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I’ve Never Seen Him Like This

Auma swallowed hard. She picked up the delicate object, both finely polished crystal lenses smashed. “Father Abbot’s glasses. Look, Martin.”

Blood rose in the Warriormouse’s eyes. Raging and roaring, he tried to tug free of Skipper and Auma, straining to climb over the battlements at his foe. “Touch one hair of their heads and I will slay you, scalescum! You and all your rabble, I will send you to Hellgates!”

Lask had never seen such ferocity in any creature. He realized that Romsca’s warning had not been an idle one: these Redwallers did indeed have warrior blood in their veins. [….]

Auma held Martin tight. He was still struggling, tears of helpless rage flowing openly down his cheeks, and she had to exert all her strength to hold him.

“Skipper let’s get him back down into the gatehouse,” she said. “We need to think this out calmly. Grab his footpaws, he has the power and wildness of a badger Lord. I’ve never seen Martin like this!”

- excerpt from the end of Chapter 18 of Pearls of Lutra

I’ve never fully gotten over the fact that Bloodwrath is an affliction. Bloodwrath isn’t something you want; it’s not dignified, nor is it intuitively helpful to the one who has it. Bloodwrath makes you forget who you are, where you are, and who your friends and allies are. Your energy becomes focused on one thing: the object of your rage. You become a danger to yourself and to those you mean to protect. Bloodwrath turns you into a beast of fury, one that champs at the bit, cursing and foaming at everything around you. Even your friends are taken aback by the change that comes over you. You become one worthy of fear.

It is a strange thing for a protagonist to have.

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“Okay look, I know I have royal duties to attend to Ignis, but rescuing the Chocobos comes first.”


The mind is a terrible and beautiful thing; It is both the creator and destroyer of sanity~

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