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SLBP Main Lords in Greek Mythology

Nobunaga: Ares, God of War, Carnage, and Destruction. Represented bloodlust and ferocity in battle, the opposite of Athena, who achieved success in combat through subdued methods. Known for his temperament and susceptibility to jealous outbursts.

Mitsuhide: Caerus, God of Opportunity and Favorable Moments. His presence brought about convenience, as he always appeared at auspicious times.

Yukimura: Kratos, God of Strength and Might. Known for his steadfastness and courageousness during the siege of Mount Olympus.

Saizo: Deimos, God of Terror and Dread. Formidable in combat, he was known for accompanying Ares, God of War, on the battlefield to spread malevolence and despair among combatants.

Masamune: Astraeus [“dawn of the stars”], Titan God of Dusk and Astrology.

Kojuro: Prometheus, Titan God of Forethought. Resourceful and knowledgeable, he is known for his bond with mankind, as he assists humanity in its growth in life.

Toshiie: Hephaestus, God of Blacksmithing and Metal Crafting. Able to withstand intensive heat without being burned. Often depicted as brutish but can be deeply considerate.

Hideyoshi: Hermes, God of Persuasion, Travel and Diplomacy. Well-known as the messenger of the gods and is often depicted as cunning.

Ieyasu: Apollo, God of Archery and Medicine. Physically depicted as handsome with his signature golden hair. Rarely upset but vengeful when enraged.

Mitsunari: Coeus, Titan God of Intelligence. Known for his devotion to learning due to his inquisitive nature.

Kenshin: Priapus, God of Fertility, Agriculture, and Horticulture. Also known for his over-sized dick.

Shingen: Eros, God of Love, Beauty, Passion, and Sexuality. Known for spreading love by striking his targets’ hearts.

anonymous asked:

May I ask for a headcanon, if you're doing them, of how the Lords would kindly let down an MC they weren't interested in? I feel the need for a dose of reality! Thanks!

~Sure thing! Though, I don’t think ‘let down’ and ‘kindly’ go together in some of these Lords’ vocabularies. Haha. 

In this scenario, let’s just say MC has confessed her feelings to the LI in particular.   


  • Sengoku version of leaving you on ‘Read.’ He’d go out of his way to blatantly ignore you. If he sees you approaching him in the hall he’ll walk by without even giving you so much as a glance or perhaps even turn around and head back the way he came 
  • Even if you had started speaking to him 
  • Just. Anything he can do to avoid talking to you
  • If you kept badgering him for an answer he would snap at you
    • Can’t leave well enough alone, hm. Tch… Want your answer, do you? Fine. I don’t have time to entertain the notions of every pretty, empty-headed little fool who tosses herself in my path. Now run along, foolish girl. Before I take that head of yours and find out for myself just how empty it is… Prove useful enough, and I may entertain the idea of letting you warm my bed someday.


  • He would feel awful about it
  • He had an inkling you had feelings but he was trying to deny it, which he now realizes was foolish and crass 
  • He’d invite you to his room for tea, where you can be alone. He’d look you straight in the face and apologize for his actions; because he surely has led you on in some way and given you the idea he was interested. 
  • He’d tell you what an absolutely lovely person you are, and how much he enjoys your company, as a friend–but nothing more. He’d apologize again and ask for clarification that you understood what he meant, and that would be the end of that


  • After he got over the initial flustered and blushing and stuttering shock phase
  • He would turn quite serious 
  • He’d pull your hands into his–an act he wouldn’t realize he even committed until much, much later. And his brain would explode at the realization that he had touched you and Saizo would never let him hear the end of it.–and look into your eyes while he spoke to you. His smile soft and warm 
    • You are an incredible person. And one day, you are going to make someone the happiest man alive by looking at him the way you’re looking at me right now. It’s a look that’s not meant for me…I hope you understand.” 


  • It’s Saizo, so… The minute you confess your feelings he’d reply: 
    • I know that, Little Lady.” 
  • And he’d tilt his head down and cock his brow and give you that look™. The kind of look you give to a puppy with a hurt leg or a bird with a hurt wing or something. A look of pity that conveys everything you need to know. He’d boop your nose or ruffle your hair a bit when he was sure you got the message and then he’d be off. 

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[SLBP Modern HC] Lords teaching you how to drive (Pt.1)

You can read Pt.2 here!

A/N: thanks to @shioune!! i brought this to life. blame her, lmao.

Oda Nobunaga

  • Before: He rarely, if ever, drives since he has Mitsuhide to do that for him. Still, he’s a pretty decent driver. That doesn’t stop you from asking him to teach you. He doesn’t even flinch, as he makes his way over to his car. Wait, what? Now? “Hurry. I don’t have all day.
  • During: A terrible instructor, if not one of the worst, due to his impatience and short temper. The whole situation is a nightmare and you’re surprised you haven’t gotten into an accident yet. No sooner than you’ve started, he makes you stop at a deserted diner and all but drags you from the driver’s seat.
  • After: “Foolish girl, leave the driving to capable hands.” It’s his way of saying that you’re permanently banned from being behind the wheel.

