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The SLBP Lords React To MC Flirting With Them In Front of Other Lords(Headcanon)






Ieyasu: On the outside VS on the inside 








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This is Masterpost for all my SLBP Fics and Headcanon, for easier search. Will be updated accordingly :) so check back often!

UPDATED 5 August 2017



[Nocturnal Habits]  (coming soon)


The five times the little firefly wanders off to her room for some respite, comfort and sleep, and the one time he doesn’t.


[A Precursor to Trust] Oneshot


Nobuyuki is not sentimental. He does what he must and he uses what he has, he has no qualms about it. True, he’s got her commoner bride where she is by deceiving her but she’ll grow into it. He promises.


[Services Rendered] Oneshot

Angst/Fluff/Shounen Ai

Yukimura drowns his sorrow with sake on the rooftop while Saizo is listening, munching dango. Things escalate. 

[Sunshine and Shadow] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3  (coming soon)

Romance/Angsty Fluff

An AU where Fem!Yukimura is Saizo’s MC. After became traumatized by his recent mission, Saizo is sent to serve the Sanada clan where he meets the daughter of the clan, Yukimura, who refusesto conform to the limitation posed by her gender. 


[Little Deaths] Oneshot

Romance/Smut PWP

Kojuro has definitely underestimated his precious girl’s appetite as a lover. (Trigger warning for breathplay) 

[Green-Eyed] Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 (coming soon)

Romance/Angst/Smut & Fluff

Masamune requests the future Lady Katakura to assist him in preparing an important banquet. Kojuro feels conflicted about it.

[Of Swordplay and Horse Riding] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 2.5 

Romance/Smut & Fluff

In which Kojuro teaches his girl-page another kind of swordplay and horse-riding. The Dragon’s Claw is not the only one who can play the game of seduction. But everything has consequences. 


[Personal Injuries] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 (coming soon)   

Romance/Angst/Fluff & (possible) Smut

Ieyasu values people from their use. He doesn’t see much value in having a mistress. And he doesn’t see much value in this cross-dressing kitchen wench either, other than her food doesn't taste horrible and she seems to amuse the Lord of Fools. Until he connects the two things together.  


[Whirlwind] Oneshot

Adventure/Shounen Ai  (coming soon)

A day of adventures of The Lord of Fools and his exasperated Monkey. Filled with a festival, onsen and dancing for money. 


Lords’ reactions hearing MC’s pregnancy but they are not the father
What kind of flowers SLBP Lords would bring you?
Who would you gladly bail out of jail and what did they do?
What kind of porn stash modern SLBP au might have?
SLBP Lords and lingerie (NSFWish)
You, SLBP Lords (+Shigezane) and a bag full of sex toys (NSFW, with fanart by the naughty and talented @niakidanigara )
SLBP Lords in formal wear (GIFs)
SLBP Lords and flower crowns (with GIFs)
SLBP Lords and tattoos
If Kojuro and Shigezane switch bodies
If we genderflip everyone in SLBP…
Divergent AU! Which factions the SLBP Lords belong to
Cars or motorbikes? SLBP Lords and their modern-day rides
Saizo finds Yukimura to be attractive and Yukimura finds Saizo to be attractive
Saizo is too expensive for Yukimura to keep as a retainer
Décolletage or derrière? SLBP Lords edition
Which military branch in Shingeki no Kyojin the SLBP Lords will fit into
How the Lords watch “Married Life” montage from Pixar’s UP 
How the Lords play the pocky game
The Lords and creampies (NSFW)
How the Lords express their jealousy in triangle relationships
How the Lords react to MC moaning their names in her sleep
The Lords as your go-to friends
The kinkiest of the Lords
The Lords change back into kids after eating a strange fruit given by MC
Yukimura finding out MC is pregnant
Kojuro walking in on MC while she is changing
When Kojuro is betrothed to another
When you bump into Nobunaga and he dirties your kimono

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please share your thoughts on pregnant MC x saizo i have a nEED 👀

~No problem!! We all have a need, you’re not alone, nonny. Under a cut for length purposes. Slightly NSFW in one part. 


  • Saizo would never take the risk unless he was ready and willing for his Little Lady to bear his child. But even in knowing that this is a very real possibility, it doesn’t stop the shock from kicking him in the gut the first time you show signs that you’re pregnant. 
  • And of course, in true Saizo fashion, he knows well before you do. 
  • He’d disappear for a short while as soon as he realized. He’d go off into the trees somewhere so he could collect his thoughts. Because he’d have a lot of them. He’d return in time for breakfast or perhaps before you are even awake and hand you some medicine that could lessen nausea. 
  • He wouldn’t tell you that you were pregnant. At least, not right away. He’d be there to help in the kitchen, telling you to sit down and rest when you started to get tired or faint. He’d wipe your face and hold your hair back when you got sick. When you explain that it must be something you ate, or perhaps you caught something, he’d just smile and say something cryptic and very Saizo™ like, “Hmm.” or “Is that so.” All the while knowing the real reason. 

