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Taylor Caniff Imagine for Carrie

You got home and slammed the door closed, not caring anymore. Your parents were still at work, so naturally you could be as loud as you wanted to be. And you wanted to be loud, you wanted to scream in frustration and break things and stomp your feet around the house. It sounded childish, but it was true. You never handled anger well, and today had blown your top.
Things at school had never been good, and since you were Taylor Caniff’s girlfriend, you had been getting a ton of unwanted attention. Some of it was nice, but most of it was hateful glares and hushed whispers behind your back as packs of girls laughed at you and tried to snap unflattering pictures. You honestly didn’t know why they were so mean, they hadn’t even noticed you before. You had a few friends but nothing concrete and could easily glide down the halls without drawing any attention to yourself. You were virtually invisible. Well, at least you used to be.
Today the girls had gone too far. You had opened your locker that morning to find dozens of notes pouring out, with reasons why you shouldn’t be dating Taylor. They watched from around the corner as you ripped their notes to shreds, seething with anger. Everywhere you went that day you found the notes, some even etched into the desks you sat at during class. Even your gym locker was full of them, and when you left to go to the bathroom during class you returned to a backpack overflowing with the same letters, written it bubbly girly handwriting.
The last school bell rang and you headed to the source of the notes, the girl who hated you most, even before you started dating Taylor.
“Why the hell are you doing this?” You demanded, clutching a fistful of the notes. She played dumb, picking up one of the notes that dropped and reading it aloud.
“Number 324: Taylor only keeps you around out of pity; he’d never fall in love with someone as ugly as you.” She mocked a face of innocence and put a hand to her heart.
“Oh my, these are just terrible. Just terrible.” She said with a giggle, and looked at you with sad eyes.
“Yeah. Just like the person who wrote them. Enough is enough, I want you to stop this. Stop being so rude to me. Stop being so mean.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She replied, disinterested.
You snorted. “Hell yes you do, and I think the school security cameras have enough footage of you putting these in my locker and my backpack and carving them into the desks to prove it was you.” You said, raising your eyebrows. Her mouth dropped open in surprise, and you guessed she had forgotten all about the school security system they had put it years ago.
“Yeah. Didn’t think of that, did you?” You snarled, and she took a deep breath and flicked her hair over her shoulders.
“Yeah, well, there are ways of keeping people quiet.”
You looked at her in disgust, knowing she was going to pay off the janitors to erase the footage. She always got her way, she always won no matter what.
“I hope you’re happy. I really hope this has made you laugh and made your day to do this to someone.”
“Oh, it has!” She said, grinning sweetly at you. She breezed past you, laughing to herself as she made her way down the now empty hallway.
Hot tears gathered in your eyes, and you wiped them away angrily. You didn’t want to cry, but sometimes you couldn’t help it. You had driven home quickly, driving just a little above the speed limit. Maybe you’d get into a crash and make that girl feel terrible. But probably not.
So here you were, standing in the middle of your room with a few crumpled notes sitting next to your backpack, their pink words only fueling the hate inside of you.
You sat down on your bed and brought your knees up to your chest, and started bawling. You couldn’t help it, you just couldn’t take going to school anymore.
Your phone buzzed in your pocket, and you looked at the screen through bleary eyes. It was Taylor.
“Hi, babe.” You said shakily, putting on a front.
“Hey sweetheart! How you doing?” He asked, and you heard music blaring in the background. You hoped he wasn’t at a party making bad decisions, or speeding down the road going over 100 mph while calling you.
“Could be a lot better. How are you?”
“Great! I just got a new car, its a lambo baby!” He yelled, and you heard Aaron laugh in the background. You smiled to yourself and shook your head; Taylor was an idiot sometimes, but you loved him.
“Really? That makes three now doesn’t it?” You asked and he hollered again, something along the lines of “Hell yeah!”
“I’m coming to pick you up now, we’re going out tonight!” He yelled into the phone, and you had to hold it back a couple of inches from your ear so you didn’t damage your eardrum.
“Baby, I don’t really feel like going out tonight..” you said, wiping at your smeared mascara.
“Aw, come on! It’ll be fun, go get dressed!” He said, and you sighed heavily.
“Not tonight, Tay. I don’t feel very good..” you replied, and to be honest, you were telling the truth. After you got home your stomach had been a mess, and you couldn’t stop worrying about going back to school. Thank god it was a Friday, but still. It gave the girls at school more time to come up with something even more sinister.
“Please? Baby, come on. You’ll have fun!”
“Tay, I don’t want to. It hasn’t been a good day..”
