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@citrusrealm and I were talking, and imagine if we all got the dang ATLA theme park we deserved. Just imagine how cool that would all be: 

  • It’s all divided into four sections for each nation  
  • Glider themed flying roller coaster that shows you through the whole Air Temples portion of the park 
  • Log ride/coaster based on the Serpent’s Pass
  • Themed restaurants/food (Iroh’s tea shop, King Kuei’s banquet, fire flakes & gummies)
  • You know how you can meet Disney princesses? Well now you can meet PRINCESS AZULA 
  • And Yue 
  • scheduled showings of the Ember Island Players play irl on stage in the Fire Nation district
  • Silly yet entertaining sky bison ride 
  • avatar day parade (without the burning) 
  • Recreation of the Fire Palace omg
  • Omashu delivery system roller coaster duh 
  • There are also so many good opportunities for gift shops (like the pirate ship from the waterbending scroll)
  • And ‘bending’ shows with fun stunts 
  • and the water tribes would have a lot of water-themed rides 
  • imagine getting some fire flakes and then going to go see an Earth Rumble with a Toph appearance or even a Pro-Bending match 
  • Procession of Fire Nation soldiers or Dai Li agents walking around the park casually 
  • Dance parties at night in the Fire Nation what up 
  • Penguin sledding ride :’) 
  • kyoshi warrior performances though 
  • also a ferry ride somewhere 
  • you can occasionally spot the Blue Spirit being sneaky around the park 
  • ATLA themed hotel rooms  
  • gimme this

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Love or Hate (Part 6 of 13)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. After a series of unfortunate events, will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,307

Warnings: language, tw: anxious thoughts

A/N: Someone’s waving the white flag.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 -

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The Ice Master

Yay!  It’s Kristoff weekend!

Rating: K

The sign above was freshly painted and affixed to the wall and overhead from the second story with a rather large piece of metal and ornate finial jutting out.  It was a sturdy fixture and would take some effort to remove.  But that was not the plan.  It hung there solid and strong; a silent declaration of permanence.

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tobeleftoutinthedark  asked:

you've probably been asked this before but i would be so happy if you would tell some of your karolsen head canons

  1. James loves big jigsaw puzzles.  Inevitably a few pieces will go missing, so Kara spends days looking for them.  When she finds the last piece, she accidentally bursts through his office wall to show him.
  2. Kara bursting through the wall is such a regular occurrence that James has to demonstrate to his colleagues how “flimsy” his wall is by charging and plowing straight through it.  (It helps that Winn, Kara, and he replaced the actual wall with a fake model the night before).
  3. James also loves water balloons.  He and Winn fill up a big ol’ tub with about five hundred before Kara arrives at the DEO for an “urgent meeting.”  She’s never actually played with water balloons before, so when James throws one at her, without thinking she catches it and hucks it back at Winn (who gets soaked).  J’onn doesn’t get paid enough to deal with the fiasco that ensues.
  4. Kara loves snow.  Loves snow.  Loves snow.  She totally drags James out sled-riding with Winn because “c’mon babe it’ll be fun” and they careen down a hill at nearly sixty-five miles an hour because Kara pushed off too hard.  Winn gets the whole thing on camera.
  5. James is more of a beach guy and enjoys being buried in sand and having cookouts on the shore.  Kara is always game to play with sand and eat lots of grilled food.
  6. Speaking of food, s’mores are their favorite outdoor food and they will plan an entire camping trip around roasting them.  Kara likes to set hers on fire.  James prefers lightly roasted.  Which works out just fine because Kara roasts six at a time and eats any of his marshmallows that accidentally catches fire, while he snags a couple of her perfectly toasted ones.
  7. They’re also “let’s order every cheesecake on the menu” kind of diners.  
  8. James is great with wildlife.  It’s unbelievable: a den of coyote pups trample over to play with him, a red-tailed hawk lands on his shoulder, those ducklings follow him for almost six miles on a hiking trip thinking he’s their mama, opossum babies nest peaceably in his shoulder-slung hiking pouch, squirrels give him nuts, aloof cats purr at his feet, cantankerous horses canter obediently at his beck and call.  Kara’s convinced it’s his secret superpower.  When they adopt Krypto, he totally has an all but secret language developed with the dog where he doesn’t have to say a word but Krypto will get up and do what he wants.
  9. Kara loves to sleep in different places, depending on her mood.  It’s not uncommon for James to wake up to an empty bed to find her sleeping on the kitchen floor, bunched in a living room armchair, sprawled on her back on the balcony, or even curled up near the stacks at the library.  She’ll also sleep outside and on rooftops, weather permitting.  She totally has fallen asleep against his shoulder and he has refused to move for three hours so he doesn’t disturb her.
  10. James catches a home run at a baseball game and gives the ball to Kara.  Without understanding that it’s theirs to keep, she chucks it back at the pitcher, who thankfully catches it.  The team is so impressed that they meet up with her and James after the game and give them a signed-by-all ball to keep.
Paganism is not yet dead

It is in the days of the week.

