to grumble under his breath. “Madison and him are horrible, but thank goodness Washington is -”

“Alex?” You said softly, trying to get his attention.

“And Angelica is here with me so I don’t have to be surrounded by complete idiots. I used to work with this guy named Burr -”

You took his hand. “Alexander.” You tried again.

He stilled at your touch and immediately met your eyes. He seemed to be at a loss for words. He was quiet. His eyes sparkled and his anger was forgotten.

“Yes, darling?” He said, sounding less bitter and angry. Now, his tone was sweeter.

You smiled and kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry about Jefferson. You’re my favorite politician.”

Alexander cracked a smile, chuckling as he squeezed your hand back. He loved yet hated how much power you had over him–you could cool the fire within him with a simple touch.

Ok, weird cracky headcanon/prompt/ficlet thing:

Imagine the Russian skate family (mainly Yuri and Mila) eagerly planning pranks for April Fools, especially pranks to pull on Viktor and Yuuri……except they get the shock of their lives on the day because Viktor and Yuuri already have prepared to mess their heads…

April 1st, Enter Viktor as usual for training with a cheerful “Good Morning!” Something is different about him…Mila can’t quite put her finger on what exactly. Oh wait…his clothes…Viktor usually wore those form hugging shirts and pants for practice….but today he was wearing a comparatively much looser shirt and track pants.

  Yakov yells at him to stop obsessing over the form of his Axel like he did yesterday and work on his step sequence. Yakov prepares counter arguments and penalties to shoot at Viktor when he disobeys.

Viktor gives a very un-Viktoresque squeak and mumbles “Yes Coach Yakov” before bolting to do his warm up stretches. Everyone in the rink freezes at the scene as Viktor quickly laces up and enters the rink. Seeing everyone silent he glances around nervously, “Eh? W..why is everyone looking at me like that? Did I do something wrong?”  and he starts frantically listing what he might have done to offend them.

Yuri is the first to find his voice, “Viktor, what the f-” but he’s cut short as the rink doors are thrown open with the same gusto that usually accompanied Viktor’s entry. Everyone turned to the door to see who it was now and their jaws drop to the floor. 

It was Yuuri. Except…..he has his hair slicked back and was wearing a different (and more sleek) design of glasses. He had abandoned his usual worn tracksuit in favour of really fitting shirt and leggings that clung to his skin. And that expression……the usual shy smile was replaced with a confident smirk.

“Viktooor~” Yuuri drawled as he ignored the others’ stares, “Why did you leave me behind?” 

Viktor huffed,”It’s your fault for getting up late.” 

 “Well it was you who kept me up all night”, Yuuri replied with a wink.

Viktor looked thoroughly scandalized as he blushed tomato red, “Y…Yuuri!!! G..go work on your Flip!” 

Yuuri laughed, “Alright, alright. Whatever you say Viten’ka” 

Basically they continue the swapped personality drama……for the whole day…

Viktor listening to instructions carefully, not talking much to anyone, being constantly jumpy and shy, politely instructing Yuuri without the usual outrageous flirting, stepping back a bit when Yuri yells at him 

…..while Yuuri is not really listening to Viktor and trying to work on his Axel jumps, casually chatting with his rink mates, ruffling Yuri’s hair casually while skating by him, smiling that confident smirk, teasing Viktor and making him blush and so on

And this, is the story of how the entire Russian team went insane on April Fools’ day. 

I’ll Be Good - Part 13

Masterlist -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 12  -  Part 14

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – You finally let yourself connect with Bucky and Steve tries to make amends.

Warnings: mild swearing

Word Count: 2109

Author’s Note: Wow thank you for being patient for this one! Shit I don’t know what happened but I got real stuck. Hopefully I am unstuck now and I can get back into the usual posting time-frame. This one is mostly floof. So as usual, I’m not sure about it, which is probably why it took me so long… le sigh. Anyway… enjoy? I don’t know…

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“Another failure?! That’s the third payload we’ve lost this month!” the tall slender man sneered from behind the sleek glass desk. “Bring. Her. In.” He seethed, enunciating each word virulently.