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If you're comfortable with it could I request a headcanon of the guys (Nobunaga, Mitsunari, Shingen, Kenshin, Kojuro and Masamune) reaction (what they think and do) to finding/hearing the MC moaning their name in their sleep? Thank you

Nobunaga wakes up at the sound of his name. He turns towards you irritated that you woke him, but finds you fast asleep, his name dropping between moans from your mouth. His first thought is to wake you up immediately, but when you whisper “I love you,” he blushes and wraps his arm around you, pulling you closer. “Foolish girl, waking me up in the middle of the night with such nonsense…” he mutters but soon falls asleep again, you safely in his arms.

Mitsunari elbows you awake startling you. “If you can’t be quiet you can go back to your own room to sleep,” he mutters. “I’m sorry for disturbing you, lord Mitsunari,” you mumble and wrap your arms around him, pulling him closer. “H-hey, what do you think you’re doing! And after saying things like that, don’t just assume-” “Things like what?” you inquire looking at his face puzzled. A bright blush spreads across his face and he pulls your head to his chest so you can’t see his face, “Just go back to sleep, manju-girl…” You oblige, nuzzling his chest lightly, falling quickly asleep again. Mitsunari, however, can’t fall asleep again for the longest time.

Just as soon as the first moan leaves your mouth, Shingen is awake. At first, he’s startled there might be somebody else in the room, but as soon as he sees that’s not the case he turns his attention to you. And when he realises just what sort of moans you are making he gently wakes you up with an innocent kiss. You, still half asleep, cling to his hair and pull him closer to a hungry kiss wrapping your leg around his hip and it takes you a considerable amount of time before you’re able to go back to sleep again.

Kenshin had been admiring you after you had fallen asleep. Just as he was about to lay his head to rest you let out a breathy moan, calling out his name. A smile rises on his lips and he strokes your cheek gently, careful not to wake you up until you calm down. He looks at you, completely enamoured by the beautiful expressions you make just for him. He never mentions it to you, but remembers it fondly, wishing you’d see lots of dreams just like that one.

Kojuro listens to your moans fondly at first, delighted that you’d think of him even in your sleep. But the longer your dream continues, the more uneasy he feels. A sting of jealousy hits him and he wishes he could be the one doing all the things to you that make you moan out his name (it’s canon btw, lollol). He knows it’s silly to be jealous of the dream you’re having of him, so he lets you sleep, silently reciting sutras until he has calmed down enough so he can sleep too.

Masamune blushes once he hears you moan out his name. His first instinct is to wake you up, scared you might have a nightmare, but once you let out another moan, this time one that definitely wasn’t because of a nightmare, he feels his face turn even hotter. He still debates if he should wake you up and just as he reaches to shake your shoulder, you turn to your side and continue to sleep peacefully. He lets out a sigh of relief and wraps his arm around you, falling asleep soon after.

Hotaru is puzzled why you would make a sound in your sleep, yet alone speak. But when you moan out his name he seals your lips with his. You’re startled awake by the sudden kiss and see him looking at you his eyes sharp. You feel your heart leap into your throat, “Ho-Hotaru-!” you start, but before you can finish, his lips are on yours again. “I wish… for you to make those sounds for me… when you’re awake…” he mumbles between the heated kisses and while you have no idea what he’s talking about, you don’t really care at the moment.

Kotaro is totally amazed you’d call out his name. You seem to be in pain, so he wakes you up, shaking your shoulder until you open your eyes. He looks you dead in the eye when you ask him why he woke you up. “You were having a nightmare.” A nightmare…? You recall your dream, that definitely, with 100% certainty wasn’t a nightmare and blush. “Ah… err… I wasn’t really having a nightmare…” you try to explain, but he just strokes your hair and smiles, hugging you gently just like you do to him when he’s having a nightmare, “Hushhh, it’s okay, it’s not real,” he comforts you with your own words and soon you drift off to sleep. Kotaro can’t sleep. He watches you for the rest of the night just to make sure you don’t have any more nightmares.

A/N: This was such a fun ask, thank you so much for sending this!

reveredwings  asked:

Hello! Thank you for opening drawing requests. I was wondering what your idea of an older Kojiro, Yahiko, and/or Sasuke would look like?

