sleater kinney's last show

Fresh Air critic Milo Miles reviews Lizzo’s album Big Grrrl Small World

“Early last year, the reunion tour of Sleater-Kinney was the music show to see in Boston. But when I first heard the opening act was “Lizzo,” my response was “who’s that?” Turned out Lizzo was a vivacious and high-energy alt-rapper who bounded on to the stage and dominated it with harmony vocals and percussion from DJ Sophia Eris, who was sometimes almost a co-star. Lizzo flowed from raps to soul testifying to captivating spiels about food, sex, partying and not taking guff from nobody. The big hooks of numbers like “Batches & Cookies”  from her 2013 debut Lizzobangers and Lizzo’s flair for prompting audience sing-along and promoting hard-nosed optimism made her a wondrous opening act. She left the stage with the audience fired up and full of brand-new Lizzo fans.”


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