“We’re trying, Commander.” The voice on the other end of the speakerphone replied. “My undercover says…”

“Your undercover is worthless.” He cut in sharply, slamming an open hand down on the table. “I’m done waiting. We can’t afford another loss.”

“The undercover insists Y/N’s a willing informant now, and has given them her own network. It seems most beneficial for them all that she doesn’t leave the grounds.” The man on the phone defended. “If you insist on rushing things, how do you suggest we draw her out?”

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My Constant

Request: Aaahhhhhh so many good prompts to choose from! I love all of them, but I think I’ll go with 19 with Jaebum please? 💙

19) You ride the subway every morning, not talking to your bias who sits beside you day after day. You begin talking when your morning commute doesn’t go as planned. 

Member: Got7′s JB x Y/N

Type: fluff/angst

You heaved a sigh as you shifted your weight from one foot to the other. It was early still, the station half empty with only a few salary men wandering around the platforms, anxious to begin their day. You looked up, the sensation of being watched heavy on your shoulders. 

Normally, being a woman in a big city, you were always wary of men who sat too close, stared a little too long, or in general entered the box of personal space you had designated yourself. Seoul ranked twelfth in the world on a list of the most dangerous cities for women to ride public transportation systems, but this wasn’t a thought you wanted to constantly reflect on. For a city that was in general one of the safest you had ever lived in, the subway systems still caused you to bristle up, overtly aware of every person who came too close for comfort. 

You looked around slowly, careful not to make any eye contact with those around you. If you looked into the eyes of one of the salary men, it was almost guaranteed that they would take it as an invitation to pester you. 

For a moment, your eyes froze, meeting up with a man around your age. You didn’t know his name, nor had you ever asked, but you were very aware of his presence. He was easily one of the most good looking individuals you had the pleasure of seeing on a daily basis. You quietly coexisted, riding the train every morning side by side. He flashed you a brief smile before looking back down at the worn novel in his hands. You nodded to yourself, biting your lip at the small exchange. Quietly telling your stomach to calm from the butterflies he had stirred up, you readjusted your book bag, urging your train to arrive. 

You winced, noticing a different man in your peripherals standing from a bench just out of your direct sight. He slowly waddled toward you, round faced and much older. You hissed out a breath between your teeth, praying to every God you could think of to keep this creep from entering your personal space. You glanced up slowly, catching your reflection in the sleek glass doors that kept passengers from the open subway lines until the train arrived. In doing so, you caught his reflection as well, his body so close you could smell his body odor. 

HIs eyes were fixed on you, unafraid as he stared into the glass. As the only two individuals in the front section of the platform, the hairs on your neck bristled up with unease. You looked over warily to a very evident sign posted, warning men to not sexually harass women, a small stick figure included. So much for that. 

The man moved a bit closer, the front of his body nearly rubbing the back of yours. You shut your eyes, quietly reminding yourself of self control and turned, eying the man with a glare. The man’s eyes widened and he slowly took a step back until you turned back around, focusing on the glass doors again. The subway alert sounded, signaling the next train’s arrival. 

Thank God.

Just as the doors began to open, you decided to take a quick sidestep, wandering to a different train car to get into. Surely this man wouldn’t have the audacity to follow you halfway down a subway platform. You took a corner seat near an exit and settled in, hardly believing your eyes as your unwanted companion had entered through the same doors, seating himself beside you, ignoring the near desolate car around you. 

You thought you were going to openly cry in public. You had never been so frightened in your entire stint in living in Korea. 

“Excuse me sir,” a deep voice said calmly above you. You looked up, noticing the familiar, yet handsome stranger you had made eye contact with earlier. He clutched his novel, his knuckles near white from his grip. “I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but may I take the seat next to my girlfriend?”

The salary man remained quiet for a moment, looking from him to you. He nodded briefly before pulling himself to his feet and sitting in the set of seats across from you. 

The young man plopped down beside you without hesitation, placing a careful arm behind your shoulders to rest on the seat without touching you. 

“Hey babe,” he said, just loudly enough for the man to hear across the isle. “How was your morning?”

You looked up through your lashes at him, hoping to convey a silent thank you. “Productive, I got a lot done before heading to work today.” 

“Good, good,” he nodded with a small smile. “You’re taking the four o clock train home, right? I’ll meet you at the station.”