I think Yahiko would take after Toshiie in some ways. He def gonna build up some good upper body strength with all that restaurant work! Also he’ll be the cool goofy uncle to mc’s kids. They always wanna hang out and play with him

The thing that always struck me the most about Kojirō’s design was his big shiny pretty eyes. So I’m sure they stay with him when he’s no longer a kid but… by then he has seen even more on top of what he already has. Who… who’s gonna call cps on Yoshihime…

Sasuke gets a top-knot and Momofuku likes to play with it because I said so

sasuke is such an important indicator of saizo’s kindness? and just his overall willingness to do good and be good.

for one thing, sasuke is bright and very positive. he doesn’t exhibit any unhealthy emotional and mental behaviours despite the violent lifestyle he leads: he cries when he’s sad, he smiles when he’s happy, he scowls when he’s mad. he’s not inhibited by anything, freely expressing himself without fear or shame which says a lot about the kind of environment he’s been raised in, and the true nature of his mentor. 

coz i think iga village would frown upon this? iga teaches its ninjas to value independence and self preservation, condemning bonds and the like and just any show of vulnerability in general. but saizo, as his teacher, chooses to not carry this over with sasuke. saizo lets him cry, lets him be vulnerable. sasuke also very much experiences friendship and familial bonds with the others, and saizo lets him. like this is a big deal for saizo—it signifies that he does recognise the harmfulness in iga tradition and decides to provide better. and be better

The SLBP Lords React To Accidentally Hitting MC In The Face: Headcanon (Requested)






Ieyasu: On the outside VS the inside 








BONUS!!!! MC Reacting To Getting Hit: 

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Greetings~ senpai-chan! What kind of porn stash that modern au SLBP lords might have? Let's make it a classic scenario when MC found them, accidentally. C:

Hahahhahaha, oh my goodness you are soaked in SinTM, my dear @cottonballwithmustache, I do so approve! Hm hm hm, answer after the break aite? For some explicit content, fufufufufu!

Originally posted by ve-lure

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At your 20th birthday, suddenly your grandfather got you a map of treasure. He said that is the MAP of the LOST HEART MARIA that consist a HUGE RED diamond with a heart shape that worth a HUGE FORTUNES. But now you’re in trouble, a pack of criminals called “THE PHANTOM OF SENGOKU” send you a letter that said they would like to steal that map and take that treasure, alone!. Felling hopeless, you tried to ask for help at the police but you didn’t expect that THE POLICE SQUAD are bunch of HANDSOME MEN!

Shingen Takeda as The “Passionate” Detective

Wow, just wow. That bulk and carefree guy is your detective that would like to ask you a lot of questions even it’s personal question like, “Do you find an older man attractive?” WTH! Of course you will, if it’s HIM! You always feel so easy around him eventhough sometimes he will act demanding but it’s okay because he always ready to protect you. He likes to call you “Kitten” and your first encounter will be like—

“Oh, you’re so tiny and cute like a kitten!”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t worry Kitten, Daddy-Tiger is ready to protect you at anycost!”

Kenshin Uesugi as The “Charming” Police Chief

Are you sure that charming and beauty man standing in front of yourself is a POLICE CHIEF? You shook you head for a while because you still haven’t believe it. Isn’t he is a model from Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss? But your insecurity washed away when you heard him talk like a professional with his coworkers. With the calm smile he reassure you that everything will be ok. Oh, he always has a smile that could calm your nerves.

“Don’t afraid, Flower. Everything will be okay.”

“But I’m so afraid that they will hurt me. I will not give this map to them. This is my last connection with him(your grandfather)”

“It’s okay. I will protect you and your treasure. . no matter what. I swear it!”


p.s traced the pose from famous haikyuu fanart any grammatical or tense error are due my mistake please ignore it. Thank you

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Gladly XD "How lords reaction if they caught mc bring something like *cough*toystopleasureherself*cough* after being pranked by her friends for her birthday gifts?" Thank you very much 😳😳😳

Woohoo my first (somewhat) NSFW Headcanon in 2017.

Here we go, we’ll start with SFW Prologue then branch out to the Lords’ reaction, alright? Fufufufufu, I had fun doing these, nyahahahah!





To say that you were mortified was an understatement. If mortification had a word for mortified, you would be it. They were all in this together! You couldn’t believe it! Yuki, Oichi and Kiku – it’s almost a given that they would be in cahoot in planning something raunchy for your birthday. Evidently making them swear that they would not hire a male stripper – no matter how hot he is – had not been enough. But, then, somehow, they had managed to get Umeko, Matsuko, Sayuri and Kita (oh sweet mother of god) to chip in too. “You too..!?” you had said to them, feeling utterly betrayed. To which they all had burst into collective giggling.