Akechi Mitsuhide

  • Before: He’s a busy man but when you ask him if he’d teach you how to drive sometime, he accepts wholeheartedly. And so the weekend came and your first session was about to start. You’re a bundle of nerves but he’s great at reassuring you.
  • During: An absolute sweetheart. Loves to give you tips and pointers throughout the drive. Every time you do something correctly, he praises you and gives you words of encouragement. Just when you seem to be getting the hang of things, you see something in your peripheral vision. Thinking that it was headed your way, you panic, veer to the right, and collide into a stop sign. Oops.
  • After: He unbuckles both of your seat belts and pulls you into his arms. His first priority was to make sure you were alright, as you tremble in his arms, the adrenaline rush causing your heart to pound. The car is the least of his worries but when he finally does inspect it, he concludes that it isn’t that big of a dent. “My darling, if you have places to be, please leave it to me to take you there.

Sanada Yukimura

  • Before: “You…? What!?! M-me? T-teach you!?!” Why was he so flustered? You nod. If not him, who else? Saizo? Not likely. Yukimura eventually accepts and vows to make sure you’re 110% prepared for your driving exam. Hold up, we’re not there yet! Failure, to him, was not an option.
  • During: “Hey, you’re doing a great job!” He’s surprisingly a good instructor despite his bashfulness. You were currently at an intersection about to make a left turn on a green light, except a car across from you had the same idea. The other vehicle was going too fast for comfort and cut in front of you, sending you into a panic. You responded by turning a little more than necessary and hit the curb, causing your front left tire to make a loud popping noise.
  • After: Upon Yukimura’s examination of the car, he noted that the hubcap needed replacement. “W-well… Aside from that one… thing, you were doing great! Just a little more practice and I’m sure you’ll be good to go.” You knew he was being a little too nice about it but it only just fueled your desire to improve.

Kirigakure Saizo

  • Before: You bring up the subject one day, right after he parks in front of your apartment. “Hmm… So the little lady wants to learn how to drive.” He’s surprisingly willing to teach you, despite your initial doubts. He gives you a manual to read prior to your lesson. Then, a detailed lecture on how to navigate the vehicle. You think to yourself how glad you are to found the courage to ask him… That is, until the actual drive began.
  • During: He doesn’t talk much really, just examines you carefully with his bloody eyes. He’s observant, can feel how tense your body is, how tense its been since you’ve entered the roads. Before you swerve to avoid an incoming vehicle, his hand shoots forward to steady the wheel and you gasp in surprise. “What did I tell you about panicking, little lady?
  • After: Since the near incident, he’s reverted back to his usual mask of indifference and you’re not quite sure what to say. You finally pull up at an empty parking lot when his languid voice breaks the silence. “Let’s try that again, shall we?” Cue intimidating smile. He’s not gonna stop until you learn how to drive… Properly.

Date Masamune

  • Before: One day, you express your interest in learning how to drive and he offers to teach you, albeit reluctantly, as he hates the thought of you getting injured. Your enthusiasm makes him smile though.
  • During: “…” Seems to be calm as all hell but is inwardly shook. Just complete utter silence as you make a sharp turn. His right hand reaches out to tightly grasp the roof handle, in a futile attempt to hang onto dear life. All of this goes unnoticed to you though since you’re so focused on making sure that you’re both… safe. Is it working? Barely.
  • After: You call out his name. No response. You try again until he finally looks at you, his hand reaching out to grasp yours. Masamune’s loving warmth seeped into your fingers. “…If you want to continue, we will have to practice more.”

Katakura Kojuro

  • Before: His car may as well have been a garbage dump. Junk of all sorts littered across the passenger seat and spilled over the floor, reaching into the back seats. He begins to shove everything onto the floor in order to make room for you to sit. “Forgive me, I haven’t had time to clean this up yet.” Riiight.
  • During: Hands down, the best instructor by far. Doesn’t coddle you but isn’t extremely harsh. Points out all your mistakes in a tactful manner so you don’t feel as discouraged. His calm demeanor rubs off on you and boosts your confidence. Near accidents happen during the first few sessions but you’re both dedicated to seeing this through.
  • After: You’ve gone from being the worst driver in existence to being, dare you say it, a decent one. He smiles proudly. “My precious girl, you’ve come a long way.
HC: SLBP Lords’ first thing on “To do list”

Nobunaga : Buy more hair products

Mitsuhide : Clean the fridge & buy more cat food.

Yukimura : 50 push ups & 50 sit-ups

Saizo : Fix the bathroom tap for MC

Masamune : Ask Kojuro where did Shigezane go with his car

Kojuro : Finally, clean your house

Inuchiyo : Buy beers

Hideyoshi : Clean the garden

Ieyasu : Kill every single mosquito that keep you up last night

Mitsunari : Complain to the neighbours about the music last night

Kenshin : Look fabulous

Shingen : MC 


Shigezane : Tell Masamune about the “accident” with his car.

Fuma : Light a candle at the Saizo shrine

Hotaru : Buy more white papers to write

SLBP Sasuke probably jokes about being married so much that when he tries to actually ask MC to marry him she keeps laughing him off and so he laughs too but he’s wiping away a single manly tear and he’s reduced to weepy day-drinking with an exasperated Kyoichiro all idk man idk i keep trying and she just laughs

and kyoichiro is just facepalming into his beer like have you tried a flower or something you goddamned chucklefuck?

anonymous asked:

We all know Ieyasu doesn't know how to use his words, but the boy knows how to express himself through actions/touch. What do you think are subtle little things he does to show affection for MC?