You looked up from your hands in your lap and over to the man across from you. He continued to watch carefully as you and the stranger conversed. “Yes, four o clock,” you repeated. 

“I’m Jaebum by the way,” the stranger whispered below his breath, shooting a careful look to the older man as well. “Sorry if this is a bit much.”

“Y/N,” you nodded quietly. “I’ve missed you Jaebummie,” switching your tone to speak loud enough for the man to hear. 

“You saw me yesterday,” Jaebum smiled, having to stop himself from rolling his eyes. 

“Even too much is never enough,” you chuckled, so thankful for his presence. The stranger stood, shaking his head as he shuffled down the subway car that had launched forward. Nearly falling over, he struggled down the car, taking a spot much further down from you. 

“What a disgusting human,” Jaebum grumbled, now able to talk normally with your newfound freedom. “You know he’s been watching you for the past week?”

“He…what?” you croaked, angling yourself to face Jaebum. 

“I mean, inadvertently I’ve also been watching you for the past week,but I feel like I’m significantly less creepy,” Jaebum muttered, shooting a dirty look at the man. 

“How did you notice?” you said carefully. 

“Well, I like to be at least minimally aware of my surroundings,” he sighed. “I tend to get lost in a novel I’m reading, but I don’t want to miss my train-”

“That’s why there’s an alert,” you muttered, but immediately felt bad for interrupting. 

“You don’t know my focus,” Jaebum smiled. “But as I’m reading, about every five minutes I’ll do a casual sweep of the platform. This guy didn’t start showing up until recently, so I’m guessing he’s gotten a new job…or switched his commute habit because he saw something he liked…

…or someone.”

A shiver ran down your spine as you listened to Jaebum speak. You couldn’t help yourself as you glanced to the man at the end of the train, his eyes never leaving the two of you.

“I never thought he’d have the nerve to actually approach you though,” Jaebum sighed. “What did he say?”

“Nothing,” you shrugged. “He never said a word.”

“He was practically sitting on top of you!” he gasped. “I even saw your little diversion tactic. Quick on your feet.”

“Thanks,” you grumbled. “Not like it mattered much. I was a damsel in distress without even realizing…I thought I could handle myself.”

“When push comes to shove, I’m sure you can,” Jaebum nodded. “But I didn’t want push to come to shove. Not while I’m just idly standing by.”

“You’re a real gentleman, Jaebum,” you smiled. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”

“Gentlemen Jay,” he smiled, waggling his eyebrows. “I don’t have any sisters…but I do have a mother…I would hope for someone to protect her if they were in that situation as well.” 

You nodded, realizing you were easily becoming wrapped up in this man’s smile. If you would have know what a wonderful spirit he had, you would’ve talked to him much sooner than now, not allowing for a traumatic event to bring you closer. 

“Now when do you head home?” Jaebum asked. 

“Why?” you sighed, looking at him curiously. 

“Well, we get off at the same spot, so I’m assuming we’ll be around the same area. I don’t know if we’ll head back at the same time, but if you don’t mind, I can send one of my friends to ride along with you,” Jaebum hummed. “I’ve got this friend Jackson, very into chivalry, would lay his life on the line for you if he had-”

“Jaebum,” you chuckled, immediately shaking your head. “We’ve only just met, I don’t want to be an inconvenience.”

“If something were to happen to you…at the hands of him,” he sighed. “That would sit on my conscience for the rest of eternity, Y/N. Please…just let me arrange something…”

“No,” you repeated. “I’m fine.”

“Okay, maybe you don’t need someone riding home with you,” Jaebum continued. “But you’ll take my number and use it if anything gets a little sketchy, right?”

Your heart leapt at the thought of having Jaebum’s phone number in the depths of your mobile. You quickly nodded, snatching the opportunity in case it wasn’t presented again in the future. You fished your phone from you purse, handing it to JB as he typed quickly into it. 

“And of course you’ll let me sit with you in the mornings,” he sighed, handing you back your phone. “At least until this creep picks a new route.”

You smiled, feelings your cheeks become warm with all of his concern. “Why are you being so nice?”