That was how you ended up going home carrying an armload of… very, very naughty gifts. Ones that you probably would not need anyway, now that you were together with him. The thought of him bring smile to your lips. You had meant to tell the girls of your new beau, but with their scheduling and all, you kept postponing it and for all they know you were still single… And apparently sexually frustrated as well.

You sighed, then smiled. Sexually frustrated was maybe the least possible state you could feel right now. Right! Now all you had to do was bringing all of these paper bags – at least the girls had had the decency to give you a giant glossy paper bag to carry all the stuff. Now, if you could just get home quickly, stow it in the deepest part of your closet and get everything ready for the date, it’ll be perfect.

But of course in your excitement, you forgot how unreliable the heels you were wearing (they were so pretty though) were on the pathways leading to your apartment. The pavements were in poor condition. You managed to catch yourself when one of your heels was stuck in the cracks, but the momentum had sent one of the gifts flying out of your shopping bag.


“Careful,” said a really familiar voice.

Your eyes went wide. He was early. And now he was standing in front of you. And in his arms was… the box containing… that, that… toy.

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SLBP Main Lords in Greek Mythology

Nobunaga: Ares, God of War, Carnage, and Destruction. Represented bloodlust and ferocity in battle, the opposite of Athena, who achieved success in combat through subdued methods. Known for his temperament and susceptibility to jealous outbursts.

Mitsuhide: Caerus, God of Opportunity and Favorable Moments. His presence brought about convenience, as he always appeared at auspicious times.

Yukimura: Kratos, God of Strength and Might. Known for his steadfastness and courageousness during the siege of Mount Olympus.

Saizo: Deimos, God of Terror and Dread. Formidable in combat, he was known for accompanying Ares, God of War, on the battlefield to spread malevolence and despair among combatants.

Masamune: Astraeus [“dawn of the stars”], Titan God of Dusk and Astrology.

Kojuro: Prometheus, Titan God of Forethought. Resourceful and knowledgeable, he is known for his bond with mankind, as he assists humanity in its growth in life.

Toshiie: Hephaestus, God of Blacksmithing and Metal Crafting. Able to withstand intensive heat without being burned. Often depicted as brutish but can be deeply considerate.

Hideyoshi: Hermes, God of Persuasion, Travel and Diplomacy. Well-known as the messenger of the gods and is often depicted as cunning.

Ieyasu: Apollo, God of Archery and Medicine. Physically depicted as handsome with his signature golden hair. Rarely upset but vengeful when enraged.

Mitsunari: Coeus, Titan God of Intelligence. Known for his devotion to learning due to his inquisitive nature.

Kenshin: Priapus, God of Fertility, Agriculture, and Horticulture. Also known for his over-sized dick.

Shingen: Eros, God of Love, Beauty, Passion, and Sexuality. Known for spreading love by striking his targets’ hearts.

[SLBP Headcanon] Lords in a Shoujo Anime High School

Because Shoujo Anime High Schools and Shonen Anime High Schools play with different tropes.

This is my first SLBP headcanon and the first headcanon I’ve done in a long while. ;v; I have never used bullet points before, BUT THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER? Not only to type, but to read as well… I might do more headcanons in this format since I can churn them out a lot faster this way.

Edit: Part 2 (featuring non-Oda Lords) is here!

Featuring the Lords on the Oda side:
Nobunaga, Mitsuhide, Hideyoshi, Toshiie, Ieyasu, Mitsunari

Nobunaga (3rd Year) 

  • That one student who doesn’t study but aces every test
  • Stood up against a teacher who was being unfair on his first day in school, and that impressed his peers so much that he was voted class president
  • Reprised his role in his 2nd year
  • Voted as student council president in his 3rd year 
  • Not particularly well-liked by his peers, but pretty respected for his ability to Get Shit Done
  • Disliked by teachers for his devil-may-care attitude and for always skipping classes to “rest in the sick bay”
  • Often cleans the school rabbits’ cages and feeds them while “resting in the sick bay” so that nobody is around to see it

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Soooo I haven’t done Headcanon posts in a while *nervously eyeing a pile of asks on her inbox* but @yoolee  ‘s prompt round up got this cute prompt about flowers and I LOVE FLOWERS  and the canon stories had so much reference of them so here you go!