Ahh, thank you, anon, for the request! I had some difficulty thinking about subtle things he would do but I hope you like it! Headcanon mixed with some canon stuff, AHOY! (ง ˙v˙)ว

  • Ieyasu orders customized kimonos for His Lady. “They’re gifts from [insert important people here]. Take them and put them to use,” he says. Yeah, right.
  • He always gets her a souvenir from his trips into towns. Anything that reminds him of her. Hairpins, food, ingredients, recipes, you name it. He’ll casually mention it when they’re alone, and make up some elaborate story about where he got them from. This is a recurring theme so it doesn’t fool her.
  • As much as possible, he avoids bringing her into the battlefield, unless his planned departure will last a considerable amount of time. After all, he “can’t be bothered to watch over a woman who can’t even defend herself.” He’d never admit it but he wants to keep her safe, away from death’s door.
  • Whenever His Lady is ill, he nurses her back to health, as he’s skilled in concocting herbal medicine. He’s also capable of cooking simple meals and likes to mix in the medicine with the food so that it doesn’t taste as disgusting for her.
  • At night, when she’s asleep, he likes to snuggle into her and/or hug her from behind. This man loves cuddles. FIGHT ME IF YOU DISAGREE.
  • Since meeting her mother and her little brother, Ieyasu makes it a point to get along with both of them. His usual insults and harsh words are never uttered from his mouth while they’re present.
  • And whenever His Lady’s family makes an appearance, he actually refers to MC using her own name and not “kitchen wench.”
  • For His Lady’s birthday, he orders Tadatsugu to handle all affairs related to the celebration, though he has a distinct idea of how everything should be planned out. Though Ieyasu tries to keep things discreet and denies his involvement in the matter, he can’t quite fool her.
The Lords as Best Friends // Modern AU: Oda Nobunaga
  • Goes to your house unannounced, probably has keys to it too (with your permission ofc)
  • Usually mostly out of town for work and stuff, but always pays you a visit.
  • Probs met him in college. He lost to you during a debate. Well, not exactly a formal debate, but more like a class discussion, which he took seriously. Since then, he liked your ideas and thought you worthy of his time.
  • “You’re my best friend now. I’ve decided.” “Excuse me?”
  • He’s Oda Nobunaga but you call him out on his bullshit. He’ll just laugh and mock you, but he’ll actually listen.
  • Would ask you to pretend to be his lover just because. 
  • Would also pretend he’s your lover just because.
  • He’ll probs scare your suitors away.
  • Would be a little bit protective. “Where did you meet this guy? What’s his work? Is he financially stable? Is he better than me?”
  • Buys you presents. Lots of presents. For no reason.
  • Often goes awol, you’ll be surprised to receive an email he’s somewhere overseas. Of course, you’re the only one who knows. You’ll be dead if you tell anyone.
  • Your mom likes him. He gives her presents too. But your dad is suspicious.
  • You always get to ride first whenever he buys a new car.
  • Would hang around at your home for movie nights. No alcohol for him though, so you have melon soda stacked for him. Somehow your fridge always has melon soda.
  • You’d probably be a dump of whatever he finds. “This puppy I found looked so pitiful. You keep him.” You can’t refuse. Then he’ll start sending stuff for the dog so you don’t complain.
  • You’re the default date whenever he needs one for business purposes.
  • Makes plans on a whim. You’re busy? Sorry, you’ll have to come with him. He’ll understand if you refuse though, but he’ll go rambling, “this is why I told you to work for me.”
  • Would laugh at your misfortunes but actually do something about it.
  • Would straight up tell you when you’ve done something wrong, but doesn’t exactly comfort you after. He’ll regret that. Secretly hoping you’d be the first to contact him so he can find an excuse to talk to you.
  • When you’re sad, and he’s not there, he’ll send you memes and funny videos. When he’s there, he wouldn’t mind giving you a hug. Plus a ticket to you fave band’s concert. VIP passes, dear.
  • When you’re angry, he’ll just let you talk and talk. Would probably let you break some of his stuff too. Because that’s what he does. But don’t lay your wrath upon his robot/gundam collection.
  • Always will ask you what you think of this woman, and this woman, and this woman he was arranged to meet. You think they’re wonderful and he should pick one to settle down with.
  • He has to conquer the world first he says. You believe him, even if it’s ridiculous, because you know he has the people’s interests at heart.
The lords and: Modern Fashion


I just felt like I needed to make this.

Inspired by @lady-of-oshu 

tagging @han-pan


- Expensive tastes, this one.

- works hard to be fashionable.

- really likes capes, though.

- Tailored suits, always. 

- No chill. 


- Prefers glasses to contacts

- matches his ties to his socks, always

- king of the *rolled up sleeves on a dress shirt* and *well fitting slacks* look

- He wears matching pajamas at night and it’s adorable.

- Sometimes forgets to fix his hair in the mornings, so he has that messy hair look.


- Casual clothes are better than everything.

- Wears sports-themed clothes 

- probably wears cargo shorts

- loves converse shoes

- and raybans

- somehow his look always works.


- sweatpants slung low on the hips (I mean low)

- you can also see the outline of his, uh, ehem. ya know.

- Basketball shorts, yesss.