Monday- Moon’s day
Tuesday- Tyr’s day
Wednesday- Woden’s day
Thursday- Thor’s day
Friday- Freyja’s day
Saturday-Saturn’s day
Sunday- Sun’s day

In our Holidays

Valentine’s Day- Imbolc
May Day- Beltane
Easter- Ostara Spring Equinox
Halloween- Samhain
Christmas- Yule-tide Winter Equinox

In the mythical beings and beliefs of the holidays

The Easter Bunny.
As Spring Equinox comes. Animals around get together to nest and mate. New life comes after the cold winter. Coloured eggs are the sign of new life and the bunny symbolised the fertility of the new life, in crops as well as offspring created from the couples that took part in handfasting rituals on Imbolc.

A single candle is placed in the window of a family’s home to help the spirits of their love ones lost find their way back. Faces were carved into gourds and vegetables to stand sentinel and protect from evil visiting as the veil of spirits weakens.
Halloween has been diluted to mean nothing more than a free candy giveaway but to the Pagans who celebrate it to it’s truest form change their altars to be thankful for a healthy harvest and on the night of ancestral visitors decorate their houses with memories of relatives passed to make it welcome for their visiting spirit.

Winter hunting comes to an end on December 25th. Children on Yule will have celebrated with cloves and spiked oranges or apples.
Bringing in an evergreen tree to decorate.
“He knows when you’ve been good or bad..” because Odin’s the shape shifting God of Gods and he can come see how you are from any form.
He comes down from his home in the frozen north, or Lapland.
Odin before giving the title to Freyja, was Lord of Alfheim (land of the elves).
Rudolph is a Reindeer but his real identity was much different. Santa rides a sled with Rudolph leading. Odin rides Slepnir, and eight legged horse and rumours are that he gets his red nose from eating Odin’s enemies, (and maybe even the naughty children.)
Children would leave out straw in their boots for Slepnir to eat and in return would awake to treats and toys in their place. (Also maybe the origin of the saying ‘fill your boots’)

*not infallible

When not boning his way through the aristocracy, Byron was really into his pets in a way that was less like a cat lady and more like the Beastmaster. When he went to college, he tried to take his pet dog with him. Cambridge Trinity College was having none of it and stuck to their strict “no dogs allowed” policy, seemingly unaware that they were currently talking to Lord Fucking Byron. After being told no, Byron pleaded with the college to make an exception, but they wouldn’t budge.

Seeing an opportunity to display the subtle dignity of the poetic soul, Byron went out and purchased a bear, then brought it to Cambridge.

It didn’t take long for college officials to notice the abnormally large portion of the student body running in the same direction while screaming , “AAAAAHHHHH BEAR!” When they confronted him about the fact that he was essentially wagging his dick at them in front of everyone, Byron simply asked them to show him where in the rules it said that he couldn’t have a bear. Amazingly, there wasn’t a specific rule against it. Even more amazingly, Cambridge apparently operated on sitcom logic at the time, and officials decided they had no choice but to allow the bear to stay. Presumably they knew that if they did manage to evict the bear, Byron would have simply arrived to campus the next day riding a sled pulled by tigers.

7 Legendary Acts of Petty Revenge

anonymous asked:

The types locked (accidentally!) in a mall after hours.

By stereotypes (and I did it with all of the types locked in the mall together):

ISTJ: Keeps repeating the fact that they aren’t supposed to be here, and runs around trying to open all of the doors

ISFJ: Collects blankets and pillows to make a very intricate fort and bedding for everyone to sleep in that night

INFJ: Thinks about what would happen if they were isolated forever and takes bets on who would survive the longest/turn against the others

INTJ: Begins preparing their food rations and plan of survival just in case no one ever comes to rescue them

ISTP: Steals all the food and important items in the mall and builds themself a barricade in some abandoned corner of the mall

ISFP: Spends half of the time running around with ESFP and half of the time in the corner brooding about their feelings

INFP: Sits in a corner and cries, convinced that they are going to get arrested and go to jail

INTP: Spends a lot of time considering what food will be good and for how long, taking into account its nutritional components and all the things that could possibly have occurred to it

ESTP: Finds the escalator and tries making makeshift skies/sleds and riding down it in extremely dangerous ways

ESFP: Takes the opportunity to throw a party, encouraging everyone to go crazy and run through all the stores 

ENFP: Gets really excited about all the exciting things they could do in the mall, then gets bored and keeps complaining about how they want to go outside

ENTP: Spends the night jumping out from behind dark corners and scaring the other types

ESTJ: Organizes a fashion show with all of the clothes from the mall, forcing everyone to participate and to enjoy it

