slaying these hoes like

Imma wake up everyday and tell myself “You did not come to play with these hoes. You came to slay, bitch.”

Like what kind of motivation? Bless Big Freedia.


FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!!! Everyone looked so good and the little English parts killed me and Yoongi was just amazing and Rapmon and Jhope’s little rap session and Jungkook looking like Gu Jun Pyo and Jin just slaying the hoes and V not wearing crocs no more and Jimin being the sexy little thang that he is….. I don’t think I’ll live to see another comeback

Meme Theology Sneak Peak: Cain and Abel

So there are these two blood bros - Cain and Abel. Cain is 100% done with Abel and is hella jealous. He wants to slay him literally.

God is like: “Hoe don’t do it.”

So, naturally, Cain does the freaking thing.

He tricks his bro to go into the fields and 1 hit KO’s him.

when you secretly killed your brother and God asks you where he is

rip abel

God is like “omm (oh my me)”

So God goes into Admin mode and kicks Cain from the server for trolling.