- dresses like he really lives the #gymlife

- tanktops

- is walking eye-candy and doesn’t even realize it


- He has an extensive collection of scarves.

- and sweaters/cardigans.

- basically a fall/winter centric wardrobe.

- also prefers his glasses to contacts

- in the summertime, he still wears pants until someone (hideyoshi) stops him. 

- Hipster coffee-shop vibe is strong in this one.


- his clothes are always tailored perfectly

- even his casual wardrobe 

- He favors patterns like houndstooth and plaid but prefers them in shades of gray. 

- Wears fashion glasses, he’s got almost perfect vision. 

- But he does use reading classes.

- Has expensive accessories; his wallet/glasses/sunglasses/ jackets/ etc are all name brand, and he stays classic as opposed to following fads. 


- He likes vests, and jackets. 

- Layers are his favorite.

- Skinny jeans as well. 

-Has an overall more casual wardrobe.

- He likes comfort over fashion. 

- His fashion gives off a cozy vibe. 


- He dresses much like Mitsuhide. Slacks, dress-shirt, rolled up sleeves. 

- prefers his shirts and his slacks just a bit more tight, though (Which none of us mind).

- Always smells like smoke and sandalwood. 

- After work, he takes off his tie and wears his shirt with just enough buttons undone. 

- sometimes wears a robe at home. 


- effortlessly fashionable??

- literally always looks good.

- he too has fashion glasses. 

- A walking men’s fashion magazine.

- Doesn’t necessarily spend that much money on his clothes (he’s thrifty). 


- unironically wears crocs till Saizo intervenes, poor one.

- dresses a bit like a 14-year-old boy, cargo shorts, and comfy tees are his favorite if he’s just hanging out.

- Outside of that, he’s actually pretty good with fashion. He favors comfort, but he knows what looks good.

- He has the most varied style, he likes to dress for the situation.


- Lots of clothes handmade for him.

- Loves patterns

- Also loves traditional clothes.

- He owns lots of high patterned silk robes that he wears at home. 

- Dresses like art because he is art. 


- Dresses high profile because he is a high profile person.

- HOWEVER, on his downtime, he likes to show off his body.


- DOES own a tiger striped robe

- Also owns a tiger striped blazer

anonymous asked:

Mrs. O, if you are so inclined, could you give us a little bit about why Mitsunari is such a good and sweet boy and deserves all our love? I just love him so much and wanna read some gushing! 💜💜💜

Oh hey. Heck yes. I am always down to blather about my favorite asshole son, so here you are Nonny, a ‘List In No Particular Order of Reasons Why Ishida Mitsunari is Best Boy.’ (I cannot promise this is spoiler-free. Sorry.)

1. You know how everyone knows that friend or relative that has a pet, maybe their dog? Maybe their cat. Maybe a goddamned cockatoo. But the pet is always an utter and unrepentant dick to everyone, and their owner swears up and down and left and right that “Precious little Schmoopsy isn’t like that with me! He’s such a sweet boy aren’t you my widdle fluffywuffy boobookins???” Yeah, that cat/dog/Tasmanian devil is Mitsunari. If you are not one of his Special People (as MC comes to be), you can GTFO. But if you are, his entire world revolves around you.

(img source: buddy-anon)

2. Which in turn leads to, u want sum fite? Cause this boy is ready, 24/7, 365 days a year, to Throw Down™ if anyone so much as looks at one of his Special People wrong. Yeah yeah it’s almost always Hideyoshi in the game, but you’re never in a million years going to convince me he isn’t ready to make mincemeat out of anyone who so much as breathes disrespectfully in the general direction of his MC. (Ok, for a moment of seriousness, this stems from a lot of Backstory Shit about his need to be a protector.  You see it in his MS when he overreacts to a bad situation regarding his MC, you see it in his ES stories. This boy high key desperately wants to be someone’s champion.)

3. Too smart for his own good, probably. Also his idea of a date is sitting around reading together and….I don’t see a problem with this? Isn’t this everyone’s idea of a perfect day????

4. So.



4. He got the booty.

5. Look what is hiding under all those mothereffin buttons! Also those lines. You know the ones I mean. They’re like a goddamned landing strip you wanna follow all the way to take-off.

6. Boy is savage and I love it.

7. Got a consent kink? Cause I know I do. I know most sane people do. And this man isn’t even so much as looking at you with the Bad Thoughts without asking permission.

8. Absolutely, 100% you cannot convince me he isn’t the closest thing to a feminist the Sengoku’s got. He’s seen and experienced first-hand the shit women go through. He treats his MC as a complete equal and seeing her better herself and educate herself is absolutely his kink.

9. The man. Teaches. Children. In his free time, for shits and giggles. And they love him. He might put up a good front about it being all Nobunaga’s idea, but we know it’s his. Also nobody is going to convince me he doesn’t want about a dozen kids of his own to pass down every last factoid rattling around in that oversized brain to, and to give them the sort of father figure he never had.

10. Lap sex and whimpering. Enough said.

[SLBP Modern HC] Lords teaching you how to drive (Pt.2)

You can read Pt.1 here!

