sleek eyeshadow


The Markiplier Collection

A set of sleek eyeshadow and lip color palettes, inspired by Mark Fishbach. Markiplier Lite would be a standard eyeshadow palette with its own unique colors. Tiny Box Tim, a set of oranges, browns, peaches, and grays, would be the ideal compact eyeshadow palette. Markiplier GO! is designed to be a travel set that includes black eyeshadow along with two shades of gray, and a slightly dark red lip color that would compliment all skin tones. Suck It is another compact case, this time full of three nude and one dark red lip colors. Last but not least, we have the ideally bestselling Horror Palette with a mix of matte, satin, and shimmery eyeshadow inspired by popular horror games Mark has played throughout the years. I don’t know about you, but I’d buy and rock the shit out of these colors. markiplierswhatifs 


Sleek i-Divine V1 Mattes Palette

So, I’ve wanted the Urban Decay Electric palette for a while…kind of. It’s $50, which is just too expensive for something that may not be very wearable. I always thought it might be nice to get the Sleek palettes in either V1 Mattes or the Acid palette instead as a more affordable option. I opted for mattes, since they are a little more forgiving on the skin, and these shades are already going to be calling some major attention to the eyes!

First thing I noticed was – OMG – the palette was stuck closed. WHAT. I couldn’t get it open at ALL. After consulting the mind hive over at Makeup Alley, apparently these palettes are responsible for many a broken nail. I easily was able to open it by sliding a butter knife under the latch. Ok…is that enough for me to get rid of it? No, because I open it up and HOLY MOTHER. Look at those brights?!?

Now, to be fair, these swatches are on a very dry, unmoisturized, unprimed arm. These would have shown up brighter if I had done some prep. Oops! Apparently, if you put them over a white base like NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, they will look just like they do in the pan. But uhm…WOW.

Sleek is a British brand. These are only available in the U.S. if you order from Amazon, unless I’m mistaken, because apparently the ingredients aren’t FDA approved or something or other. I paid $9.90 with free shipping and although the shipping estimate was one month, it arrived in 2 weeks.