“To be honest?” Jaebum said quietly. “I noticed you a lot longer than he did.”

“Oh, so this is a weird territorial thing?” you asked, furrowing your brows. 

“No, well, I don’t want it to sounds as gross as that,” Jaebum laughed. You smiled at the sound. “I’ve just…I’ve been fond of you without ever actually realizing I was. You’re an oddly soothing, unchanging factor in my shifting life. I can always count on the pretty girl to be standing at the subway every morning, backpack over her shoulder, and hairs out of place.” 

He reached up, poetically tucking a tendril behind your ear. He grinned, his eyes turning into crescents. “Trains come and go…but you’re my constant.”

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How to Play a Player: Step One- Ignore him (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)


Request Queue

Song- I definitely have an entire playlist I listen to while writing so If you wanna listen to that it’s here: Fuck Fuckbois

(It’s also just a very good pump up/confidence playlist in general)


Words- 1,369

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I have my laptop back which means I can write again! It’s a temporary solution but I’m just happy to be able to use it again. So I splurged and wrote a thing to celebrate!

“This was definitely planned.”

“Oh gee, what gave it away?”

Steve rolled his eyes at Tony’s sarcasm as he tried not to fidget in his seat while Tony casually flipped through the menu. Well, it seemed casual but if one paid enough attention, they would see the slight tremor in Tony’s hands. Steve, of course, noticed but he decided against mentioning it. 

This was already awkward enough and he really didn’t want to put both of them on the spot. 

So with forced ease, he leaned back against his seat and surveyed the rest of the crowded restaurant. Couple chattered happily while reminiscing about old times over glasses of overpriced wine. The staff moved through the tables with practiced ease and painted on smiles as they took orders and dealt with the occasional rude guest. 

It had the potential of being a pretty good evening but Steve wasn’t so sure as he carefully glanced Tony’s way. 

He was still looking through the menu though Steve was convinced that he hadn’t flipped the page within the last five minutes. 

“So who do you think was in on this?” Steve questioned seriously, the corner of his lips curling upwards as Tony gave an amused snort. He then placed the menu down and looked at Steve, expression thoughtful. 

“I think that Natasha was the main planner of this.” Tony deduced and Steve nodded because it was most likely true. “Peter definitely helped because he’s been bugging me about finding someone to date for ages.” At that, Steve’s eyebrows shot up before he attempted to play for the surprise. 

“Oh really?”

“Yep.” Tony replied, his voice almost fond. “He thinks I’ve been lonely and that staying with the bots isn’t socially healthy.” 

Steve couldn’t help but grin at the disbelief in Tony’s voice. “Whatever was he thinking? Saying something like that.” He said, shaking his head in fake disappointment. 

“I know!” Tony said loudly before leaning back into his seat. “I’m an old man now so I prefer staying in my lab and angrily asking Friday to enlarge the prints because my eye sights going.” He proceeded to take out a pair of sleek glasses before placing them on the bridge of his nose. “Grandpa or what?”

In Steve’s eyes, Tony didn’t look a day over forty five as he was aging gracefully. There were now hints of grey that highlighted the darkness of his hair and goatee. Lines and wrinkles that were barely there but could be seen whenever Tony smiled, laughed or frowned. He had always been beautiful and nothing could change that thought in Steve’s mind. 

“Definitely a grandpa.” Steve teased and Tony playfully scoffed before the table went silent but it was a comfortable silence. It wasn’t long before Tony sighed and gave Tony a private smile, one filled with warmth that most people never even got the chance to see. 

“Let’s just have a good evening and we’ll find a way to get back at those punks.” Tony said, sounding slightly unsure but Steve thought he had no reason to be. 

“Sounds like the best plan I’ve heard all day.”


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Prompt: Imagine where the reader and negan have a child, around the age of 4-5. One day the child is playing with a toy and it breaks and lets loose a string of cuss words. Negan turns into daddy Negan and tries to tell it shouldn’t talk like that because it’s a kid. Meanwhile the reader hears this is laughing their ass off because Negan is so confused about how to handle the situation. Fluff fluff fluff everywhere. – Via Anon

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 789
Warnings: Curses
Category: Fluff


“Ow! Fuck!” A high pitched voice pronounced as the little one hit her knee on the side of a, sleek glass, coffee table.