A/N: here’s your part 2 @shioune​!! i’m still working on pt.3 for kenshin, shingen, and shigezane, heh.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

  • Before: Has the fanciest car out of all of them but is fine with letting you use it for your first drive. You ask him if he’s serious. Yes, he is. Probably not the best idea but he’s weird like that. You’re flattered that he trusts you so much.
  • During: Most fun instructor but probably not the safest? He teases you a lot and has a difficult time keeping a smile off his face as you fumble through the pedals and turn signals. He’s barely paying attention to the road and doesn’t notice that you’ve been tailgating the vehicle in front of you. You nearly rear end it when it makes a sudden stop, causing you both to jolt forward. He chuckles, “Thank god for seat belts.”
  • After: Once you get back to his place, he looks at you affectionately, eyes alight in amusement. “I’ll drive you next time you wanna get somewhere, okay?” You promise to always take him up on his offer.

Maeda Toshiie

  • Before: At first, he refuses when you ask. He didn’t understand why you wanted to learn how to drive. You lived in a bustling city where public transportation was the norm. Why couldn’t you just commute by train like everyone else did? Your incessant pleas went unheeded until you finally suggested that you were going to enroll in some driving school. “Tch. Alright, dammit! I’ll do it!” Truth be told, he was going to accept your request… someday. You were just so cute every time you begged.
  • During: Oh god, he’s like an angry parent teaching his kid how to drive for the first time. Screams? Check. Flailing hands? Check. Obscene gestures? Check. “What the hell are you doing!?! Hit the brake! The BRAKE! Not that one; the OTHER one!” He was panicking, as much, if not more, than you were and it was not helping your situation one bit. After half an hour of this, you’ve just about had enough and abruptly pull over in front of a gas station.
  • After: At that moment, you had decided that that was the most stressful thing that ever occurred in your life and never again would you put yourself through that misery. At least not with Inuchiyo anyway. He seemed to share the same sentiment, tousling your hair in an attempt to lighten the mood. You playfully smack his hand away and both laugh it off.

Tokugawa Ieyasu

  • Before: Already regrets seeing you behind the wheel. He glares at you from the passenger seat, amber eyes narrowing in distaste. “If you get one scratch on my vehicle, I will kill you dead.”
  • During: Everything seems to be in order for now… but you’re on edge, seeing as he’s been watching you, as a predator does its prey. Ready to berate you as soon as you make one false move…. And you do. That damn squirrel had to be in the way, and you turned to the left, just a teeny tiny bit more than you should’ve. Eh, who were you kidding? You panicked, confused the gas pedal with the brake, and hit a tree.
  • After: He gives you his signature chilling smile. As he steps out of the vehicle and quickly walks over to the driver’s seat, your hands tremble in… anticipation? “Disgusting wench, it seems that you’re looking forward to your punishment…” The car’s not the only thing that got wrecked that day.

Ishida Mitsunari

  • Before: How you even convinced him is still a mystery to you, but he agrees. Once. If you needed him for another session, don’t come crawling back. You’re on your own.
  • During: Here’s another terrible instructor. Insults everywhere until it completely devours your morale. Barely any acknowledgement when you do something correctly. You’ve only been driving for a little over ten minutes and almost crash into someone’s front yard. “You shameful dullard! Are you trying to kill me?” He moves to take over and you sit quietly, staring outside the passenger window.
  • After: You’re both remorseful. You, for nearly killing him (in his words), and him, for his harsh disposition. He promises to properly teach you from now on, so long as you keep the panicking to a minimum. You oblige.

incubeebirb  asked:

Lovely Athy, would you mind writing a HC where Shigezane and Nobuyuki discover they have romantic feelings for their respective s/o? Like their thoughts or inner conflict of whether or not to tell her of their affections as well as the fear of her rejecting them? Thanks. :3c

Heeey babe~♥ *muah* 
Sure ! Here you are~


  • Firstly overexcited 
  • Thinks talking to her about it is a piece of cake
  • Was wrong
  • He gets more anxious when she is around than before
  • “Come on Shigezane, what’s wrong with you!”
  • Tries to act cool when they are talking, but he is overdoing it
  • It is clear to everyone that he is into her
  • “If it is that clear, then why she hasn’t said anything? Maybe she doesn’t likes me…”
  • He is disappointed then he gets stubborn again
  • “No , i have to tell her!”
  • He goes into the kitchen to confess
  • Ends up asking for some water with red cheeks


  • He is so shy to the point he is more distant
  • “Why are you like this Nobuyuki, now she thinks you hate her or something”
  • He is staring at her while she is busy with something else
  • “So..beautiful…”
  • When she finds him looking ,he turns his gaze somewhere else and comes up with a silly reason 
  • “Yukimura told me you know about that thing but everything seems fine now! *awkward chuckle* Yeah so… I am going back to my room”
  • After embarrassing events like this one, he becomes more distant, thinking of a better plan
  • When he hears a conversation about her he always secretly listens to it.
  • He leaves flowers at her door.
  • MC : “Someone left some flowers at my door last night..
  • Nobuyuki : “Ohoho, it seems like you found yourself a fan didn’t you? At least did you liked the flowers?” *trying to act cool while he is trying hard not to blush*
  • MC : “Yeah they were so beautiful, i bet whoever sent them must be a wonderful person too! I can’t wait to find who he is”
  • Nobuyuki : *covering his face with his hands to hide his blush and excuses himself to fanboy alone”
The Lords as Best Friends // Modern AU: Mitsuhide,Yukimura

