Although I refuse to accept that SloanxDon is endgame. Like hello Sleal

Election Night Part 1

This has exponentially moved to be my PERSONAL fave episode, and you know why…….SLEAL BABY HFHFIUYRRRO!!

Yes I just had a fan girl moment b/c there was a serious drought of Sleal moments this season. And their chemistry oozes onscreen even in all natures of their interactions. I’m in heaven…..le sighs.

Ok, some of my other takeaways:
1. Rebecca is such a sassy and intelligent force of nature. I see why she and Leona clack.
2. Elliot is always a treat.
3. I want more Taylor, she can roll with them.
4. Maggie is truly redeeming her character from last season. This snappy Mags needs to stay, much more competent.
5. All Reese everything. His monologue with Charlie was gold and he’s right they should be fired and I’m glad he said it without flinching. That’s why I respect Reese.
6. Charlie needs to stop trying to cop out and just deal. Yes yall colossaly effed up, but you’re also the president. Fix it.
7. Muthafreaking Neal Sampat!! Coming to everybody’s rescue per usual..that’s my heart yall.
8. Oh and for that supposed to be serious declaration of Will firing Mac…..yeah try again. We know she’s not going anywhere and Will’s mind changes. So bye Will and Mac! Tired of yall back and forth personal ish.

Bonus: I peeped Jane’s shade to Mac about taking her position hehe…even though Mac stays I would like Jane more incorporated too.
And I enjoyed the election coverage.

Welp! That’s it, let me get back to basking in Sleal feels.