If you hadn’t seen little Lucille’s lips move you wouldn’t have believe that she’d said it, but the high pitched voice could come from nowhere else.

You were lounging lazily on a comfy, washed out, couch, watching Lucille and Negan run around the room carelessly, occasionally sipping your glass of water. Negan was evidently pretending to be a monster as he raced after your little girl. That was until Lucille hit her knee on the side of the glass coffee table.

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➺ Pleasant Business | pt. 1

Pairing: Mr. Kim x Reader

Genre: fluff / future smut; ceo!au

Warnings: none

Word count: 4,054 words

Synopsis:  Being the assistant of one of Seoul’s most successful CEO’s in a rising model agency wasn’t the easiest job, to say the least. However, a secret admirer made it at least bearable.

Note: This is, again, a repost from my old blog. Feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy!


You walked into the beautiful building, the sound of your shoes resonating on the squeaky clean tiles, and quickly made your way to the elevator. Looking at the time, you sighed. You were going to be late. Mr. Kim hated unpunctuality, but it wasn’t your fault that traffic was horrid in the morning, was it?

The sound of the elevator snapped you out of your sleepy daze and you quickly made your way to Mr. Kim’s office to start working. You stepped into the beautifully decorated room after you were called in. Your palms were clammy and you bowed to your superior before he even had the chance to turn around in his big chair.

“I’m sorry to be late, Mr. Kim. I got stuck in traffic,” you said quietly before looking up. You were met with fierce, dark eyes, strong cheekbones, pouty lips, and a perfectly defined jawline. He looked at you with a steady gaze, your cheeks heating up involuntarily and you looked away, not able to hold his almost threatening stare.

“You know that I don’t like it when you’re late. But I’m glad you got here safe. By the way, your admirer left another present,” he motioned to your desk with a roll of his eyes. Your eyes widened in amazement and your heart began pounding as you saw the bouquet of your favorite flowers in front of your computer, a little note attached to it. Your mind raced as you cautiously took a seat on your chair, examining the beautiful color of the flowers, chosen so delicately, not a single crumpled petal in sight. Your eyes wandered over to the note that had your name in golden letters written on it. You took it with a shaky hand, curiosity flooding your brain. It was unusual for your admirer to send a note and so you slowly opened it. Your lips were parted in a gasp when you read the address of the most expensive and luxurious restaurant in Seoul.

‘February 22, 2017. 7pm. I’ll see you there.’

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Manhattan Gothic

The rats grow bigger every year and have since the factories were built up toward the smoggy sky. If you feed them, even only once, they and their children will bring you gifts from the murky subway tunnels until you grow old. Your mother once dropped half a bagel into the gutter and every time an offering of thanks turns up on your porch she cries for days.

You visit the farmers market in Union Square. The trestle tables are all dressed with black cloth and you don’t dare to meet the eyes of the people behind them. The signs advertise organic lavender and freshly mulled cider but the things that lie squirming and blinking on beds of packed ice are surely not natural. A man calls for you to try some artisan wine, and you force a smile and decline. The air smells like windfall peaches and unwashed stone. A man calls for you to try some artisan wine. Your blood runs cold as you turn away from a pair of little girls with alarmingly red juice running down their chins. Artisan wine.

You have never been to Eataly. You aren’t completely sure what resides within the sleek glass exterior of Eataly, but the people you see on the subway clutching little paper bags bearing its insignia are all pallid and glassy-eyed. They never speak, but the faint fragrance of tagliatelle follows them when they leave. They are not threatening, but once you found a chocolate truffle, round and luscious, in your coat pocket when one of them sat too closely. The taste of salted caramel hasn’t left your mouth for months.

You wait for the F train. You left yourself an extra hour for your commute, but somehow it doesn’t feel like enough. The uptown F always runs faster than the downtown F. The downtown F always runs faster than the uptown F. You fall in love with others on the platform, and you fall out of love. The sound of warm summer rain and the smell of halal carts and the timbre in your lover’s voice all fade into the garlands of trash that decorate the tracks. Was there a delay? How can infinity be delayed? Who can hold the void between stations?