sleazy hahaha

well im about to sleep a bit before I gotta get up for class but considering it’s 5 am in gravity falls I imagine these boys are gonna be passed out at bill’s all day once they finish dancing til they drop

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honeymoon!cherik - two nerds in love drinking shitty fruity drinks by the pool, having sex every two hours, and just being ridiculous

I’m going to say this one happens in the same universe as If You Say the Word, I Could Stay With You


It was meant to be a joke, replacing all of Charles’ regular swim trunks with tiny shorts, but as Erik watches Charles parade around the lido deck in a scrap of navy blue cloth masquerading as a bathing suit, Erik thinks the joke is on him.

It solidifies, however, how very, very lucky Erik is to have married Charles Xavier three days earlier in a downtown courthouse as their friends and family looked on and then showered them with rice and silver confetti. How lucky he is now to be south of the equator and watching his husband grab their drinks from the bar, tall ridiculous things teeming with paper umbrellas and pieces of fruit, and carefully make his way back over to where Erik is lounging by the pool.

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