sleazy world

my dear cophine family,

i just wanna say how thankful i am for every single fanfiction story, drawing, theory, analysis and crack video.

you guys made my life better and help me cope with things outside the fandoms and shipping. its a hard and sleazy world out there and your contribution to this fandom made it a bit easier for me.

as a grown up person who is working and studying at the two faculties last year was a big challenge and i wanna thank you for being my safe place when all i wanted to do was just give up and cry.

people underestimate the power of art and everything you do is the purest form of it.   

i think im done with orphan black as series. it is my personal decision and i think all reasons to stay or to go are valid. i will not unfollow any of the blogs that continue with the new season  and will continue to support the cast of the show in their future projects. 

i will always come back to your stories and videos because they are now part of me just as the published works i enjoy and cherish. i am sorry because producers made some of the decisions they made and i think the consequences will follow. but this isnt about them, this is about you! i just wanna say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel such an incredible specter of emotions and because you showed me how incredible and committed you are.

love you always