coconut-studies  asked:

I hope that this wouldn't be of trouble, but how do I take 'good' pictures? Mine tend to come out blurry, and I have no sense of lighting. Any tips? Apps? Also, have a wonderful day!

hiii! i’m rly not the best person to pose this question to seeing as so little of my own content are photos, but there’s lots of tips out there! i rly don’t think there’s much more i need to cover since it’s already been said <: 

i myself (when i do take photos) usually do it w/ my canon EOS (this camera, if you’re interested) since my hands shake so much when i use my phone sldkjfsdf ;u; 

apps (**disclaimer: the only one i actually use is photoshop, but these are popular choices) —photoshop / vsco / lightroom / pixlr / snapseed (iOS + google play) / afterlight

just keep in mind this; hope this helps! ♡