Nobunaga: bouquets and bouquets of the reddest, most decadent looking roses. You receive one from the delivery guy but then another comes and another and another till they practically take over your restaurant/shop/office/wherever you work (yes, he sends them to your workplace because SHOW OFF)

Mitsuhide: A single, most perfect purple rose you’ve on your life that he has cultivated himself, and oh, he’s named the variety after you darling, of course.

Yukimura: Uh, umm, the Love Guide says red rose for love and white rose for friendship and yellow for longing and pink for crush and oh wait but he loves you and you’re his bestfriend too and he misses you and and, agh, he’s so confused so in the end he picked… a rainbow-dyed rose. Problem solved!

Nobuyuki: A colourful bouquet of flowers. When you ask him how he picked them, he just smiled mysteriously. Later you found out that each of those flowers has their own meanings in hanakotoba and that bouquet could either speak of the deepest devotion or convey unspeakably sinful desires - or both. Maybe both.

Saizo: Sunflowers and skyflowers - he has associated the flowers with good memories and they reminded him of you. All they serve as a some kind of a wish to ward off the rain.

Masamune: The cutest potted violets you’ve ever seen. Because he wants to give something that lasts and grows, you see.

Kojuro: Alas, Bontenmaru ate the beautiful daisy chain he’s made after countless trial and error. So he went to town to purchase a bottle of perfume instead. You knew this from Shigezane, of course.

Shigezane: A beautiful ikebana arrangement of your favourite flowers that he had created after hours of strict lesson from his Ikebana-master retainer Ibano Hiromasa-jiya, hahaha, the things he would for you, Doll!

Inuchiyo: A branch of plum blossom laden with buds picked from his family’s garden that would bloom in inside your home. Because it’s his family crest and he wants you to be a part of his family. Yes, eff you Inuchiyo can be philosophical sometimes - the Maedas owns one of the most fertile domains in Japan. 

Hideyoshi: Edible bouquet of flowers made of  bananas persimmon fruits, and a chocolate fountain to dip them in, because it’s fun.

Ieyasu: Potted strawberries. Yes because once they bear fruits you are going to harvest them and make some daifuku, only for him. You better keep them alive till then.

Mitsunari: This vivid dark pink flower that just happens to be… blooming around. Don’t look at him that way you vile succubus, he said they just happened to be blooming around, didn’t you hear him, wipe that smile off!

Shingen: You want flowers? Then you better pick the ones you want yourself. He’ll bring you to the florist and tells you to go crazy. You’re a bit miffed because where is the surprise??? But hey, he means it when he said you can have anything there so go crazy you did.

Kenshin: Bringing you flowers? Eff that, let’s bring you to his flowers - a whole blooming garden of them - they’re yours, because you are the fairest flower of them all.

Kanetsugu: Origami flowers made by Ai. He tells you Ai wants you to have them. That does not explain why he is blushing though.

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Sakuya: A small bouquet of four-leaf clovers that he had painstakingly collect, for luck. 

Genya: A sakura bonsai, so you can have an indoor hanami, no need to go out, yay!

Masanari Hanzo: A delicate bouquet of Lily of the Valley. Careful when you put them in the water though, he left the roots in - the water can turn poisonous, but hey you never knew when you need a handy poison, right?

Kyoichiro: a strange looking bulb he asks you plant. Later you found out that it was a strange flower with arrow-straight stem that apparently costs a dear sum in the western land called tulip.

Sasuke-san: What good are flowers, they will wilt and die? Here, have a feast of desserts shaped like all manners of flowers.

Kansuke: Potted geraniums. Put those outside the window, they’ll ward off mosquitos so you and Harunobu can sleep better, he said. You secretly weep because it is Kansuke you love, damnit!

Kotaro: Black lilies, he planted them himself. Smells divine, isn’t it - do you think you can display them when you’re serving dango for snacks tonight at the castle?

Hotaru: A strange and definitely the whitest flower you’ve seen in your live, encased in glass. Hotaru tells you Yuki gave it to him. But the flowers disintegrates into a glittery cloud of dust when you touch it. Oh, no, why do you feel… hot all the sudden? And why is Hotaru looking at you like that?

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SLBP + Dancing (Western Style)

Now with bonus side characters - gifs to come when my computer isn’t being horrible


West Coast Swing

Making something incredibly complex look breezy, effortless, and fun? Check. Hideyoshi, in contrast to poor Inuchiyo is a great dancer and a better lead – he’ll talk you through what to do and when, but still surprise you with a sudden throw or flip just because he secretly likes when he can fluster you. Aside from those moments, it’s all about making sure his partner has fun, feels light as air, and leaves the dancefloor with a smile. The one downside is that this makes him an incredibly popular partner, and he’s not the best at saying no.