Others: Oda Nobunaga

Akechi Mitsuhide

  • Perfect friend like wow
  • You might have been in the same study group in uni and were paired for a project. Also prolly coz you laugh at his jokes.
  • But you’re honest when it’s not funny. It’s important he knows.
  • Always helps you when you need it. “Can you check this out for me? Oh sure, we can go through this piece together.”
  • Your mother wishes you’d marry him. Your father does too. Your coworker thinks he’s in love with you. 
  • Silently judges your suitors. Will lowkey drop hints on why the guy doesn’t deserve you.
  • Your suitors would be jealous because he’s flawless, and he’s your bff, and he’s a guy.
  • Always remembers your birthday, and your mother’s, and your father’s, and your dog’s. Will have gifts in advance.
  • Always asks you when you are free so he could arrange a meeting.
  • Cheers you on even if you have different interests.
  • Conversations would most likely involve why you both are single, your jobs, and your pets.
  • Calms you down when you’re anxious or flustered or angry by sending you pictures of cats. Will also use therapeutic techniques to quell your temper. And his jokes. He will always try.
  • Would teach you meditation for your well-being.
  • Most polite even when you argue. Will raise his voice on rare occasions.
  • Little to no fighting.
  • You’d listen to him rant about his boss (Ahem, Nobunaga) and you will use the same techniques he does on you.
  • Would send messages every morning, noon, and night. Quotes and all with perfect grammar, capitalization and whatnot.
  • You both share book recommendations. You’d prolly learn a new language together too.
  • Collects pictures and anything about your friendship. Will never show it to you though.
  • Never goes on dates coz he’s married to his career. You forced him on a blind date once.

Sanada Yukimura

  • So loud and fun, you two.
  • He was shy with you at first, but you knocked him down in Judo. So now both of you always spar, but he’s always gentle with you.
  • Never comfy with girls until you came.
  • Always asks you about girls if he survives blood loss with just the thought of it.
  • Your girl friends ask you to set them up with him.
  • Drinking contests. And lots of donuts. Loser pays for whatever.
  • You have to take care of him when he’s drunk.
  • Vending machines. Would always ask if you have spare change.
  • Says it’s his treat but he somehow keeps losing his money so you pay for both of you.
  • Fitness buddy.
  • Arcade games! Will even play against 10 year olds.
  • You remind him about his health because he drinks too much sometimes, and he tells you not to worry coz he’s strong.
  • Will cheer you on if you really really like someone because he just wants you to be happy.
  • Always mistaken for a bodyguard.
  • Always likes taking you to his house. You’re most likely, secretly in love with his brother.
  • Always drops you home and waits till you close the door before leaving.
  • If he’s not taking you home, would call to check on you.
  • Uses emojis when texting you. Texts often, calls when gets overly excited.
  • Asks you to plot perfect dates for him and his darling (if he has one).
  • Bear huggggsss, then gets flustered because he felt you or something.
  • Both your parents love him like a son. They always ask you about him.
  • Motorcycle rides ftw.
  • When you’re sad he’ll hug you while you cry and assure you over and over.
  • When you’re angry, he’ll let you wrestle him.
SLBP Lords in bed

I thought I’d share some headcanons of mine, so here are the guys in order from worst to best. 

Mitsunari: Let’s be honest, he’s not that good. He’s got no experience and he’s probably never even thought about having sex, let alone look up advice on it. He tries to be nonchalant about it, but he has no idea what he’s doing and he’s flustered and fumbling the whole time.

Nobunaga: 100% the type of guy to do absolutely nothing and then ask if you came. He’s kinda selfish in bed and won’t pay attention to what his partner likes. Only concerned with getting himself off. All his dirty talk gives high expectations, but in the end he leaves you feeling disappointed. Sengoku-era fuckboy.

Mitsuhide: He’s gentle and caring the whole time, but he’s pretty vanilla. Not really good or bad, just kinda average. If he’s in the right mood he can get a little frisky though.

Inuchiyo: Definitely the type to raw you in the bathroom of a club, but in a romantic way. Gets really tired after sex, so if you’re at home he’ll just fall asleep. Don’t expect any aftercare, this guy’s out like a light.

Hideyoshi: Can be a sweet lil cinnamon bun lover or a shockingly dirty-mouthed one. He can get pretty kinky if you’re into that, which can make it interesting, but if not then he’s sort of just an ordinary lay.

Ieyasu: Sexy-time-Ieyasu is like a completely different guy. He won’t admit it but he genuinely wants his partner to have a good time. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing, though, so you’ll have to help him through it the first few times. He’s got a lot of potential.

Yukimura: Okay, obviously this kid has no idea what he’s doing. But he’s probably got a big dick, and he’s definitely got tons of stamina so he’ll last forever. He’s gonna need a lot of guidance at first, but once he gets more comfortable and figures things out, he’ll be amazing.

Shigezane: Most likely to crack jokes to ease the tension. He’ll also boost his partner’s confidence because he’ll slap your ass a lot and tell you how hot you are. All in all he sticks to the basics, but he’s had plenty of experience, so you’re sure to have a good time.

Masamune: He LOVES going down on his partner. Like he’ll spend an hour just doing that if you let him. He’s all about making sure you enjoy it. He’s also one of the most vocal out of the whole bunch, so it’s really rewarding going down on him, too.