ESFJ: Sings the Robin Sparkles song on repeat for the entire night

ENFJ: Keeps talking about what a great bonding experience this is and hugging everyone incessantly 

ENTJ: Takes charge and tries to organize the entire group to create an efficient plan of escape  

Throne of Glass Characters as Winter Night Aesthetics:

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius: Going to bed with wet hair, an old heater turning on, candles in window sills, snow sodden clothes drying out by a fireplace, Christmas colored lingerie, an extra quilt on the bed, ice skating in the dark, old snow boots with melting snow around them on a wooden floor, walking alone down a dark snowy road, bare hands holding frozen snow, a lit match, two peoples limbs entangled together with blankets, stars reflecting on a frozen lake

Rowan Whitethorn: Frost on windows, snow sparkling under a street lamp, black boots on white snow, breath in the night air, ice-cycles dangling from above your bedroom window, midnight sled rides, bird nests in leafless trees,a full moon shining behind clouds, a cat curled up at the bottom of the bed, wind blowing snow across the landscape

Dorian Havillard: rubbing your feet in fleece blankets, steam coming from hot chocolate, a dog stretched out by the fire, frosted patterns on a window, falling asleep with books on the bed, wool sweaters with holes in them, a coat pulled up around your neck, ice coating the road, ice on eye lashes, red scarves hanging by the door

Chaol Westfall: Ginger bread cookies, light spilling onto the snow out of an open door, foot prints around a snow man in the front yard, putting lotion on cracked hands, dying embers in a dark room, bare feet on a cold floor, looking out the window to see snow falling

Aedion Ashryver: A pile of sleds by the garage, thick quilts wrapped around shoulders, mismatched wool socks, bird footprints under a tree, walking a dog late at night, blowing out the last candle in the house, pulling the blanket up to your chin, mistletoe above a doorway, cracked and old children’s Christmas books, black mittens, lone wolf howling at the moon

Lady Lysandra: Wet eye lashes, a cup of warm milk, scarlet nightgown, holly berries on the windowsill, red cheeks, scattered writing utensils on the desk with unfinished letters, coal and embers smeared on the hearth, snow flakes cut out of white paper strung over the doorway, hands warming themselves over a fire, steam on a bathroom mirror, a cat yawning

Nesryn Faliq: dark braids sticking out of a wool hat, whipped off make up on a warm towel, hand hanging over the bedside, boots lined up by the doorway, smoke coming out of a chimney against a black sky, a fence covered in snow, an old door locked, two pairs of footprints in the snow, one window lit in a house, cracked ice-cycle on the ground


Sandy always being happy for Jack~

I suppose it’s already been well established and discussed what sort of positive role Sandy played for Jack before he was taken down by Pitch. But if you look but don’t see, you’ll miss it. Unlike North, Sandy didn’t seem to want to establish a ‘personal guardian / father figure’ role to Jack. They already seemed to have a cordial relationship. Heck, Sandy knew how to have fun (unlike all the other Guardians; remember how carefree and happy he was during the crazy sled ride?). In fact, I take his behaviour during the sled ride (and everything, really) to be very significant. Because he can’t talk aloud, his actions speak so much louder, so I really do think he must have met Jack before - and known him, perhaps, more intimately than the other Guardians, having probably heard his powerful dreams and wishes over the past 300 years. After all, Sandy isn’t just there to bestow dreams. He listens out for wishes as well.

Toothiana had never met Jack before, only heard hearsay about his teeth (and that’s the only part of him she seemed to care about at first, at least until getting to know him better). North clearly hadn’t concerned himself with the lad prior to his selection as a Guardian — he didn’t even recall that Jack had tried to ‘bust in’ to his city/fortress before, since the yetis probably took care of Jack and didn’t bother their master with it. And Bunny, as we know, had the lowest opinion of Jack at first - and we only know that holding a grudge since ‘68 might not be all of it, as there’s bound to be a natural emnity between the bringers of winter and spring in the first place.

What am I getting at here with my rambling, well… basically it’s that Sandy is awesome. For being the Guardian who says the least, he understands the most. He spent the Golden Age listening out for the wishes of all sentient beings. He must understand humanity and society on a deeper level than anyone else alive today, and yet he’s endlessly kind from the start — most of all to a poor, lonely, cold boy who had no-one else to listen to him. (Oh and if it wasn’t my headcanon that Sandy is aromantic, I would totally be up for shipping him and Jack.)

We love the simplicity of this stunning tracker from @fuelmotorcycles.
It’s based on a BMW R100 RS, but that slim tank is from a Kawasaki KH100. To give this vintage sled a more modern ride, there’s a set of forks from an F650 GS with uprated @progressivesuspension springs inside.
Who’d take it for a blast down their local fire trail?
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Who needs a sled when you can ride with me 🐾

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