Virginia Reel/Square-Dancing

Toshiie can’t dance, okay. No way. He would try and learn for you, and it would be such a hilarious disaster that you’d both get kicked out of leave lessons laughing hysterically (well you would be laughing hysterically, he’d be an embarrassed grumpy sourpuss about it until your laughter catches on). Boy can’t even manage a passable waltz for you, which, that’s okay, because you love him and he tries. BUT he can probably manage to square dance, because he is given extremely clear instructions on what to do and when to do it. He refuses to have anyone else be his partner, though. Probably ends up picking you up more than is actually called for, because you can’t reach otherwise.

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Headcanon: What if... The Lords in the High School {SLBP}

Game: Samurai Love Ballad Party
Characters: Oda Nobunaga, Akechi Mitsuhide, Sanada Yukimura, Kirigakure Saizo, Date Masamune, Katakura Kojuro, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Maeda Toshiie, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Ishida Mitsunari, Uesugi Kenshin, Takeda Shingen. 


  • A third year student with selfish demanor and high self-confidence.
  • He was a Student Council President in the school.
  • He like eating Sweets. He can order someone to bring him sweets third time a day.
  • You can see a full jar of Konpeito Candy on his desk in Student Council’s room.


  • He in same years as Nobunaga.
  • He have calm personality and formal gesture.
  • Since he grew up with Nobunaga he know how to control him.
  • He was a Student Council Vice - President.

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The SLBP Lords React To MC Giving Birth To Their First Newborn (Before And Then After Birth): Headcanon (Requested)

Nobunaga: He’s actually pretty nervous as he waits for MC to give birth but tries his best to maintain his composure (even if he fails miserably)

Once he does give birth though he is so proud. He knows that he will give this child of his a perfect world in a divine rule under him.

Mitsuhide: He is the most helpful and supportive during MC’s pregnancy staying pretty calm and asking how he can best help.

After being there through the entire birthing process he feels especially close to his little one.

Inuchiyo: He is the 2nd most nervous of the lords when MC goes into labor. He loses his shit.

once the little ones are born he is wrapped around their little finger completely. Those are the babies he made with the one and only love of his life. (And yes BABIES because he had a litter of pups)

Hideyoshi:  The gifs say it all in for this guy.

Mitsunari: He tries not to be nervous but he totally is and who can blame him? He’s worried that he won’t be a good father, he never had one, he wasn’t sure what a father was even supposed to do.

After the baby is born however all his fears disappear and he is one of the most dedicated fathers that history has ever known. 

Ieyasu: He has next to no patience, he fidgets and is agitated the entire time he waits for MC.

But as soon as the baby is born he demands that the midwife hand the baby over to him so he can see them.

Kenshin: He is so relaxed and patient while he waits for MC to give birth.

Once the baby is born he realizes he has another favorite thing.

Shingen: So this you can actually read about in Shingen’s main route noble end cause it actually happens. It’s amazing and wonderful and perfect and I could’t capture the right emotions in gifs guys!!! 

Yukimura: he is a frantic mess, hyperventilating, worrying, the whole thing. He is so worried that something will go wrong, after all it happened to his mother.  

He is so happy to be holding his precious little one. He has another reason to come home safely from battles. 

Saizo:  He is so terrified that the baby will be born in the same darkness he was and pleads to the sky for his child to be born in the light like MC.

He is in such shock when he holds their bundle of joy. He is amazed that he and MC could come together and make something so beautifully innocent. It takes him a moment to firmly grasp that this was real.

Masamune: He is a good combination of happy and calm while MC gives birth.

External image

This is his family, he holds the baby and MC so close for fear they might slip away from him if he doesn’t hold on tight.

Kojuro: Kojuro stays in the room while MC is in labor, and while he tries to help, he’d be more helpful if he LEFT the room.

Once his daughter is born he realizes he has 2 precious girls now.

Shigezane: While MC is giving birth he is just trying to focus on not freaking out.

When the newborn is born he is enraptured by the tiny baby who he and MC made together.

fandoms-everywhere7-deactivated  asked:

Out of the SLBP men, who is a boob man and who is an ass man and why?

Weeeeeee. THIS IS FUN! Thanks for asking this. And apologies for the slow reply… I suck with deadline but I try to always answer, eventually :D


Sooooo, here we go:


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YukimuraIt’s canon! Well, darling Yukkin can’t get enough of them. He spent his virgin years surrounded by men in a military setting so they’ve forever been objects of desire/curiosity/taboo and when he gets to play with them finally he is hooked! He loves to fall asleep pillowed on them and waking up, they’re the first thing(s) that he snuggles.