Kenshin: It’s all about his partner. He’s a lot more gentle than the other guys, but he’s also one of the most attentive lovers. The King of Aftercare. You probably won’t ever want to leave his bed.

Kojuro: He’s got a daddy kink and everyone knows it. You gotta be prepared to just let him take control, which is not a problem at all because he certainly knows what he’s doing. He can get a little rough, but he’ll also be super gentle afterwards.

Shingen: Brace yourself, because you know you’re in for a wild ride with this dude. Probably into some pretty freaky stuff. Definitely has a big dick. Will surely fuck you into next week. Might make it difficult to walk the next day. Sex with him is sure to be memorable.

Saizo: He may not be the most well-endowed out of the group, but he is one of the most experienced and has probably read more smut than anyone. He owns like every lover’s guide ever written. Pays good attention to what his partner loves, but he also likes to mix it up and try new things. He’ll fuck you for hours and then cuddle you afterwards. Perfect balance of smutty and sweet.

anonymous asked:

Maybe some angsty SLBP or MLFK? Don't want to restrict you to a REALLY specific prompt so just let your imagination run wild😉

…And angst you shall get. Here’s a short snippet of angst for Yukimura. 

‘There he is!’

‘It’s Lord Yukimura!’

You whipped your head about at the sound of Yukimura’s name, filled with elation. Pushing your way through the crowd of excited maids, you dropped your eyes to the streets below and caught a singular grey horse galloping through the streets, it’s rider unmistakable by the red of his armour and the distinct manner of his stance.

‘My Lady! You’ll trip if you run that fast!’

Ignoring the cries behind you, you fled from the tower, holding the hem of your kimono high to run freely, mind abuzz with excitement. Hurtling down the steps and rushing through the castle corridors you finally - out of breath - reached the castle gates outside through which you could see the grey horse. It’s hooves clapped powerfully against the ground; leaving a cloud of dust in its wake.

‘He’s home,’ you said breathlessly, putting your hands together in thanks. Yukimura had been sent to war with no set time on his return and you had spent every day praying for his safety, praying that he would stand before you once more.

….And now here he was. Returning.

You stood still as a crowd of retainers rushed past you, stood still as content and peace spread through you like a warm glow. The castle gates were swiftly opened as the horse drew nearer and nearer, and now you could see the brilliant blue of Yukimura’s eyes, shining with the light of victory as they settled on you.


There was a panicked shout.

….And then time itself seemed to slow down.

You saw the arrow bolting for the horse…..could almost see the line it was drawing in the air.  And in a second, it had shot into the animal’s leg, sending it into utter frenzy.

‘Yukimura!’ His name escaped you in a scream as you watched him lurch forward and link his arms around the horse, his face suddenly growing ashen. You broke into a run, throat constricting from fear as you watched the horse gallop away in mania.

‘Let me go! Let me go!’ You shouted, struggling against the sudden hold of one of the retainers, tears blurring your vision.The horse disappeared from view….as did Yukimura, who could barely cling on. There was a flurry of horses rushing past you as a party quickly dispatched but you were so stricken, so shocked by the turn of events, that you had barely registered the group leaving.

Your eyes - clouded with tears - missed the attacker who was hidden in the shadows.

Some time later

How long it had been….you didn’t know. You were sat rocking back and forth in Yukimura’s room, waiting for Saizo to come back with him, waiting to hear something to soothe your dread…the pain that you were suppressing.  

There was a soft breeze at which you looked up, immediately feeling your stomach wrench as your eyes were met with a deadened gaze. Saizo knelt down to where you were sat and put forward a clenched hand. You stared at it, before your eyes slowly made their way to meet his.

‘….What?’ you whispered shakily.

That one word held the weight of death.

In response, Saizo’s fingers opened - like the bloom of a flower - to reveal a dirtied, red headband.

‘He said to give this to you.’

You stared at the headband, at the single strand of hair caught in its thread. ……Yukimura’s hair. The sight of it caused your chest to tighten, a deep ache beginning to steal your breaths.  

Saizo pressed the headband into your slack hand, avoiding your gaze. ‘He made me promise I would give this to you.’ His voice was flat, as if he were desperately pushing something down. ‘Made me promise in his last breath.’

………The red headband slipped through your fingers. 

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slbp lords reactions if MC was apologizing about not being good enough for them?

First of all, your worth isn’t decided by anyone but you. Cliche, I know, but it’s the truth. You need not be sorry for any talent, skill that you lack, because there are things that only you can do, so I hope you lovelies would appreciate yourselves more because all you are special. *3*

Also, I’m very sorry this took quite a while, dear. I was thinking of how not to be too generic >.< ( though I remember my professor once telling me that the corny stuff are the best ones most of the time).

Nobunaga: “Look at me. You are Lady Oda, bride of the great Oda Nobunaga who will unify Japan. I chose you because you are the best.” What is Nobu if not a little bit cocky in public? But in private he would be a lot softer, showering you with affection, reminding you how important you are to him.

Mitsuhide: He’s very vocal about how he feels about you, and will reassure you whenever you need to hear it. A big bonus is, he’s good with writing too! So expect a poem glorifying your charm every once in a while, and if you’re really really down, he’ll reluctantly show his entire poem collection about you, just so you’d feel better, even if he has to endure the embarrassment of having you know it that way XD.