“What happened? What’s wrong, babygirl? Did someone mess with you?!” He asked, growing serious.
“I don’t want to talk about it..I just need to stay in tonight.”
“Alright babygirl, a night in.”
“Now please get off the phone while you’re driving, I don’t want you getting pulled over.” You said, and you could almost see him smiling.
“Ok, ok fine. See you soon beautiful, I love you.”
“I love you too.” You said, and the phone clicked off. Whenever you were upset, Taylor gave you space. He didn’t really know how to handle you when you were in tears or angry, so he just stayed away for a little while. You didn’t mind, you liked having a little time to yourself. It did give you some time to think, though, which usually only resulted in you feeling worse, but you got over it.
You opened your backpack and dug out the crumpled up notes on the bottom that you hadn’t bothered to read and threw them onto the floor. You sat, staring at them for what seemed like an hour when you heard the door open downstairs. You parent’s must’ve been home early from work, they usually get home pretty late.
You heard stomping on the stairs and furrowed your eyebrows. Your dad never ran up the stairs like that, and neither did your mom..
Your bedroom door was flung open and Taylor stood there, a little out of breath.
“Those stairs are killer, babe.” He said jokingly, then sat down next to you on the floor and put an arm around you.
“What are you doing here? Weren’t you going out?” You asked him quietly, and he smiled.
“We were gonna have a night in, remember? You didn’t think I’d go out without you, did you?”
You shrugged and leaned into him, and watched him pick up one of the notes.
“What the hell is this?” He asked, reading it. His knuckles turned white with anger as he read another and another, and the last one he read he ripped up until it was in a billion pieces.
“The girls at school had a nice surprise for me today.” you said sadistically, looking down.
“What? Who do they think they are?” He asked angrily, picking up a particularly insulting one. “Do you believe these? Babygirl please tell me you don’t. Don’t listen to these girls.”
“I don’t believe them, but it’s just such a mean thing to do..I haven’t done anything to them.” You said, feeling tears prick your eyes again. You just couldn’t stop crying today, apparently.
You cried into his shirt and he wrapped both his strong arms around you, rocking you slightly. He kissed your head over and over again, whispering to you about how much he loved you and how you didn’t deserve this, any of this. You don’t know how long you stayed like that, but it must’ve been a while because you started getting a cramp in your neck. You looked up at him to find tears in his own eyes and thumbed them away quickly.
“Don’t cry, Tay.”
“I’m just..I’m angry. I don’t like this. I can’t protect you from everyone at your school and I hate it. I hate seeing you so upset.”
“I’ll get through it. I’ll be graduating soon anyway.”
“But what about until then? I want to just take you with me everywhere. You could do online school and travel with me, and we could do anything we wanted. Those girls won’t even matter anymore.”
“Sounds like a nice dream.” You said. Your parents would never let you switch to online school and go traveling with Taylor. Your education always came first with them, and personal life second.
“I want it to be real, not a dream, ya know? If I could just convince your parents..” he said, his arms tightening around you as he trailed off.
“I know..we’ll figure something out, though. We always do.”
“We do. And until then, those girls are going to have to deal with me.”
“You gonna fight them?” You asked, laughing a little.
“If I have to. I’ll do anything for you.” He said seriously, and you scooted closer to him.
“I love you.” You said, realizing that you did. You really did love him, no matter what happened or what he did. Taylor was always going to be there for you; you couldn’t live without him.
“I love you too, baby,” he said, “and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Not those girls, not these notes, not anybody.”
“Ok, I won’t.” You said, and he smiled.
“Good. Now could we get up off the ground and do something fun? My ass fell asleep a half hour ago.”
You laughed and got up, pulling him with you. That was the thing about Taylor, he could always make you smile even when you didn’t want to. You could be in the worst mood ever and want nothing to do with anyone, and he’d come in and make you laugh without even saying anything. Just one of the many perks of being in love with him.

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Our thoughts..

Ok so is anyone else really worried about Taylor? Like sure he’s slaying up a storm and all but we just feel like he’s losing it and he’s keeping it all bottled up. We’re worried as all hell for him because it’s gotten to the point where no one knows what he’s gonna do next, but it’s gonna be either life threatening or incredibly sassy and involve major slayage. Just some thoughts.. we’re kinda really really worried about his wellbeing rn with all this Bart shit and tweeting pictures of him speeding at night and re-breaking his already broken arm that most likely had metal plates in it.. He even tweeted last night that he needed help… We really hope he gets help.. Just praying he doesn’t do anything stupid and hurt himself really bad this time. He means so much to us all and to see him like this is upsetting.