Nobunaga: He appreciates all shapes and sizes, but mostly he is fascinated with how sensitive they are and how nipples change shape and texture under his touch. He loves how you sound and how helpless you are when he starts playing with them.  He would eat sweets off them and forbid you to make a sound.

Mitsuhide: He never considered himself a boob man per se, but when he saw you wearing that western dress on board of Lou and Fran’s ship, the one with the low neckline, there was no going back. They are his, and he loves to leave marks all over them so you cannot wear that dress ever again.

Mitsunari: His butt looks better than yours (seriously), so boob man he is. Man-chest, flat-chest, manju-chest, how often does he mention your chest? Why? Because they haunt him and he can’t deal with that. But oh boy, whatever your size is, believe me he does look for them, discreetly.  


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Kojuro: He loves to run his hands on your back, feeling the line of your body dips at your waist and curved tantalisingly into a pair of firm, squeezable buttocks. And he loves them because they give him something to hold on to when he lifts you up and ravishes you against the wall. Also when you misbehave or when he is jealous, guess which part of you he would love to punish? Spank me, Daddy!

Saizo: He couldn’t help but notice how well-toned your legs and butts are – he has, after all, been figuratively saving your ass now and again by spiriting you away from conflict zones by lifting you bridal style. And remember when you told him you got a mole in a secret place? He chose to search “bottom’s up” than “top down”.

Masamune: You work a lot together in the kitchen, and you bend over a lot to keep the fire in the stove burning so they’re always almost literally on his face. One day, he would absentmindedly caress them while you’re both in the kitchen. He would apologise profusely but when you say you like it, the kitchen turned into a no-go zone for everyone else, including Shigezane and Kojuro.

Inuchiyo: You were fighting, rather spectacularly, because you insisted on going somewhere dangerous and he wouldn’t have it. It ended up with him slinging you over his shoulder and carrying you home, kicking and screaming. He patted your butt to keep you still so he didn’t drop you. You are both mortified and oddly excited by this incident. Then things escalate.  


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Ieyasu: He’s very perceptible and he could tell if someone’s playing a charade. He suspected that you were a woman first time he laid eyes on you because you were very nervous. Afterwards he looked for signs on your body, and it stuck. He first noticed your derriere when he’s teaching you archery, and your décolletage when you served him his daifuku. He would purposely tell you to grind his herbs with his marble grinder so he can see the curves of your profile. If this is modern AU he would totally pay for your yoga class.

Shingen: It’s all depends on your reactions, really. The Tiger of Kai gets off when he sees you getting off his touches. So he would carefully suss out your weak spots and mercilessly exploit them whenever he could.

Kenshin: It’s all about proportion with this guy. Don’t make him choose – they should always come together. He loves well-dressed women and loves to dress you, and undress you – both completely and partially, either by slipping the upper part of the kimono to expose your chest, or parting the skirt to uncover your butt. It’s all about the visual feast.  

Hideyoshi: Monkey loves fruits! No, seriously, he appreciates curves both extreme and subtle, and is very open about appreciating them in everyone. (He complimented Saki’s derriere) But none comes close to what he feels when he plays with your curves. He would totally, playfully cop a feel during day time when nobody is watching.

I had so much fun! Thanks for the ask! Mwah!

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The lords and the cold

the sequel/companion piece/contrast piece to my heat headcanon! mainly winter for most of them with sprinkles of not-quite-winter-yet and just-plain-chilly

Nobunaga may be the Lord of Hell, but he is not above draping his haori over his head to keep his head toasty warm, even if it makes him look ridiculously childlike. Brings an old towel out to the garden so he can sit in his favourite tree without freezing his butt off. Frequently smuggles a kitten or puppy into the castle for the day so it can have some warmth and food.

It is customary for Mitsuhide to have a teapot warming in his room so he can have a cup of hot tea whenever he desires. Bonus points for it doubling as a heater. Single-handedly burns through a third of the castle’s stock of candles to complete his work as the days become shorter. Tries to avoid walking under trees as they tend to drop a branch’s load of snow on his head as he passes under them.

Yukimura can tell from smell alone that the seasons have shifted - there is a sharpness in the air that wasn’t there before, along with hints of pine needles and smoked meat. Has fun gathering and roasting various edibles over the brazier with Sasuke (think roasted chestnuts, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted yam, roasted potatoes, dango, anything that can be roasted on a stick) after training. Misses the warmth of the sun and is quick to retreat to the safety of a warm room when he finishes any business he has outdoors, increasing the length of his strides to hasten his return.