Yukimura: He would ask you why you would feel that way because he’ll do something about it, and that sometimes you can’t clearly explain that to him, he’ll just give you a great big hug paired with words of affection, ones that remind you that he found a reason to live because of you, that you have given the light of seeing a new day when all he had lived for was his belief to die in the battlefield.

Saizo: Saizo speaks in flowers, so while he might not always tell you how he feels, he’s sure to leave a stalk or bouquet to make you feel better. Honestly, I can also see him secretly pranking your offender as payback.

Masamune: He says he can’t express his feelings, but gosh, Masamune often hits the nail in saying things whenever you’d need encouragement. He’ll allow you to help him more, because he would also get more time to spend with you.


Hideyoshi: He will remind you how strong you are from since you’ve started, because both of you are the same. He knows the strength of your heart and grounds you to that. “Look at how far we’ve come. It wasn’t easy, but we did it, so isn’t that what’s more important?” He’ll also try his best to make you laugh despite how glum you’re feeling, and he always can bring out the chuckle from you.

Inuchiyo: It is also quite a similarity for Inuchiyo because he has gone through a lot just to prove himself worthy as well, so he knows how you’d feel more or less, and because he’s your childhood friend, he’d know how to cheer you up in various ways, like maybe telling you about the things you’re good at since childhood.

Ieyasu: He would feel a little guilty at first– because he has treated you the same way before. But, he will take you in his arms and instead of saying something awfully sweet, he’ll just insult your offender. Imagine Yasu hugging you, and muttering, “What does that ugly bastard know? Even a rat has more use than him. He’s only alive because I make it so. Insolent, ungrateful little fool.”

Mitsunari: “Why would you even care about what an insignificant lowlife thinks of you? Opinions from such people aren’t even worth worrying about.”  He is trying his best to comfort you, and it comes out a little strong against your offender, but his warm hugs are the gentlest you could ever feel.

The Lords and: Modern Fashion (part II)


For @mrs-shinigami-daiko (who I hope isn’t creeped out by the fact that I saw she wanted shigezane in her tags) 

Shigezane’s fall fashion is inspired by @jane-runs-fast

Tagging: @han-pan and @lady-of-oshu

Date Shigezane:

- Have you ever seen chubbies? Like the shorts brand? He likes to wear those. They are just short enough and he can get them in ANY COLOR.

-pairs them with tanks in the summer.

- also he likes band shirts

- its fall: He’s wearing Khaki pants, a band tee, and flannel

- Beanies? Yes, probably.

- Dresses with a fashionable skater vibe. 

- likes vans/converse. 

Sanada Nobuyuki:

- This man wears suit jackets with everything. 

- Bow ties, but in a fashionable way.

- He’s got an eye for fashion. But classic fashion

- very 1920′s vibe. Would be the type to comb his hair in that fashionable way. 

- Looks good in suspenders. 

- He’s got a pocket square collection.

-prefers very oddly patterned socks.

Kirigakure Hotaru:

- soft but edgy style

- stud bracelets/ earrings

-but paired with soft oversized jackets.

- Skinny jeans with holes in them


- comfy shoes

- He’s not ostentatious though. 

- He favors nature tones.

- His dress clothes were picked out by Yuki and Saizo

-So when wears them, he is VERY ATTRACTIVE, CRITICAL HIT.


- Khaki pants/ dark wash jeans, patterned tee, comfy shoes.

- favors red T-shirts.

- He won’t disclose what cologne he uses but he always smells delicious.

- Outside of his life, he does have a collection of T-shirts from all the places he has visited and all the summer camps he worked at. 

Naoe Kanetsugu:

- Oh man, want to see someone who looks great in business attire?

-This man is all about quality over quantity.

- professionally made suits, shirts, etc.

- He’s not over the top, or particularly interested in brands.

- He just believes that having high-quality clothes that last longer is important. 
- He gets all his clothing tailored, so everything is well fitted. 

- He’s built. You can see his musculature under his shirts.

Fuma Kotaro:

- favors black clothing 

- doesn’t actually dress like an edgelord

- more like a hipster in grays and blacks.

- He’s got to copy Saizo, after all.

- Definitely, wears scarves and beanies.

- bracelets as well.

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Your slbp headcanons are so cute. Can you please write some for my fav Kiyohiro? Like what's his type of mc and the way he'll show his care. He doesn't have any proper route yet so forgive me if it's too hard to imagine, just skip. Thank you.

Kyaa you are so sweet!~♥
Aaah , i love writing for npc don’t worry! :*


  • Like any other ninja, he is used living in a world full of bloodshed
  • MC is the happy-go-lucky type, while Kiyohiro is strictly following orders emotionless
  • He visits Saizo to pass him some orders and that’s when he first notices her.
  • “How can she be so carefree..?”
  • Because of her carelessness, he thinks that someone must protect her
  • Although , this isn’t something he was ordered to do.
  • The way he shows his care is not to follow his orders to keep her safe.
  • He is a mixture of Mitsuhide and Saizo.
  • He has Mitsuhide’s loyalty and Saizo’s coldness
  • Once he is in love his world is turning upside down
  • He is more affectionate than Saizo
  • He wants to be able to show his love
  • He is spoiling MC (daddy material)