Saizo has mixed feelings about the cold - mitarashi dango has never tasted better on those days, but they harden substantially faster as well. Once it gets too cold to be on the roof or in trees, the rafters of various rooms become the prime location to relax (and hide) after some cleaning. Still keeps and wears the gloves Yukimura gave him a long time ago when he was still Benmaru - they still fit little lord, waste not, want not - and takes special care in maintaining them.

Masamune channels the same amount of dedication that he put into perfecting his zunda-mochi recipe into learning how to make mouth-watering oshiruko so that he can enjoy it at every meal in the little house beside the castle. When Kojirou is at Yonezawa Castle, the brothers enjoy catching snowflakes on Masamune’s haori and observing the intricate crystalline details crafted by nature. Is fond of sitting on his bedding with the covers around his shoulders as he goes through new finds from the bookseller in town.

Kojuro prepares a special box for Bontenmaru as his turtle companion begins its annual hibernation. Personally looks up recipes packed with energy to recommend to the kitchen and for Masamune to make - he knows he can’t cook so he tries to provide meal-related assistance in any other way. Wraps himself so snugly in his bedding that it’s virtually impossible to shake him awake as he is padded everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Hideyoshi is exceptionally careful not to mention words that hint at the low temperature around Lord Katsuie - he’s learnt a very important lesson after being subjected to a thorough towel rubdown from the man once. Personally teaches everyone in the residence how to dry various foodstuff and fruits in preparation for the winter. Gets cold fingers easily and is usually either puffing warm breaths on them or sitting on them to warm them up.

Toshiie starts wearing his haori on his shoulders rather than tied around his waist for some much-needed warmth. Is a dab hand at roasting chestnuts and enjoys the process, the smoky, sweet scent clinging to his skin long after he finishes a batch. Will always stop to help old people over a particularly icy patch of road when out in town and gets all warm and fuzzy from their thanks.

Ieyasu sharpens his archery skills by shattering the icicles on trees in rapid succession, his movements deft and sure despite the harsh chill in the air nipping at his extremities. Is more than happy to go on frequent excursions to source for plants and herbs that can only be found around this time, appreciating the crisp, cool air with every breath. As the sole individual in Hamamatsu Castle who is well and truly unaffected by the cold, he doesn’t quite understand the fuss that everyone makes about how miserable the weather is.

Mitsunari takes full advantage of the fact that it’s too cold out for creepy-crawlies to be around by burning specific incenses to enhance his reading experience instead of the usual insect-repelling incense. Places several rolled towels near the door to prevent unwelcome gusts of cold air from sneaking in and chilling his toes, and does the same for Hideyoshi’s and Sakon’s rooms. Never goes outside without firmly bundling himself in his mauve scarf and cornflower blue coat.

Shingen would luxuriate in an outdoor bath all day if he could until Kansuke bodily hauls him out, reprimanding him as he vigorously towels long red hair dry. Holds an annual gathering of retainers to coordinate efforts and resources that range from mending roofs to distributing charcoal in order to provide assistance to the families in need in Kai. Finds it a little embarrassing that his nose gets obnoxiously red from the cold.

As the camellias in the gardens bloom, Kenshin takes the opportunity to teach Ai all that he knows of his beloved winter blooms, and she in turns hangs onto his every word, spellbound. Sends an abundance of scarves down to Kai when it seems the upcoming season will be more unforgiving than usual. Has a secret talent for avoiding every icy patch of ground without compromising the fluidity of his movements that contribute to his ethereal beauty. 

Shigezane tries to swing by the kitchens as much as possible: there are lots of good smells all around, chatting with the maids is always enjoyable and it’s warm. After a night of snowfall, the snow bunnies that pepper the courtyard of Omori Castle are a result of his handiwork. Incorporates snowball fights into training as a form of increasing agility and improving endurance in the cold, which usually ends in a tremendous free-for-all with everyone, even the maids and Hiromasa.

eternally grateful to @randomhomosapiens, @pseudofaux, @100christy for all the things they told me about dealing with the cold, @dear-mrs-otome and @frywen-babbles for the bits of Ieyasu-related info and all the discord ladies who talk about snow and ice and cold - all this has helped to snowball this work from scraps to something that looks presentable at last 😭 apologies for filling the discord with my grumping

I shall now proceed to stick my head in the freezer or find a nice air-conditioned place to wait out the hot afternoon that’s sneaking up on me 🔥